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  1. Absolutely correct, but given currently modded encyclopedia sets as an example, those random drop notes could eventually be combined via recipe into a single quest trigger or trophy item. To use a poor WoW comparison - think The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, but with a worthwhile reward. Taking ranks in Daring Adventurer to choose quest rewards would help remove some of the randomness, assuming said lore items were added to the loot table for random trader quest rewards. Personally, I would prefer a tiny bit of randomness (to balance player agency vs excitement), combined with a un
  2. There you go; fixed that statement for you. This is especially true considering the industry standard of poorly done text in indie or survival games (less than college education as estimated by AI). Just remember that when speaking from a roleplay perspective, grammar is usually not proper and contains much more slang. It is more about immersion, than proper English. No lore= no immersion. It's all in the details. @khzmusik Yes, please.
  3. @Reckis Download from github via gitzip is fracking off with that directory - red undefined error. Try Nexusmods link instead.
  4. Shame beds and mattresses do not have a "sleep on" animated interaction (any movement key to stand). This could cure Fatigue debuff and grant a Bedrest (MaxHealth + MaxStamina trickle-regen) buff and a Prone (all attacks on you auto-crit) debuff while you use them. Would provide another option for early game night activity and people might actually start using them for more than just decor... Edit: Looks like someone already modded furniture animations in for A18, so the tough part of this is figured out - but needs to be updated: Sittable Furnitures A18 by Moong Oignonchaud
  5. Define up to date and active - updated in last 30 days, or just A19 compatible? My personal faves, to date - I am not a run and gun style player, and I don't believe either adds new zombies though: True Survival by Spider (currently only working for singleplayer) Undead Legacy by Subquake (extremely slow progression due to crafting table gating, but IMHO TFP should be hiring this modder as their new UI designer - AAA production quality) As far as mod managers, I no longer use either, but have tried these two in the past - both are unofficial: Vortex mod m
  6. Agreed here. Meat harvested from critters SHOULD directly correlate to their mass/weight (both values found in XML) and your hunting (field dressing) or butchering skill. Meat wasted when cooking a single portion size of any food, should be inversely relative to your cooking skill, plus any bonuses from tools and cooking surface. Agreed here. Only brutes, bosses, or acid spitters should even be able to damage stone, let alone metal or reinforced concrete. Players should not be able to strike harder materials without injuring themselves or severely damaging the implement used. Ha
  7. Deleted. Apologies, my question was not on-topic.
  8. Thank you much, was not aware of this bug. Will definitely go through my prefablist.txt and update POIs listed as only unique. It makes me sad that Damocles did not pass the torch of NitroGen to someone else, especially after all the hype and building such a large following. Would love it if there were a deepwater and shoreline only designation for ships/oil rigs and lighthouses/docks/harbours, respectively. @Clyde88If it is the prefab Stallion mentioned, believe this is the Nitrogen line I use, which does not cause any issues - search your prefablist for the name: xcost
  9. Firstly, make sure you are using the very latest CompoPack from HERE. It was last updated 2 days ago... Please identify the POI name? You can do this by hitting F1 to enter console, type "dm" (no quotes) and hit Enter for debug mode, then hit F3 to toggle on/off the info display. May be in very small text, but the name should be listed towards the top. Make sure you are standing inside the POI.
  10. Cernwn

    True Survival

    @Spider You are probably aware of it already, but the block "torchWallHolder" you have commented out in the TrueSurvival\Config\blocks.xml is causing some custom POIs to error out and fail to load. I borrowed your work-around from the block just above it and the POIs load just fine, because it converts the torches to air: <block name="torchWallHolder"> <property name="Extends" value="air"/> </block> Good fix for people using 3rd party POIs such as CompoPack. Was there another new block I should have replaced these with instead?
  11. Cernwn

    True Survival

    You forgot the alien/mutant/pirate/ninja/dinosaur in your hybrid there...
  12. @DonmegawattBelieve you want to remove all lines referencing "zombieGuppyCreepyCrawly" and "zombieGuppyInfernalDog" in \Mods\0-CreaturePackZombies\config\entitygroups.xml (as Xyth mentioned earlier). Make certain you are inside the Mods folder first, before you drill down into the subfolders. You may also need to re-verify your original files, as you've probably accidentally deleted the regular undead dobermans from vanilla spawn groups. Cheers! @xythPersonally, would love it if the CreaturePack split off all the medieval/magic/elemental/demonic mobs into a Fantasy pack, and the m
  13. Thanks for making such an awesome modpack/overhaul Subquake! Yes to retractable spikes (mechanical or powered), as they've been a staple in action-adventure films and Fortnite for quite a while now. Better hope the zeds don't get a mutation and start shooting poisonous quills at us players. Would be sick to see a modified version of the spider zombie with these...
  14. Thanks for the quick response Dough. The "original" A16 version by StompyNZ + the forum community is actually here. Swear I had a perfectly working version, with only slight changes to zombie skin tone, but maybe it was the A18 version by Khelldon. Will take a gander through Khzmusik's A18 version here, as well. He seems to have the most documentation and recent edits. Cheers!
  15. Just saw this and was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Snukfin's zombies, while creatively original, are far too OP and quite honestly immersion breaking for my tastes. Is there any chance you still have your old files laying around for the A19 version of this (working or not)? Swore I had a copy on my HDD, but unable to locate, so far...
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