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A19e Nitrogen - UNSTABLE


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Delete those processed files from the world folder prior to joining.


What do you mean Guppy? What processed files are you referring too? I have this on our server and it is everyone that is seeing the trees in all the prefabs and it also seems like it is corrupting our map as well.


Is this something that every client has to do or can i do it on our server to fix the issue with the trees. I am just afraid if it has to be done client side many players wont know how to do such a thing.


And if it is something i can do on the server itself to prevent the trees from being in prefabs. If we have already joined the server is it too late now to remove the files your talking about to fix the issue?


I just need the details please Guppy, What and where are the files i need to delete, On the server or do the clients have to do this on their end? And is it too late now if the server is already open to players to fix the tree issue on the current map?


Please tell me the steps your talking about please.


Thank You Guppy..

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Hello Again Guppycur,


Ok so in the worlds folder where you copy the map folder from Nitrogen into and then start the server to create the map. So now once it has started in the "saves" folder would be the new folder with the world/ regions/ plaer info and such.


What your saying is bofore joining the server for the very first time I need to delete the FIRST folder that I copied from Nitrogen into the worlds folder.


I am only asking these questions to get this right i know i ask alot and I'm sorry. So do I NEED to shut down the server BEFORE I delete those files from the worlds folder not the "saves" folder, then turn it back on a "second" time or can i delete those files while the server is currently runniing as long as nobody has tried to join it yet?


How does deleting the files from the world folder fix the issue with the trees being inside prefabs in a nitrogen map? Just curious basically and this is great if doing this actually works.


Oh and P.S. do you delete the ENTIRE Folder that was created by nitrogen or ONLY the files within that folder which would leave the world name folder with nothing inside it?


And on a final note i am sorry i just now made a new map and started it up first time i removed the entire folder and that was wrong, looked inside the folder and I do see three files that say PROCESSED on the files themselves so i am going to remove those and i believe those are what you are talking about just would like to know how in removing these files fixes the trees?


ok well..... the results of me doing this Guppy, I went in the worlds folder and into the map that i created and found the Processed files there were 3 of them one is dtm_processed.raw, splat3_processed.tga , and splat4_processed.tga


I did this twice, first time I started the server and the 3 files appreared in the folder. First time I shut the server down removed the files then restarted the server and i jumped on. BUT... before I jumped on after i restarted the server those 3 files reappeared in the folder but I still seen trees in prefabs.


2nd time I did this again but this time i removed those 3 files WITHOUT shutting down the server then I jumped on the server went around a bit to make sure i got some of the map opened up got back off the server shut it down. I removed the password that I had on the server and started it back up again. Those 3 files reappeared again in the folder and when i got back in the server and started checking on things well Yep there are STILL trees in the prefabs....


Is it possible please to tell me step by step instructions on what I need to do to keep the trees from being in the prefabs. Do i need to remove the files that say processed on them only 3 that I see and jump on the server. Or do i start the server wait for the files to appear then shut down the server and remove the files then restart the server and go on? but the files would reappear before i got on.


Those 3 files were of course not present when I started it removed the files while server was still on and i jumped on the server. But still trees in prefabs on both of these occasions. Please steer me in the correct direction on fixes my tree issue please.


Also when I do remove those 3 files it does make me re-download the map


Thank You for your help on my issues.

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Perhaps this has already been answered somewhere in the last 108 pages for this topic, but I read the OP forwards an backwards, and it doesn't make any mention. My question is:


If custom terrain decorations have been added through modlets (i.e. by appending new vehicles to carsRandomHelper in blockplaceholders.xml or by appending new plants to decorations in biomes.xml) is there a way to insert/configure these into Nitrogen generation? Does it completely ignore all game files and only read its own ini? Is there a way to set Max_count for specific POIs?


Right now my main reason to use Nitrogen is that it is significantly FASTER than RWG, but without this ability, it would also be significantly LESS CUSTOMIZABLE than RWG...

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Nitrogen won't care. It only gens the worlds files, the mods will still run.


</aviatorShades> What we've got heyahh, is a failure to communicate...


What I am NOT asking -

Whether my modlets work, whether Nitrogen makes a mean whiskey sour, or whether inanimate code has "feelings" like a honeybadger.



What I AM asking -

@Damocles: Is there a way to configure Nitrogen, so that it is able to generate additional custom terrain decorations (modlets of which must be loaded BEFORE world generation occurs)? See my post above for further details. Details on jar editting, hidden command line arguments, switches or ini files to accomplish said purpose would be lovely.

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I don't think you understand. Nitrogen doesn't touch those things. The only thing it does with biomes is draws a picture, that the game then uses to read ITS biomes.xml (where those things you're talking about come from) to generate them.


So no. Since the program doesn't do /anything/ with said decorations, only prefabs, it doesn't have any hidden features to change them.


This is the case in both rwg AND nitrogen. Both generate the world prior to reading the other xmls.


Height, roads, water, prefabs and biome /type/, not plants, weather, decor prefabs, loot blocks, etc... That's all handled in biomes.xml in both instances, unaffected by the system that creates the world itself.


There is no modlet that loads before world generation.

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Hi, I just started using NitroGen for generating World, and I do love all the options, and it's really quick.


But here's my question: I tested a few 8k worlds (NitroGen 0.474 with CP 43), and I always do find some prefabs which seem to be bugged. And by "bugged" I mean it seems like NitroGen (?) puts two different versions of the same prefab at the exact same place. For example I once had an "AmIGone" prefab twice in the same location, so I couldn't see the door (but still use it), the wall textures are flickering (I think the game tries to render two different versions of textures) etc.. And in my current map there's a Shamway Foods store which behaves the same.


I wonder if this is a common NitroGen bug or if I just did something wrong. Any help would be very appreciated!


Btw: I just noticed: I restarted the game to get some in-game info (I'm running version 18.3(b4) of the game), and now the duplicate Shamway Foods store prefab is "fixed"...?! So, maybe this is more like a game bug?

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Are you unofficial spokes person for Nitrogen while Damocles is away :D

Maybe you can answer this for me then.

I make my usual perfectly flat map like I always do but now I get a bunch of errors showing a lot of custom prefabs even though I have Vanilla selected in the prefab list box.


Like these:



<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_Apartment(by_Gertle)" position="1239,39,-883" rotation="1" />

<decoration type="model" name="xvanilla_skyscraper_01" position="1285,39,-883" rotation="3" />

<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_Apartments(by_Batman)" position="1214,39,-826" rotation="0" />

<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_Office(by_Wsiegel)" position="1204,39,-978" rotation="0" />

<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_SkyDiner(by_Tom)" position="1306,38,-954" rotation="1" />

<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_Shoppingcenter(by_Tom)" position="1165,39,-883" rotation="2" />

<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_Multi_Storey(by_War3zuk)" position="1166,33,-941" rotation="1" />

<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_Hospital(by_Wsiegel)" position="1152,33,-797" rotation="2" />

<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_Gallery(by_TopMinder_and_Pille)" position="1342,38,-784" rotation="2" />

<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_Alms_house(ex_vanilla_ornate03)" position="1132,39,-964" rotation="0" />

<decoration type="model" name="xcostum_MultiStore(by_ANT)" position="1260,39,-760" rotation="2" />

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I hadn't seen that, but you can go into the generated prefabs.xml, find that prefab duplicate entry and remove it.


I guess I'll search for the prefab (there will be multiple instances) and see if there's another prefab with the same coordinates, right? I'll have a look than. Thanks!


Btw: is there any way to get the exact name of the current prefab while in game?

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No way that I know of, but the prefab list does seem to be sorted by coordinate so it should be an easy spot.




No clue what you fubared. :)



You know me, I figured it out 30 seconds after I asked the question.

I had added the Compo files to Nitrogen and from what I can guess is it uses them automatically. I put it back to default and it seems to be working fine now. Although I thought even with the compo prefab files added that it would ignore them if you had setting set to vanilla.



You know me, I whore myself out whenever I can. :)



Yes I do know that. Just have been awol for a while and had a temp memory loss.

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Thanks Guppycur for helping out with the support.


Im currently busy with a lot of other things (little Kid).


I will have a look again at NitroGen when A19 approaches.

Until then, the generator should be flexible enough to incorporate new POIs, etc, and updated prefablists.


I also appreciate that modders offering pregenerated maps for others that might tun into technical problems running the generator itself.

So feel free to post your own generated or custom edited maps.

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Any chance to get a higher trader amount above lots?


You have a better way, you can edit with the game editor all trader's prefab & with cheat menu to place where you want the block who will spawn a random trader. Select the icon to show dev block & tape trader.


I always do find some prefabs which seem to be bugged. And by "bugged" I mean it seems like NitroGen (?) puts two different versions of the same prefab at the exact same place. For example I once had an "AmIGone" prefab twice in the same location


Maybe it's caused by the prefab's mesh file... I also had this problem with/without NitroGen & with all a18 & with many community's prefab modded & +/-ten times in 1 hour... I fix my single game by open the prefab (also all bug prefab in fact) with the game editor & by click on "update imposter" & so save prefab... After that, go see it in a new game if all is correct...


& like I said, maybe it's the mesh file or whatever like the game go creazy random... Because I always have this bug but less like +/-2 times in 1 hour... In case, I check my computer, graphic card, memory, hard drive ect, got no problem & by playing other games too...

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Hey Damocles, my server's CPU is through the roof at the moment. Every hour the CPU causes the server to get stopped. I believe the map might be causing this.


I get messages in the F1 console that read:


ERR prefab loading failed, prefab loading 'prefab name here' does not exist.

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That simply means that one or more of the prefabs are not known by the server.


If you chose CompoPack make sure you have the same version as referenced in the prefablists, and also installed/copied to the games prefabs folder.

Always copy over the updated prefabslist included in CompoPack into NitroGens resources folder.


In case you chose "no traders" you would also get an error, when the trader quest pops up. (can be deactivated)


And whats the prefabname?

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hello, I have been looking for a long time and I do not know if it is possible to install cities on the map or we want. I have done dozens of maps but I still don't understand how to install the cities we want. Here is an example where I want to establish cities, do you have an idea how to do it or it is not possible?










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