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  1. Not likely since you didn't post any information that is actually information for people to assist in troubleshooting. Did you read the sticky in this sub forum that describes the steps and information to provide if you want assistance?
  2. Not sure why everyone has such a hardon for bronze tools really. Yeah, bronze would be important if you are playing a civilization game where you started in the stone age and went all the way to modern era; but in a survival game based on today's technology? Why would anyone want to go through the hassle of making bronze for tools or weapons? If you got scrap iron or iron pieces, you would just do that since it is better than using bronze. If you were surviving or rebuilding civilization, you would want to get iron and steel production back up first; then revisit bronze once you are in the age of building sculptures and medals 😉
  3. Fun fact. Every Alpha that someone complains about how long the development cycle is, TFP adds 2 additional Alphas. And you know it is true because it is on the internet. ðŸĪŠ
  4. I was able to find an online video to take it part safely so I can check it out. With the exception of the wheel area, the mouse is pretty clean inside. I did wipe down the little clicker for the LMB, but that doesn't change anything. It is definitely a mechanical issue. The response of the clicker for the LMB is softer (weaker) than the clicker for the RMB. Those mechanical switches can last a long time, but not forever. It definitely looks like it just wore out over time and either needs to be replaced (While I don't mind fixing things, this is probably more than what I want to spend time on) or a new mouse is in my future.
  5. Really, I think swapping scrap metal tools with stone tools would be better (IMHO). Granted, it might make it more difficult (or maybe just longer to craft) than a simple stone tool / weapon, but at least with scrap tools, we don't feel like cavemen at the beginning 🙂 However, I am fine with both.
  6. This is an easy one for everyone to solve (as it only requires your opinion). I started to see an issue while playing where I would instantly fire my bow instead of pulling back and holding the shot. I then noticed that this occurred on other games where I had to keep my LMB pressed for long periods of time. I reloaded the driver for the mouse (with the latest available but this mouse is not supported anymore so that was 2015 I think). Problem still persist. I swapped to my cheap 2 button work mouse and the issue went away. My current mouse (the one with the LMB issue) is a Razer DeathAdder 3.5G. I am thinking about replacing it with the Razer DeathAdder V2, but thought I would get some feedback before I replace it. I can get by for a few days with the work mouse, and I really haven't thought much about Mice to make an opinion.
  7. *sigh* no, just no....no no no.....*sigh*.......no no no 🙄🙁ðŸ˜Ķ😞😖
  8. Wait a minute....you took the time (and did the effort) to create a fully documented journal to describe and inform the player about the things you did in this mod; and yet, you still expect people to read it? have you no decency sir?!? Seriously, great work. Doing these small details that don't affect the gameplay but helps the player (if they would actually read it of course) is the difference between a great mod and a so-so mod.
  9. Curios, how does skeletons fall in the 7d2d universe?
  10. If it makes you feel better, my mind automatically put mountain in front of lion when I was reading your post 🙂
  11. That makes sense as their behavior is different than other animals / zombies. Non-horde night vultures won't attack you unless you are injured (not at full health), on a vehicle that is damaged, or part of a POI. They will circle above you until one of those conditions are met, then they will go into attack mode.
  12. There are mods out there that do limit ammo availability. I am playing one right now were I am at Day 50 and I don't have a ton of ammo saved up (even though I only used arrows for my first 4 horde nights). A simple XML edit will also limit ammo if you are looking to go that route.
  13. No more updates for XBox as the publisher went bankrupted. There might be a new release down the road but only after the PC version is completed and TFP decide to try again with a console version (and find a publisher, etc).
  14. How so? You can make pipe weapons a lot sooner than the other weapons that use the same ammo. I don't rush to find a weapon at the traders on Day 1 and looting at that early of a game stage, I am going to be very lucky to find a Q1 pistol in the toliets. With a pipe weapon, I can use that 9mm or 7.62mm ammo I find early on if I find myself in a bit of a jam.
  15. Did this testing include switches and relays on the other side? For example Spit - block - relay Spit - block - block - relay I know on some of my past base builds I had cop explosions take out relays on the other side but not the block in front of it, but wasn't sure about the spit attack. Granted, my new designs, accounting for explosions, should prevent spit from taking them down; but I am curious if it is possible 🙂
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