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  1. There are a couple awesome people that usually translate after release. Keep an eye out for it! 🍻
  2. Sorcery A19 Releases Friday, August 14th! The long wait is finally over, Sorcery returns Friday August 14th! Completely redesigned from the ground up, you can expect this first re-release to feature a host of core changes while retaining and improving upon everything that made Sorcery great before. Following a "1 door closed, open 2 more" motto, you can also expect regular consistent updates to return. Armor Sets Spirit Resource Expanded Perk Trees Skill Synergies Item Scaling Dynamic Crafting Spell Weapon Charging Novice-Master Growth Deep Pockets ...and an ocean of New Stats! ...psst, wondering why the forums are quiet? We're chatting, streaming and voting Here!
  3. Live Voice Chat (ENDED) We are live in the Sorcery Discord (🎀Live Voice Chat) for some Sorcery QnA, feature and general hype sharing excite... come join the fun!
  4. Our upcoming early August release includes massive changes, making Sorcery current AND better than ever. Version 1.0 will enter immediate development upon release and will be fast-tracked in line with continued Support. Version 1.0 will be the heavy end-game focus, though, the upcoming release has A LOT to offer including dynamic enemies and bosses (Fallen and Awakened).... harvest their blood DURING combat to attain end game loot and Quests.
  5. Yes! A similar implementation is planned to fully utilize ongoing loot-gasm. Additionally, end game features are in the works for v1.0! πŸ”₯ ❄ 🌩
  6. This is covered by the loyal supporters of the mod and handled through our Discord. Thanks for offering though!
  7. Sorcery A19 Releases Early August A ton of progress has been made and Sorcery is nearly ready for its redesigned debut! I extend my personal guarantee that this release will induce maximum gamergasm! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸ”₯ ❄ 🌩
  8. Sorcery A19 is projected for an end of July launch Though I can't guarantee this, I can tell you that I'm working my @%$*#! off to get it out ASAP. For the sake of transparency, I am investing A LOT of personal and work hours into making this and future releases possible. To everyone looking forward to it, remember to thank the supporters that have stuck it out through this ridiculously long stretch. I would not be continuing development if it were not for them (bills and RL come first). πŸ”₯β„οΈπŸŒ©οΈπŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ
  9. A19 DEVELOPMENT As of the A19 Experimental release, Sorcery A19 has officially begun development! FEATURES You can expect everything from the latest Sorcery and a plethora of new features in this upcoming Rebirth! Though armor/clothing mods are removed limited due to the still-existing-bug, two new and superior features have replaced them! In addition to dedicated and expanded Skill Trees per element, you can look forward to: Item Sets, Spirit Resource, Fallen, Awakened, Quests, Story & Lore, Sexy Loot, Vanilla Balanced and a lot more! RELEASE It's expected to release Sorcery A19 on the Mod Launcher and in XPath/Modlet form around/shortly after A19 enters Stable. Though my July availability is scarce, I'm determined to "Rebirth" Sorcery A19 as soon as possible! MOD INTEGRATION One of the most popular features of Sorcery is its XPath/Modlet nature which allows for easy integration into a handful of other chosen Mods, namely Overhauls. This support and dedicated compatibility efforts will be fully maintained for a handful of chosen mods! First priority is getting Sorcery A19 released. Compatibility will be supported shortly after. VERSION 1.0 Upon "Rebirthing" Sorcery for A19, the mod will be fast tracked to "Version 1.0"... With that, you can expect the following additional features: Unholy Element, Holy Element, Spell Weapons, Ammo, Traps, Followers, End Game Ascension & Bosses, Full Lore & Story and more! DEEP POCKETS Everyone knows that Sorcerers have Deep Pockets! One of the exciting features of Sorcery A19 is an expanded backpack (earned), with full-size item icons, to accommodate the ocean of resources Sorcery introduces: It was necessary to separate this additional feature as its own Modlet to ensure compatibility with other mods that alter the backpack. To help ease the wait for Sorcery A19, I'd like to make this available for use. As shown in the pic, this 78 Slot Extended Backpack features Full-Size Item Icons and must be earned through Pocket Mods. Thanks to @KhaineGB for revealing the management buttons! This is a simple drag-n-drop install to the main Mods folder: Download Deep Pockets Deep Pockets Forum Topic Support Sorcery Development If you like Sorcery, join the ranks of Patreon Supporters to help keep Sorcery development going strong! Remember to thank a supporter for making Sorcery A19 development possible: Altin, Ivanos, Ravenflame, Kormai, TexCub Otto Knobe, Icymage, Onorus, VDrake, Richochet, Robert, Dragoness, Kyzle
  10. Deep Pockets 78 Slot Backpack that must be earned through Pocket Mods, featuring full-size item icons: This modlet is designed for Sorcery A19 as a standalone mod that can be used on its own. Simply download, extract and drag 'n' drop the "DeepPockets" folder into your "Mods" folder: Download Deep Pockets
  11. @Kinyajuu / @faatal confirmed implementing an aspect of the fix as of (b124?). To what capacity I have no idea as it does not fix the primary issue that has been reported since last year: onSelfEquipStart Bugged - A19 <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfEquipStart" action="ModifyCVar" cvar=".onSelfEquipCount" operation="add" value="1"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfEquipStop" action="ModifyCVar" cvar=".onSelfEquipCount" operation="subtract" value="1"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfEquipStart" action="CVarLogValue" cvar=".onSelfEquipCount"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfEquipStop" action="CVarLogValue" cvar=".onSelfEquipCount"/> This simple Mod demonstrates the onSelfEquip bug by modding the "modArmorBandolier" to perform "ModifyCVar" Add (1) on onSelfEquipStart then Subtract (1) on onSelfEquipStop: onSelfEquip_BugDemo.zip 1.79 kB Β· 1 download Two major bugs occur: 1.) x4 is added on loading the game/character (instead of just the expected x1) 2.) x2 is added when manually picking up the armor from the slot and placing it back in (shift-clicking to unequip/equip adds/subtracts x1 as expected) As disappointing as this is, I understand everyone is busy AF. Though @faatal and @Kinyajuu have been awesome, I'm fully prepared for a worst case scenario. If onSelfEquipStart isn't working properly by time A19 drops, all armor/clothing mods will be disabled and shifted over to a couple new systems/ideas being brainstormed.
  12. Yes, that's the full intention! Fantasy, DF, RH and WotW are all high on the list. The most popular mods will be chosen first. 🍻
  13. Sorcery Returns A19 The dreaded bug is fixed... Courtesy of a TFP programmer of immeasurable badassery, Sorcery will resume FULL development with the first A19 Experimental to hit! Combining the awesomeness of A19 with a completely overhauled Sorcery is guaranteed to induce euphoric levels of gamergasm! ​​​
  14. Very cool and love the attention to detail! Well done to the artists and programmers responsible for implementing the new major functions... looking forward to this one!
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