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  1. If you call using a Junk turret cheating, then I can call Using a PoI at ANY time cheating as well. If you are too lazy to build your own base from day 1 (which I do all the time), then you should stop being so smug about people using the Junk turret. On that note, I do use a junk turret, but only if I find a Q6 one. Once I get a Q6 one I will usualy perk into it, but not before since it would be a waste of 5 pp
  2. hmm, it seems to be broken for me. It gets to dectecting Biomes, then says null and cancels the world generation o.O
  3. Tbh, I know I will get hate, but how about two toggles in the future? One to toggle the amount of zombies inside PoI's, and another for the amount of roaming zombies/wilderness zombies. Thats one of the things I like on the console over the PC. We get the option to spawn 200% more zombies (or is the max 150? I have not been able to get on my ps4 in quite a while)
  4. Maybe everywhere else, but the fun pimps I think are based in America. WE do it by Month/Day/Year.
  5. Yea the whole specialization is gonna kill SP. Unless we want to cheat and add it in the console.
  6. If they go the route of taking away the fully desstructable world in favor of more zombies, PLEASE let that be anoption, and not FORCED. I love tearing apart buildings for resources and such I Would rather have a 100% destroyable world then more zombies. Screw the zombies.
  7. I would love to give this mod a go, it sounds interesting. Only thing is, after the game boots up, and I get to the main menu, it lags so bad. Like the selection indicator does not even move till like 5-10 seconds after I hightlight something. I dont even want to see how the game would run. Its only this mod tho. I went back to CBMod, just to see if something happened to my game. That mod runs just fine, no slows or anything. Just your mod
  8. what are you talking about? Thats too soon! Its between now and the end of the human race. I mean, how fun would it be to play 7 days to die, DURING an actual zombie apocalypse? XD
  9. Wow, overhauling the system again? Just as i am getting used to the no spam crafting, lol. I just cant wait to see how the new system will be.
  10. LawofJohn

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I have a werid error here when I start a world. I can play and everything, it just gives me a weird error. https://imgur.com/oEGMgFi
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