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  1. So we agree that the game does not lack a reason to keep looting even once you a purple item. I'm not sure I understand the complicated choice you are referring to. In fact there is little choice. The item is going to break no matter what. Use it up and move on. That's pretty simple if you ask me. Kind of a kick in the balls when you find the perfect stat weapon and you know you're only going to get 5 uses out of it or whatever. Still, my intent was not to discuss the validity of item degradation but rather to verify that random stats did indeed remain in the game because if there are random stats, then there is indeed an incentive to keep looting even after you find a purple item. A fact that seemed to be overlooked in the discussion.
  2. Good luck finding a complete set of purple gear with optimal stats.
  3. I didn't know they removed random stats from the game.
  4. I think random stats have been forgotten from the discussion. Why bother looting searching for a max damage blue M-60 when it's just going to become useless anyways. I Permanent degradation sort of negates the random stats aspect of the game I think.
  5. What you say is fair enough. If you had a durability of 100 and it lost a point or 2 of durability each repair I could deal with that. I do not want to have to find a new weapon each horde night though.
  6. You really think someone would make an axe with rounded blades like that to chop wood? I just looks silly for a tool.
  7. There are some countries with very solid laws against it. I don't recall exactly which but I'm thinking China is one of them and that's a big market.
  8. I have played on servers where they modding in flaming shotgun ammo so it is possible for sure. I think it worked similar to flaming arrows.
  9. When you say "people" whom do you mean? I like the changes.
  10. I'm not sure "stuck on the corner" is a good excuse. The pathing should be better.
  11. I disagree. Not that you are wrong necessarily but I think the type of player this game markets to is not the type to quit after one death on day one, but the type of player that says to themselves "Ok, I have to be more careful next time." and then tries again. The survival game genre. That is an appeal of it's own. I also like meat that delivers itself.
  12. Yeah for now that's what I do, just clear out the easy loot and leave safes and crates for later.
  13. Perhaps he meant "noisy" as in "attracts screamers"
  14. People have said they dug to bedrock underneath a mountain and while the zombies dug they didn't reach them. You'll have a lot of holes to fill up though.
  15. No need to be irked by the loot. The devs have stated they are just trying something out in order to set up loot changes for the future. This was not the way they intend for the game to ship.
  16. I can't stop starting games. I play 2 or 3 horde nights and get real bored but then I start a new game lol. 5000+ hours doing that I don't think I've gotten past day 32 ever.
  17. I didn't know that overeating had been changed at first. You used to be able to overfill your food bar but they changed that to a 20% slower decrease or something like that. Those guys probably assumed overeating was still in effect.
  18. Are you implying that newer crates are not sealed?
  19. I hope all is ok with Magoli. Thanks for taking this on, I love the Compo pack.
  20. I really like being limited by stone tools to start with, then moving to Iron, etc. It was really lame to just jump past stone and iron tools into steel by week 2. In my 1000s of hours playing I'd make the starting stone axe and use it till I found a steel axe and pick. Iron stuff just got scrapped or sold. I like the feeling of progression the new system gives. The issue people have I think, is with loot crates. I agree It does feel odd that gun safes only have blunderbusses in them and tool crates only have stone axes. For me it would be better for them to decrease the amounts of crates in the world so we are not faced with the frustration of finding a great loot box and only finding crap items in it. Make the loot boxes only start spawning as your game stage increase. This makes it a win/win. People won't have immersion problems because they won't find any weapon crates early on.
  21. The increased food usage is mildly annoying but it's easily managed by the increased amount of animals and the fact that they removed the food poisoning debuff from eating. The bears and wolves were a surprise but after a few days when I had enough arrows they are easily managed. You can't run away from them if you run in a straight line but you zig zag around a and over a hill or two and you can lose them. If you can jump up on one of those large rocks you can be safe also to shoot them. I have lots of meat before the 1st blood moon. If you spot a wolf or a boar, just make a 2x2 stack of wood frames and go about 3-4 blocks high and make a shooting perch. Makes them trivial to kill and makes them free meat. Don't try that with a bear though. Make a perch on the side of a wall or shoot from inside a building or just run! Bear takes 40 arrows but the meat is worth it.
  22. I don't have a need/desire to keep finding better weapons. Once I have a great item I'm happy. I don't want that great item to break and become a crappy item after repairing it. I did love Dead Island. I don't recall the items degrading after you repaired them but it's been years since I've played. I don't really remember having to craft anything to beat that game over several playthroughs. I think I just used what I found, it was a pretty easy game. I just curb stomped everything.
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