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  1. I love this fun madness Ryu&Maのゲーム珍道中:
  2. @Devs We know that you have managed to significantly reduce the generation time of large worlds. But, did you manage to reduce the amount of memory occupied when using this world during the game?
  3. @Kinyajuu Will the method of generation or placement (relative to the surface) in the wilderness area somehow change? (right now, prefabs are spawned on sockets that have a square shape)
  4. MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.6.01 - fixed a missing prefab - tweaks, balancing. (this compatible with saves and worlds from v19.6.00) but there is no point in this compatibility, because the previous save is ruined - it is better to start again.
  5. Added a new version texture pack (correct old weapon textures).
  6. Added a pre-generated 14k map.
  7. MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.6.00 - many changes, tweaks, balancing, new content, minor gameplay changes (this not compatible with previous saves and worlds). + and if you don't want to waste time on generating and selecting a map, here is a ready - made one: North Kuxeha Mountains_14K_map_for_CSHv19.6.00 New Batolo Valley_14K_map_for_CSHv19.6.00
  8. n2n1

    Translation Tool V2

    Thank You for the duplicate removal feature! I think it works for me the way i need it! I will use this in my next mod release!
  9. n2n1

    Translation Tool V2

    Is the "Remove duplicated keys" button operate for now?
  10. n2n1

    Translation Tool V2

    Why did You make Utility? do You translate by yourself?
  11. n2n1

    Translation Tool V2

    Yes, i understand about it. What do You think - is there an automatic way to remove unnecessary entries? For example: wineBarrel,blocks,Block,,,Wood Barrel,,,,,,,,,,Деревянная бочка,,,, ..... (many lines) wineBarrel,blocks,Block,,,Wine Barrel,,Weinfass,Barril de vino,Fût de vin,Barile di vino//////// The fact is that i often change the names and meaning of what is written. Editing existing records will lead to confusion, so i just create them again - at the beginning of the file. I would like to get rid of the vanilla duplicates (the last line) that are left without doing it manually, because i have a LOT of them . (something like the function of "finding and deleting duplicates")
  12. n2n1

    Translation Tool V2

    Hello Knarox! Thank You for work! I want to ask You how i can solve some problem. I often edit the Localization of my mod and chose the path of simply adding lines to the beginning of "Localization.txt". I need this to make it easier to transfer changes from version to version. Therefore, when i make new entries - there is no problem, but when i add existing lines - they are, of course, duplicated for the game. So far, i don't pay attention to the yellow messages in the console - they don't bother anyone. But in the future, i would like to clean up the file from duplicate lines that are left from vanilla. The localization file is some kind of database format that i do not know. Can You tell me which program uses this type of database, in order to do such cleaning automatically?
  13. In my experience of creating prefabs, the main problem of creating a prefab according to the concept - is the space inside the prefab, the distance between the blocks impose a greater restriction on the practical implementation. They turn out either spacious or beautiful. By the way, this is the problem that manifests itself in modern vanilla prefabs - they are very tight, compared to the old ones....but it looks beautiful.
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