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  1. I think you are overlooking some possibilities. Like M60 + 2 Turrets. Rocket Launcher + Turrets, etc. You also are not considering things like blade traps and electric trip wires and fences. This is where an intellect build thrives in a nicely built kill corridor with turrets and blade traps with electric wires that stun the horde. This takes care of any horde, any size just about. Int is totally sustainable as a build.
  2. I totally agree. This game really needs some goals beyond the 7 day horde nights. Fortunately I believe this is the end goal of the developers. I'm pretty sure it has been stated that once they polish up all the basic gameplay elements some kind of faction questing and boss type enemies will be put into the game. They have to get the foundation set before they can paint the house.
  3. I use the Galaxy Brain base and it works awesome still.
  4. I might sympathize with the argument against resetting POI's if the POI's layouts were challenging at all or if POI's themselves were rare. There are so many POI's clumped together and each has a loot room with a chest so it's not like getting double loot from a reset is really getting you extra loot you couldn't otherwise get. When the feature was introduced I did reset the POI to loot twice. I don't do that anymore because I realized it was not worth the time. Better to loot once and run back to the trader for another quest for more XP. I can get the same loot from any POI in the area so it's a waste of time to loot twice while questing. Also knowing the "layout" of a POI is really no help to me at least. I just run though and kill everything on the way. Zombies in this game are not really challenging at all once you have a gun. I just assume a zombie is around every turn so I'm not really surprised when it is actually true. I'm talking about vanilla settings with no mods of course. On vanilla settings I have yet to be killed by zombies inside a POI. Unless it was a zombie horde that crashed through the house from the outside trapping me. It's not that I'm so good at the game, rather it's the game is pretty easy on vanilla settings. If you adjust settings or mod things then that's on you not the game.
  5. Not sure I've ever starved to death except when I've gone AFK for a long time.
  6. They are listening to their customers. Customers like me that enjoy the game now better than A16. Sorry you're on the wrong side of it.
  7. Isn't 7d2d a sandbox game? Sandbox games don't have an end goal I don't think. It's just a world to play in and to make up your own goals.
  8. Yes put a switch in between the blade trap and the power source. There is a craftable switch available.
  9. So then a bug report should be filed since this thing actually either gives you no resistance or heat resistance?
  10. You can but that's no fun. I like building a defense and daring the zombies to 'come get me'
  11. I strongly disagree. You can not make any conclusions based on this poll. The sample size is way too small and too biased towards those visiting the game forum. It's a fun exercise but to use this poll to justify your position is folly.
  12. This video shows a good example of a kill box. Basically dig a trench around 3 sides of your base so all the zombies attack the front side. Use whatever traps you desiere. The video shows a really good setup.
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