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  1. for A18:


    give feedback if you try this. Then i will make some missing translation.

  2. The full version - is A16 (there is a full English language). I can provide you with the version for A18, if you like it - i will make the missing translation. For the A19 version, this is not the time yet.
  3. I don't play vanilla since A12.... Check out the video below to understand if you need it or not.
  4. I think, they just should press forward, then it will not matter if the stairs in front of them or the door, the oblique block or the floating one. They should hit the blocks and not jump on them. Most likely, they will also be subject to some exploits, but this will not be so ridiculously and don't waste CPU time. The chaos in their actions will help fight exploits. Zombies take the number and not the mind. Let many of them fall into the ditch so that others will pass over their bodies. Then it will be scary and not funny.
  5. something like this should work (remove the influence of perks): <passive_effect name="KickDegreesVerticalMin" operation="base_set" value="0"/> <passive_effect name="KickDegreesVerticalMax" operation="base_set" value="0"/> <passive_effect name="KickDegreesHorizontalMin" operation="base_set" value="0"/> <passive_effect name="KickDegreesHorizontalMax" operation="base_set" value="0"/> it seems to be simple...
  6. more AI exploit: No matter how complex the AI is, there will always be exploits. Do a simple and effective AI.
  7. Hmmm.... I'm not sure - but try something like this: <passive_effect name="ModSlots" operation="base_set" value="1,4" tier="1,5" tags="perkXXX"/> ???
  8. I'm sure that was the real and only reason for removing the degradation... and not what MM said . As always.
  9. In fact, i agree with all opinions regarding the degradation of items. There are different mechanics in the game - there are those that are bad and good.... sometimes they are just unfinished. Someone against, someone for... One thing is important to understand - will be no gameplay without game mechanics. Therefore, i believe that when something is simply removed without bringing a replacement - it always means emptying the game. It is naive to believe that you can just come up with game mechanics that don't need to be adjusted/balanced. But, even "bad" mechanics can be configured so that it will work.
  10. This block is called the "missing block". It means that this block no longer exists. Maybe it's because of the mod or the old world of the game.
  11. The more i get involved in the process of creating the gameplay (my mod), the more often i begin to understand what you are saying, despite the fact that my views are radically opposite . Thanks You for the clarification!
  12. Thanks for the answer, MM. Oh, yes - i know what You mean ... you're talking about a fast and superficial gameplay which is now common. But there is another side - some people still think when they get a purple things (that will never break) - that they have got the end result and they have nothing to do and nothing to strive for and everything becomes meaningless. Previously, it was possible to avoid this and prolong the interest. But, maybe.... introduce this - only for some selected things that it will be useful/adequately for?
  13. @MM For what reason is there no deterioration in the quality of the item after repair? Why is this done? this makes the item eternal in the presence of repair whales.
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