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  1. Devrix


    onSelfEquip Bug
  2. Devrix


    Sorcery Returns A19 The dreaded bug is fixed... Courtesy of a TFP programmer of immeasurable badassery, Sorcery will resume FULL development with the first A19 Experimental to hit! Combining the awesomeness of A19 with a completely overhauled Sorcery is guaranteed to induce euphoric levels of gamergasm! ​​​
  3. Very cool and love the attention to detail! Well done to the artists and programmers responsible for implementing the new major functions... looking forward to this one!
  4. Thanks for the update schwanz9000! That's good news they tested and confirmed themselves... I'm sure we'll get that and more surprises soon.
  5. Devrix


    No probs, I know we're all anxious to get our Spellcasting on! "Sorcery Mounts" are definitely a planned feature... I'm confident The Pimps have a lot of modding functionality in store for vehicles post Gold! We'll see what we can't conjure up before then.
  6. Devrix


    As requested, the first page has been updated to include a full explanation and link of Sorcery A18+ status: Sorcery A18 / Future Updates A vanilla game bug is present in A18.x that prevents Sorcery from being updated. This has been reported and confirmed by TFP and will be fixed in a future game update: onSelfEquip Bug Details There is A LOT in the works for Sorcery A18+, including dedicated Perk Trees for EACH ELEMENT! This game bug is simply a delay. If you like Sorcery, join the ranks of Patreon Supporters to help keep Sorcery development going strong into and beyond A18: Support Sorcery Development
  7. [video=youtube_share;WmYssocY_DM] DOWNLOAD BUG DEMO MODLET Simple modlet that adds CVar tracking to the Bandolier Mod to clearly demonstrate the onSelfEquipStart bug, as seen in the bug demo video above. A18.3 b3 EXP Bug Report
  8. This remains a broken as of A18.3 EXP
  9. onSelfEquip Bugged: Confirmed Confirmed and Reported. Thanks! Schwanz9000
  10. 100% agreed and looking forward to this! The people that don't like it don't have to spec into or use it.
  11. Devrix


    onSelfEquip hasn't been fixed yet, sadly. Several sacrificial rituals are in the works to appease the TFP Gods!
  12. ...he was supposed to smile and give an "obviously you have our vote!" face
  13. Two requirements reading the min and max perk level of CharismaticNature: "If Greater Than or Equal to 1 AND Less Than or Equal To 3" (must at least be 1 but no greater than 3) The passive_effects will not take effect unless both conditions are met. See the Bleeding Buff (buffInjuryBleeding) for CharismaticNature conditions.
  14. Very likely. It's most obvious with ModifyCVar but appears to be affecting every action relying on it. Pretty sure this bug is responsible for particle/prefab fx, such as Burning, mucking up too. (adds/removes firing when they shouldn't)
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