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  1. Thank You, I had no idea it was Alloc's server fixes. I did update and it did fix the issue. Thanks Again. SeabeeMan....
  2. Hello, I would just like to report a bug since 19.5 update has come out the console command RLP does not work. I get errors when trying to use it and I cannot remove a keystone if needed to be removed. I hope this issue gets fixed soon and I love the game.. Been playing since Alpha 2.0j SeabeeMan....
  3. Hello Guys, I would like to know if by chance will you be doing anything with the Terrain Blocks? Examples are: When placing a Snow Terrain block on sand it TURNS into sand but even though it looks like sand you get snowballs from it if you dig it. Can we make it like it used to be where if you put snow on forest ground it remains snow and NOT turn into forest ground just the looks of it and not the properties? Making a museum POI for my servers I made scenery that had different biomes in them. Using the Prefab Editor it was perfect snow in it's own place, Sand in it's and so on. Well when the POI spawns in with the map creator it all looks good but those terrain blocks change depending where the POI is spawned in at. This is a real bummer. The Museum POI lookes great but my scenery areas all change terrain types. Anyway of preventing this or at least is there a way to keep the look of these blocks the way they are suppose to be even when placed on different terrain? Think the game is awesome, been playing since A2 still enjoying every moment of it. Keep up the good work! SeabeeMan....
  4. Hello Guys, A19 is looking awesome of course. You all got me Hooked since Alpha 2.0 with over 14,000 hours on your game now you can say I dont have much of a life at home lol. I do run a few servers and I just wanted to say THANK YOU Sooo much for allowing us to FINALLY add our own Localization File in our Modlets and push them to the Clients. I have been wanting to add in Descriptions for such a very long time. Now.... If you all would also allow icons to pass to the clients as well that would be great too I take pride in making my servers a place where nobody has to download a package from us to play on our servers. I use the in-game icons you have to anything new we create on our servers I just do color changes and you do have to have a imagination to why we picked a certain icon. I would LOVE though, to be able to make up a icon pack of some sort and put it on the server and it would push to the clients. So many people out there do not understand how to make a Mods Folder and how to install anything on their own systems and this is why we do what we do. I hope you take this into consideration in the future this would be such a awesome thing.... Once again Thank You for making such a Great Game Guys. SeabeeMan....
  5. Hello To The Fun Pimps Staff, Love the game with over 14,000 hours into it and modding it now for over 5 years I cannot break myself away from it. Main complaint I have though is for some reason the players are able to Dup the vehicles. They tell me that they stop and park the vehicle. Pick it up into their inventory and go off looting. When they come back to the same area the vehicle is still there AND is still in their backpacks. Said the vehicle was not there after they picked it up to go off looting but is surely there again when they come back. Here is the conversation I had just a little while ago: <SeabeeMan> say how are they actually duping? 12:06 <Bot27> Day 241, 04:37 Server: SeabeeMan-irc: how are they actually duping? 12:07 <SeabeeMan> say do they dup on a reboot? 12:07 <Bot27> Day 241, 04:37 Server: SeabeeMan-irc: do they dup on a reboot? 12:07 <Bot27> Day 241, 04:37 Kos2soK: well i drive or fly out then stick it in my pack...when i loot then come back and they are in my pack and where i had them parked 12:07 <Bot27> Day 241, 04:51 Kos2soK: i have my gyro on my roof and in my pack now 12:08 <Bot27> Day 241, 04:51 bullfrog37: oh, like the rubber band effect they had, except they dupe 12:08 <Bot27> Day 241, 04:51 Kos2soK: anyone need a chopper? 12:08 <SeabeeMan> say so you pick it up in your pack and without a reboot or anything once you just come back to the area it is still there again 12:08 <Bot27> Day 241, 04:51 Server: SeabeeMan-irc: so you pick it up in your pack and without a reboot or anything once you just come back to the area it is still there again 12:08 <SeabeeMan> say Hmm strange 12:08 <Bot27> Day 241, 04:51 Server: SeabeeMan-irc: Hmm strange 12:08 <Bot27> Day 241, 04:51 Kos2soK: yep thats it Everyone on the server has a vehicle of some sort due to the players just give them away due to they get so many of them this way. It does not matter what vehicle it is. They say it happens with all of them. Hope this issue can be fixed, Take care of yourselves, SeabeeMan..... From the Red Alliance Servers, Red Dusk, Red Rising, Red Factions
  6. Hello Again Guppycur, Ok so in the worlds folder where you copy the map folder from Nitrogen into and then start the server to create the map. So now once it has started in the "saves" folder would be the new folder with the world/ regions/ plaer info and such. What your saying is bofore joining the server for the very first time I need to delete the FIRST folder that I copied from Nitrogen into the worlds folder. I am only asking these questions to get this right i know i ask alot and I'm sorry. So do I NEED to shut down the server BEFORE I delete those files from the worlds folder not the "saves" folder, then turn it back on a "second" time or can i delete those files while the server is currently runniing as long as nobody has tried to join it yet? How does deleting the files from the world folder fix the issue with the trees being inside prefabs in a nitrogen map? Just curious basically and this is great if doing this actually works. Oh and P.S. do you delete the ENTIRE Folder that was created by nitrogen or ONLY the files within that folder which would leave the world name folder with nothing inside it? And on a final note i am sorry i just now made a new map and started it up first time i removed the entire folder and that was wrong, looked inside the folder and I do see three files that say PROCESSED on the files themselves so i am going to remove those and i believe those are what you are talking about just would like to know how in removing these files fixes the trees? ok well..... the results of me doing this Guppy, I went in the worlds folder and into the map that i created and found the Processed files there were 3 of them one is dtm_processed.raw, splat3_processed.tga , and splat4_processed.tga I did this twice, first time I started the server and the 3 files appreared in the folder. First time I shut the server down removed the files then restarted the server and i jumped on. BUT... before I jumped on after i restarted the server those 3 files reappeared in the folder but I still seen trees in prefabs. 2nd time I did this again but this time i removed those 3 files WITHOUT shutting down the server then I jumped on the server went around a bit to make sure i got some of the map opened up got back off the server shut it down. I removed the password that I had on the server and started it back up again. Those 3 files reappeared again in the folder and when i got back in the server and started checking on things well Yep there are STILL trees in the prefabs.... Is it possible please to tell me step by step instructions on what I need to do to keep the trees from being in the prefabs. Do i need to remove the files that say processed on them only 3 that I see and jump on the server. Or do i start the server wait for the files to appear then shut down the server and remove the files then restart the server and go on? but the files would reappear before i got on. Those 3 files were of course not present when I started it removed the files while server was still on and i jumped on the server. But still trees in prefabs on both of these occasions. Please steer me in the correct direction on fixes my tree issue please. Also when I do remove those 3 files it does make me re-download the map Thank You for your help on my issues.
  7. What do you mean Guppy? What processed files are you referring too? I have this on our server and it is everyone that is seeing the trees in all the prefabs and it also seems like it is corrupting our map as well. Is this something that every client has to do or can i do it on our server to fix the issue with the trees. I am just afraid if it has to be done client side many players wont know how to do such a thing. And if it is something i can do on the server itself to prevent the trees from being in prefabs. If we have already joined the server is it too late now to remove the files your talking about to fix the issue? I just need the details please Guppy, What and where are the files i need to delete, On the server or do the clients have to do this on their end? And is it too late now if the server is already open to players to fix the tree issue on the current map? Please tell me the steps your talking about please. Thank You Guppy..
  8. Is anyone having issues with trees being inside of prefabs? Lots and lots of trees in prefabs especially if prefabs are in the forest areas and making prefabs unstable. If so how do I fix this please thank you.
  9. Hello and just to say I really LOVE your program for generating great maps.... I started making maps for 18.3 stable today and I believe your small lake option is broken. I have tried few and now i had it on many and still there are zero lakes. I am going to try a large lake now just too see if any lakes are made at all. The rivers do show up ok just no lakes are on the map sadly. Thank You though I still love it.
  10. Hi... I was just wondering why when upgrading frames to wood blocks, then to reinforced wood blocks, they then go to cobblestone??? How come they do not go to reinforced wood with the steel bars then the cobblestone? We are missing a step in the upgrading I sure hope you do fix this Thanks You , Game is Awesome I've only got aroung 13,200 or so hours in the game lol SeabeeMan....
  11. You should be able to get it here. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/97/?
  12. Hello, Great Mod loving it just found a small issue easy to fix of course but thought you might want to know. Your Kevlar Vest you created you cannot learn the recipe for it. I seen you have it named KevlarVest in your Items and Recipes but in the progression file you have recipes learned is the KevlarJacket and there is no such item or recipe. You just need to change the KevlarJacket in the progression to KevlarVest to fix the issue Thank You SeabeeMan.....
  13. Thank you Guppycur for the information. Yes i was very used to the command pblock air 20 10 50 seems easier than this way. I wish you can do the command the same way just telling it how large you want it knowing I would be standing on the lower left hand corner when making the area. Having to actually put in the location you want is a bit harder, Maybe getting another person to be in the location you want it to be finished at and they tell you their location would work I guess. Maybe there will be a new command that will allow us to once again just put in the dimensions of the box you want to create instead of the actual location itself. Thanks again, SeabeeMan....
  14. ok not sure what some of these numbers are i see you are filling it with air and i see the 75 for the height but what is the 2412 0 ? I believe that -7119 is a position on the map but what is 2330 after that? and the 75 is height and the -7035 is the other position on the map? Is there a way to just stand in one place and do something like bc-block fill 50 20 50 air like 50 one way 20 high and 50 the other direction like pblock used to work? just a little confused with the command you used and Thank You
  15. Hello StompyNZ, I love what you have been doing with your Mod I do have a question which I am unable to figure out though. How do you fill in a area with a certain type block? Like if I wanted to flatten out a area using the air block lets say I wanted a area that was 10 blocks wide and 20 blocks long and a height of 15 blocks high. What would be the command to do that with air so I would be able to flatten a area of land and or cut into a hillside? Thank You for your help and I really do appreciate all that your doing for us.... SeabeeMan
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