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  1. CLASSIC Style HARDCORE v19.2.02a (for A19.2(b4) - TEST version for the public ~270mb Links in OP updated. https://yadi.sk/d/VJGL1qUDR290UQ (I recommend using this archive because i'm not sure if the files from gitlab are working properly yet) or https://gitlab.com/n2n1/Classic-Style-Hardcore-MOD Now available via the Mod Launcher!
  2. Class XUiC_MapArea there are constant =712 and 356 in 3-4 places. I didn't do any resizing, but messed around with moving and centering when it was non-configurable. So i'm sure it's there, too. So i think if you change these pairs of constant to the same value, you can achieve the desired result.
  3. Here is a stream-preview of the test version.:
  4. I think, i can tell you where it is in the .dll code ... but it's a .dll...
  5. find the line: <texture depth="2" name="mapViewTexture" width="712" height="712" pos="0,0" material="Materials/MaskableMainmap"/> the map texture size is set there (712x712), change it - if there is no result, then it is still hardcoded.
  6. CLASSIC Style HARDCORE continues to develop the original idea laid down in the early Alphas of 7DtD. But there are many changes associated with improvement in favor of modernity. I introduce innovations, but i try to be careful with the original material and the atmosphere from Initial 7DtD. This is going in the direction of hardcore survival. The entry threshold is very high, but this is the price for deep gameplay - this is unavoidable. This is about Survival. Do Reasonable Things or You Fail. CLASSIC Style HARDCORE продолжает развивать оригинальную идею, заложенную в ранних Альфах 7DtD. Есть много изменений, связанных с улучшениями в пользу современности, но по возможности, оригинальный материал и атмосфера старого 7DtD сохранена. Всё идёт в направлении хардкорного выживания. Порог входа очень высок - это неизбежно. Это и есть та цена за игровую механику которая далека от поверхностной. Это Выживание. Поступай Разумно. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TERMS OF USE modification(mod) "CLASSIC Style HARDCORE" based on the game "7 Days to Die": 1. Content created by the author of the mod or third parties, which NOT based on the developments of "The Fun Pimps" - belongs to the creators of this content. 2. The terms below do not apply to the owners of the game "The Fun Pimps", as they already have the right to use their own content or code, including those that were created on the basis of their development. The author of this mod does not mind that "The Fun Pimps" use any ideas or materials from this mod to improve the quality of the Game "7 Days to Die". 3. You can use the mod, change or take any of the content for personal use outside of the public - without permission. 4. You can use the mod without changes (as is) on public servers for non-commercial purposes or show the gameplay - without permission. 5. To use the mod in public, or create a public server with changes in the configuration files xml, txt, dll or other resources - you must ask the author of the mod for permission. 6. If you want to publicly use any materials or content from this mod outside of this mod, you must ask the author of the mod for permission. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOADS for: ************ for A13,A14,A15,A16 ************* (links are available via PM request) ******************* for A17 ******************** (not available) ******************* for A18 ******************** Test Version Only (Some necessary things can't be done because of the limitations of the itself A18. I can't consider the current state of the mod to be any good for posting to the wide public. But... if you were familiar with the CSH mod earlier, and promise not to make hasty conclusions about the quality based on an unfinished build, then you can request a Test version through my PM). ******************************** for A19.2 (b4) ********************************** https://yadi.sk/d/VJGL1qUDR290UQ (I recommend using this archive because i'm not sure if the files from gitlab are working properly yet) or https://gitlab.com/n2n1/Classic-Style-Hardcore-MOD These Great Tools used to create this mod: "Prefab Editor" (Thanks Pillle) "UABE" (Thanks DerPopo) "Hal's Prefab Editor" (Thanks HAL9000) my first Original thread
  7. Yes, candy is for children, i agree. But i'm against drugs.... Let's be friends with the rainbow
  8. n2n1

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    Oh, sorry - i was looking, but i overlook it! upd: so..... i can only use this in the already generated world? Is it possible to do this for the prefab that i will use when generating in a standard RWG?
  9. n2n1

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    Did you able to implement it?
  10. Hi Sphereii! I plan to return to the Launcher after 19.2 stable. Now i have to finish the English localization, then i will upload the files. I prepared my gitlab and xml-file: https://gitlab.com/n2n1/Classic-Style-Hardcore-MOD As i understand it, i can adjust the description for the mod myself at any time via this xml ?
  11. n2n1

    True Survival

    Will saving from the previous version be compatible with this one?
  12. n2n1

    True Survival

    Thanks! He figured it out - right now we're watching the stream!
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