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  1. I think you are overlooking some possibilities. Like M60 + 2 Turrets. Rocket Launcher + Turrets, etc. You also are not considering things like blade traps and electric trip wires and fences. This is where an intellect build thrives in a nicely built kill corridor with turrets and blade traps with electric wires that stun the horde. This takes care of any horde, any size just about. Int is totally sustainable as a build.
  2. So then a bug report should be filed since this thing actually either gives you no resistance or heat resistance?
  3. You can but that's no fun. I like building a defense and daring the zombies to 'come get me'
  4. I strongly disagree. You can not make any conclusions based on this poll. The sample size is way too small and too biased towards those visiting the game forum. It's a fun exercise but to use this poll to justify your position is folly.
  5. This video shows a good example of a kill box. Basically dig a trench around 3 sides of your base so all the zombies attack the front side. Use whatever traps you desiere. The video shows a really good setup.
  6. Pulling out your birth certificate should instantly despawn it.
  7. How many survival games have a destructible voxel world? How many survival games have a repeating event of a wave of enemies that target you and your base? I think you are trying to hammer this game to fit into a mold it was not designed for. This is not a survival game but rather a game with survival elements.
  8. you connect them to a battery bank and you have 100% self-sustaining power 24/7. The solar charges the batteries for night use.
  9. I think random stats have been forgotten from the discussion. Why bother looting searching for a max damage blue M-60 when it's just going to become useless anyways. I Permanent degradation sort of negates the random stats aspect of the game I think.
  10. What you say is fair enough. If you had a durability of 100 and it lost a point or 2 of durability each repair I could deal with that. I do not want to have to find a new weapon each horde night though.
  11. There are some countries with very solid laws against it. I don't recall exactly which but I'm thinking China is one of them and that's a big market.
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