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  1. just send you 2 beer :) awesome mod!
  2. looks fancy. cant wait for a19 version
  3. imho early access period > 3/7 days suckz donkey ballz awesome mod! but ill just wait for 1.0 than. cu in 6 month
  4. ty to the guys with money to spare. it is good invested here
  5. dont tell me the Z`s start casting also There goes my advantage
  6. iam also playing darkness falls. maxed intellect (first page) and maxed spell power gives me purple spells/gear.
  7. i somehow just lost my advanced forge (just gone) and could not see my backpack after loging in (compass symbol, but no backpack to loot). last played 2 days ago
  8. spec into normal intelect for improved quality tiers (colors). sorc tiers (asterix) come from crafting better stuff at the forge which needs higher essences.
  9. id say this mod is meant to be played with: Z's always run. Than the balance is really good endgame, but probably the start of the game is to hard. But feels definately good and challenging in endgame.
  10. oh man. once you get used to the channeling, speed and jump height it's just to awesome. bicycle is for loosers wanna mob them up? just activate freezing aura is it wai that i can stack multiple of the same type of runes with different levels? as for the problem of missing out on the base mods/armor benefits etc, why not add your effects on top of existing stuff? i.e. the mod that gathers more wood - just add that to the essence harvesting augments. i feel like once you have all the essence unlocked it takes a bit to much backback space. would be awesome to have a rune that not onl
  11. that was it. oh man i'am dumb sry & ty!
  12. ty & have a good sleep than but the only 2 clay things i can craft at the advanced forge are CLAY BOWL and CLAY SOIL. The recipe needs pure CLAY https://imgur.com/a/Civhj9S
  13. Teleport looks promising, and oh man the movement and jumping with fire spell feels awesome
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