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🧙 Sorcery Mod - A21.2 Stable LIVE! (v1.94)


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Thank you @Devrix. I'll keep an eye on this thread. If you ever want someone to bug pick your brain about features, I'm around. But as you said: one thing at a time. Keep up the awesome work.

Thanks, all feedback and testing helps. I'll actually reach out to you soon here.


i'd approach all of this less from a magic perspective, but rather from a mutation one. No clue about the details from fallout 76, but about this setting.

Ah, don't you worry about that... we'll be taking care of it through quest lore hints.


I'll tell you this: cheap, gimmicky, completely unexplainable "magic"... Sorcery is not. There's a reason the word "magic" isn't used anywhere throughout the mod, though you wouldn't fully know that yet.


Sorcery (the mod, attribute and class) is a direct result anomaly of the "nuclear" fallout of the zombie apocalypse:

"If the world thought the apocalyptic aftermath of animated corpse (and acid spitting fiends) was the only sight to fear, wait until they meet a Sorcerer..."


Small and subtle lore hints like this will continue to be spread throughout quests, items and spells.


There's always going to be that "magic" feel, which isn't completely a bad thing, but I'll personally ensure it remains a mature, semi-explainable, "holy ♥♥♥♥ I just blew off/exploded a limb" thematic "it's pretty damn cool being a post apocalyptic anomaly" theme.



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Added "Lore, Story and Reasoning" to the main page to explain this (see edit history)
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I was brainstorming ways to make the Sorcery more natural, and I was thinking about examples of it appearing in the world. Things like mana lakes that you can extract resources from, or those essence trees that may spawn in the wild.


I was also thinking of Sorcery enemies. A zombie that was simply rare and had some essence in them-- you could tell by their glowing blue eyes.


Another, stronger, version that walked around slowly trying to kill you. But, if you engage them (lower their HP below 90%) then they'll SPRINT and truly come at you. They're tough as nails, but will drop essential supplies. Lore wise, I'd make them Sorcerors that fell.


Finally, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a zombie type that existed just to incovenience you. It destroys trees and surface boulders. That may not seem like a big deal, but if left to their devices-- especially during a long seige or blood moon, you could wake up with a LONG way to go to get resources. If they also made random potholes, all the better. Since it would inconvenience your driving skills and running around in the dark as well.

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To make magic fit into an apocalyptic setting, look into the Rift RPG from Palladium Games. The lore there is when you die you release energy. When millions die in an apocalypse it releases tons of energy. This energy fuels the supernatural and all those deaths and all that energy released charged the ley lines of the earth and brought magic back. (along with rifts in space/time and lots of baddies)


Anyways just wanted to say the setting of magic & zombies would work fine. Love your ideas. I look forward to playing a John Constantine or Johhny Blaze type character (motorcycle riding, shotgun wielding bad-ass known as the Ghost Rider)

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Awesome feedback and ideas, gents.


A lot of these will come to life when we bring the zomb/NPC Sorcerers to life. I've already prepared a handful of the code to implement them with some cool unique effects. Most likely, upon getting Lightning finished, we'll tackle "Essence-tapped Zombs" (similar to what you're saying @Tristam). As mentioned, this will def bring the story/feel to life.

@HungryZombie: Love Constantine. Ghost Rider's obviously a bad ass, too.


On a side note: I'm currently balancing all Essence drops and Spellcrafting, while doing some final touches to the "Fire Alter/Conjure".

I'll get a video of the Spellcrafting in action soon.

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That's just amazing! I love that creepy voice that the conjure makes:tickled_pink: Can't wait to throw fireballs at those nasty zombie dogs:flame:


Crispy Critters


Burning Stacks represented up to x4


I must say, it's quite satisfying burning things...

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Alrighty guys, for the sake of an enjoyable experience, I'm spending this weekend finalizing, testing and balancing with a local friend.

We'll be testing SP and MP to ensure an awesome experience!


Sorcery will be officially released in "alpha", with Fire and Ice, Thursday the 28th of next week.


Sorcery Alpha

In its "alpha" state, Sorcery is fully playable with Fire and Ice.

All essential features, such as: The Sorcery Attribute, Skill Tree, Spellcrafting, Spellcasting and Essence Harvesting are fully implemented and working.

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are we there jet? :D


I have no clue about the processes, but will it be integrated with the mod launcher?

as modlet? if so what rework would you recommend?

or will it be a complete rework on its own?

We're super close and will be ready for our Thursday release!

Firenado was the only major performance culprit in testing (at 64 zombs), so tweaking further this evening, testing and making final changes up until Thursday release.


Sorcery is currently an XML only Modlet that can be used with new or existing games (we need to further test the latter to fully confirm this).

All that's required is "drag and drop" AND the extremely important step of modifying the Localization changes. The Localization changes are found as simple copy-paste text within the mod file you'll download. You'll then have to open the main Localization file of the game (as required by all modlets) and paste the additional copied text there.


It'll be important to remember that the Localization changes are required every game update.

This may change by TFP later, but that's how Localization works atm for non-SDX mods.


@sphereii is looking into a possible sexy solution to integrating Localization handling for Sorcery.

In addition to that, we will make Sorcery available through the Mod Launcher... with or without the auto-Localization handling. :smile-new:

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