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  1. @KhaineGB FYI, link appears to be broken.
  2. Welcome to Early Access @Jimmy C! If you have a problem with "early access" program time frames or refunds, feel free to drop the distributor your feedback here: https://help.steampowered.com/
  3. Fantastic addition to the A19 modding community - good on ya mate! Always despised immersion-breaking tree farms. Won't miss lag spikes from all that unnecessary ticking either...
  4. @KhaineGB If you've ever played the games System Shock, Bioshock, or any of their many sequels, would to see more sci-fi assets along similar lines. Not replicas ofc (for IP reasons), but "fair use/dealing" inspired satire. Very impressed after recently watching your collaboration with Genosis from Not-A-Gamer Gaming. Please consider doing more collabs, if and when you have time. Just curious, but how difficult would it be to give suppressors to all NPC mercs defending trader outposts (or allow purchase of earplugs to muffle their constant gunfire)? Would be a fantastic QoL addition.
  5. TLDR but agreed, stealth and player detection is pretty broken in the current A19.4 b7 implementation. You should be able to sneak up to melee range directly behind an awake zombie, if avoiding LoS (line of sight) and not making noise, even in broad daylight. Lighting, perks and gear should just make modifiers to avoid LoS and noise. i.e. Light armor gives a small noise penalty (without mods), heavy armor gives a large noise penalty, and multiple zeds will make it more difficult to avoid LoS depending on their facing and any cover. Would love to see a stealth system more along the lines of the old Eidos Thief series...
  6. TLDR past the 3rd paragraph - keep it summarized and concise if you expect others to listen. Think your wall of text may have triggered the forum mods, or they are bored with nothing to do, considering number of replies on the first page...
  7. or botulism bacteria, although it is apparently great for cosmetic surgery (Botox). Stay away from improperly stored fish or honey, and those dented or swollen canned goods folks! https://www.healthline.com/health/botulism-honey#whats-botulism Always was of the opinion that Vitamins "should" cure deficiency diseases only, and perhaps give a tiny 24 hour disease resist. Shame none of these deficiency diseases actually exist within 7 Days. Any modders out there? Apologies to anyone afflicted with any of the following IRL:
  8. Absolutely correct, but given currently modded encyclopedia sets as an example, those random drop notes could eventually be combined via recipe into a single quest trigger or trophy item. To use a poor WoW comparison - think The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, but with a worthwhile reward. Taking ranks in Daring Adventurer to choose quest rewards would help remove some of the randomness, assuming said lore items were added to the loot table for random trader quest rewards. Personally, I would prefer a tiny bit of randomness (to balance player agency vs excitement), combined with a unique quest particular to each trader - like the current ones that are unlocked by doing multiple of the same tier.
  9. There you go; fixed that statement for you. This is especially true considering the industry standard of poorly done text in indie or survival games (less than college education as estimated by AI). Just remember that when speaking from a roleplay perspective, grammar is usually not proper and contains much more slang. It is more about immersion, than proper English. No lore= no immersion. It's all in the details. @khzmusik Yes, please.
  10. @Reckis Download from github via gitzip is fracking off with that directory - red undefined error. Try Nexusmods link instead.
  11. Shame beds and mattresses do not have a "sleep on" animated interaction (any movement key to stand). This could cure Fatigue debuff and grant a Bedrest (MaxHealth + MaxStamina trickle-regen) buff and a Prone (all attacks on you auto-crit) debuff while you use them. Would provide another option for early game night activity and people might actually start using them for more than just decor... Edit: Looks like someone already modded furniture animations in for A18, so the tough part of this is figured out - but needs to be updated: Sittable Furnitures A18 by Moong Oignonchaud
  12. Define up to date and active - updated in last 30 days, or just A19 compatible? My personal faves, to date - I am not a run and gun style player, and I don't believe either adds new zombies though: True Survival by Spider (currently only working for singleplayer) Undead Legacy by Subquake (extremely slow progression due to crafting table gating, but IMHO TFP should be hiring this modder as their new UI designer - AAA production quality) As far as mod managers, I no longer use either, but have tried these two in the past - both are unofficial: Vortex mod manager by Nexusmods (more user friendly, better for individual mods that are guaranteed virus free) 7D2D mod launcher by Sphereii (can be a bit wonky, better for maintaining multiple overhaul mods using separate game instances on the same PC)
  13. Agreed here. Meat harvested from critters SHOULD directly correlate to their mass/weight (both values found in XML) and your hunting (field dressing) or butchering skill. Meat wasted when cooking a single portion size of any food, should be inversely relative to your cooking skill, plus any bonuses from tools and cooking surface. Agreed here. Only brutes, bosses, or acid spitters should even be able to damage stone, let alone metal or reinforced concrete. Players should not be able to strike harder materials without injuring themselves or severely damaging the implement used. Hardness is one of my greatest pet peeves about 7 Days. AFAIK only the True Survival mod by Spider has even tried to fix it. Thanks for this most entertaining and humorous post! As others above have stated, perking into Sexual T-Rex, and using lower tier tools may help your situation, at least until you figure out the system or level up. 7 Days is far from perfect release game, but is changing all the time. Let's just hope TFP learn from past mistakes and like the popular title Valheim, re-integrate LBD or some version thereof. TLDR; Ignore the fanbois hate, and remember to swap hands to conserve stamina 😜 Cheers!
  14. Deleted. Apologies, my question was not on-topic.
  15. Thank you much, was not aware of this bug. Will definitely go through my prefablist.txt and update POIs listed as only unique. It makes me sad that Damocles did not pass the torch of NitroGen to someone else, especially after all the hype and building such a large following. Would love it if there were a deepwater and shoreline only designation for ships/oil rigs and lighthouses/docks/harbours, respectively. @Clyde88If it is the prefab Stallion mentioned, believe this is the Nitrogen line I use, which does not cause any issues - search your prefablist for the name: xcostum_TV_Tower_Restaurant(by_magoli),,2,-2,45,99,45,citycenter;unique
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