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  1. Thank you so much for your service! Happy late Memorial Day!

  2. Dunno 100% as I've not tried it, but if I were to hazard a guess would say NO due to numerous changes in loot.xml by both mods. If you are looking for an overhaul to try and get ComSenMod working with, I would try True Survival by Spider or Gnamod by Haidr'Gna. The ember mechanic of ComSenMod will probably also not play well with overhauls...
  3. in config/items.xml of ComSenMod, locate the closing tag near the very bottom: </configs> REPLACE the line above with the 2 lines below: <set xpath="/items/item/property[@name='Stacknumber' and not(@value='1')]/@value">30000</set> </configs> Voila! Anything with a Stacknumber>1 should allow up to 30K.
  4. Cernwn

    Laokia's Modlets {WIP}

    Definitely interested in taking a look at your "Rare Quests" modlet, but it doesn't appear that you have any "actual links up", as you stated earlier. Feel free to PM me with details. Good luck getting all of the authors above to give permissions.
  5. Cernwn

    Robeloto's Modlets

    @Robeloto "Nerf Them All" modlet is missing two of the schematics which can be found in destroyed containers. To fix, replace this line in modlets loot.xml: <set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id='94']/item[@name='chemistryStationSchematic']/@prob">.01</set> With these 3 lines: <set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id='94']/item[@name='chemistryStationSchematic']/@prob">.01</set> <set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id='97']/item[@name='batterybankSchematic']/@prob">.01</set> <set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id='98']/item[@name='generatorbankSchematic']/@prob">.01</set>
  6. Lockpicking Additions by Stallionsden - adds many more commonly lockable containers Lockpick Model by JaxTeller718 - adds a unity model for lockpicks in players hand HD Lock Pick by War3zUK - adds HD lockpick for opening locked paintings and upgrading destroyed workstations KHLockpicks by KhaineGB, updated for 18.3 by Tristam - adds LQ lockpicks and replaces downgrade path for doors/safes (probably conflicts with yours) Not necessarily the same thing, but there may be a little overlap on one or two of em.
  7. Already using a couple other lockpicking mods, but as long as this only effects door downgrade paths, should be fine for compatibility. Would ❤️ to see your work!
  8. Cernwn

    No Auto-Reload

    I second this^. At least then if I manually reloaded with zombies bearing in on CQ, it would be my own fault that I was dogpiled on...
  9. Think it was specifically too many switches (tripwires, floorplates, motions sensors or wall switches) that was a known issue. Try reducing this amount and see if it helps. Turrets may be a factor as well, since they each have on/off logic.
  10. @Gronk Check out MeanCloud's Mining modlet by PSouza4. Personally I only use his cannabis and fishing modlets, but you should get some ideas in the right direction. If you reach out to him, maybe even a collaboration, since you are more art/asset focused...
  11. Try loading ComSenMod first to change all the stack sizes, followed by True Inventory by Eihwaz to actually rebalance the encumbrance system. Load order is alphabetical, so you can just add numbers or letters to the front of the mod folder name to change it. If you don't care about balance but just want 30K stack sizes, you can add the following line at the bottom of any MOD items.xml just before the closing tag at the very bottom (i.e. </items> or </config>): <set xpath="/items/item/property[@name='Stacknumber' and not(@value='1')]/@value">30000</set>
  12. The above is the root of your friend's problem. Correct me if I am wrong, but AFAIK right now, gamestage is cumulative (individual gamestages added together for determining spawns) in groups. Even if it was averaged between all of you, grouping would significantly increase the difficulty for your friend. The only advice I can give is for the "good players" to eat glass daily to reset their gamestage, and possibly look at lowering other server setting to non-defaults, like disabling blood moon all together, or setting all zombies to always walk. The terrific thing about 7 Days to Die is that there are so many options (non-default) to granularly adjust difficulty up or down. Personally, I prefer warrior difficulty, nightmare zombie speed at night, blood moons disabled, with mods for increased wandering horde size, 50% health and headshot-only damage. It keeps the threat constant and a lot less predictable, while reducing the bullet sponge effect.
  13. @Pichii Could be wrong, but based on the sentence above, I think we are miscommunicating because English is not your primary language. Hyperbole/exaggeration = dishonesty in most parts of the world. This is truth. But some things are just lost in translation. Perhaps you simply chose the wrong words and mis-spoke, and I jumped to conclusions. Perhaps we just have radically different value systems. I apologize for my overly blunt and emotionally insensitive assumptions, based on such. Hope you recognize that I agreed with almost everything in your suggestion, with caveats, and bear you no ill will. Your ideas have merit, and are valuable, regardless of whether I agree with them, or not. Peace be upon you, and all that...
  14. Last response from the OP was March 14th 2020. Not that long ago. Yes, I checked it before asking the question, and am aware of OP's 7DtD burnout+Pokemon binge. Please don't respond on behalf of the OP, unless you are their spouse, or have something constructive to contribute.
  15. @Sykriss: All for immersion, if not necessarily vanilla. Any chance of a compatibility patch to make these work with Action Skills modlet? From what I understand, it is two lines of code added to each weapon, so that players get the proper Action Skills XP type per shot and per kill: https://github.com/JaxTeller718/JaxTeller718_Modlets_Experimental/tree/master/DeceptiveJax_ActionSkills
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