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  1. As you have seen the refresh trader codes are only about the contents of the items they contain to sell. The quests are tied to dialogs.xml and quest.xml, the only work around I could think of would be converting all the trader quests to a paper variant like the other quests and make a unique vending machine that sells the quests, it would take some finetuning to hand out the proper level of quests but it would have more control over how many quests and how often it gets restocked with them. Or you could convert all the quests to paper and make them an item that appears in the inventory of t
  2. Can confirm that this is an issue. The only mod that I have in TigerWolfe's list beside the 365 is 7 stacks. I don't ever have issues in the first slot, but in the 2nd and 3rd slot I do. If one of hte slots freezes before I can shift+click I close out of the workstation/forge/campfire and open it instantly again and 99% of the time I can then shift+click it into my pack.
  3. Expanding on the modding capacity of quests through xml would be superb. ability to define custom variables within quests, especially objective types. make the character stats more accessible to quests (km/miles travelled, zombie kills, player deaths, player kills, etc). a quest creation tool would be so helpful, something like the Prefab builder but one designed to help layout a quest and all its needed variables in order to function.
  4. It would be superb if a road would build a bridge when encountering rivers.
  5. Absolutely loving this! Tried out a few maps. My first one I cranked all the pois and city/town sizes to max and it was lag hell. My next two maps I kept my cities at the lowest but largest level as well as towns with maximized other pois and they have been running great! I had the viscious crack turned on.. when I was running to the trader I discovered how viscious those cracks are as I wasn't expecting it or my broken leg. Only anomaly I came across was a small lake that had a chrysanthemum growing in its centre. Great work! Looking forward to seeing what comes of this!
  6. They are working well for me. If the problem persists you might try his nexus versions Quality Effectiveness Bonuses Quality Damage Bonuses
  7. https://github.com/Drconfused/SteelBars_Patch New to git so not sure how to do merge requests and such
  8. Got the damage figured out and learned more about materials and overriding how much damage it can take with the MaxDamage property. I can either add into the patch the edits you added in the steelbars 1.21 (WroughtIronBars and WoodDowelBars and the centered variants) or I can let you update the nexus with 1.21 that adds the base forms of each type and my patch just gives it an upgrade path and one extra level for wood, iron, and steel My current setup Upgrade Path WoodDowel -> WoodDowel01 -> WroughtIron -> WroughtIron01 -> SteelBars -> SteelBars01 Downgrade path Wo
  9. Super! It worked wonderfully and I appreciate the additions you added. Learning how to call a model from someone else's folder helps a lot for some future ideas or personal preferences without going in and changing their code itself but by making my own patches.
  10. Pushed my new patch to match. But I noticed in testing that the wood bars have 200hp and wroughtiron bars have 8000 hp. I assume the hp of the object is inherited by its material type if it doesn't have a MaxDamage property? Once I know for sure your update is on Nexus I will put my patch for the upgrade path on there too.
  11. Thank you very much. Got it working mostly, but using a property name="Texture" doesn't seem to work overriding the texture here is my code on GIT
  12. Fantastic! I was wondering if there were the capacity to have a whole line of bars that are in this style that upgrade and some downgrade wood to iron01 iron01 to iron02 iron02 to steel01 steel01 to steel02 (the iron02 and steel02 can downgrade, but the 01 is a destroy event). If this is not something you want to end up making, would I be able to attempt doing so myself? And would this be as easy as making the block name and adding a texture="relevant # to texture" and changing the Msteel value to the relevant one? and of course the upgrade/downgrade attributes? I l
  13. Updating my personal game and going through the mods I want added. looking at your code for the steel bars and you have <block id=.... I am curious as to the choice of 'id' versus 'name' and if there is a reason for this?
  14. I really enjoy this concept! Good job! Definitely will be adding this into my game for when I am not working and testing out my mods. Looking forward to seeing this expand.
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