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  1. @ Devs Don't you want to combine the "prefabTags" and "prefabProperties" windows in the editor?
  2. Hey quasimodo - write something, so I'll give you a thumbs down
  3. No, no, i don't agree. In both a19 and a20 - farming is bad, compared to when you had to cultivate the soil with a hoe to get a crop.
  4. Thank You so much for summing up our research! I would advise you to duplicate this in the first post of your topic with the appropriate title. People who need it can more easily find this information there.
  5. Yes, the search on the forum works terribly. It is unclear why it cannot be made normal, probably this is due to the difficulties of the voxel engine of the game, it is much more difficult to implement it here than in other forums.... Kuosimodo! Where are you?
  6. I haven't worked with animation in Unity, but i know that the animation speed is additionally controlled from xml. (remember the perks for reloading speed?)
  7. Question about the new function introduced in A20: What is the essence of the <property name="AllowedRotations" value="Basic 90"/>, which was intended for <block name="questGeneratorSmall"> ? Do i understand correctly, that it was designed to block 45-degree rotation angles, but .... it works exactly the same as <property name="OnlySimpleRotations" value="true"/>. That is, it is not an respective limiter now. Does it work now as intended? Maybe there is some kind of omission? (bug?) Or it's not ready yet ?
  8. Yes, it goes without saying, it makes no sense to describe how you got the object inside Unity. If you see there in an acceptable form - then it can be workable in the game. But there are various hierarchies and parameters, tags that need to be observed. This can be checked only by seeing the settings of the prefab that is located in Unity editor. It will be more useful to show exactly this. And, you have never published what is contained in the error message. As i advised you in another thread - make a primitive object (cube, stick) and try to get it in the game, in your hands. (do not use another fbx that you pulled out using AssetStudio!) PS: You don't have to use the LODs. You can only use LOD0. Just remove the rest.
  9. Another tip. If you are new to Unity - then you should make some kind of "stick" and add it as a weapon on the type of hands that the rifle uses. This way you will be able to check the correctness of your production process. Then, by comparing two objects in the editor, it is easier to calculate the difference that led to the error.
  10. Don't take my advice as a specialist, but... Try to check the Scale of the object - throw it on the ground. And, perhaps, a shift from the coordinates - look carefully at yourself from the third person view and look underground. I'm also going to do a similar return of old weapons, but Iihaven't engage yet. Please tell us what you will end up with. (I see you use a translator, what is your main language?)
  11. This idea is really realizable and already works well in some mods. There are no problems here.
  12. The adaptation of the mod for A20 has begun. It will take a lot of time, therefore, the first versions can be expected no earlier than a couple of stable patches. In addition, as always, will most likely have to redo some game mechanics. And it is still unknown how things will be with the generation of the world and prefabs. Reworking and adapting them will take a very long time, so may have to make some compromises.
  13. Although..... we used to replace repackaged assets... but it rolled with simple resources that contained simple textures or e.t.c - without metadata. (previously, a bundle with terraintextures was redone this way)
  14. We need to go up to the roof and turn on the spotlight
  15. Probably you are talking about methods, something like repacking assets... No, i think it won't work. If it is necessary to interfere with ready-made cassettes, there is no alternative. Modding for 7dtd now supports many opportunity, but they may not be enough for some special tasks. Unfortunately, only the asset editing utility can do this. (even in order to make a link(shift) from one asset to another, we need an asset editing utility) Perhaps the functionality that UABE has left will help us in something. But i haven't edited the new version yet, and i can't clarify anything about it.
  16. UABE is the only asset editing tool...
  17. Main purpose of the variety of forms - is to create more internal content in the game. Better quality POIs. Player, just can use that too.
  18. The game no longer puts building as an important aspect of this game. Now it's a "looter-shooter".
  19. I generate 10k map with my 16Gb ram. Do not forget to restart the game after generation - the memory is not cleared after generation and this creates problems later. PS: win7
  20. It was stated that the lootcontainers would not use the id. For now - everything seems to be the same. Will this appear in future patches?
  21. In the end, you can just delete them. It is unlikely that you will lose something. Just like we didn't lose anything - when TFP removed biomes.... Joke
  22. Not exactly a perfect solution. I think it would be better to implement this as decals. (I'm not sure, but it seems earlier in the old alphas that's exactly how it was).
  23. Personally, i am concerned about a 50% decrease in FPS in cities. (Reducing graphics settings does not increase fps).
  24. Which version of Unity should i use to create and adapt my mods for A20?
  25. MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.6.05 THIS IS FOR A19 !!! (this not compatible with previous saves and worlds).
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