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  1. I have an 8k height map (16 bit greyscale) of the Washington, DC area. But my Google-fu has failed me! All of my searches for importing a height map in 7DtD take me to stuff about Nitrogen and KingGen. I've already used both of those to generate maps based on that DC height map. I'd like to see what the RWG does with populating the map. Is there a way to import the height map to use with the RWG? (And yes, I know about importing CompoPack and other prefabs into the RWG list...) And if so, how? Thanks!
  2. FEATURES Play 7 Days to Die as a balanced post apocalyptic zombie vanquishing Sorcerer. Through training and discovery, you'll learn how to deport the undead straight back to hell by casting elemental spells of Fire, Ice and Lightning. • Vanilla game 100% untouched, add-only policy! • Balanced around vanilla gameplay, you must train to gain and sustain your power! • Unique animations, art, effects and sounds for spells and items • New Spells: Craft, Master and Upgrade 5 Spells per element! • New Enemies: Touched, Fallen (Champion), Awakened (Boss), Ancient (Raid) • New Attributes: Sorcery, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Resource: Spirit (mana required to perform all Sorcery) • New Dual Skill Tree and Perks: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Crafting: Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls, Stations, Blocks, Resources • New Armor Sets: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Masteries: Alchemy, Runesmithing, Spirit, Essence, Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • Play-style: Sorcerer (Spellcaster) • Play-style: Alchemist (Potions, Bombs) • Play-style: Archer Mage (Spell Arrows) • Play-style: Gun Mage (Spell Ammo) • Play-style: Melee Mage (Spell Weapons) • Weapon Abilities: Primary, Secondary, Passive and Charge abilities • Rune Mods: Harness the power of Runes to augment your weapons, armor and gear! • Alchemy: Craft Potions, Elixirs and Bombs • Sexy Loot: Item Sets, Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls and more! CLASS SET RUNE RUNE MODS! • Added: Spell Knight (Class Runes) • Added: Spell Gunner (Class Runes) • Added: Spell Archer (Class Runes) • Added: Enchanter (Class Runes) • Added: Ritualist (Class Runes) • Added: Scholar (Class Runes) • Added: Silence Rune (stops Fallen + Ally Healing) • Added: New Mastery (Scholar) • Added: Fire Spellcast FX (player arm) • Added: Alchemy Mastery 5/5 now Boosts Ally Potion Potency • Added: Rune Mastery 5/5 now Boosts Ally Rune Effectiveness • Added: Lightning FX+Spells (Shock, Electrocute) • Changed: Rune Mastery now unlocks Runes and Transmutations in this order - 1: Common, 2: Transmutations (convert), 3: Rare (Silver), 4: Legendary (Gold), 5: Transcendent (Orange) • Changed: Class Runes Drop Rate increased even more! SORCERY UPDATED - STAVES 8/27 (v0.96) Major Feature: New Staff Weapon and Mastery for each Element! (Build charges with Primary Attack while Burning, Chilling, Shocking foes. Expend Charges with Secondary Attack to release magical AoE mayhem! Staff Charges carry over to Spells.) Major Feature: Sorcery Difficulty Changer Mods (instructions in #🔑download) Rebalanced: Complete balance pass of Sorcery, influenced by #📊roundtable-vote Added: Fire Staff Weapon, Mastery, Quest and Nova Spell Added: Ice Staff Weapon , Mastery, Quest and Nova Spell Added: Arcane Chest + Quest (large craftable storage) Added: Mending Potion (mends sprained, broken bones) Added: Legendary Scroll: Energy Regen (Stamina + Spirit Regen) Changed: Chance for Fallen + Wisps to spawn in Desert Changed: Increased mod slots for Sorcerer Armor (+1 per tier) Changed: Hot/Cold resists tied to Fire/Ice Sorcery instead of Weapon Changed: Reduced Spirit Costs for Spells (5,10,20) Changed: Spirit now regens while spell charging Changed: Class Rune drop rate increased on Fallen Changed: Elixir drop rate increased on Fallen Changed: Fire Spellcast Blazing Speed doubled Changed: Spell Turret Spirit Burden removed, repair costs increased Changed: Scrapping + smelting Sorcery Items is drastically faster Changed: Removed unusable Intro Lightning Elixir and Scroll (re-adding in v1.0 Lightning) Changed: Removed Ritual Shards. Ritual Stone recipes changed. Changes & Fixes: Visit the Discord #Changelog ‼️New game is required‼️ YOU AGREE TO THE FULL TERMS OF USE AND DISCLAIMER HEREIN BY DOWNLOADING AND USING THE SORCERY MOD: DOWNLOAD SORCERY Sorcery is finally back for A19! You can expect bi-weekly/monthly updates from here out. Download: Sorcery-master.zip (latest version) Unzip: Sorcery-master.zip Drag-n-Drop: The two folders (Sorcery + Deep Pockets), found within the unzipped (Sorcery-master\Mods) folder, directly into your Mods folder (\7 Days To Die\Mods). Create the Mods folder here if it doesn't already exist. Verify Mod Path: (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Sorcery) + (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Deep Pockets) Deport The Undead back to Hell: You're ready to play as a post-apocalyptic harbinger of the elements... may your training commence! MOD LAUNCHER If you already have the latest version of the Mod Launcher, simply run it and install Sorcery there. Otherwise, follow these steps to get started: PLAY WITH DARKNESS FALLS Follow the instructions below (spoiler) to play Sorcery + Darkness Falls together: CREDIT TFP for creating and improving this ridiculously awesome game, while also providing the ability to making this type of modding available. 👑Supporters Supporters make ongoing development possible! Without your help, it would not be possible to put in the immense amount of time and effort required to design and create the plethora of unique assets that make Sorcery.
  3. Good evening. I got this stupid idea, that's been rolling around in my head for some time. In various video games and tv shows that deal with the "world after...", you always have that one oddball character, who chose some crazy way of surviving/way of life/cult/etc, that seems to work out under some unknown reason. I was thinking of a person that was heavy into fantasy, either a Larper or MMORPG, and decided now that he was a crusader who's holy duty was to rid the world of these zombies. Heavy armor, with a 2h hammer (in the case of 7days) in hand, he strides off to victory or his end - with no fear. So, heavy armor/2h hammer/sexy trex is how far I got with this build. I'm not sure if I want to go nomadic or have some knowledge of campfire cooking. I haven't used a 2h hammer yet, so I don't know which mods could be added to one. It would add to his character, if I could build a flaming weapon. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you for your time.
  4. First off the firearms in 7d2d are fairly decent at this point, but there are a few things I would like to point out. 1 - The fact that some of the weapons are unrealistically shiny. Like the AK47 for example, AK's and most rifles IRL are not very shiny, they are usually a matt color but in 7d2d the AK47 and other weapons have a very shiny tint to them and personally it looks bad. I would suggest that the fun pimps make the weapons a more matt like color except for the chrome weapons like the 44 magnum. 2 - The lack of sights on weapons and the improper use of iron sights. In 7d2d the AK47 sight picture looks like this - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/774041235622854657/883839343125467136/AKAim2.jpg. But the sight picture should look like this - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/774041235622854657/883838552708882452/AKAim.png. I know it's not that big of a deal but it still bothers me. In my opinion I also think they should make iron sights more accurate and remove the screen crosshair when aiming weapons with iron sights. Weapons like the AK47 should also have a more "oomphy" and realistic recoil. And that's it, besides that the weapons in game are not half bad. So those are a few suggestions in my opinion that would make the firearms in 7d2d more immersive / realistic. Feel free to comment and tell me your opinion.
  5. This makes aiming down sights completely accurate for all weapons except shotguns. You may want to pair this modlet with my No Crosshair On ADS modlet. Download Here or use this GitHub Repo Link If you have any issues or suggestions, please get in touch! Installation in 3 steps: 1. Create a mods folder in your 7 days to die directory. By default in steam it's located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die 2. Download my modlet and move the entire folder accurate-ads into the mods folder. 3. Launch the game.
  6. Removes crosshair when aiming down sights on all weapons except the primitive bow and wooden bow. Download Here or use this GitHub Repo Link If you have any issues or suggestions, please get in touch! Installation in 3 steps: 1. Create a mods folder in your 7 days to die directory. By default in steam it's located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die 2. Download my modlet and move the entire folder no-crosshair-on-ads into the mods folder. 3. Launch the game.
  7. This modlet is designed to increase the zombie spawn rate up to 3x the vanilla default. I have scaled things for balance and server performance. Download Here or use this GitHub Repo Link Installation in 3 steps: 1. Create a mods folder in your 7 days to die directory. By default in steam it's located here: 2. Download my modlet and move the entire folder 3x-zombies into the mods folder. 3. Launch the game. If you have any issues or suggestions, please get in touch!
  8. This mod is only available on the mod launcher. You'll need to download a file (down below) for Nitrogen World Generator if you wish to experience the added end-game POI. I've also included a video guide on how to manually place the new POI in your existing game so you don't have to start a fresh playthrough. Please note: As I only speak English, I have only changed text for English. So you won't see any differences when playing in another language when it comes to changes with perks, the background story and the letter you start with. Do you find vanilla to be a cake walk with resources being abundant? But you love vanilla and don't want to heavily mod your game that removes that vanilla experience? Then this hardcore vanilla experience mod is for you. Food is a real threat and hard to come by, progression is slowed down a notch, there's a real death penalty, grinding is actually a grind and there's an economy rebalance. Designed for worlds lasting 100+ days and for you to have a challenging time of survival during early and mid-game. There is now an even harder version available on the mod launcher called Just Die Already Edition. The list of changes can be found down below in a text file. Background story: It's the year 2041, 7 years since the zombie outbreak began. You used to belong to a thriving community of survivors. You fell in love with the person of your dreams and they also fell in love with you. But unfortunately, someone got jealous of your new found relationship. And so they set you up and you were found guilty to a serious crime, one which you never committed. And you've been sentenced to 365 days of exile and left for dead in a far-out land, mostly deserted. Luckily for you though, your love interest managed to sneak in some supplies in your backpack before you were knocked out and dumped. The love you have helps you to keep fighting to live another day, someday you hope to see them again and start a new life together once you've served your punishment. You secretly seek revenge on the person who framed you. I play tested on Survivalist difficulty with zombies running during the day, sprint at night, no airdrops, 24 zombies alive during horde night. Unsure how a multiplayer world will play out. List of changes: - Require 25% more XP to level. - Living Off The Land only unlocks seed crafting and makes farm plots cheaper to craft. - You can craft Snowberry seeds (without perk), can be planted on most ground types. Yields 2 berries per harvest. - Lowered ranks of Salvage Operations, Miner 69'er, Motherlode, and Pack Mule to 4 ranks. Huntsman to 2 ranks. - Removed XP penalty when increasing ranks in salvage operations, motherlode and buffs that increase yield. - Adjusted Salvage Operations, increased attack speed and lowered stamina drain. - Removed Hackers Candy. (Harvesting an engine and getting 2 engines made no sense). - Increased wild zombie spawns. Twice the spawns, Triple the respawn rate. - Zombies give 25% less XP. - Animals give ~60%-75% less resources. - You now start with Mineral Water, Steak & Potato, First Aid Bandage, Painkiller, Herbal Antibiotics, a Flashlight and a Love Letter. - Dying gives a 40% XP debt and you retain your food level. Gamestage lowers by 5 instead of 2. - You retain all debuffs when dying, including infection. Dying from infection will cure you of infection. - Very hungry and starving has a penalty to stamina regen and movement speed, starving also reduces attributes by one. - Stages of hunger and thirst now increase at 60%, 30% and 10%. - Traders sell price 500%, buy price 10%. Vending machines 150%. - Traders no longer sell Tier 3 weapons, tools and armour. - Barter items: Cigar, Sugar Butts and Awesome Sauce give half their bonus. - Traders restock every 7 days instead of 3. Vending machines restock every 7 days. - Vending machines hold more items to compensate restock frequency. - Harvesting and salvaging gives 60%-75% less resources. - Mining ores resources reduced by 68%, trees by 60%. - Hitting a loose stone gives you 2 stones instead of 1. - Trees take 50% longer and crops take twice as long to grow. - Upgrading blocks cost 20% more. - Increased prices for electrical traps. - Reduced chance to harvest engines and batteries. - Spike traps are cheaper to craft, repair and upgrade. - Rebalanced resources from salvaging safes. - 67% less ammo in loot. - 60%-75% less quantity in loot. - Quest reward ammo and explosives reduced by 40%. - Removed boiled water and fresh food from loot, 5% chance of dysentery from boiled water. - Food piles less likely to give drinks. - Less medical items in loot, rare even rarer. - Common recipes cost more (Usually 1-3 ingredients affected). - Rebalanced Gunpowder crafting. 750 Coal+Nitrate now crafts 500/750/1000 Gunpowder by Hand/Chemistry/Stack. - Rebalanced Gas and Oil crafting to be less abundant. - Repair Kits also require Oil and Mechanical Part to craft. - Contact grenades has the same recipe as regular grenades. - Added gunpowder to junk turret ammo (batch of 5). - Padded and Scrap armour uses Duct Tape for repairs. - Yucca smoothie keeps you cool in the heat. Sounds logical! - Chainsaw base entity damage doubled from 6 to 12. Did someone say Doomguy? - Balanced canned food prices and food value. - Balanced medical items prices. - Engine and Nailgun scrap for 15 mechanical parts. - Clothing scraps for less cloth and leather. - Reading books and schematics now give XP relative to their economic value. - Lowered Gamestage multiplier from 1.2 to 1.0. - Traders sell 40-60% less quantity of materials and other items like ammo. - 20% less chance of eggs in nests. - Edited description of Padded and Scrap Armour to state they are repaired with Duct Tape. - You can craft stone arrows and bolts into feathers. - Returned scrapping value of metal tools, weapons and armour back default value. - Increased scrap value for books. Also gives extra time to cancel accidental scrapping. - Baseball bat scraps to iron instead of wood. - You can no longer scrap drinks, canned food, medical items and high value items. - Increased value of High Performance Running Shoes. - You can craft Snowberry Cocktails. - Lowered zombie attack range by 10%. - Traders open an hour earlier. - Sandbags now give 12 sand instead of 2. - Increased stack size of Radiators to 20. - Increased stack size of Dukes to 25,000. - Removed the Stay Within requirement for trader quests. - Renamed Charismatic Nature to Survival Instinct, affects only perked character now. - Survival Instinct passive affects balanced for single character. Rank 1: Increases Max HP/Stamina by 10. +1 inventory slot. Rank 2: Increases block damage by 20% and entity damage by 10%. +1 inventory slot. Rank 3: Increase armour/explosive rating by 2. Take 5% less damage. +1 inventory slot. Rank 4: Gain 10% more XP. - Surface boulders now give some mining resources. - Advancing to the next quest tier requires 12 completed quests instead of 10. - Cooking recipes that require canned food now give a temporary attribute buff. Gumbo Stew (Intellect), Shepard's Pie (Strength), Spaghetti (Agility), Tuna Fish Gravy Toast, (Perception). - Sham Chowder is now Tier 4 food, rebalanced recipe and food value. - Changed icon of Love Letter - Dishong (Skyscraper_01) is now a Tier 6 quest location - Added Spencer Mansion POI, a Tier 6 quest location, spawns only once. (must use nitrogen to spawn, or manually place it yourself in world editor) - Tier 6 quest rewards Tier 3 items, Quality 4-6. Check out Jonah Birch playing the mod in his permadeath playthrough. ***For the Spencer Mansion to spawn in your world, you need to download and overwrite the Nitrogen file provided*** Special thanks to @KhaineGB for helping me with my door issue. NitroGen_WorldGenerator.rar Just Die Already changes.txt
  9. Z2 is a small side project of mine that I just sat down and started coding the other day. I started with creating a new compass bar and then just went from there, making things up as I progressed along the orange line. The result is what you see in the screenshots below. No external assets were used in the development of this HUD with the exception of the compass bar of course which sparked this whole thing. The compass bar is hosted online(imgur) and that makes this modlet server friendly in the terms that it requires no client downloads unless one opts to use the optional 10 slot tool belt and target health bar patches which will require the clients to download and install DMT modlets. I've not spent a whole lot of time on this modlet yet, and as such I am sure there are both bugs and hopefully minor issues I haven't caught before releasing it. Please make me aware of those with a post in this thread. I prefer not to be sent PM's in this regard. Worktime: 3-4h (initial sketchup) Worktime: 6-7h (fine tuning, touchups, changes) This modlet is coded to be a HUD killer. This means that it can be dropped into an overhaul mod and it will likely kill the overhauls HUD and replace it with Z2. Some adaptation might be needed depending on overhaul features and original HUD complexity. Z2 is currently not scale friendly, due to this it attempts to lock the scale at vanilla values. This might cause issues if added to other mods or modlets that rely on changing the scale to display correctly. This will be rectified in an upcoming version. It's color scheme is also highly customizable through the styles.xml file. So if orange is not your thing, change it there by setting a new R,G,B color code in the correct style entry. This will be further diversified in an upcoming version. Z2 - Showing the HUD and the radial menu. Z2 - Showing the vehicle health and fuel bars. Z2 comes with some optional features that can be used. The reason I made these optional is because they require a higher level of experience when it comes to modding, they require the use of third party tools, they render the client EAC unfriendly and they require clients to download and install the modlets locally. The first optional feature that is available at release is the target health bar which, when installed correctly, enables the target health bar in the games engine and adds some other tweaks by SphereII to further enhance and touch up the bars a little. (DMT patch provided by SphereII) Z2THB no longer requires a DMT patch to work. Simply install it as any other modlet. Z2THB - Showing the target health bar. (Requires client install and DMT patching.) The second optional feature that is available at release is a patch to tweak Z2 to fit if you have a 10 slot tool belt modlet or overhaul installed. Please do note that Z2 itself does not currently come with a 10 slot tool belt DMT patch. Z2TB10 - Showing a 10 slot tool belt. (Requires client install and DMT patching. Also requires a 10 slot tool belt DMT mod/modlet.) To download click on the images below. They pull directly from my github repo. Optionally you can download and install these modlets through SphereII's Mod Launcher (recommended). Install like any other modlet by dropping it into your 7 Days to Die installation folder and making sure that the hierarchy is as follows; "Mods\modname\ModInfo.xml". And as always, do the smart thing and backup saves first. Use at your own risk. This is an initial release and is to be considered a test version. Please post here with any issues that may present themselves. Updates and changes will happen when I get around to it. I will try and touch up this main post with some more fancy graphics and stuff soon Hope you like it!
  10. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you guys put into this game. I've had 7 Days to Die for a few years now after a friend got it for me, and while dabbling in it was rough at first, I've come to love it so much, and I love experimenting with the different weapons and what situations they can be good in over others, and I like seeing new people get in on the action too. The modding community is also nice and I appreciate the effort they put in to add custom things to the game. But this post isn't about any of that. I was wondering if you guys would ever implement "moral" choices? As in things with traders or a karmic system that allows for better outcomes the more you invest in it. Like by giving things to trader without requesting money back or... well. Anything like that. I imagine something like this would be very difficult, so I'm okay if it isn't added. Still though, I wanted to see if anyone else was interested in something akin to moral choices in game.
  11. Welcome to our replica of the Colosseum! It was built in 120 hours following two different methods. The outer area reflects the contemporary image of the structure, while the inner area has been fully restored. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Wanted to share a few pictures of our home base. Took weeks of casual play to finish it. It is a custom map. But no mods. No spawning material. The pinnacle stands 72 meters high. Seven floors; including a gyro hanger with landing/take off strip, a floor of twelve apartments/living quarters, a fabrication floor, 256 farmplots, and a storage floor with named crates for nearly everything in the game. Mostly solar at this point, still some 5 and 6 level solar cells to go. This project took 3 1/2 people - one scavenger and perimeter defense, two miners, and one miner/food prep. The superstructure and skin was built largely by myself; and the interior decoration/walls by another.
  13. Hey, I understand that there are other things that will take priority. But, I'm a builder and decorator in this game. I was wondering if it would be possible to have beds function like bedrolls? I'm tired of having a beautiful bed, with a bedroll laying next to it. It's something that has always bothered me as other survival games allow it. I love this game, I just want to have a nice comfy bed to wake up on!
  14. Hi, I have a bit of a weird question, bear with me please ❤️ Me and my boyfriend have our own server that I started, friends + 2p only, so only we two can enter. Since he can activate debug/creative menu I assume he got admin rights (can't remember if I somehow gave that to him or not). We LOVE to build, but he likes to stay awake longer at night than me, but can't be in the server since he gets kicked out when I leave. Is there a way for him to: 1. Login/stay in our server without me ( I assume this is impossible since I'm the host) 2. Shutdown the server on his command. As in, I stay in the game, hidden somewhere safe. He keeps building. When he decides to go to bed, can he kick us both out of the game ( so the time doesn't continue to tick/ I get killed while afk for a whole irl night)? Odd question I know. And yes he should probably have been the host, but my PC and internet is way better, so we thought that would be to our benefit since him hosting has not really worked out earlier. Thank you for any reply!
  15. When i play with my friend i have much lags, he have it too when he play on my server. We reinstalled game, deleted all mods and nothing happened. We don't know what we should do. Perhaps this happened due to the fact that we installed the mod on the interface, but first game was normal, and after that it just began to lag a lot. I and my friend have lisence.
  16. SMS Run Of The Mill PVE IP: Port: 26960 Server Features: This is a long term server. No wipes till A20 hits. No mods allowed so don't ask. Botman Server Manager. King Gen Map. Full Vanilla Server. Mostly Default Settings. No Bag Drop. 8k player Shared range. 30 days loot Respawn Huge cities and towns. SMS Standard Rules: No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, No Stealing. https://www.somethingmoreserious.com/ https://discord.gg/RJwHk8cq3u
  17. New special zombie ideas -Pile of flesh/goop zombies Can slowly pass through closed doors, iron bars, broken windows, ect. Cannot pass through Bullet proof glass doors, maybe sealed iron doors, and similar things. Does little damage but has an increased chance to infect and has slow movement speed. Silent movement so they can sneak up on people with the slow movement speed. -midget/baby zombies Fast movement speed with abnormal strafing like rabbits and chickens Low damage if they decide to attack but have them also cry so other zombies will be attracted like screamers. You can change it so that screamers will scream anyways as they die/in the area of players unless shot in the head or decapitated while the baby zombies will cry until killed so screamers aren’t rendered useless. Screamers will cause a hoard to spawn while the babies will attract zombies in a radius to become aggro or wake up. Midgets can be the same thing but without the crying I guess if the crying is too annoying. -Camouflage zombies They have overgrown grass or plants on them. You can make it so that they are wearing ghillie suits but make them spawn on/around military areas only. New boss Zombie ideas -Combination/ Morphing zombie (This zombie can be a special type or boss depending how strong you make it.) Upon the first knock down, this zombie will stretch and pull on the 2 closest zombies near them. You can make it so that if multiple zombies are close, it can either choose the stronger or weaker ones(it's up to you) If you choose to not limit the zombies it can pull then you can limit the radius of the pull range so things don’t become too crazy. I think a huge zombie with many heads in the chest and body would be cool as a design. This morph adds all the HP from the zombies combined on top of each other, however the morph should take maybe 3-6 seconds or just be dependent on how many zombies were sucked in. (also up to you for balance reasons) -Titan zombie (definitely an Late-game zombie) Huge zombie about the size of a 2 to 3 story building. Make the movement insanely slow but have his environmental damage way up. This zombie will add to the variety by making the player decide to either bunker down and try to kill it or drive away during mid blood moon to kill it slowly/ distract it. (if people don't like it then maybe have bosses toggled through the server settings?) There will need to be a deep growl/yell that echoes throughout the map that will indicate that the upcoming blood moon will have a titan. It would also make it really spooky in a way too but make sure to give like..... 1 warning each for the last 4 days before blood moon or something. Overall I think the game is in a really good spot but I also think it needs more variety. The special zombies are kind of bland and there aren't really any threats late game besides being overwhelmed by shear numbers. I feel like the game should have zombies that make you play different and watch out for instead of needing to shoot more bullets. The bomber zombie is a good example where you need to shoot them in the legs to not activate the bomb but other than that, its about all the game's got rn. I have high hopes for the future.
  18. Are you a night owl? Play games at night? Then come on over and check out our server All Night Gamers – Jericho! A PvE, vanilla-ish server. Come on over and have chill, friendly day. Note: You don’t even have to be a night owl to play either! Just play and have fun! We also have modded zombies too via Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies – PLUS. All Night Gamers - Jericho | PvE : 12571 Direct Connect: steam://connect/ Map: Difficulty: Survivalist – 60 Minute Days – Daylight Length: 18 Max Zombies: 64 – Max Animals: 50 Loot Respawn Time: 30 Days – Blood Moon Count: 8 Drop on Death: Everything - Drop on Quit: Nothing Claim Zone: 51 Blocks – Claim Duration: 7 Days Rules PVE Only No active base raiding, don’t claim a poi (in city or wilderness), build close to a trader and don’t build in or within 200 blocks of a city. No floating bases – exploiting the game will get your base wiped. No bases supported by steel doors, that is exploiting the game – remove or lose your base supports. English only in chat. Respect other players and the admins. Full settings: https://imgur.com/xH52HZ2 https://imgur.com/EZJ24IB https://imgur.com/ApCaHrd https://imgur.com/fit0w01 https://imgur.com/j5AtZ7c
  19. Curse Of Anubis -> CoA <- Updated to A19 Egyptian Fantasy Mod It does NOT change Vanilla Stuff or Core Gameplay but adds alot of stuff to the game Download CoA at - NEXUSMODS Download CoA at - Dropbox ADDS 2 new PREFABS This Mod adds alo of stuff to the Game. It does not change Vanilla Stuff or Core Gameplay. The Mod has two big ass Prefabs "The Pyramid" and "The Sphinx". It adds Quests/ NPC / Blocks/ Weapons. Install: Go to your 7dtd directory and Drag the "CurseOfAnubis" Folder to the - 7dtd/Mods - Directory Start the game via 7dtdLauncher or Exe. Create a new RWG world and the Prefabs should automaticaly spawn in rural and wilderness group in the Desert and Wasteland. If you want to change the spawns edit the prefab xml files. ( thesphinx.xml and thepyramid.xml ) **7dtd has a problem with big prefabs spawning automatically. It can be that none prefab spawns in the world. Then try a new seed or look for tuturials on how to spawn the prefab in an existing world as i dont know this part. As example: you can generate a world seed and edit the rwgmixel.xml in %appdata% - look for you generated world and choose a prefab to swap with theSphinx or ThePyramid Prefab. -> Then start a new World with your edited GameSeed. The Prefabs should be at the location you put them. Need Help? Join the Discord https://discord.gg/Gvp8wA TERMS OF USE. Personal use is fine. Credit me if you add it to your Overhaul Mod. free assets - NOT owned by me) - Mummy - Skeleton -All other Assets are my own! I modeled/textured them. If you like my Stuff you can check out my Cgtrader Profile and browse all of my Mod Stuff there --> https://www.cgtrader.com/joelkilb Credits: Awesome people. Always helpful.
  20. Genuinely not sure if this is intended or not, but on my second blood moon (that i actually survived!) all of the zombies insisted on taking a lap around my base to systematically tear apart all of the wooden spikes i had placed next to my walls. Made the night a hell of a lot easier, but i can't help but feel like having the zombies willingly seek out and throw their bodies onto my spikes kinda made it feel a bit less tense you know? So uh. Guess i just want to know if this is the game working as intended or if they are planning on fixing this for the release. Or if i should file a bug report....
  21. I think it would be really sweet if there was some kind of companion option in the game, Like taming wolves or bears but making the bigger animals harder to tame and then you can have them as a follower. I think it would be so nice to have an animal companion to roam the zombie filled wasteland with or to just go out on an adventure. Other than that The Fun Pimps(TM) are doing a great job in my opinion. Keep up the good work Dev's🤠 (P.S) Maybe it could be a new perk tree or book.
  22. This would apply to lower graphics settings only The red glow on horde nights should move in to reduce the draw and render distance when a horde is active. I suggest this because I play on low graphics and given the current GPU shortage I feel it would be nice for players like me who see performance drops on horde nights. Happy Hunting! - Alex
  23. I have been bashing my head against a wall trying to get a drawbridge to place somewhere, only to completely level the terrain out and realize there appears to be an invisible box where the drawbridge doesn't want to be placed. I recorded a short video of the weird placement behavior here: https://i.imgur.com/4taD41V.mp4. Another example with the drawbridge facing a different direction: https://i.imgur.com/9Zsmiop.mp4. Alpha 19, Windows.
  24. Hello, some of you may know me from the Gnamod overhaul(s) but I sometimes also release modlets, usually when I find something that should have been in the vanilla game and simply want to share it with everyone out here. I was chatting with some people about the lack of ability to hide pieces of clothing or armor on characters and how other games supported such feature and got me thinking this game already supports a cosmetic item that makes something invisible. So I tested it and it worked, so I decided to make it into a simple modlet for people to enjoy as well. Download This simple modlet adds 1 new item and English localization for it called Invisible Dye. It can be applied to clothes and armor (but not shades, as they for some reason do not count as either.) If you add it to the item, it hides the UMA layer of that item and then makes whatever is under it visible, though I have not extensively tested what happens with overlapping clothes and hiding only one piece. As you can see the player model becomes visible with all pieces having the mod. It is added to he dyes lootgroup and will appear in clothes sometimes like other dyes do. Terms of Use Anyone is free to take the code of this modlet and expand upon it, use it in their own overhaul or modpack or create a modified version of this modlet for personal use. In anything published to the public it is required to tell people you used this modlet in its creation, a note of credit to me or an entry in your mod's readme file is usually enough. This mod likely will remain working for as long as the game keeps using UMA for the character model, when they stop that it may also stop functioning. Note: I have not checked if someone else already made a similar modlet, if they did us theirs instead and let me know
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