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  1. I'm not sure the decimals really matter, as zombies deal integer damage, not floats. Your health also doesn't show floats, so no matter what it will be rounded up or down depending. With that said, you can add: display_type="Decimal" to the <display_entry name="PhysicalDamageResist" title_key="statPhysicalDamageResist"/> on the display of armor in ui_display.xml. That would make it show as a decimal.
  2. You can only turn the POI lights on and off in the prefab editor. There is no way in vanilla to turn them on in a survival world. You'll have to use the player craftable lights and hook them to generators and all that.
  3. Entities and blocks use different hitboxes, with different tags. On a block you need a tag with T_Mesh_B for it to be interacted with, but an entity does not need that tag. So chances are you wont be able to interact with it, as it doesn't have the hitbox with the correct tags.
  4. Not sure this would work very well for a vanilla playthrough. Modding, sure, of course. But vanilla is meant to be a survival game. When you die, you fail that objective of the game, so you get some form of ... i dont wanna say punishment, but that's kinda what it is. If you're able to just revive the person, their death then means absolutely nothing, cept a +1 on the counter screen. As for modding your own game, there was a mod someone was working on that had this. Instead of dying, you got knocked out and could be revived.. But that was for a pvp based mod. Not a survival mod. I unfortunately can't remember the name of it, or if it was even released, but it's possible, if you wanted to get into the modding scene.
  5. I don't usually ask for things... Specially not modding things as those are very low priority. Plus one thing i enjoy is finding ways around the limitations of the game. But one thing I would kill for is a little Buff feature. As of right now, a buff can use a selfAOE to radiate from an entity. This buff is a full sphere around the entity, meaning if you set the range of that buff to be 5, it will slap a 5 block wide sphere around that entity (2.5 block radius in each direction)... This is great and allows for some cool area of effect attacks, but I'd like to request a new feature for these buffs. A frontal cone range where you can define the base radius (starting at the entity) and an end radius (ending at the range of the buff). A way to define the angle as well would be great, as in a 90 degree cone from the direction the entity is facing, or a 35 degree cone. A total of three added variables. (base radius, end radius, and the degree amount) Chances are this isn't on the planned features, but just thought I would throw out one of my wishes. A vast majority of my modding goes into the buffs system for its versatility and functions. This type of feature would allow even more concepts and ideas to come from modders that delve into buffs. I've put an example as an attachment, if I didn't describe this very well. Thanks for reading! ❤️
  6. Just combined the guitar and golf club modlets into one. I also added a crowbar and a rusty metal pipe as melee weapons to this pack. It can be found under the newest modlets section, with pictures of each weapon.
  7. I made them flee from the player. They can't flee too fast or they will look weird, with their animations. I'd have to go back through and redo every animals' animations if they need to go faster.. which i'm not reeeally in the mood to do right now lol. Lemme know if you like it better now.
  8. Hey! I'm not entirely sure what a lot of this post means.. First: the glue... yeah there are a few joke items that you can get from these animals.. lol. 2nd: are you saying you want the animals to flee from you in this mod? that would be possible with just an edit to the entity classes AI tasks. 3rd: i'm not sure what you mean by separate wild and grown ones. grown ones will not spawn in the world, only the wild ones. if you harvest one of these wild animals, you can get a grown version that you place and can start breeding with other animals of that same species. 4th: yeah the AI is pretty wonky some times. all of these animals use the vanilla animal AI, which i dont think has been updated like the zombie one (i could be wrong though). I have seen a few instances where the animal (even in vanilla) will walk on a cactus and get stuck in a back and forth jumping contest with said cactus, eventually killing themselves. 5th: thank you! i do appreciate the feedback.
  9. Yeah, the wild animals will definitly give way less resources. They aren't meant to replace vanilla food sources. The main focus of this mod is the raising and breeding stuff, not just hunting wild animals. Once you start your own farm, you'll get plenty of resources from them when you butcher them.
  10. It just occured to me that people might be harvesting animals with something other than the knives.. Which is what i have the harvesting set to. I just put up an update that will let you harvest with any tool instead of just the knives. So try downloading that.
  11. Some do some dont. I think most of them give atleast a small amount of meat.
  12. No plans to make it MP friendly until buffs and vehicles are in a better spot with vanilla. Right now the mod uses vehicles to spawn the animals. I would have to rework it all to be a block that spawns it, like in the pokemon mod. And buffs on entities will display differently for client / hosts, so it would just cause more problems. Maybe a20 will change some things.
  13. Hey all, just put out a mod that may need testing and balancing. It doesn't require a restart, but is single player only. If anyone plays it, please do give feedback on it all. I've put a new category up at the top for new modlets. The modlets will stay in this category a while before being put in the usual categories. Here is an unlinked description of it. Find the link on the main page of this post! Enjoy! (I may make a video of it later, but right now i just have two pictures up.) Telrics Animal Husbandry [--This is a SINGLE PLAYER only mod. It will not work in multiplayer and there will be no support when attempted this way.--] This mod adds in 36 animals to raise as your own. Find them in the wild, or purchase them from the traders to start raising, breeding, and butchering them for resources. Animals have three growth stages: baby, young, and adult. Each animal has it's own growth rate. Keeping an animal fed will increase this rate, allowing your animals to grow even faster. Upon growing into an adult, the animals will be able to mate, as long as there is a male and a female within a small radius area around each other. Each animal has it's own mating rate as well. Once the female is pregnant, craft yourself some sterile gloves of that animal species and left click to get your own baby. Place it on the ground to see whether it will be male or female, and start the raising process all over again. Read the in game journal entries for a few handy notes on how this mod works.
  14. I tried to find my post that was asking this same thing, but couldnt find it. Probably was made before the forum change and got wiped. But pretty much you can't do it easily. You would have to have lots of checks for every possible value. EG: armorShreddedAmount = 1, so send 1 to player and set armorShredded.. then armorShreddedAmount = 2, so send 2 to player and set armorShredded.. a very tedious process. There was a guy who did some convoluted scheme using like 3 digit numbers where he could transfer different amounts, but it still used roughly the same idea as above... One thing you could do is stream line it a bit.. not many would notice 2 armor being taken off so do it in batches of 5 or 10 or so... That would cut the amount of possible cvar changes down a good bit.
  15. Right so on the thumper gun, i have <effect_group name="Thumper Rifle EXP"> <requirement name="NotHasBuff" buff="buffThumperRiflePress"/> <requirement name="NotHasBuff" buff="buffThumperRifleReady"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="AddBuff" buff="buffThumperRiflePress" target="self"/> </effect_group> What that does is when the player shoots, as long as they are not under a previously fired bullet's effects, they will get a buff called buffThumperRiflePress. In buffs.xml, that corresponds to a buff at the end which is a .55 second long buff. In it, you can see it has several removebuffs if the projectile hits anything. This will cancel the extra exp / damage buff that is applied after the .55 seconds, if you are still holding the rifle. If the bullet flies for .55 seconds, you'l get the 2nd buff. This one would increase the bullet's damage by 300%, and add some extra experience on kills. (This guns intent was to reward long range kills with it's bullet drop. I timed the first buff (the .55 second one) to go off as soon as the bullet started to drop in game. took some trial and error to figure out.) So, what you could do is apply a buff on right click of the spear. This would give a buff that sets your damage at 100% for say .2 seconds. Then this buff would give you another buff that sets your damage to 130% for .2 seconds... And so on. You'd want to test it a lot to see how far your spear flies when you get the different buffs. Hopefully that's all making sense. I can do some crazy stuff with buffs, but i'm like a mad scientist.. It makes sense in my head, but probably doesnt with others. lol.
  16. I have a rifle that does something similar, but reversed. It's in my Thumper mod. You can check it out if you want. Basically i have a buff that fires off once the player shoots the thumper rifle. It's a short timed buff that i use as a checker to see how far the bullet has traveled. If it has traveled i think .5 seconds (the length of the first buff), it will add a new buff that increases the damage and exp gained from head / body shots. The buffs are removed on the projectile hitting the ground, so its a short term buff. I'm not able to look at my files right this second, but you're welcome to check it out.
  17. An indented paragraph on a forum post?? What madness is this! Lol.. I believe you need a wildcard recipe for it to smelt into an item. <recipe name="resourceClayLump" count="1" tooltip="ttScrapMetalBrass" always_unlocked="true" tags="salvageScrap"> <wildcard_forge_category /> </recipe> Try making the resource you want it to burn into to be where resourceClayLump is. Then the material of the object has to line up with that name in materials.xml, and finally add that material to the item in items.xml. I haven't done this myself, but i remember that being part of it in previous alphas, as well as having to make the UI changes for it to show up.
  18. It was just a generic item, but could be anything... I'm not able to test right now, but you might be able to make a 3 part quest.. Player accepts first quest. This one auto completes and rewards the items, then quest 2 is the real quest that shows the quest text and what not with the actual objectives. the player finishes those objectives and has one more pop up saying to fetch the clothing items. This is where i'd need to test.. If fetch quest objectives count what the player is wearing or not. If it doesnt, then the player would need to unequip the items for the quest to continue on. It may work, it may not.. i'm not sure without testing. Some hacky bits will definitly be better with code though.
  19. One thing i can think of is... are you testing it under a bloodmoon, or with them set to feral? An enemy wont attack something they can't see, and by default the cop's view distance is 30 blocks. So if they are beyond that distance, chances are they wont be able to see you and fire off their attack... Maybe upping that will help?
  20. Hmm well that does make it trickier.. I dont dabble in code cuz well... i dont have the brains for that. I stick to making loopholes in the xmls to do what i want. lol... My way of doing it, had this been a cvar, would be something ive used in mods that i have on hold.. i was working on a quest world mod as well and needed certain things to appear in loot / cvars to change depending on what quest the player was on.. So i would have a fake quest... So.. bear with me here. Quest A is the one the player does.. it rewards an item that, when held in the inventory (due to the "PlayerItemCount" requirement), would do something. Either slow the player completely to a stop, or change a cvar or something. Then have quest A reward the item, as well as quest B, which would have the objective to gather said item. This way it gets put into the players inventory, changing the cvar or whatever i needed, and then removed. If i needed the item to last a while, i would make it so the player cannot drop it.. The only issue with that is if the player puts it in their supply chests or something. But as a non codey, that would be my hacky method of doing something based on a quest... This wont help in your case since their variables are not actually cvars, but actual variables.. But it might give some ideas on how to do it with codes... Sorry i can't help much!
  21. Depends what you wanna do i guess. More info would help. Buffs are quite nice and they might could be used to do something, depending on what you want...
  22. I'm not sure if this is the way to do it or not, but all of my [contains] codes dont use the single quotes... example: /lootcontainers/lootcontainer[contains(@loot_quality_template, qual)] not sure if the single quotes are needed or not.. are you getting any xpath warnings saying its not appending or anything? seems to me the path is correct. Also, if you aren't getting any messages about it not appending correctly, do the exportconfigs command and look into that. See if it's putting it in a weird spot or something like that.
  23. It's a popular request... So I'm sure it will happen one day, just not on your time. On the devs. Not an ego thing... Many many games are coded so they are played a certain way.. Its called game development. You develop the game to your vision....
  24. You'd need to add an onselfbuffupdate to remove the opposite buffs, when you add the other. in your first buff. <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="AddBuff" buff="BuffPVE"> <requirement name="NotHasBuff" buff="god"/> <requirement name="CVarCompare" cvar="_biomeradiation" operation="Equals" value="0"/> </triggered_effect> change that to: <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="RemoveBuff" buff="BuffPVP"> <requirement name="NotHasBuff" buff="god"/> <requirement name="CVarCompare" cvar="_biomeradiation" operation="Equals" value="0"/> </triggered_effect> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="AddBuff" buff="BuffPVE"> <requirement name="NotHasBuff" buff="god"/> <requirement name="CVarCompare" cvar="_biomeradiation" operation="Equals" value="0"/> </triggered_effect> and the same thing with the other part. Also of note an update rate of .0001 is extremely un needed and may cause fps issues if that buff is added to several people at once. every .0001 second it would be forced to check those variables. An update rate of .1 to .3 would be more then enough for this type of buff.. i'd even say a 1 sec update check would suffice. but just food for thought for ya.
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