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  1. great job on the mod so far spider, lovin all the game mechanics
  2. teaser for down the road
  3. Raider moto and raider rat are fixed, were missing head tags in unity. As for Ghost and hunter, they are being commented out until further notice, as im havin some difficulty with the controller changes in unity. The army npcs i put in may be affected as well, and if they are they will be commented out as well. Not likely going back in until after a19 when i start doing individual resources so as not to have all kinds of issues when trying to fix one model.
  4. oddly enough, i dont think creaturepack animals has been updated in quite a while was working through the launcher for me as recent as last night but i tend not to use the dmt tool directly anymore since its so easy to add mods with the launcher so xyth or sphere would have to answer this one
  5. found a cool model so had to do a creaturepackmech out of it https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/665628134477135932/705118818107785246/unknown.png xyth and gup helped me get it in
  6. yep, theyve been doing some wierd back walking for me too devolver lol that sphere, i tell ya.....
  7. not sure whats goin on with your build but i have plenty of mods in and im getting a good distribution of npcs and creaturepack npcs with the latest builds, just played 3 hours worth major mods i have in are snufkins/robelotos zombies, dusts vehicle mod, compo pack, bdubs wasteland weapons and nuka colas, vanilla firearms expanded and those are other than the npc mod/creaturepack and dependencies plus another half dozen small mods
  8. The survivors do attack zombies, fairly certain they attack bandits as well unless something changed in the code. The survivors have a chance to flee. Factions have been implemented in npc mod, and there is much more warfare with that loaded up as well.
  9. RedArmy, good catch on the oddly posed characters. It was the raiders pest, slugger and moto. The controller got corrupted somehow in my previous unity project so i removed it and exported them to my new project - added controller and fixed. Xyth updated.
  10. Well, at least they finally decided lol. As for the factions, you are using the faction books from creative menu right? The books are separated into ones that give you the faction outright and others that give you "points" in the chosen faction until you gain their trust enough.
  11. The vomit attack does not translate well to non zombies for creaturepack unfortunately, causing them to shoot erratically. Npc mod humans shoot spot on, but it has added code that requires dmt.
  12. Yes, the bandits/raiders and whisperers will kos unless you give yourself the proper faction. They can be interacted with, but only once you are of their faction. Same goes for the other npcs. If you side with the raiders or whisperers they will become hostile.
  13. Redarmy, thanks for the great feedback. As for the traders, i always play with trader protection off. Easy to do since you have the spherecore installed already. In the blocksxml included with the core download you can set trader protection off to "true", done.
  14. Make a folder called Mods in your main 7dtd directory. Put this modlet in that folder. Done.
  15. lol, adapted female raiders to be npcs and added RaiderHumongous and RaiderRat
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