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  1. Hey SeabeeMan! Thanks for clarifying the Armor as "Item" and that value= in fact affects level, this will come in handy for my quest series as it seems getting tier levels right on all things is a slight headache. ischosen="true" is used when we want to give a list of items that can be selected from when turning in the quest at the trader, when points are put into the perk Daring Adventurer a character gets more options, I have encountered using the ischosen="true" tag in quests and didn't have enough options to satiate the amount of rewards able to be chosen at a maxed Daring Adventurer which made the quest unable to be handed in. So either avoid using it or make sure you have at least 3 or more options listed with the ischosen="true" isfixed="true" means that it will always be a selection option and at the top of the list. If you did this to your code <quest id="jdc"> <property name="name_key" value="Jobc" /> <property name="subtitle_key" value="Jobc" /> <property name="description_key" value="Jobc" /> <property name="icon" value="ui_game_symbol_zombie" /> <property name="repeatable" value="false" /> <property name="category_key" value="challenge" /> <property name="offer_key" value="read it and you will become a destroyer. You will get a Destroyer HeavyGun which needs Mayor_approval_papers to repair that you can get from a Mayor or find while looting and you will get clothing items which will help in your job. Only spend skill points on the Job_Perc_Destroyer for your Destroyer HeaverGun." /> <reward type="Exp" value="250" /> <reward type="LootItem" id="DestroyerLoot" ischosen="true" isfixed="true" value="1" /> <reward type="Item" id="Destroyer Helmet" ischosen="true" value="6" /> <reward type="Item" id="Destroyer Chest" ischosen="true" value="6" /> <reward type="Item" id="Destroyer Gloves" ischosen="true" value="6" /> <reward type="Item" id="Destroyer Legs" ischosen="true" value="6" /> <reward type="Item" id="Destroyer Boots" ischosen="true" value="6" /> <reward type="Item" id="Destroyer HeavyGun" ischosen="true" value="6" /> </quest> When the reward came up in the Traders reward screen you would guarnteed have the loot group pick as it's fixed, when Daring Adventure has perk points put into it then you start getting more selections which than is going to randomly select from the rest of the ischosen="true" list, the isfixed="true" will always have preference above any ischosen="true" that does not.
  2. I believe that what I have experienced with modding the quests that when use this: <reward type="Item" id="Destroyer Helmet" value="6" /> We would get 6 Destroyer Helmets.. it looks like your quest is giving 36 items on pay out? The only time in the stock quests is the reward type="Item" used is for casino coins, so maybe I am wrong in that? when we use loot tables like bdubyah stated the value="#" becomes the probability of higher tiers depending on how you set up your loot.xml. So doing this in the loot.xml: <lootgroup name="DestroyerLoot"> <item name="Destroyer Helmet" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer Chest" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer Boots" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer Gloves" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer Legs" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer HeavyGun" count="1"/> </lootgroup> Will only give 1 on the list and it will be guaranteed tier 1, and likely your tier 1 armor has no slots so it won't gain any mods. And in conjunction with this from the quest.xml: <reward type="LootItem" id="DestroyerLoot" ischosen="true" isfixed="true" value="1" /> You will are stating its from a loot table by that id name and it's a chosen reward but it is fixed so always on the choice table and its going to be from the tier 1 category. If you want the player to get 1 of each you need to do this: <lootgroup name="DestroyerLoot" count="all"> <item name="Destroyer Helmet" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer Chest" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer Boots" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer Gloves" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer Legs" count="1"/> <item name="Destroyer HeavyGun" count="1"/> </lootgroup> This will ensure that each of the items is given with the count amount in each <item name=...../> so in this case 1. You might run into a problem by using the ischosen="true" because of the skill that gives extra selections upon quest handin, so you either have to add a couple more reward type options or remove the ischosen variable. <reward type="LootItem" id="DestroyerLoot" value="1" /> If you notice in the stock loot.xml we can set mods more specifically inside each piece but it is referencing to the tag name rather than the specific mod item. so look at armorMilitaryBoots in the items.xml we see this: <property name="Tags" value="lowerbody,feet,armor,armorFeet,lightarmor"/> and in the loot.xml we see this under the clothingTestLoot: <item name="armorMilitaryBoots" mods="dye,dye" mod_chance="1"/> Which should mean that if this Military boot appears it will have guarnteed dye in it 100% of the time. when you look at the clothes in loot.xml we see this: <item name="tshirt" mods="dye" mod_chance="0.00"/> which in theory should mean the item never spawns with dye in it. But we have to look further because dye can be placed in anything with the following modifier_tags="clothing,armor,weapon,tool,vehicle" and in the tshirt in items.xml we see this: <property name="Tags" value="upperbody,chest,clothing"/> the only thing that can be added to the modslots in the tshirt must be defined in the item_modifiers.xml in the instalable_tags but is only used in loot.xml by the modifier_tags="..." none the less if you want to block mods from appearing in your armor you can add the mods= and mod_chance= attribute in your loot table but need to include all the modifier_tags you don't want to appear something like <lootgroup name="DestroyerLoot" count="all"> <item name="Destroyer Helmet" mods="waterPurifier,dye,carryweight,misc,movement,thermal,stealth,resistance,temperature" mod_chance="0.00"/> <item name="Destroyer Chest" mods="ammo,dye,carryweight,misc,movement,thermal,stealth,resistance,temperature" mod_chance="0.00"/> <item name="Destroyer Boots" mods="falldamage,dye,carryweight,misc,movement,thermal,stealth,resistance,temperature" mod_chance="0.00"/> <item name="Destroyer Gloves" mods="hands,dye,carryweight,misc,movement,thermal,stealth,resistance,temperature" mod_chance="0.00"/> <item name="Destroyer Legs" mods="dye,carryweight,misc,movement,thermal,stealth,resistance,temperature" mod_chance="0.00"/> <item name="Destroyer HeavyGun" mods="dye,carryweight,misc,movement,thermal,stealth,resistance,temperature" mod_chance="0.00"/> </lootgroup> that is assuming all those tags are installable into your Destroyer series of armor? Maybe someone with more knowledge can straighten up whether this is redundant or not.
  3. as Guppy said I would remove the quest first. This is what I do for my quests= <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='quest_whiteRiverCitizen1']"/> <append xpath="/quests"> <quest id="quest_whiteRiverCitizen1"> <property name="group_name_key" value="quest_WhiteRiverCitizen" /> <property name="name_key" value="quest_WhiteRiverCitizen1" /> <property name="subtitle_key" value="quest_WhiteRiverCitizen1_subtitle" /> <property name="description_key" value="quest_WhiteRiverCitizen1_description" /> <property name="icon" value="ui_game_symbol_map_trader" /> <property name="category_key" value="quest" /> <property name="difficulty" value="medium" /> <property name="shareable" value="false" /> <action type="ShowTip" value="quest_WhiteRiverCitizen1_description"> <property name="delay" value="3" /> </action> <objective type="Goto" id="trader" value="5" phase="1" /> <objective type="InteractWithNPC"> <property name="phase" value="2" /> </objective> <reward type="Exp" value="25000" /> </quest> </append>
  4. You bet there is. We do this by changing the Localization.txt file. Any changes you make will have to be reapplied with any update as the update or if you validate your files through steam as the Localization.txt file would be overwritten. The specific line in question is this armorMilitaryGroupDesc,items,Clothes,KgNone,Light armor will encumber you a little and provides some protection against damage.\nIt will not protect you from the weather.\nRepair with Military Fiber.,L'armure militaire offre une protection optimale en tant qu'armure et une protection modérée contre les intempéries.,Militنrische Ausrüstung bietet den besten Rüstungsschutz und einen moderaten Schutz vor der Witterung.,,La armadura militar proporciona la mejor defensa de armadura y protecciَn moderada contra el clima., How it works is nameDesc,items,Clothes,basicChangeType,"Description in English of item or object and can either have quotations marks or not. \n means a new line",French,German,Klingon,Spanish,Polish Things to note: - leave the language names blank if you don't have a description in that language) - there will always be the same number of comma's in the localization as this is how the information is parsed. - If you want to make an item have a unique name and a unique description you would need 2 lines. lets use the armorMilitaryGloves as an example: In the localization we would do this: armorMilitaryGloves,items,Clothes,KgNone,Military Oven Mittens,,,,, armorMilitaryGlovesDesc,items,Clothes,KgNone,"Oven mittens that would make any veteran proud!",,,,, I recommend to use mr.devolver's Mod Localization loader found HERE
  5. Expanding on the modding capacity of quests through xml would be superb. ability to define custom variables within quests, especially objective types. make the character stats more accessible to quests (km/miles travelled, zombie kills, player deaths, player kills, etc). a quest creation tool would be so helpful, something like the Prefab builder but one designed to help layout a quest and all its needed variables in order to function.
  6. Any of my mods have it, I think most if not all of Russiandood's mods have it in there too. I believe that Mayic is using it as well. Not sure whom else has utilized it?
  7. this is fabulous! Makes it much easier to go through the rebuilding process!
  8. I am in the early stages of investigating using custom variables and hoping that maybe you figured something out pertaining over the past 6 months? Hoping to get a much better clarity as to what we can do with the ModifyCVar
  9. It would be superb if a road would build a bridge when encountering rivers.
  10. Absolutely loving this! Tried out a few maps. My first one I cranked all the pois and city/town sizes to max and it was lag hell. My next two maps I kept my cities at the lowest but largest level as well as towns with maximized other pois and they have been running great! I had the viscious crack turned on.. when I was running to the trader I discovered how viscious those cracks are as I wasn't expecting it or my broken leg. Only anomaly I came across was a small lake that had a chrysanthemum growing in its centre. Great work! Looking forward to seeing what comes of this!
  11. A must have for all my games! Great work!
  12. They are working well for me. If the problem persists you might try his nexus versions Quality Effectiveness Bonuses Quality Damage Bonuses
  13. I am not understanding what the question is, can you elaborate? And for custom tint all I know so far is that it works on icons but not sure how to do that if its a model. example to tint something a deep redish color <property name="CustomIcon" value="AwesomeICONhere"/> <property name="CustomIconTint" value="ffb0b0"/>
  14. What you want to do is add some harvest events to the blocks in question... example <append xpath="blocks/block[@name='terrStone']> <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceGoldNugget" count="3" prob="0.01" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> </append> just change the count # to what you want it to be. I think it will also work in randomness if you did something like 1,15. And of course the prob= is percentage and the above code means its a 1% chance to drop.
  15. Looks like I was forgetting a piece of the code here is the update <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowAssemble']/panel[@name='content']/rect[@depth='1']/rect[@depth='1']/grid[@name='parts']/@rows">10</set> there should have been these two /rect[@depth='1'/rect[@depth='1' but I only had one so it was not finding the right location. This should work now, tested on my augers and chainsaws and works.
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