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  1. If I remember well, there is a mod to do that in a an existing party server but I don't remember the name, you should find it here... If not, follow my very noob soluce xD : - Create a party with a existing world or a new one (the save of new world will not be the name of the seed, but the name from Generated World Name & you will find it here C:\Users\"YourAccount"\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds) - Test it in solo & see if you like it - Go where you want to place your prefab & note the coordinate x z y who that will be the corner south-west of the ground of the prefab (not the underground) x > negative for west z > elevation, always positive number 0 to 255 (bedrock to the sky) y > negative for south - Quit the party without quit the game - Go in the map folder & open prefabs.xml & add it after the last prefab to give it the priority to spawn to overwrite prefab's zone, example: <decoration type="model" name="trader_jen" position="0,64,0" rotation="0" /> - Delete all files in the folder region of the map here, to reset: C:\Users\"YourAccount"\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\"map"\"name party"\Region Or you can just delete the save party of this map & redo a new party but seem like the loading is more slow than just delete region files... - Go to see is it's correct & adjust it & always quit the party & not the game: > The elevation in the prefab xml: <property name="YOffset" value="xxx" /> xxx > can be negative > Same, the rotation: <property name="RotationToFaceNorth" value="xxx" /> xxx > 0/1/2/3 if I remember well since my last test, it's seem like a reverse clockwise & not the normal way - Again, delete all files in the folder region & redo to see if is well & if not, redo the samething just like before... But for server, I think you must to copy the map here & you can rename the folder name of the map without problem... ...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die Server\Data\Worlds\ & if you want player to spawn on it in their first time, just note the coordinate where you want as the same way for the prefab, & then go change it in spawnpoints.xml in the saveworld of the map... It's a slow way but that's work well if you don't want to use the mod... For a random spawn, add it in the section <prefab_rule name="prefabList"> ...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die Server\Data\Config\rwgmixer.xml
  2. You wrong, It's a client game the problem... You must not read post on youtube/steam, many players said it's low fps with 7dtd & must down setup to play good, but they can play many other games which are more beautiful & more powerful without bad fps & down setup! & this, it's like that since many years ago! Me too, I started with a10 & I can play many best & beautiful game in high/ultra but 7dtd, nothing to do, need play setup to medium & so game are very ugly...
  3. Well, since the paint tools is in game, "we all" already ask it, a option RGB for color & to add a texture with a .png, but nothing since... So I believe we will never got it... & it's right, why don't just give us all texture or learn by found a book?! I like texture of ore shale/nitrate but can't use them... But in consideration in paint.xml the max ID is 255 & there's a little mod to add 10 more texture, so total 185 (Sorry, I don't remember where to find it). & a another thing, I don't know why but they remove the autofire with the paintool -_-"
  4. I'm not a expert but: - If you do your own mod, rename your mod to be load at the end of the list in order alphabetic... - Or if you add it in a recipe.xml in a already mod, add it a the end... But I think this error it's because your two items doesn't exist...
  5. I'm not a expert but I think it's not your vram but just your ram, no? I have two PC, one got 2gb vram & a other 6gb vram & no bug like this... Your bug seem like a old "bug" when I play +/-a15/a16 with 4gb ram with win 7 x32 on the PC with 2gb vram & so I up it to win 7 x64 16gb & then no more "bug" like this...
  6. Maybe I 'm wrong but what I understand, it's a block from prefab who can't be placed in his prefab... I got this warning too but you can play like that except maybe when if is red message or stuck in game... But when I go to see at the coordinate, sometimes the block is here & I can loot or destroy it... There's a fix by me for that but I don't know if it's a good thing/way & if you already build yout base, that will erase it! Go to coordinate & see what it's the prefab & so go to editor prefab & load it, then do this in console: - prefab simplify - prefab combine - prefab export After the last command, quit the editor without save prefab! Go to your folder savegame & delete all files *.7rg in folder "Region", that will erase the world but not your level & loot in your bag/character only, so save first in your bag what you want/need! & then go try in the same place. I had this with the prefab school_k6_01 because of the desk, no find same bug in forum... I try a new party with the same map always warning... After I try by reset/repair chunk command, same... & by only delete world region, same too... I try my fix & no more warning... So unlucky or lucky, IDK... But I said, I'm not a expert, I'm a very noob xD
  7. I never over craft because I just remember the max stack of each items & so just craft the necessary depending on the space available... (Well except that happen on server where I miss that's not modded to up stack of items/blocks more than vanilla) But example if you need to be AFK & so you launch the craft in any station work (I know that happen with the cement mixer, with other don't know) : - If you stay with the station work window open, well craft overflow will go in your inventory - But without it, when overflow the craft will go in your inventory when you open the station work but you will lose 50%! Example, if cement mix had a stack 100, when that do 6 stacks but you build overflow 100 more, when you open the station work, you will got only 50 more...
  8. I confirm this bug since first a18 (happen one time) & since a19 experimental (many time more than a18)... & it's not specific to a prefab or biome, that can happen anywhere, on/under ground prefab or middle of somewhere lost & in the sky too & whatever single/coop/server modded or not... Last time happen with the last a19 exp, underground middle of nowhere in desert & zero prefab all around at +1km, I can't placed 2 blocks, I see the square block is red & not green or white... I save my game, I return to test to reset chunk with the command & try the same building I did in speed in the same aera at the same coordinate, always can't place any block but this time I got one more phantom block linked with 2 last others... (Edit: command repair chunk don't fix it) & I don't know if it's linked with that bug, but this 2 phantom blocks was stone block in fact, but I saw it as a sand block like all other blocks! The sound destroy is the sound for stone block & the loot was stone & not sand... That happen in single/coop/server modded or not & not only for me... & seem like the same thing for all block named with "terr..." in all biome whatever the elevation... Like dirt in biome pine-forest, I see it like a dirt but sound/loot was stone... This was that too since the first a18...
  9. If I understand well, example for groupBirdNest with a count=1,2, if the loot is spawn: - with a count=1 from lootgroup, we can loot, min 1 foodegg or 1 resourceFeather, max 6 foodegg or 5 resourceFeather - with a count=2 from lootgroup, we can loot, min 2 foodegg or 2 resourceFeather or 1 for each, max 12 foodegg or 10 resourceFeather or 6 foodegg + 5 resourceFeather So just to understand a little more, is it possible to set something instead of "count=" by something like "min=" & "max=" or another way? To force to never have more than the maximum we set like this: <lootgroup name="coldfood" count="1,3"> <item name="foodEgg" min="6" max="12" prob="0.49"/> <item name="foodRawMeat" count="1,4"/> <item name="foodRottingFlesh" count="2,6"/></lootgroup> Because I try this: <lootgroup name="groupBirdNest" count="1,2"> <item name="foodEgg" min="1" max="6" prob="0.49"/> <item name="resourceFeather" count="1,5" prob="0.75"/></lootgroup> I built in speed a prefab with only many birdnest, I spawn it in navezgane, I got no error red/yellow from console but in game, egg's loot never up more than 2 or unlucky...
  10. Well, it's easy to understand, I just add/change count/prob for foodEgg directly in loot.xml... <lootgroup name="coldfood"> <item name="foodEgg" count="6,12" prob="0.49"/> <item name="foodBlueberryPie"/> <item name="foodMeatStew"/> <item name="foodRawMeat" count="5,10"/> <item name="foodRottingFlesh" count="5,10"/> <item name="foodCropCorn"/> <item name="foodCropPotato"/> <item name="foodCropBlueberries"/> </lootgroup> <lootgroup name="groupBirdNest" count="1,2"> <item name="foodEgg" count="1,6" prob="0.49"/> <item name="resourceFeather" count="1,5" prob="0.75"/> </lootgroup>
  11. Hello, there's something I don't understand... Is it right for example with: <lootcontainer id="777" count="1,7"... <item name="resourceFeather" count="3" prob="0.49"/> ... This count="1,7" said a random of 1-7 items from the full list? Or for each items can be looted 7 times in one stack? & so if the loot is spawn, min 3 & max 21 feather will be looted? Because I mod to have more eggs from 2 value "foodEgg" in loot.xml: <lootgroup name="coldfood"> <item name="foodEgg" count="6,12" prob="0.49"/> ... <lootgroup name="groupBirdNest"... <item name="foodEgg" count="1,6" prob="0.49"/> ... But it game, I can have more than 6 or 12 eggs, whatever level 1-300 & skill no point set or all set... (the % loot always 100%) So please, do I miss something to change?
  12. Well, I'm not a expert but by experience, with a existing game a18, sometimes there is a problem if a another mod change the same thing in one previous mod in order name. Like I do my own little mod (with exemple a folder name mod_10) to change DowngradeBlock Steel to rconcrete/concrete/riron/iron/rcobble/cobble/rwood/wood. But if I add a new mod how do the samething except without rcobble/cobble/rwood/wood: - If the new mod's folder name is mod_11, that will overwrite on my mod - If the new mod's folder name is mod_09, my mod will be safe For any block, that will be the same & in game it's like I said in my first post. If you have a mod NewBlock_10 to add a TV & you add after a mod NewBlock_09 to add a bed, in game all your TV placed will become a bed or something weird... & if there is not enought place for the bed, your game will be maybe crash & so +/-50% chances to enter in game, if not the console will appears with infinite red messages... A another problem, this time if it's a mod add a new blocks/items where previous mod don't have it but the news mod got a name to be load in first, the probleme will be the same like I said just before... So now, when I add a new mod, I always change the name to be load in last & all my personnal mod is named z0?? to load in the last & so can overwrite other mod if they do someting like my mods... But one of my friend said seem like there is not problem with a19 exp but I don't know if it's right because I don't play it...
  13. Hello, that'a a very long time I wanted to write about something I wanted to know if I'm right or wrong... My tips > Since TFP's Dev remove ID number like for blocks/items, in fact when we add a new mod, we must to rename it by example z001xxx, z002xxx & ect, to be loaded at the last & so the game will ad a ID number for news blocks/items & that will not cause problem in current save game. I noticed, with a18/a19, a example just to understand, a mod with name folder B_My_Bed who add a new block bed (got some ID like 101) & clothing-Bed (got some ID like 102): - If I had a new mod like C_My_WC who add a block WC & a item paper-WC, no problem in game, the block got ID 102 & the item ID 103 - But if the mod's name folder was A_My_WC, the game will give ID 101 to this block WC (& so not anymore to the block bed who will got ID 102), the item pape-WC will take ID 102 (& so not anymore to the item clothing-Bed who will got ID 103! & as I already placed the bed, enter in game, the bed is replaced by the WC & so clothing-Bed by the paper-WC... "o_O" I hope people can understand what I want to say & so my tips is right or wrong, please??? (Note, single or multi, it's the samething with my friends)
  14. For the last issue, sometimes when I active any TV, that's run as well but sometime example, the first & third video have no problem, but the second don't have video picture, the tv screen stay black but the audio of the video is playing. If I active again or sometimes later, that can be the first or the third video who have this problem but not the second... For all block player video from all your mod, is the samething... I try with your all original video & it's the samething... It's not very important, but can you tell me what's is the ratio video you set? & do a player have a automatic fit zoom? Example for the Theater Screen, seem like 16:10 but that's doesn't fit entirely the screen, 16:9 too, the screen has 2 black bands...
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