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A16 - Custom Vehicles by Manux [SDX]


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What started out as a road hog has turned into custom vehicles for all.

Everyone thank Manux!

Custom Vehicles by Manux

Required Mod - Base Dependency.





New Features:

All these features are controllable through xml. Check my Quad, Cicada Car, HellGoat Bike or "The Beast" Loader vehicles xmls to see the new xml properties.

  • - control the camera position offset when driving the vehicle
    - control the player position and/or rotation offset on the vehicle
    - hide the player for closed vehicles
    - modify the settings of the CharacterController that moves the car:
    • - the center, radius and height of the CharacterController built-in capsule collider to better fit your vehicle. (We are limited to the built-in capsule collider for now, but it's better than nothing).
      - the Slope Limit and Step Offset properties of the CharacterController to make all-terrain vehicles that climb medium obstacles.

    - A new EntityCustomBike class to have all those features on the bikes too.

    - Control what is destroyed and harvested on the Loader

    - To move the bucket, use the keyboard arrow keys.

    - Drive under water or through water without slowing/sticking. ( Thanks to Three08 )

    - Custom storages per vehicle: You will need to re-assemble your vehicles to see those changes properly.

    - Custom Icon per vehicle on the map and compass

    - New buttons for the BackPack and the vehicle storages: Stash All, Take All, Drop All.


Custom Parts:

We can now make custom vehicle parts that work properly. Also works for chassis and engine. It prevents people from using generic minibike parts when you have exclusive custom parts for a vehicle.

All the custom parts of the vehicles present in the mod, now use this new system. Check the xmls for examples.

You can now also spawn vehicles and they will all have the right parts in them.


How it works:

- keep the regular slot names identical to the minibike (on vehicle parts and on part items)

- Use the a new xml property on a vehicle part and set it to the custom part item name.

Example for new Helicopter Missile Launcher that takes the place of the regular basket:

<property name="custom_slot_type" value="helicopterMissileLauncher" />

- Also add this new property to the part item. This will prevent using that part in regular vehicle slots.

<property name="IsVehicleCustomPart" value="true" />


New Helicopter features:

- Now consumes gas

- You now need ammo to fire the weapons. For now, you just need the ammo in your backpack.

- You also need an Helicopter Missile Launcher (replaces basket) to be able to shoot missiles, and and Helicopter Gun (replaces wheels), to shoot gun ammo. Those parts are optional.

- The storage is always present, no basket required.

- Helicopter sounds and music now stop when pausing the game in SP.


Destroy/Harvest feature:

- now available for all vehicles

- Xml properties to control/disable Entities and Vehicle damage

- Xml properties to control/disable XP gain (Thanks to JaxTeller for that suggestion)

- Changed some of the DestroyBlocks/HarvestBlocks groups and groups names, to have something interesting for vehicles that are not The Beast.

- Hitting entities is now more interesting. No more instant kills and it hits body parts of the entity, and the speed at which you hit the entity matters. (You should NOT use Tormented Emu's MiniBikeImpact mod anymore when using the new version. It will still work if you do, but the results won't be the same, because two pieces of code will be managing entity damage, and my xml controls won't work as expected.)


Terms of Use:








Destruction Sneak Peak "The Beast" Loader







----------------------OLD OP-----------------------



Animated, "working" in Single Player. It will save, you can use the storage etc. It isnt perfect. This is as far as Ive got with my current skillset.


You will need to spawn the bike in via the F6 spawn menu and find RoadHog.


To make it fully functional, some wonderful coder is going to have to make a new spawn class for the chassis item.

Until then you cant disassemble and pick up the chassis without losing the hog. When you replace it will spawn the minibike instead :(


You can swap out better minibike parts if you find them, or just keep spawning until you get a good combo. whichever, its your game ;):)


Its possible that it may work in MP, but it is untested, and most likely will need netpackages added. If someone else wants to pick it up from here, feel free.




Download latest SDX from here: http://7d.l9000.co.uk/SDTD/SDTD.asmx/GetLatestSdxDownload


Download mod from here: Road Hog



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lol man that last second honk got me laughing.


DUST: you know if its possible to move the hands foot position? I know in there is some xml code for it like "position left foot" or some crap like that... does it change if you set a position marker on unity?...


<property name="left_foot_ik_target" value="body/chassis/leftFoot"/>

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