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  1. The increased food usage is mildly annoying but it's easily managed by the increased amount of animals and the fact that they removed the food poisoning debuff from eating. The bears and wolves were a surprise but after a few days when I had enough arrows they are easily managed. You can't run away from them if you run in a straight line but you zig zag around a and over a hill or two and you can lose them. If you can jump up on one of those large rocks you can be safe also to shoot them. I have lots of meat before the 1st blood moon. If you spot a wolf or a boar, just make a 2x2 stack of wood frames and go about 3-4 blocks high and make a shooting perch. Makes them trivial to kill and makes them free meat. Don't try that with a bear though. Make a perch on the side of a wall or shoot from inside a building or just run! Bear takes 40 arrows but the meat is worth it.
  2. I don't have a need/desire to keep finding better weapons. Once I have a great item I'm happy. I don't want that great item to break and become a crappy item after repairing it. I did love Dead Island. I don't recall the items degrading after you repaired them but it's been years since I've played. I don't really remember having to craft anything to beat that game over several playthroughs. I think I just used what I found, it was a pretty easy game. I just curb stomped everything.
  3. I hate games with item degradation. Makes finding good items pointless for me and takes the fun out of finding a good item.
  4. Why bother saving loot boxes? There are so many POI's to loot and they reset with trader quests. It don't seem like much of an issue. You could also increase loot respawn timer if it's really troublesome.
  5. You probably shoulda took off tomorrow as the update is dropping late afternoon.
  6. I don't see this as an advantage, just an alternate path. Instead of using a turret, I could knock out a block on the wall and fight the room of zombies though that. I could also just drop a frame in front of the doorway and use that to fight the zombies safely. The turret at least costs some resources for the ammo.
  7. I just read a story where a kid was doing an online class cause of COVID and had a rack in his bedroom with a BB gun hanging and the school called the police on him.
  8. I don't disagree.. love Dead Island btw. I was just responding cause I think it was the OP that said there was no reason to use melee weapons. I see melee as a last resort backup for when I run out of ammo. Would I like to to be more like Dead Island? Hell yea! But otherwise if it's not it's ok. This game is about guns.
  9. Does there need to be a point to using melee weapons beyond ammo conservation? Not seeing the problem.
  10. So the bandits live in the wasteland. The bandits loot everything that is not nailed down. Would it not be logical then to think the bandits, who live in the wasteland, would store and cache their loot...in the wasteland?
  11. You are over-thinking it and making the logical error that most people see it the way you do. In my years on this forum I've never seen anyone even bring this issue up. One of a million ways to explain it using my imagination is: Over the years people have picked the "nice" areas clean. The apocalypse did not just happen yesterday. The only good loot left is in the dangerous areas filled with nasty burnt and irradiated creatures that people avoided.
  12. Another question. There is no item quality so everything is "1" now. So does this mean mods are useless since "1" items have no mod slots?
  13. Been playing this, it's really fun. Couple things I found that seemed odd, not sure if they are intended or not. Cotton, Yucca and Aloe plants give seeds when harvested. No way to get the actual fruit. Actually looks like all plants only give seeds. There's no 'E' function to pick up small rocks, have to smash them. Thanks for your hard work!
  14. I second this. I don't understand why wood has less shapes than flagstone.
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