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  1. I made it drain more than the bike when pedaling, but because it's a flying vehicle, with no ground friction, it can cruise for a little while yes. From the testing I've done with the bicycle and the pedal gyro, it seems like stamina only really gets drained when using the "turbo" "SHIFT" HotKey. But maybe my tests were not fully accurate. I'm not sure if there is a way to make it more balanced with the current XML properties, and I don't have much time to play with it. Cranking stamina drain even higher might give you what you want, and may drain even when not in turbo mode... If anyone finds better XML settings for it, I will gladly modify it. - - - Updated - - - I haven't found a way to do a boat in A17 with just XML settings. It would require an SDX mod with custom C# code for that. And I am currently not sure I will ever have enough free time to port my A16 full sdx mod to A17. If TFP adds a way to make boats with just XML, It will then be easy for me to add it...
  2. By dipper, you're talking about the forks in the front of the vehicle? Is there a reason why you don't want them? The HP 4x4 truck is really just a replica of the vanilla one, with more speed and torque. There's no collider on that front part, so it should not really affect driving or collisions.
  3. yep, Quasimiyao is right. New progression looks like this: greaseMonkey 3 : manux_vehicleCarChassis, manux_vehicleCarAccessories, vehicleGyroCopterChassis, manux_vehicleHelicopterRotor greaseMonkey 4 : manux_bigEngine, manux_vehicleBigWheels, vehicleGyroCopterAccessories greaseMonkey 5 : manux_vehicleHelicopterChassis The rest of the progression for vanilla vehicles is the same as vanilla. Only the vanilla gyro chassis and accessories have been moved to accommodate some of this mod's vehicles. About names, are you using my localization file? Names should be a bit shorter that way. You need to paste it's content inside your game's localization file for it to work.
  4. Yep, that was the secret to getting it there! It's now available on the 7D2D Mod Launcher.
  5. Update: Progression and Loot A small update that just tweaks progression, loot, recipes, along with a couple of other small changes. Progression was changed based on some of Gareee's suggestions, and to better fit with how it is in vanilla 17.1. Changes: - Just like vanilla 17.1, I removed placeable vehicles from progression, which means that if you have the parts for them, you should be able to build vehicles any time. - Better placed vehicles parts within the greaseMonkey progression. For example, Pedal Gyro should now be craftable earlier. - Just like vanilla vehicles, I added loot for all vehicle parts. - Modified recipes craft time so they take longer to craft. - Added an Helicopter rotor sound to the Helicopter, instead of the 4x4 engine sound. - Better Jet Pack icon. Thanks to Gareee, for doing this! - All vehicle materials should now work properly on Mac and Linux. - Modlet is now available in the 7D2D Mod Launcher. Known issues: Some people have reported that you cannot interact with some vehicles anymore after a server crash. Others told me that this also happens with vanilla vehicles. So in theory this is a game bug, not a mod bug. The vehicles in this mod are supposed to be built exactly like the vanilla ones, so there's not much I can do about that, it's TFP that needs to fix it. I made a small change in the resource files of the vehicles which may fix the issue for the mod's vehicles, but there is no guarantee. Let me know if you still get it, and also please confirm if it happens with both vanilla vehicles and the mod's vehicles.
  6. I've never actually tried to do that and don't really know how to do it. I'll ask around to get the info in order to do it... Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Good to know, thanks Gareee. When you say you'd like an alternate bike at the same level as the vanilla motorcycle, is it mainly to have another bike that has another look. So, for looks variation basically? I won't have much time to work on the mod in the coming weeks. But now that Guppy and Dust2Death are also making vehicles, you guys have more choice.
  8. Not sure what's the game max, but if you want to add vehicles try to keep their polygon/triangle count as low as possible. Around 15-20k triangles per vehicle, or less if you can.
  9. That would work, could even have multiple alternate files to cover all cases. Just forge iron alternate recipes in one for example, and then another one for earlier access to vehicles.,,
  10. Glad to hear, thanks for the info!
  11. Hi Garee, I took a look at your suggestions, and I agree with most of it, but I also think that progression is touchy right now, because as you mentioned many more balancing changes may happen, so I don't necessarily want to spend too much time on it. For now, it might be simpler to just keep the original steel recipes but also offer alternate recipes that use forge iron, like the ones you suggest in your second post. And if I also remove all the vehicles progression gating, they would all be craftable at any time, given that you have the parts for them. Here's a short reasoning of how I had set progression for custom vehicles so far. I didn't really want to touch the vanilla vehicles progression and also didn't want to add new levels for grease monkey, so I tried to insert the new vehicles the best I could within the current context. There is no existing level between the minibike and the motorcycle, that's why the quad is currently at the same level as the motorcycle. And it's actually currently faster and more powerful than the vanilla motorcycle. The HellGoat Bike and the Mono-Hog, are very powerful and much faster than the regular motorcycle or even the RoadHog (HP motorcycle), which is why I put them so far in progression. But I agree that right now all those cool vehicles are all at the top level of the chain, hard to get. The cicada car, I put pretty early, because it's not powerful, cannot do much off-road, it's main advantage is carrying capacity, and number of seats. The vehicles in this modlet don't necessarily fit well with the progression system as it is. Bringing the powerful bikes earlier could be done, but should they also get nurfed? I kind of like them as they are, fast, powerful and agile. Problem with progression is it's also hard to please everyone. Some people like to play survival and suffer, and some others like the OP stuff. So I'm not sure what to do with all that...
  12. That's awesome Gareee, thanks a lot! Haven't played enough of the game to know how progression really fits a real game. I'll take a deeper look later when I have more time. Thanks a lot for the icon! Will talk to you on discord.
  13. Yes all vehicles are on github. Every time I add a post with a blue "Update" title, it means github has been updated.
  14. Update: New Mono-Hog prototype A monocycle/monowheel type vehicle I quickly prototyped using the RoadHog(motorcycle) model as a base. It's still experimental, but works enough to add it to the modlet. Also, the second vanilla bicycle seat should now have a better placement [video=youtube_share;jue0A-AcKRA]
  15. Hi soldier626, the rotor sound I had in A16 was also controlled by custom code in order to change the pitch dynamically based on it's current speed. Without custom code I could only add a simple rotor sound that doesn't change pitch with speed. I may look into it at one point. Also be aware that most flying vehicles don't need gas to fly right now (TFP bug), and when you don't put gas in it, not sound comes from the engine.
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