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  1. @Akrux Will be improved It's a known exploit, that stuff in queue don't weigh anything, will be fixed at some point Action skill leveling will be improved (so that you don't lose xp when using a skill book, for example, and when you level up, so that it works just like player xp would) There's a nutrition update planned, that will completely change how food works, introducing many new stats as well as adding wellness system and food will be much scarcer and harder to grow crops Wrenching stuff gives too much resources, I'm aware and that'll be improved over time I have plans to limit what you can lockpick without points in lockpicking (How it works in fallout) Clubs and other weapons without variety need more love, I'm aware, I can do only so much by myself at any given moment in time Vanilla issue, can't really do anything about that Yup, it's too cheap, and a bunch of other items need price tweaks, disassembly station is work in progress, more stuff will be added to it over time More plastic in junk loot is planned to be added in form of random household items as well as 9. answer with disassembly st. Yep, item quality research is planned to be replaced with a brand new item quality upgrade mechanic, where you spend resources with a chance of upping the quality tier of an item and many complex crafting recipes will be removed (for example, most firearms), all crafted items will start as the lowest tier when crafted and will need to be upgraded one tier at a time at the item upgrade station - that's the plan at least. More things planned are mentioned in my roadmap: http://ul.subquake.com/roadmap Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
  2. ulmResourceRebarSteel doesn't work as upgrade item, because it's not defined in Allowed_upgrade_items for meleeToolRepairT1ClawHammer and meleeToolRepairT3Nailgun, need to append it to the list if you want it to work
  3. I haven't messed around in changing any way the vehicles collide with blocks, nor I haven't done any testing and comparing how different vehicles (vanilla vs modded vs each other) behave when colliding with blocks), that's something I'll be exploring at a later date, because I want to increase vehicle damage to entities in general and then I'll look deeper in how they behave when colliding with blocks
  4. Good suggestion, but implementation of such interaction would be challenging, worth to think about it, thanks for your input!
  5. Don't like the mod, don't play it, no one is forced to play Undead Legacy
  6. Ingame Journal explains about Vehicle Encumbrance, your weight is added on top of whatever is in the cargo hold of a vehicle, if both combined exceed vehicle carry limit, it will not move. It's not a bug, it's a feature. Read up on that in the ingame Journal If you look over to the right, next to the Speedometer, it will show encumbered debuff on the vehicle as well as there is an encumbrance bar, showing how encumbered your vehicle is (with you included)
  7. Glad you like the mod, unfortunately there's only so much space to fit the descriptions in, but I am working on a new UI for next big update, I will think what can I do about it, thanks for the feedback!
  8. @concolor In the log it shows this: GamePref.MaxSpawnedZombies = 0 Did you by any chance played Darkness Falls before? In Undead Legacy you cannot change that setting through the Game Settings and if you had it set to 0 in Darkness Falls or other mod or some other way, you have to manually edit the file where the setting is stored. You can try looking up how to do it here https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/4/1474221865187602171/ You can also maybe try a console command: setgamepref MaxSpawnedZombies 64
  9. @concolor Check Enemy Spawning game setting under Advanced in the world/save Settings, is it by any chance turned off?
  10. Best to use the same version as the game is using, you can view that in the log file.
  11. A bug that slipped by on initial release of the mod for a19 and I didn't want to change it, because that would corrupt old saves. It will be changed post a20 release of UL, because then everyone will need to restart anyway
  12. @Radaxys try console command: gfx st budget 0
  13. The code can't do that right now, maybe in the future iterations of UL.
  14. Glad you're enjoying the mod! Regarding your question: Gained action skill XP is governed by how much points you've spent in action skills associated attribute: Gained XP Multiplier = 0.5 + (Attribute Level * 0.05) And how much XP you need to reach next level is: XP Next = 100 * (1.02 ^ Action perk Level)
  15. @Tobs First of all, it's not a modpack, it's a single overhaul mod, it's not a collection of smaller mods/modlets. And thanks, glad you are enjoying it. There's a specific POI with a giant boar inside of it, that's the one having super corn and once you get it, you can use it to make the super corn seeds. Regarding suggestions/requests in general, I have already my hands full with suggestions from my patrons and I always prioritize those first.
  16. @xyth I asked sphereii permission for taking a look on how lockpicking was done in Winterween Project and he gave me the green light, he did mention your input in getting the camera stuff to work, but not much anything else, quoting sphereii: "Xyth had to do some wizarding on the asset with an extra cam". I also own the unity asset that was used as the base for the lockpicking. I added you to Special Thanks To group and next time booting up Undead Legacy, you should show up in the Main Menu credits, hope that is satisfactory?
  17. Nope, main way to get them is through Ore Extractor
  18. Next big update will be post A20 release, currently busy restructuring a lot of the mods code and preparing things for nutrition changes, more details about what's going to be in the next update besides that is still in the works and not ready at this time. One or two bugfix patches during A19 might still be released if I have time to work on that, but that's about it pre-A20. Quality research will be replaced with a custom coded item upgrade workstation (And no, it won't work by combining two items like in other mods).
  19. @Blxckdreadful Hope you're enjoying the mod, considering the clocked hours! "I can't upgrade the brick wall (Rounded corner shape) to concrete" Not all shapes are upgradeable (Hopefully that will be corrected in A20 with their promised shape and block progression path change), because usually if a block can't be upgraded, there's no defined block after that of that shape. In the shape menu, when you select a shape, there's like an armor plate with a hammer icon next to the shape indicating, that the shape can be upgraded (doesn't always guarantee that the shape after that will be upgradeable tho), those shapes that do not have that icon, don't have a block of the same shape in the next tier, thus can't be upgraded. Reason why this is - vanilla doesn't have all the different shapes available for all the different blocks (It's not consistent). And because devs said they are overhauling shape menu with A20, I wasn't really keen on modding in the missing shapes for all the different materials. "better if there's no crosshairs when aiming down sights" It's been suggested quite a bit, but them being there helps me configure gun stats easily, since I visually can tell where the actual shots might land with the crosshair being active even in ironsights mode. I might explore option to remove it only if I figure out how to make it optional, so that it's easy to toggle it on/off while working on new item stats. "I know how to turn it off, but after the update, I had to re-do the setting again" Don't edit the mod files directly, create an addon modlet, that loads after Undead Legacy (folder name must be alphabetically after all the Undead Legacy mod folders), that way whenever an update comes, you don't have to do it again and again.
  20. Yeah, that's more common in multiplayer/co-op due to latency where location of the zombie visually doesn't actually match the location where the game thinks the zombie is, if you anticipate that delay and understand how server ping works, it's not hard to predict that behavior
  21. No worries, but yeah, a lot of the mods reduce the zombie reach. For me that just never was a big issue since I'm used to vanilla reach and I'm fine the way it is right now, but it's been requested quite a bit, so I might do something about it in the future, but at a cost of them hitting harder, since like I said, it just feels that it makes the game easier if zombies can't reach you that well.
  22. @Sebike01 Zombie reach is exactly like in vanilla. There are other overhaul mods that have reduced zombie reach, making the game easier. Also it's not a pack, it's a single overhaul mod, solely created by myself, none of the parts of the mod are available as modlets, because the intent was to make a single overhaul mod with a unified and balanced feeling in regards to content synergy between various game mechanics, including custom ones.
  23. Correct, you are missing an item property. Items that don't have defined inventory weight are marked with red background. To fix that, any additional items added by modlets on top of UL have to have this property defined on them: <property name="CarryWeight" value="0.05"/> Adjust the value so that it makes sense to you. You can do it easily by creating a small modlet, that loads after everything, that does something like: <Config> <append xpath="//item[@name='customItemName001']"><property name="CarryWeight" value="10"/></append> ... <append xpath="//item[@name='customItemName999']"><property name="CarryWeight" value="2.5"/></append> </Config>
  24. Undead Legacy 2.4.28 Stable is out for A19.6 (b8)! Patch notes: https://patreon.com/posts/54747405 Download: http://ul.subquake.com/download
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