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  1. Been playing this, it's really fun. Couple things I found that seemed odd, not sure if they are intended or not. Cotton, Yucca and Aloe plants give seeds when harvested. No way to get the actual fruit. There's no 'E' function to pick up small rocks, have to smash them. Thanks for your hard work!
  2. I second this. I don't understand why wood has less shapes than flagstone.
  3. The stone spear is locked so I'm unable to craft it. What opens the stone spear recipe?
  4. Can you have ftp games on a console?
  5. I think it is to make you put thought into your design so you build a way to repair the trap during horde night.
  6. This begs the question: Why are there no zombie clowns? The ultimate fright!
  7. Steam Name: fjvgamer https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049266869/home Hours Played: 5000 Started on Alpha: A14 Discord Name: Hungry Zombie#7227 Native Language: English
  8. I asked as a troubleshooting step. Is it just Ravenhearst you can't download or do you have problems with other ones.
  9. That does suck. Are you able to download other mods?
  10. Just downloaded it now with no problems.
  11. I like the scrap but make it a separate block, not a progression from wood.
  12. Thanks guys. Yeah from what I read not anything in the block XML but a glitch with zombie damage dealing. Too bad cause I love using poles.
  13. In this mod I see there is a wood spike and a wood spike trap. The "wood spikes" cost 10 more wood. Are they more durable or do the do more damage? Thanks!
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