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  1. Not intentional no, what you can do is increase shared xp radius to be bigger, to idk like 4 kilometers, then whatever your friend is doing would level you up too
  2. You change your language on steam: Right click with mouse on 7 Days to Die -> Properties -> Language -> Select Language Once changed, reboot the game.
  3. It will be ready when it will be ready
  4. @Xamllew That's a mod launcher issue, it didn't properly download all the mod files, you have a few options: 1) contact sphereii and ask for help (maker of mod launcher), his discord: https://discord.com/invite/H6k6gDrgNW 2) try ticking checkbox for Experimental Features and then pre-sync; 3) download the mod from website and install manually; 4) install new 3.X mod launcher and try that: https://github.com/SphereII/7D2DModLauncher/archive/refs/heads/main.zip
  5. @Reckis 1) You are not wrong, but also I'm not just thinking about single player people when it comes to balancing. The introduction of Maintenance Station in future will allow me to fundamentally change item progression and crafting and what it could evolve into. I have big plans to expand research system and make it feel even more integrated into gameplay and there will be more ways to obtain research data, not just by scrapping schematics. 2) Inability to gather water from water blocks fixes an infinite water gathering exploit; makes water more scarce and survival more interesting, otherwise might as well just remove water stat completely from the game if you can just go to any river, lake or pool and fill up 100 jars with water with just one mouse click; it increases the value and importance to gather water from various water containers (otherwise you wouldn't bother to do that if there's a conveniently placed lake near your base); in the future water will be actually dangerous and irradiated and will deal you radiation damage and deplete your maximum health the longer you swim in it, kind of like in fallout.
  6. It's related to A20, the game triggers occasional garbage collection and essentially executes a memcl whenever opening an inventory or interacting with anything. Not a fan of this choice of optimization implementation if you even can call it that. I will be working on a solution to potentially disable that garbage collection, which would help for those people who have decent systems and enough spare system memory to do so.
  7. Cars can have a chance to give you only a car engine, to get compact engines you need to wrench one of these: repairable minibike, table saw, cement mixer,
  8. 2022.01.20 - 2.5.43 Experimental Update is out: - Updated Trader Joel POI - Updated drinkJarGrandpasForgettingElixir localization - Changed Speedometer Vehicle Stats to display high numbers in shortened form - Changed Elliania's Locket can now be upgraded - Removed Wood Shapes recipe (Confusing with Frame Shapes) - Reduced Mining Dump Truck Fuel Tank to 800 - Reduced DH Helicopter Fuel Tank to 800 - Fixed missing IndexName property for chandelierLight - Fixed missing ModSettings.ini file message showing as error - Fixed burntWoodRamp7 requiring vanilla wood for upgrades - Fixed rounding error on percentage based item stats - Fixed window closing abruptly when refueling vehicles from stats screen - Fixed Elliania's Locket stats ignoring quality and being completely random
  9. Undead Legacy is not a mod pack, it's a singular mod where everything you see in the mod is specifically coded and made for Undead Legacy. Also do not try to take any of Undead Legacy parts and reuse in your own projects, because redistribution of Undead Legacy files is not allowed as per Terms of Use of Undead Legacy and TFP Official Modding Policy: https://ul.subquake.com/terms-of-use https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4085-subquakes-undead-legacy/?do=findComment&comment=54613 https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4189-tfp-official-modding-forum-policy/
  10. I do want to have some kind of borderlands style stat system, but currently at this time it's not possible.
  11. Undead Legacy for A20 introduced a brand new type of workstation for repairing and upgrading items called Maintenance Station, there you repair things much cheaper
  12. Need screenshot with Undead Legacy Developer mode on (ESC menu, bottom toggle above version number) with the block in question centered in the cursor.
  13. if you had a save prior to 2.5.21 and updated, then yes, that's an issue. 2.5.21 changed traders and that was one of the rare occasions that broke old saves, making traders not useable from worlds generated prior to 2.5.21
  14. In reference to what? If you've been playing Undead Legacy 2.5.21 or newer, it should be fine to update and keep playing with that save, anything else - yes, new game.
  15. Undead Legacy goes Stable with 2.5.41 for A20.0: The full list of changes with Undead Legacy from 2.5.01 all the way up to 2.5.41 Stable can be found here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/61362037 Key new features: - New User Interface with even more quality of life improvements and more options - New Maintenance Station where you can repair or upgrade your equipment, tools, weapons, vehicles and pretty much anything, that has either durability, quality or both - New tools and weapons - Rebalanced item stats with tightly integrated A20 vanilla pipe tier weapons - New Trader POIs with a brand new from ground up built Trader Jen POI - And more Undead Legacy Experimental branch was updated to 2.5.42 for A20.1(b5)
  16. Maintenance Station is where you repair things cheaper, it's a new workbench.
  17. Full download currently should be around 2.4GB, the problem is, a lot of people are downloading the mod right now, so the download speeds can be lower sometimes on peek demand.
  18. Intended, otherwise people wouldn't bother making storage and just pick them up from T4/T5 quests
  19. 2022.01.18 - 2.5.40 Experimental is out (Stable Candidate 1): - Added Titanium Club - Added conversion recipes for jar and plastic bottle Murky Water - Updated Russian localization - Updated drugJailBreakersDesc localization - Improved healing item action code - Increased Timed Charge Economic Value - Increased Timed Charge damage to safes and T3, T4 and T5 loot chests - Increased Loot T5 Hardened Chest HP from 10000 to 15000 - Reduced Loot T3 Reinforced Chest HP from 7500 to 5000 - Fixed Brick Block Shapes repaired with cobblestone and not bricks - Fixed Attribute being above max level overlaying level and completion badge - Fixed all tiers of Maintenance Stations having the same weight - Fixed not all higher tier workstations requiring previous tiers learned - Fixed Magnum .44 Revolver attachments not correctly defined and rendered - Fixed Steel Club Schematic not in loot and trader lists
  20. Have you considered making armor/weapons/tools etc completely disappear if the player lets the durability get to zero? No, no plans for that, I do want to add a Diablo 2 like HUD overlay indicating that one of your armor pieces is about to break or is broken. Also, is there a way to transfer liquids between glass jars and plastic bottles yet? Nice that you brought it up, technically currently there is by using a blue barrel block, pouring water in it, then taking it out with a different vessel, but I'll add a conversion recipe, I wanted to, but I forgot. And would it be possible to add a slider or number field to select the quantity of item to split from a stack? I am thinking something like how the game Rust does stack splitting. I have plans to some day add custom right click context menu when interacting with items in inventory etc, but regarding slider, not sure.
  21. 2022.01.17 - 2.5.39 Experimental is out: - Added small chance to find Beaker in Medicine loot - Added ability to repair Engines and Battery in Maintenance Station - Added ability to repair vehicles in Maintenance Station - Added ability to upgrade Battery - Updated Russian localization - Increased Medic Action Skill experience gain - Increased Sand yield from harvesting Desert ground blocks - Changed Vehicles now requiring their specific repair kits to be repaired - Changed Cobblestone recipe - Reduced Repair Kit amount in loot - Removed Crushed Sand recipe - Removed Clay harvesting from Desert ground blocks - Fixed Medic Action Skill not scaling with Fortitude - Fixed getting acid without acid book when wrenching cars - Fixed AntiAliasing missing additional options
  22. 2022.01.16 - 2.5.38 Experimental is out: - Added Russian localization by KelThuZer - Added Chinese localization by ourbed - Added Window Store Pane variant to Bulletproof Metal Window block - Changed Lucky Looter perk scavenge time bonus from 5% to 8% per level - Changed Looting Action Skill scavenge time bonus per level from 0.5% to 0.4% - Updated localization for perkLuckyLooter entries - Updated resourceBulletTip, resourceBulletTipDesc localization - Updated resourceBulletCasing, resourceBulletCasingDesc localization - Updated some UI elements to avoid localization go beyond the UI bounds - Cleaned up localization of currently not used entries - Fixed salvaging Minibike sometimes giving bicycle wheel - Fixed twitch integration glitch with commands overlaying voting
  23. Not in A20, maybe A21, A22... undecided
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