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  1. Well, just save before continue your game with news mod C:\Users\"your_name"\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\"name_maps"\"name_seed" & when you add news mods, you must rename it like "zzz001_mod-name" to be load in last after your old mods already played in your game, like that, the game will not "bug" to set ID for items/blocks&ect... After that test it with your save game by add all or if you test one by one, just add it & no necessary to quit the game except when the memory is nearly +/-90% used! But you must know, if you add mod who change li
  2. You can do it just by add/change this: - a stack size required to sell <property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="xxx"/> - the price of the stack <property name="EconomicValue" value="xxx"/> But that can don't work because maybe hardcoded for some items/blocks like "resourceTestosteroneExtract", default value is: <property name="EconomicValue" value="10"/> <property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="10"/> I mod to be: <property name="EconomicValue" value="10"/> <pr
  3. I just said what I said because the name of the mod do a confusion... But yes it's right, some items must not can sell to trader because since they are implanted in game, it's cheat & that destroy the difficulty of the game... With all my personal mods "hardcore" in single game, I set all items/blocks to false but except for realism: guns, ammo, vehicle part, water, food, medical, plant, gas... & only with a party in coop, all is sellable...
  4. I don't use your mod EVERYTHING IS SELLABLE because I do my own mod, but people in other webshare/youtube said that's not really do what the name say. To can sell all, you must simply add in: - blocks.xml Normaly it's enought just with this: <set xpath="/blocks/block/property[@name='SellableToTrader']/@value">true</set> Option to force to all blocks & normaly if a block already have the property but set to false, this new property will be load and overwrite the first: <append xpath="/blocks/block"> <property name=
  5. For the mod Backpack Buttons, there is a way to reverse the fonction double-click by simple-click, please? For me it's more logical than that...
  6. Yes but, they said exactly "Generated Worlds" so must "delete" all old world from lower version & so both 3 pregen too because they wasn't made with gen from a19 stable & because after b151 they fix worldgen about the crach of the road who go end nowhere like one old previous version before a18...
  7. Me, I prefer the old gen from a10 with infinite world was better, go to +100km from center and nobody will come to kill me in server pvp xDDD
  8. I started mod 7DTD on my own way since a16 without any special thing with Unity & I already ask it before very some years ago without got a correct answer (people just say that was a bug about world glue) so I will try again: - Do the game have a hardcoded limit for block about stability_glue/Mass support fall? Because I think yes it is (or it's really bug), seem like block limit fall is always after the 14th whatever the stability_glue divide by the Mass is superior than 14... Or maybe I miss something, but what ? ! Picture 01 stability_g
  9. It's maybe possible for no grass but I never try it because need a little grass for some craft... I already see with some externe website a mod who reduce & turn off all grass in all biome, but of course except grass with prefab... But not really need a mod, you can do yourself, just make a save of biomes.xml before, open the one with Notepad++ & search grass & change all line grass who have prob="xxx" by prob="0.001" In single no problem, but if you play on server or join a coop, both must mod own their side to take effect because you are not the hoste
  10. 7DTD it's a good game but manything is not logical since I play a10 because developer are not logical simply... xDDD A easy example just to understand, if I need to give to someone 100 feather from a stack of 500 feather, I must split & click many times to have 100 feather -_-" WTF Why not just do a menu & we tape 1 0 0 & voilà ?! Very stupid... One of my friend have a problem with his hand & he can not play this game (& other) anymore by clicking "1 million" times...
  11. Or just mod for grass to can be pickup and/or a mod to reduce the spawn of any grass (& tree)! xDDD I reduce grass/tree spawn in all biome & I win a +/-15 FPS
  12. The speed for swim is very stupid for player, I don't understand why they do that, it's really WTF!!! animal/zombie swim more faster than player too... If I remember well, the walk speed can be change on the type of block & it's not really a good way to do that even if it's oky in game because I read something about the speed will be active too with animal/zombie, so maybe useless... & for the swim speed, it's harcoded, that's mean can't be modded by any .xml files... entityclasses.xml <passive_effect name="WalkSpeed" operation="base_set" value="1.53"/&g
  13. I'm a noob so I said that because when I insert the music by the way of the tuto, Unity just can convert to vorbis or pcm so I deduced the game or Unity can read a .wav & yes, need to apply power who that's not a problem for me or just set <property name="RequiredPower" value="0"/> but need a switch because I don't build a speaker block directly to have on/off, maybe one day with more experience with Unity to build a DJ Station LOLLL By default of the original speaker block, the sound is plays in loop with the code Loop="true" but no problem if was set true/false by using a
  14. Oky, it was as I thought, thanks both of you, I follow this tuto & seem like it's oky in game! But need first edit the music volume in externe before to insert it (ReplayGain 77), I saw many video on youtube how to do in Unity but seem like hard to do so I will only use the easy way... & in fact it's really weird, to add a music/song, must encode it into a unity "rar/zip"... Because my code was good but just the game or unity don't want to read a simple easy file .wav
  15. Hello, I build a prefab NightClub in coop & with a single party I try to set a music to the block speaker who everybody will be able to heard it... But in game nothing happen & I don't get any console error... So is it possilbe to do it without build a ressource Unity3D or I write a bad code, please?! blocks.xml <block name="Speaker Music Mix"> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="speaker"/> <property name="CustomIconTint" value="ff00ff"/> <property name="Class" value=
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