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  1. I am very happy that people like the primary/basic features of the mod. But, in addition, most of the work is on details and nuances that are not immediately visible. Therefore, interesting situations are possible even with a long game. I'm just holding back so i don't spoilerize . Yes, You can use the same world(map) again. The main requirement is - to have it generated in the mod. But the maps maybe also be incompatible if you change to a new version of the mod (i report this in changelogs).
  2. Thanks! Okay, i get it. I will use this entry (perhaps temporarily), at least just to show the link for those who want to download it manually.
  3. Hello sphereii! I would like You to check my xml when You have time: https://gitlab.com/n2n1/Classic-Style-Hardcore-MOD/-/blob/master/CSH.xml The fact is that i added another option to download via the ModLauncher - "Adjusted Textures". But I don't fully understand how this will work - i'm not quite sure what instructions in xml i should still change, and whether this is even possible. Will it be loaded into an already loaded mod? Or at least leave just showing the link (without automatic loading). The bottom line is that i have a large resource th
  4. Hello! I like Your videos! If there are any questions in video itself that i did not answer - write (I am watching through an automatic translator, so i may miss some meaning). Yes, there are waves of walkers - this is normal. It may not even depend on difficulty or progress... They may or may not be. But in the first horde - usually always. About spikes. Maybe You just put them on the ground - but they need to be upgraded to take their form. (Or are you talking about big LogSpikes that are made from logs? - they work as usual) About nails fro
  5. Mostly because i'm not very familiar with C#. Skipping time already available from the dm menu, so it probably won't be a problem. Bug report really speeds up debugging a lot. It is especially needed because it covers aspects of the game that i do not touch during my gameplay. We all play differently. By the way, i will post a separate small hotfix for hanging houses, because the current version is stable enough to play on it normally. And the next one will be incompatible.... most likely. **************************************************************
  6. Because of this, i would not restart the play. Perhaps you could adjust the offsets for these houses in the generated list of prefabs - but, i don't remember their names... Between patches, i make a lot of small changes that can`t be tracked... for this reason, i never publish detailed changelogs. Sleep is a very difficult mechanic for this game. Many ideas - are only good in the imagination. I have some work ideas, but my knowledge of C#is not enough. And simpler variants - do not make sense now.
  7. Yes, this one, and 5-7 more houses will hang in the world generated on version v19.03.01a. These hangings are related to the new height of these prefabs in the patch v19.03.01b. The claimed compatibility between these patches, due to my forgetfulness, turned out to be untrue... (temporarily, before entering - put logs under the building so that it does not collapse) PS: By the way, it turned out that the distribution of biomes, in general, was always the same in these versions - regardless of the seed. I can change it...but i don't know whether t
  8. I checked again. Yes, i must admit that the example with RWG was really bad. There were differences. They're small - but they're definitely not the same! I didn't notice them because of the tilt of the map. In addition - i myself deliberately made it so that the differences were not very strong in order not to disrupt the desired balance.... and forgot I'm sorry i misled you about this. I now experimented on this. I'm not sure right now, but it looks like the whole generation is based on the seed alone. Which, however, does not prevent this from getting non-rep
  9. In rwgmixer.xml. I use the very old code (similar the one that was in A16) - it still works. And what you described - was in A17 (static map of biomes). Of course mod, he did it based on the capabilities of the game itself. No third-party utilities and integrations are used. Just take a look at the screenshots i made there.
  10. Right.... Only in our case it turned out that the algorithm designed to solve "imaginary repetitions "generates "real repetitions". I would like the developers to pay attention to this. And what algorithm they will eventually choose-we should not care. And what algorithm they will eventually choose-we should not care.
  11. .... there is no point in having a conversation here - messages are transferred to another branch - the meaning of what was said is lost... it turns out some nonsense... If you(moderators) do it this way, then disallow any messages that are not addressed to developers so that conversations between users do not start at all.
  12. No - it's not. I can change the ratio, size, and shape of biomes for generation - so this is definitely not a presets. What You're talking about - was earlier. But i agree that it doesn't have much to do with loot. I just wanted to show that now there is nothing random, and very frequent recurrence in everything. (of course, there is a mod here, but we are talking about algorithms that lie deeper)
  13. Just by the way: I can give an example, when in a discussion about the distribution of biomes i was shown a map. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/22253-classic-style-hardcore-mod/?do=findComment&comment=414735 To check (without knowing seed) i generated any two maps.... and one of them - was exactly the same as i was shown.... https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/22253-classic-style-hardcore-mod/?do=findComment&comment=414901 A coincidence? I do not think so. I just want to repeat once again - it doesn't matter how
  14. n2n1

    screamer voice

    ... i heard a voice..... I also wanted to do something similar with blunderbuss and the phrase of "Брат." But still felt that it would be inappropriate... now i sit with a serious face .
  15. Here is a right attitude to survival, in Japanese: (review/tutorial to the mod)
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