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  1. Hello Guys, I would like to know if by chance will you be doing anything with the Terrain Blocks? Examples are: When placing a Snow Terrain block on sand it TURNS into sand but even though it looks like sand you get snowballs from it if you dig it. Can we make it like it used to be where if you put snow on forest ground it remains snow and NOT turn into forest ground just the looks of it and not the properties? Making a museum POI for my servers I made scenery that had different biomes in them. Using the Prefab Editor it was perfect snow in it's own place
  2. Hello Guys, A19 is looking awesome of course. You all got me Hooked since Alpha 2.0 with over 14,000 hours on your game now you can say I dont have much of a life at home lol. I do run a few servers and I just wanted to say THANK YOU Sooo much for allowing us to FINALLY add our own Localization File in our Modlets and push them to the Clients. I have been wanting to add in Descriptions for such a very long time. Now.... If you all would also allow icons to pass to the clients as well that would be great too I take pride in making my servers a place w
  3. Hello To The Fun Pimps Staff, Love the game with over 14,000 hours into it and modding it now for over 5 years I cannot break myself away from it. Main complaint I have though is for some reason the players are able to Dup the vehicles. They tell me that they stop and park the vehicle. Pick it up into their inventory and go off looting. When they come back to the same area the vehicle is still there AND is still in their backpacks. Said the vehicle was not there after they picked it up to go off looting but is surely there again when they come ba
  4. Hello, Is anyone else having the issue that Horde Nights are over at Midnight now? On My Server it is day 141 so we just had a Horde Night that started at 10:00 pm and only ran till Midnight.... Why would this be a thing and hopefully it is not meant to be like this can you say BORING Horde Nights.... They Should last like before until 4 am.... I have players always driving me a little nuts with the complaints that horde night is dead once again.... Can this please be fixed or at least tell me what I can do to fix it myself.
  5. Hello Again Guppycur, Ok so in the worlds folder where you copy the map folder from Nitrogen into and then start the server to create the map. So now once it has started in the "saves" folder would be the new folder with the world/ regions/ plaer info and such. What your saying is bofore joining the server for the very first time I need to delete the FIRST folder that I copied from Nitrogen into the worlds folder. I am only asking these questions to get this right i know i ask alot and I'm sorry. So do I NEED to shut down the server BEFORE I delete those files from the worlds fol
  6. What do you mean Guppy? What processed files are you referring too? I have this on our server and it is everyone that is seeing the trees in all the prefabs and it also seems like it is corrupting our map as well. Is this something that every client has to do or can i do it on our server to fix the issue with the trees. I am just afraid if it has to be done client side many players wont know how to do such a thing. And if it is something i can do on the server itself to prevent the trees from being in prefabs. If we have already joined the server is it too late now to remove the fi
  7. Is anyone having issues with trees being inside of prefabs? Lots and lots of trees in prefabs especially if prefabs are in the forest areas and making prefabs unstable. If so how do I fix this please thank you.
  8. Hello and just to say I really LOVE your program for generating great maps.... I started making maps for 18.3 stable today and I believe your small lake option is broken. I have tried few and now i had it on many and still there are zero lakes. I am going to try a large lake now just too see if any lakes are made at all. The rivers do show up ok just no lakes are on the map sadly. Thank You though I still love it.
  9. Hi... I was just wondering why when upgrading frames to wood blocks, then to reinforced wood blocks, they then go to cobblestone??? How come they do not go to reinforced wood with the steel bars then the cobblestone? We are missing a step in the upgrading I sure hope you do fix this Thanks You , Game is Awesome I've only got aroung 13,200 or so hours in the game lol SeabeeMan....
  10. Hi... I was just wondering why when upgrading frames to wood blocks, then to reinforced wood blocks, they then go to cobblestone??? How come they do not go to reinforced wood with the steel bars then the cobblestone? We are missing a step in the upgrading I sure hope you do fix this Thanks You , Game is Awesome I've only got aroung 13,200 or so hours in the game lol SeabeeMan....
  11. Well can we get a update for A18 please instead lol
  12. You should be able to get it here. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/97/?
  13. Hello, Great Mod loving it just found a small issue easy to fix of course but thought you might want to know. Your Kevlar Vest you created you cannot learn the recipe for it. I seen you have it named KevlarVest in your Items and Recipes but in the progression file you have recipes learned is the KevlarJacket and there is no such item or recipe. You just need to change the KevlarJacket in the progression to KevlarVest to fix the issue Thank You SeabeeMan.....
  14. Thank you Guppycur for the information. Yes i was very used to the command pblock air 20 10 50 seems easier than this way. I wish you can do the command the same way just telling it how large you want it knowing I would be standing on the lower left hand corner when making the area. Having to actually put in the location you want is a bit harder, Maybe getting another person to be in the location you want it to be finished at and they tell you their location would work I guess. Maybe there will be a new command that will allow us to once again just put in the dimensions of the
  15. ok not sure what some of these numbers are i see you are filling it with air and i see the 75 for the height but what is the 2412 0 ? I believe that -7119 is a position on the map but what is 2330 after that? and the 75 is height and the -7035 is the other position on the map? Is there a way to just stand in one place and do something like bc-block fill 50 20 50 air like 50 one way 20 high and 50 the other direction like pblock used to work? just a little confused with the command you used and Thank You
  16. Hello StompyNZ, I love what you have been doing with your Mod I do have a question which I am unable to figure out though. How do you fill in a area with a certain type block? Like if I wanted to flatten out a area using the air block lets say I wanted a area that was 10 blocks wide and 20 blocks long and a height of 15 blocks high. What would be the command to do that with air so I would be able to flatten a area of land and or cut into a hillside? Thank You for your help and I really do appreciate all that your doing for us.... SeabeeMan
  17. say ok so I am finally opening another server and this is the first time since A17 has come out. I see that I can still use SE playerID entityID will spawn in a trader like usual and they will be facing north. I used to however use a command telee playerID entityID direction the direction would be 0 for North and 1,2,3 for the other 3 main directions to turn the trader to face the way I wanted them to face. But now telee is not working seems not to even be a command now. I can use move playerID entityID to move the entity to where I am located but they face north I even tried adding a n
  18. Can anyone come up with a new update to this for A17? Would really be helpful thank you.
  19. Ok I took the 5 Output_Log files we have in the 7daystodieserver_data folder on our Daddy's Secret Server that is hosting your Mod, Hoping maybe Medik can get his Client Side Output_Logs from your folder so they can see the files from the server and the client sides. Thank You, Here are the links to the Pastebin's. https://pastebin.com/pPNGFU28 https://pastebin.com/jpid4sGf https://pastebin.com/4W8WUYqg https://pastebin.com/QmjCbYpC https://pastebin.com/Vbhcfp0b They are set up to expire in 2 weeks. Thanks Again Guys, SeabeeMan.....
  20. B14 or 15 cant remember but it's on B16 now What is the best way to post the output log's? I looked and currently i see 5 output_log.txt files in there. They do have different times, not sure which one to post or should i post them all? Also do I need HER output_log.txt file? I have a feeling even if i told her how she probably wont understand how to actually go in her files and get that info. The files are fairly lengthy and I'm pretty sure pasting the entire thing is a good thing to do on here lol.
  21. Ok since the last update we are having issues with players not being able to get back into the game. What is happening is players will die not just once usually but they will die here and there multiple times and then one time when the game is doing it's thing after you die refreshing or restarting again where the dragon picture comes back up and says starting game or generating terrain well it goes to generating terrain then a black screen comes up then the dragon picture comes back up again and says generating terrain and then it freezes there. Only way out is to kill the game. On ou
  22. I have been getting a few player complaints that I did tell them that I would mention their issues to you. Basically they are saying that some of the characters they encounter, one is a black character that does swear at you for one of them will follow them for a very long time. Some have said that they do keep getting killed by the same character over and over again. Mainly because we do have a BOT that gives a /pack command and when they return to their packs they will die again from the same character. They say that they run and run from them but they will just not stop following t
  23. Ha, I thought I seen your name pop up on the Bot IRC. We run the server from Jacksonville Florida with a FireWire connection 1GB up and down. Try to join it again ok and see. I never have any issues joining the server and we don't hear about it at all either. We do have a TeamSpeak channel also that we are there for any help. Our website is: http://www.oursecrets.enjin.com all of our info is on the Home Page. I myself live in New York and never had a issue connecting on any of our four servers. We do however run all of the servers from the same machine. I believe the -1 pi
  24. Ok, I see that the Alchemy Bench is not fixed yet. If you are not looking at it while it is crafting it will not craft. I did fix it however on our Daddy's Secret Server, All you need to do is add the FUEL panel in the XUI.XML file for it. I also went a little further and I did add the campfire particles to it. It kinda looks better I believe at least when it is running you can see the extra fire it has from the campfire particles and you can tell when it is still running or not. I did have to adjust the position of the campfire particles to it but I do like it. Love the Horse now
  25. Can you please explain a bit on how the Blight works? I've spawned in the necromancers a couple times see they spread the blight that spreads pretty quickly. Some concerns are it takes over large areas of the map and keeps spreading. 1. Will this sooner or later lag a server? 2. How do you actually stop this from spreading? 3. If there is a way to stop it from spreading will it stay stopped or after a period amount of time start spreading again? I spawned one in the town when I was testing and before I knew it the blight actually covered the ENTIRE Town.... Building crumbling an
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