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  1. Originally posted by me under an anti-candy mod: "I too despise candies. It would be more appropriate and less immersion-breaking if they were designer chem patches (think NicoDerm or stimpacks). Drugs, not candies. Then it would at least be appropriate to find in the medical section on Traders, and Trader Jen could be the Heisenberg/Walter White producing all the new designer chems. All drugs could have a "Coming down" buff effect when they wear off, which temporarily reduces stamina and a couple stats (AGI and PER would be my choices)." I believe this was the original intent of TFP (but were influenced by ESRB+marketing pressure), given the names in the current items.xml: <item name="drugVitamins"> <item name="drugPainkillers"> <item name="drugHerbalAntibiotics"> <item name="drugAntibiotics"> <item name="drugRedPillAdmin"> <item name="drugBluePillAdmin"> <item name="drugSteroids"> <item name="drugRecog"> <item name="drugFortBites"> <item name="drugAtomJunkies"> <item name="drugCovertCats"> <item name="drugEyeKandy"> <item name="drugHackers"> <item name="drugHealthBar"> <item name="drugJailBreakers"> <item name="drugNerdTats"> <item name="drugOh@%$#zDrops"> <item name="drugRockBusters"> <item name="drugSkullCrushers"> <item name="drugSugarButts"> <item name="drugAntibioticsSchematic"> <item name="drugHerbalAntibioticsSchematic">
  2. Agreed. Ambidexterity should be a perk or skill for ALL one handed weapons, but TFP should also add realistic recoil FIRST.
  3. 1) Agreed, but unnecessary IF you are playing the current STABLE version for PC (console is in Limbo atm). Player selection and zombie ethnic+gender diversity is already pretty good. Try a web search for "Infected Survivor A13". Fairly obvious that the current Infected Survivor is afro-caucasian. Think Coby Bell. 2) Agreed. Models, localization and other resources, not just maps and XML, should be downloadable from Steam Workshop. Downloading mod packages directly from private dedicated servers would be a severe security vulnerability, particularly with modified DLLs. Believe TFP mentioned official support for Steam Workshop as a possibility, AFTER game hits release and goes gold or platinum.
  4. Not a fan of respawn, fast travel, teleport or blocking zombie spawns. IMHO though, it would be nice if beds gave you a very slight regen, made negative status effects tick faster, gradually reduced xp debt over time, gave a "Rested" stamina regen/xp/speed buff after using one for a short time, and/or doubled the effects of healing perks or medical items applied while using a bed. Only downside would be players sticking a bed in their horde base to stand on for blood moons...
  5. This^^ as well as possibly 8-track tapes, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs or flash memory sticks. You would just have to find or craft the playback device first, to unlock the collection for that format.
  6. Just keep tame/follower armor+health super low, with plenty of customization+gear+training options, and this would definitely raise appeal for Ark addicts. Brilliant idea!
  7. Yep, animations in general (not just reload) could use some polish, and they could easily get rid of the death animations by just enabling ragdoll on death. They could even tone down the ragdoll, except for 2H melee, explosives and shotguns (full-on Hollywood effects for these please).
  8. While I agree that we need more non-consumable items overall (weapon types, armor, utilities) to beef up loot possibilities, I do not agree with adding additional tech tiers. The obvious caveat to this would be in future DLCs where TFP add stuff like more organized mutant groups, mecha, aliens, multidimensional beings, etc. With the addition of said entities, a T4, and even T5, for high-tech stuff (beyond the ken of humankind) would make sense. Although, I am betting that TFP has higher priorities atm than rebalancing the entire loot list, which would probably be needed with said changes. @Gazz See my comments above, but also randomness + more variables = more excitement + replayability. Too few possibilities = bored players due to predictability + less replayability. For early-mid game, might have to counter balance by increasing quantity of ammo drops (amount per find). Ammo would be rarer, but you find a more useful amount, if you find any at all. For anyone that wants an example of how to thoroughly rebalance loot lists, check out ComSenMod for A18 by Crater Creator. TFP REALLY should look into hiring this guy, at least part time.
  9. No one becomes a master overnight, and we all have to crawl before we can walk. Welcome to life. IMHO TFP would be best served providing as many different playstyle options as possible, while still maintaining challenge vs reward balance. Not all challenges could or should need to be killed to be overcome. Players use stealth because they love oldschool RPG games like Hitman or Thief (both Eidos), and probably predate the "Leeroy Jenkins" crowd. While "run n' gun" works in parts of said games, you will die (revert to last save, not respawn) MUCH more frequently, than when you approach encounters with wit and guile. You will also expend a far greater amount of resources (ammo + medical) getting to the LOOT. You know, that loot thing EVERYONE needs to survive the entire game, and not just the bloodmoon horde? Some people play for immersion, and not necessarily the "optimal" or quickest/most efficient way. If speedrunning is your thing, more power to ya, but it is not my thing, nor that of most players. It IS true that scared "newb" players will try to avoid fights, rather than charging into them. To do otherwise, with their level of gear and experience, would be idiocy. I feel the only thing you and I probably agree on, is that stealth+aggro+volumes+heatmap needs MUCH more work in its current form. Would probably rate it as stealth>water physics>RWG, but that is just my personal priority.
  10. Could always make the chickens and rabbits "leap" or bunnyhop when fleeing from a hostile (not idle). Will be far more immersive and hilarious, especially if the chickens squawk when they leap away...
  11. TFP, @xyth or any other model modders: Idea inspired by Doraleous of Neebs Gaming - PLEASE add companion NPC(s) to Trader Rekt's outpost. "Kikki" the delivery boy. Perhaps he is a holiday/DLC limited time questgiver, or holds the Secret Stash? Audio prompts/lines for this NPC, if any, should be in Thai. Example model: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/asian-boy-model-1264226
  12. Cernwn

    khzmusik's Modlets

    Was using a healing bedroll mod by War3zUK, but it hasn't been updated for A19 yet. Be willing to give it a shot. Thanks for the quick update m8!
  13. Cernwn


    Realized that stone ammo only works with the primitive weapons, which makes some sense - my bad. Opening ammo to obtain components is pretty awesome. It is too bad you didn't do that across the board, to include opening gun ammo to obtain components - bullets, gunpowder and cartridge/casing. May also want to check the localization.txt for the Hunting Rifle description, since you updated it to use .44 magnum instead of 7.62. Is there some sort of newbie buff/debuff effect that causes player to consume food+water MUCH faster when at a trader outpost? Kept repeatedly starving to death at Trader Hugh's, even when chain-gorging MREs. On the thought of outposts, if you are going to make trader outposts destructible and build heatmap so quickly, may want to redo the trader POIs and add active defenses, such as traps/turrets/guards. Replace all those wood walls and spikes with (at minimum) T2 cobble/scrap, but preferably concrete or steel. Love the mob randomization, bigger hordes, customized zombie loot by type, and variety of reskins. However, zombie detection range/FOV (hello stealth), heatmap and respawn rate felt like they were overtuned. These could be dialed down and still maintain increased challenge from vanilla. Clearing an area of zeds SHOULD mean it stays clear for at least a day or two. Anyways, you are doing a fantastic job and I look forward to revisiting your work after A19 hits. Currently playing around with True Survival by SpiderJZMOD. The above is just my personal two cents, take it or leave it. Have a good one!
  14. Cernwn


    Might wanna double check your crossbow bolts and arrows, to verify working as intended. Getting some weird stuff with them acting as containers. Stone bolts appear to be missing from the hold-R selection wheel and the following line should be updated in Localization.txt: junkLeadScubaweightDesc,Gnamod,"A lead scubaweight previously used by scuba divers to weigh themselves down. Can be scrapped for the raw material or sold." replaced with: junkLeadScubaweightDesc,Gnamod,"A lead scubaweight previously used by scuba divers to weigh themselves down. Can be scrapped for the raw material or sold." junkLeadTrophy,Gnamod,Lead Trophy junkLeadTrophyDesc,Gnamod,"A trophy made from lead. Can be scrapped for the raw material or sold." Thank you Haidrgna - keep up the great work on this fantastic mod! Looking forward to A19 and your next big update.
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