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  1. Area specific as in only areas where lumberjacks spawn in, not specific location like Lady Killer where you go to a specific location where they spawn in. These quests have a rally point that starts the quest (so you will see a location and distance in your map / quest log if you haven't started it yet. Once you accept the quest though, the location disappears): Silence of the Lambs Nurse you back to Health Starving Tourists Dog Days are Over Itsy Bitsy Spider Lady Killer Maneater You're Nothing Special Blitz Defense Give me a Z Dishonorable Discharge Cable Guys never made it These quests can be completed anywhere after accepting the quest (so no quest markers and nothing on your map indicating a location to go to): Drunk and Disorderly I'm a Lumberjack and I'm okay Kill the Rabbit Nail some Chicks That'll Do Pig Stag Party Don't Feed the Bears Buy the Farm I believe all of them can be completed just by fullfilling the conditions of the quest, none of them have to be done in a specific location (even the ones with rally points can be done at areas outside of original locations - I have done that when I started the Nothing Special quest at low levels and booked it out of there so I wasn't fighting all the specials right there). These quests are not like the POI quests which has a perimeter you have to stay before you complete the quest Note, this is the area in the Quest.xml file that defines the boundary. If you want to remove that boundary or expand on it, you would modify this portion of the quest file.
  2. Why does there have to be a light or heavy version of each set? A set geared towards stealth is likely to be light armor. Why does there need to be a heavy version? Having to choose between sticking only with light armor (and forgoing specific bonuses) or being flexible on armor type but going with a specific bonus type set is something I can see them doing, as it forces a person to make a choice and have pros / cons based on that choice.
  3. Point is though, Valve already has a solution for it (DIGITAL GIFT CARDS in case you missed my previous posts). You can simply buy a $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100 gift, send it to your friend, and it will automatically go into their Steam wallet and converted into their currency (I am based in US so for me it goes $ to foreign currency). Why would Valve want to create another seperate process to do the exact same thing that their current system (digital gift cards) can already do? Companies and businesses are very reluctant to create two seperate processes if one process already handles both situations well. While your idea might seem simple, it adds complexity to their processes when they already have a process in place to handle those situations. https://store.steampowered.com/digitalgiftcards/selectgiftcard
  4. I don't know many games where you do everything you possibly can do in one playthrough, then provide a completely different playthrough once you go that route. I play Fallout 4 all the way through (DLCs and all). I play it again, unmodded. Same difference. There are no new enemies. The system is the same. No new variety. So is it bad? Is there nothing else I can do on this new playthrough other than using mods? No, there is plenty of different things I can do. I can change the SPECIAL stats and do different perks (same thing as 7D2D). I can go from using rifles to using laser weapons (same thing as 7D2D, not laser weapons, just different classes of weapons). I can turn one settlement into my base and ignore all others vs building up each one I take over (in 7D2D, I can build my own base from scratch or change any of the various POIs into my base, knowing that there will be differences). For 7D2D, I can change my strategy on how I defend on BM nights. I can rely mostly on traps or I can mostly do explosives and melee or I can go in guns blazing. Sometimes I am successfull, sometimes the zombies are eating my liver as a snack. If you play through the game where you use everything and unlock everything, then nothing the game designer can do to make a second playthrough different than the first one. You have done it all already. If your goal is to unlock everything in your playthrough, then it won't matter on the next playthroughs as you have already done it before.
  5. I am not as talented as you guys are, but would adding some other elements (like rocks / boulders) help to make the area more consistent?
  6. The block converter tool will be nice to quickly bring the old POIs up to A20 standards, but I bet a lot of creators will be itching to revisit their POIs (if they haven't moved on from the game that is) to see if some of the new shapes that are being released would be a better fit / spruce up the place 😉
  7. True, but that also speeds up the gamestage. Some people may not want that, which is why I will default to modding first.
  8. Sounds easy, but there are tax considerations to take into account along with currency transfer rates. With one transaction and one account, not much of a problem; but it spread it over a large group of accounts and multiple transactions, the work adds up. It also would increase the liability that Valve would have to incorporate such a system. This becomes a higher accounting / legal / tracking burden for them to undertake when they have a simple solution already in place - Digital gift cards You buy it, gift it to your friend, and it will autmatically convert into their currency. Why add another system when they already have one that works?
  9. And this is the issue (not what TFP has done, but what you are expecting). TFP has a vision for their game, and you stated it perfectly. They want players to replay the game if they want to try new things. You want to play it once and get to try everything you want. That is your vision, but it is not the vision of TFP. It doesn't make TFP's vision wrong or bad or anything like that. It just means that you and them have different goals. Fortunatetly, you can change the game to the way you want to play it. You are not being force to do anything if you just take the time to mod the game (or find a like minded person to do the modding for you) to get the vision you want.
  10. you can always mod the game to give you more perks per level, not hard to do. I don’t think TFP wanted people to be able to perk in everything they wanted early game, it is all about making choices. So if you concentrate in strength, the other areas won’t be as strong and you will have to adjust to make up for them.
  11. For legal purposes https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/58D3-B80D-2943-3CC6#gifts You can have restrictions placed on your account if you attempt to purchase the game in one region for another, including VPN or Humble Bundle. If you can't gift via steam, it is because of the price differences of the areas (buying it cheaper in one area for someone else in another higher price area). Steam will take this as violating the TOS.
  12. Not me, I am perfectly fine with the visual effect. Not sure why someone would have an issue with it, but everyone is different. I think the only thing I would like to change the color of the icon for the healing wait period like they mentioned in the stream
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