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  1. fantastic! any changes to how texture streaming will work? there are plenty with computers that can handle streaming off when the game throws the switch (mods with additional assets, etc).. having to manually toss the command in console each time can get tedious; a perma true would be awesome. there are modlets floating around to handle this, but some don't like to rely on modlets for such things. thanks 👍
  2. some nice creative deocs you got there
  3. pois always download from server, except the distant mesh files, so they just "pop" into existence when near
  4. there's a whole info pdf for the integration on the announcement page for the release.
  5. download link doesn't seem to work
  6. compo pack is a living, shifting, entity of community prefabs made throughout the history of the game. probably a solid 90% of prefabs made by players have called it home. see a poi you don't like in your game? remove it from the folder, and corresponding rwg modlet xmls, and sculpt your personal world.
  7. for the couple of people looking into full pc's, i bought one in september from ibuypower, and it's been perfect, their cs is decent. they have where you can "build your own" from choices, that take a bit longer to ship, and prebuilts that are "buy now". i'd compared my parts listed in pc parts picker thing (my guy usually assembles our computers, but time is short on our end) and they were very comparable, computer arrived in 3 days with free shipping. on graphic cards (the one in mine was an msi rtx 2060 super, 8gb vram), highly suggest not getting anything less than 6vram in this day and age, and go 8+ if possible. i am far from a computer pro, but i've been extremely happy. some computer savvys may be shaking their heads a bit, but i'm happy ^^ system runs 7 days at max with no problems, but i still turn down shadows to low, and terrain to medium (no one needs terrain above medium atm). this had been what i bought back in september, and i had an additional discount to apply, so was about 150 cheaper. (edit and i doubled my ram) https://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Gaming-RDY-EMRRG204
  8. reminder that most of our community is on Discord; plenty of helpful, kooky people new and old there.
  9. i would be surprised to see damo again before a20 comes out, and nitro hasn't been updated since early a19. nitro makes a much heavier world than vanilla rwg that some computers have trouble handling, this is 1/8th a part of why we stopped supporting it for ravenhearst. too many complaints about worlds in various ways that are outside of our ability to assist with. believe the bad Y locations is a side effect of nitro not being up to date with the alpha progression. edit- think the latest compo version is also 47, so you might want to try getting up to date, could solve some things. that's handled by the biomes.xml, not sure if that's what you were changing.
  10. on the subject of new character models and clothing, will character creation be changing? as an aside from that, currently any hair color given to the character turns to black when you don a hat. such a small, annoying thing haha. also thrilled the feral sense slider is coming back, that has been greatly missed by many 👍
  11. sounded like he was only referring to distant poi to me, not general chunk loading. 👍
  12. there are no video settings to set the range of the distance rendering.
  13. try lowering your ground terrain from ultra a notch or two. it's extremely intensive on a lot of systems, and has helped others with the distance mesh unloading properly without those resources being jammed up. *terrain quality.
  14. perhaps not every threat needs to fall to a q1 weapon on day 1? come back later. /run.
  15. sleek and fast. really did not like the interim forums, everything was very clunky. one feature from the classic forum i miss very much: when a person is replied to using the quote function, as a reader you used to be able to click on the quote header somewhere to take you back to the original post the quote came from. cannae do that now /sadface. edit: in classic internet fashion, after not seeing it for three days, i find the function to the side. suddenly, by magic!
  16. once your skill reaches 10, items will no longer break. every 10 skill levels your penalty for repair is reduced by 2. when you find/make a workbench, the combine feature will repair for little loss, but not improve an item.
  17. definitely sounds like possibly low ram, or you could look into increasing your drive's page file. anyone looking to create RH maps using nitrogen, should see post #5 for the prefab file that includes vanilla and ravenhearst prefabs https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/game-modification/mods/78314-ravenhearst-mod?p=1218096#post1218096 cpt krunch will also be releasing (hopefully tonight) 10 custom made nitrogen maps for download as a modlet as always LOTS of friendly people and help at our discord server https://discord.gg/YBHD9f3
  18. thanks, have a few tweaks we're looking into next week, and that's on the board, at least for the height. happy holidays!
  19. it's handled through the biomes file, and i believe is only found in wastelands.
  20. there are a few pois marked wasteland zone only, but currently aside from it being a bit more dangerous, there's nothing game breaking about not having the zone currently
  21. no idea how that gets done. we have some cleanup to do in our prefab xmls from a17 when things weren't spawning well. think he'll be doing that for next one, so might things spawning in weird places using nitrogen since it's extremely efficient. updated our info-graphic for people that like direct downloads, feel free to share. same method can be applied to any mod on the file handling.
  22. snape zombies could be a lot of fun.
  23. hi! you might need to also back up the world files in the generated worlds folder. it's kept in app data, which by default is a "hidden" folder, so you'd need to enable viewing hidden files if you haven't already. the path should be similar to C:\Users\sindalee\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie. compare the contents of the mod launcher save, i have no idea if it also keeps your world in there also. if you need more mod launcher help, i'd head over to sphereii's thread for the mod launcher itself. - - - Updated - - - yes. with the addition of lights as mods in a17, when you have multiple light sources, you need to do it the clunky way. if you only have one mod providing light, just hitting the keybind as normal triggers whichever mod it is.
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