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  1. OP has been updated, and available from mod-Launcher. (for version 19.5 everything is already on the first post. Also, there is a link to the new texture pack if you use it)
  2. Oh, no. I don't remember anything, even from the last version... There are a lot of changes, corrections and additions - but i do not keep a changelog, because it will take an unreasonably long time. Even if i try to remember the most recent ones - this is just what i wrote in the post ... but this is not all. I just try to warn only about drastic changes, but also with this - i do not cope well In fact, this refers to a change in the "passfinding", but it is hard-coded and i will pay attention to this later. Of course, i will do my best to change
  3. Hey! when? - i have rights to he since A12!
  4. But i should point out that the fact that he no longer looks like spiderMan from marvel - is already a big step ...
  5. Yes, this is a multipolar society and our opinions. You MUST accept me as i am!
  6. The accordance here no longer makes any sense. Any - is suitable.
  7. Good job.... but you guys seem to have completely lost the sense of reality... (yes, of course it is appropriate in your game). But it doesn't scare or give an atmosphere. It's just cuuul. Add more fire - to make it more absurd. Maybe then it will work... I liked the one that was earlier - it had crooked fingers, his skin was burned and it looked like a... victim... I just think that - despite the fact that it "luuuks cuuul" - it's already quite bored... now there are many games with similar art - you have lost your charm.
  8. MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.5.00 major changes: - new nutritional system (this system is not yet fully adjusted, but it does not negatively affect the gameplay in this form) (this not compatible with previous saves and worlds). if you do not want to generate a large world for a long time, then you can take this ready-made one: Berehe Valley_14k_for CSHv19.5.00
  9. Сегодня планирую релиз CSH v19.5.00 (в т.ч. и в Мод-лаунчере) Today i plan to release CSH v19.5.00 (including in the Mod launcher)
  10. Right now i'm testing CSH v19.5.00. I only got to 2 days of survival in my game, but everything looks fine. If you need it urgently, i can share the first version here (but not in the launcher) within a day. (if you start playing it now - you will most likely be able to continue in the next version, which will appear during the next week). (respond if you need it)
  11. A9. I barricaded in a gas station on the first floor at night, putting sofas on top of each other in front of the door... and i knew that this would not be enough.
  12. Вы задайте конкретный вопрос - я отвечу, и буду знать что вам конкретно было непонятно, и в последствии - учту это для изменения описаний или интерфейса. Баланс оружия и прочего, вполне может быть, ещё где то провисает - всё еще в процессе. Я не могу охватить все аспекты сразу. А кто уйдет - тот не нужен, это же не коммерческий продукт. Главное - чтобы все нравилось тем, кому зашло. А вот про майкрософт вообще непонятно.... может стим? Имеется ввиду воркшоп? You ask a specific question, and i will answer, and i will know what you specifically did not u
  13. Хех.... а вы юморист Я не стремлюсь к упрощению для того чтобы было легче освоиться - если фича привносит что то новое в игровой процесс - это будет в том виде в котором это будет лучше, а не проще. Есть простые моды, есть - сложные. Каждому своё. А хмл принял такой вид по причине "некоторой" автоматизации, для моего удобства. Вообщем - внутренние дела. Я использую "некоторое устаревшее" ПО... Если что то нужно изменить - спросите, я скажу где. Но если изменения сложные и их много - дохлый номер. Код уже давно непохож на оригинал и слишком много глобальных изме
  14. Try to check other resources from this game to understand the reason for the non-open. And try "AssetStudioGUI" - it's probably the newest one. (but this utility does not change resources).
  15. I tried the utilities i know. ...you at least write on what version of Unity the game is on...
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