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  1. 2021.04.11 - 2.3.20 Experimental ready! - Updated power tool dirt and wood impact sounds - Updated Red Mesa and Hospital POIs - Improved helicopter landing wheel and sled colliders - Adjusted steel and titanium spear prices - Adjusted scarp yield, weight and prices for Brass Valve, Hinge, Casing, Candlestick, Trophy - Adjusted scrap yield for iron and steel bolts - Fixed wrong material assigned to titanium axe as well as its price - Fixed wrong material assigned to titanium machete - Fixed helicopter engine sounds sometimes not triggering Notes from 2.3.19: - Increased Oi
  2. In stable version of the mod you can only get engine parts from wrenching, that have to be crafted into an engine, but that's changed in experimental version of the mod and once that goes to stable, engines will be wrenchable directly with a small probability.
  3. 2021.04.07 - 2.3.18 Experimental ready - Added plastic bottle Beer variant item - Added Concrete Reinforcement item, that's used to upgrade concrete to reinforced concrete - Crafting costs now scale for: Wrench, Ratchet, Impact Driver - Increased Rebar Frame price - Fixed ulmLightEndTablePlayer missing localization
  4. There's RNG factor when crafting/finding items of +- 20%
  5. 2021.04.06 - 2.3.17 Experimental ready - Added Metal Mesh resource item - Added craftable regular and bulletproof Metal Window multi-shape blocks - Adjusted Quest Reward Quality Algorithm - Increased Missions Action Skill experience gain by 40% - Increased Assassin Action Skill experience gain by 20% - Increased Sneaking Action Skill experience gain by 10% - Player crafted Wood Window now has multiple shapes to choose from - Simplified Wood Window crafting recipe - Updated Bulletproof Glass recipe - Updated abandoned_house_06 POI - Fixed auger, chainsaw and drill idle sou
  6. 2021.04.05 - 2.3.16 Experimental ready - Converted AnimatorRangedReloadState, HandleRemoveAmmo PatchScripts to Harmony - Converted ItemActionAttack, ItemActionRanged, XUiView PatchScripts to Harmony - Converted recipe filtering PatchScripts to Harmony - Removed PatchScript dependency for XUiC_OptionsVideo controller - Reduced PatchScript dependency for defining custom key bindings - Fixed Scrap Shovel not giving related action skill experience - Fixed scrapping, selling or modifying weapons not returning ammo to inventory - Fixed missing localization for inpActDebugScreenshotNa
  7. 2021.04.04 - 2.3.15 Experimental ready - Added Potassium Ore item - Converted XUiC_MapArea PatchScripts to Harmony - Converted XUiC_RequiredItemStack PatchScripts to Harmony - Increased allowed sound channels for custom gun gunfire from 6 to 30 - Fixed player not slowed down after Steroids expire when movement forward key is not released
  8. Old Salvaged Boards is vanilla resourceWood, that is not used in Undead Legacy. You need to add a recipe to make them if you want that modlet to be compatible with UL. As for clay bricks, equip a pickaxe and go smash some pallets that have dark red bricks on them, they give bricks and not stone
  9. 2021.04.03 - 2.3.14 Experimental ready - Updated Cabin 11, Waterworks, Spanish House POI - Added pickup fail safe for workstations, that checks fuel, tools, output and queue (all must be empty) - Now can pick up: Storage Box - Now can pick up without Land Claim Block: Campfire, Chemistry Station - Removed exploitative shapes from Storage Variant Helper block - Removed Impact Driver duplicate vanilla recipe - Repairing Minigun now requires Advanced Repair Kit - Reduced Greatsword sneak damage by 75% - Plastic Bottles each scrap into 1 Scrap Plastic - Converted LootContainer
  10. Pretty sure you need a land claim block for that particular one Skills were rebalanced to some degree, further changes in the nearest future are not planned, but in long term, yes.
  11. Thanks and it's just me working on the mod by myself pretty much. As for your question, short answer is no, there are no plans to make books craftable. The long answer: Reason why I removed them from crafting is that you can disassemble them at the disassembly station to earn research points and I didn't want people to "manufacture" research by crafting tons and tons of books. If you want to get books, I'd suggest looking for the new crack-a-book stores, that have those black shelves with thick books etc, those give a lot of old books, as well as book piles. Now I don't know the circumst
  12. Most likely, the introduction of ores is part of my attempt in reducing stack sizes in the game, lowering the granularization of things, because I was never a fan of resource gathering and having stacks and stacks of tenths of thousands of things. A good contrast game would be Subnautica and alike. 2021.04.01 - 2.3.12 Experimental ready! - Added Plastic Bottle Coffee variant - Added Glass Jar Mineral Water variant - Added Iron Table for crafting some tier 2 workstations or by itself as deco block - Added Tier 2 Artisans Table and moved some recipes like concrete block there - Adju
  13. you need a wrench, ratchet or an impact driver to repair vehicles Depends, did you install the new update for the mod on the mod launcher? or did you install undead legacy manually? If you did through mod launcher, you need to completely uninstall it and reinstall it fresh, so that the mod launcher pulls A19.4 vanilla files first and then pre-sync the UL mod lag is because of the compo packs, not the mod, if your PC can't handle compo pack with UL, don't use compo pack
  14. Easy Anticheat must be turned off, you have to have a clean A19.4 copy of the game without any other modlets. I will look into the jar/bottle thing. As for MREs, ammo boxes and other items from A16, I'm still working on the mod, it's by no means finished, since A17 dropped, I basically worked my way up from scratch with this version of the mod and been doing nothing but work on the mod for the past 2 years and there's still a lot of items that need to be brought back, but thing is, old mod had icons in very low resolution for them, the XML code is not compatible with current versio
  15. 2021.03.25 - 2.3.02 Experimental is out! - Restart preferred, but not mandatory! - Added 60+ new weapons, tools, resources and schematics - You can find and repair repairable bicycles, minibikes and motorcycles in the world - Added support for UI Background Opacity setting for most UI windows - Bundled Russian and Korean localization with the mod - and more, full list of patch notes: https://www.patreon.com/posts/49189491 Anyone who wishes to help in translating the mod in other languages are welcome to join my discord and help out with that and the translation will be added wi
  16. @moroco Thanks for the report, though that part from the trader was pretty much like vanilla in regards to the wall, but even so, with next update I modified the fence to have chain link section instead of those sand bags all over the perimeter, that should help:
  17. If you are having that error, you did not install 2.2.85 over A19.4 (b7). You have to reinstall the mod from scratch completely. Make sure to install A19.4 (b7) before installing Undead Legacy 2.2.85. Then you will be able to load your old save without issues. 2.2.85 is for A19.4, and you are having that error, because you updated a A19.3 copy of the game with mod files, that work only with A19.4 version of the game. Old versions are not supported anymore and not downloadable. If you used the mod launcher to pre-sync the mod to update it, it does not update the game version, it only updates
  18. you need A19.4 (b7) for 2.2.85, make sure you have that version of the game before applying the update.
  19. Ghost block issue is a vanilla bug, you can try fixing it by executing a console command "pois" and if that doesn't help, reloading save or relogging to a server should fix that. As for unity crashes, make sure you're running the mod for A19.4 (b7), don't have conflicting modlets and have installed properly 2.2.85 version of Undead Legacy. On another note, want to share this for you guys:
  20. try generating a smaller map, lower max zombie count, increase your swap file size in Linux, also make sure no other modlets are trying to run alongside with Undead Legacy Though not recommended, people have managed to run Undead Legacy with just 8GB RAM, so the fact that you run out of 16GB memory so quickly suggests that something's not right
  21. as of 2.2.82 most storage blocks can be picked up, hold E and through radial menu you can pick up things like cardboard pallets, bags, refrigerators etc... Most certainly there is, but that's out of my expertise.
  22. it's a vanilla issue, has nothing to do with the mod, we can only hope TFP will fix it
  23. try console command: pois or relog/reload save if that doesn't work
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