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  1. that's like krampus vs cupid vs brundle-fly now i have to watch cat videos so i can sleep lol
  2. if you look in the player.log for that error, it should give you a clue right before the error what caused it
  3. @Gouki here's two cheat sheet photos i'd done for our discord during a18, should help with the basics. (hope that's okay, mag) to place a sleeper volume for the first time, you can hit the F6 menu for spawning, and at the bottom there's something "sleeper volume" button. hit that and it will place volume box down. you will need to have "show sleeper volumes" selected on the right panel (see first picture). it will be blue when unselected, and green when selected (default volumes). select with left click, then hit K to get the interface in the second picture. might look a little different than a19, but basics are the same.
  4. looking at the thumbs only; xcostum_HNHouse(by_Hernan) xcostum_simplehouse(by_hernan) appear to be the same poi
  5. alpha 16-17 was the worst for community pois, not just the block conversions that had to happen, the paint ID changes were brutal. especially the textures that were "new" that replaced old textures. it was blackscreen tv, metal cabinets, and closets everywhere. that's what made a lot of pois look so shabby. 17-18 was mainly block conversions, 18-19 was pretty tame, in comparison. it's more block additions that happened this time. all the "empty" versions of blocks they've added are fantastic for filling areas with eye candy, without having to turn places into loot pinatas just for them to look good. and people that think "man, i wish i could build a poi, but can't", should think about some of your old favorites in compo that could just use a fresh eye to decorate them. decorating is MUCH easier than building and very fun and relaxing if you're not poor magoli with hundreds to think of at once. if even 10 people re-decorated 1 poi each, it's a huge boon for everyone, imo.
  6. not sure. the last poi i remember it doing on was pille's bunker, if you open it and just fly around, you'll see the * comes up without you having made any changes to it. feel like there might have been a weird message in console about bones, but not sure was a good while ago, not home atm to check. i always just saved it so i could move on, no idea what's right, or why it does it.
  7. the * means there are unsaved changes to the prefab sometimes when i've loaded a prefab, IMMEDIATELY that * is there, and i have no idea why. have suspected could be builders that use the landclaim block in days of old, now does something strange. in a game world, the prefab seems to operate normally though.
  8. linking the volumes causes them to spawn as if they were one volume at the same time. say you have a floor on a poi with small quarters containing 3 rooms for example, but want each of those rooms to call different sleeper volumes for diversity, it's ideal in that circumstance since it acts as one volume. or maybe i want to set just one room to "attack" but not the others. it doesn't have to be used, but is useful in some circumstances. believe as for zombie spawning rules, it being called and linked together helps them to not pop in and out and be easier to clear without resetting
  9. here you go, everyone. i'd split them into 2 folders- fixes were largely paint, block rotations, small amounts of redesign and decoration. guppy's bank and seafood had a pretty thorough makeover. redos are massively changed, some more than others. house3 by curbolt; and villa by limodor are almost entirely different pois, villa is entirely expanded on. anything marked redo is constantly redone each alpha for rh, changing here and there. everything has been repainted, blocks fixed where needed, sleepers redesigned and added where there weren't any. loot changes and additions, bounds and facings fixed, thumbs and meshes updated, lighting largely in an off state. most have quests, some were left without quests as it felt odd, or better left to discovery. many pois have had their footprints (x,y,z) changed for better placement and/or expansion to the prefab. i included one orginal wilderness poi i was going to release myself, if you would also like that. i realize some may have already been redone, but included everything anyway, feel free to take any of them further. limodor's prison while much improved could probably use someone else's vision added to it. hope these help! included a list (jpg sorting) so easy to see what is included. it's been a long time since i shared a dropbox link, if someone could let me know that it worked, would appreciate it https://www.dropbox.com/s/xyn6kny5he7of3f/rh_a19_CompoFixUps_Sinder.zip?dl=0
  10. hey! was talking to wolfbain (and dm'd magoli on discord not long ago), i have several pois that i have redone over the last 1-2 years for ravenhearst, and we're happy to share them back. sadly two of the big ones i had extensive reworks on were notredamn and the mill. i also have an update to limodor's prison, and i'm fine if it gets updated further. reworked the underground and various other bits about it. i'll upload my folder which has various other pois, if you use them great, if you improve them even better. they've been tagged for rh's files for so long, i'll just leave them as is so they can be renamed properly for compo without me bungling them up. some footprints may have been changed over time for better world placement, also. all vanilla blocks.
  11. sounded like he was only referring to distant poi to me, not general chunk loading. 👍
  12. there are no video settings to set the range of the distance rendering.
  13. should be 0 on your numberpad. weird that it defaults on for you.
  14. try lowering your ground terrain from ultra a notch or two. it's extremely intensive on a lot of systems, and has helped others with the distance mesh unloading properly without those resources being jammed up. *terrain quality.
  15. perhaps not every threat needs to fall to a q1 weapon on day 1? come back later. /run.
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