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  1. Hello. I played with your mod ( dungeon blocks ) during the A18 and I found it excellent. Since this update A19 your mod is messing around, I only have glass cubes even when I select the wooden cubes. The iron bars are also transparent thx
  2. Hello, I tried to launch more than 20 maps with different options but it remains blocked each time on (exporting 2/3) I9 9900 k , 32 go ram , windows 10
  3. Thanks for your help, I'll watch this
  4. Hello I have a 16k map with 28 sellers When I restart my server on days 1 the sellers restock tens of days after. I tested several modlets but nothing changes, my sellers do not restock. I then have to do each seller by seller, go to the seller's admin options and manually restock the seller Do you have a solution to restock my 28 sellers at once please? thx https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pZiL6NiPT3bas5geFJ3_HNLfAtrwTRsG image01 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gVzAyfyrGSI4D1cS8FvM6McfbGis7tcT image02
  5. Hello https://7daystodiemods.com/screen-images-mod-by-ragnarok/
  6. Hello, I think I had trouble expressing myself. I'm researching how to make sure that when a player dies, he is the only one able to recover his backpack. Example, Player A and Player B are grouped together during a blood moon. Player A dies and must return to get his bag, I would like it to be impossible for Player B to pick up the bag for Player A Thank you so much.
  7. Hello I'm here to ask for advice about backpacks. Indeed, I have a big backpack problem on my pve server At each blood moon, groups are formed to gain experience for many. And the big problem is that players take the bags of dead players. I don't want to program my server so that the player does not lose his backpack when he dies, I would like a player not to know how to take the backpack of another player, is he possible to do that? Thx ( excuse me i use a translator to write)
  8. Excellent work, I can't wait to see more
  9. @Eihwaz Thanks, I'll wait wisely then thx
  10. Excellent mod, I love it. On the other hand I am looking for how to put an indestructible lamp on the list.
  11. Excellent, I love it. I just installed it on my server.
  12. Hello Is it possible to make an xml modlet or there would be no more days on the server? Let me explain, I want to make sure that the server no longer displays the days but still displays the hours of the day. I would like to make a blood moon every evening from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Of course the days would last 7:00 am real before the blood moon Is it possible to do this please? Excuse me if you do not understand certain words because I use a translator. I look forward to your opinions and responses
  13. Hello I saw that you had the xml mod with the zombies which do not appear during the blood moon, which file must be modified to do the opposite, that they appear only during the blood moon Thank you
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