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  1. @Romerz yep, you need 7DaysToDieServerData and Mods folders installed to server, make sure all files were copied successfully (especially the files in 7DaysToDieServerData folder, sometimes hosts don't allow overwriting .dll files), and EAC must be off on the server.
  2. Not anymore, if I do that, it will instantly corrupt any existing save files, so that stays till A20 unchanged.
  3. That's a known multiplayer bug, you have to stay in the workstation UI for it to count the quest. It's out of my capability to fix the bug, it's how TFP have coded the quest system sadly. Haven't touched shootguns yet in my mod, they should work like in vanilla for now, so not sure about that question.
  4. New update ready! 2021.01.16 - 2.2.63 Stable - Lockpicking is now boosted by Jail Breakers and Great Heist - You can now rebind keys related to lockpicking and stack locking in inventory - Picked doors will now remember damage state before it was picked - Fixed Lockpicking minigame being triggering while trying to unlock player made storage/doors with set pass codes - Fixed Badger-38 missing critical item quality affecting stats - Fixed a typo for gamestage.xml, should be gamestages.xml
  5. Did you follow through and actually copied ALL the mod files, because sounds like you didn't, since you're the only one having this issue. Here's a written guide how to manually install the mod: https://ul.subquake.com/wiki/Manual_Installation_Guide
  6. just copy over the update, or press pre-sync in mod launcher
  7. but thanks for noticing, I might make a note of what perks are affected and might change localization keys used in them, that way forcing english descriptions
  8. I make localization for English version of the game for my mod only, so far no one has made a translation for undead legacy in your language, therefore you see "vanilla" text in the descriptions.
  9. The long awaited stable branch update is here! 2021.01.15 - 2.2.61 Stable Change highlights and patch notes can be found on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/46235963
  10. All planned, be patient, can't do all at once hehe
  11. I'm sorry, but that won't be a thing in UL, because I have big plans for trader POIs (later having them more NPCs), and there's quite a few items in the game, that can only be obtained through traders, playing without traders will only limit your experience with UL.
  12. There's a server setting that defines how many land claim blocks a person can have, if it's set to 0, that could be the case for it to instantly break. Try setting it to something other than 1, I personally like to run with 5 per player, you can set it to whatever number you like. That feature is just like in vanilla and once you have a land claim block placed and active, the person owning the land claim block can pickup workstations within the area of the claim
  13. Mine Nitrate Ore to get Sulfur
  14. Yes, lots of big balance changes are planned and are currently in testing in the experimental branch! Including ability to lock any slots and having the game remember what slots you locked after reload/rejoining! Ability to lock player inventory slots was among the highest requested features and will be finally a thing! For those who are on stable version, be patient, once enough testing is done, it will roll out to stable branch at some point
  15. I would suggest checking out Nitrogen, a map generator tool for 7 Days to Die, generate the map locally, then uploading it to your server and selecting it as a map Here's a video explaining what all the customization settings do in Nitrogen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZz481wLaj0
  16. tnx! will be fixed in .47
  17. Yup, reflex sight mod is vanilla, but the model on the gun is custom
  18. not mineable by hand, only sulfur can be extracted mining nitrate, the rest of the ores are obtained using the Ore Extractor block
  19. You can make them in the backpack, next update will fix that they don't show up in basics tab Patience, it is on the to-do list
  20. Join my Undead Legacy Discord channel, lots of people play the mod and would be willing to help you out with all kinds of tips and tricks https://discord.gg/CZY8W2t Food & nutrition overhaul is on the roadmap that will fix that, completely changing how hunger, health and stamina regeneration works to a hopefully better standard.
  21. Oh sry, that's a typo, I meant to have it 2.2.41
  22. It's hard to suggest what to sell or keep, depends on your needs and game stage. You have to decide yourself what's important to you. As for what items are important and not - also subjective, there are a handful of items currently without use, but there most likely will be more uses for a lot of the items in the mod, I just haven't gotten to that stage yet.
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