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  1. Have you tried uninstalling the mods to see if the issue goes away?
  2. Wouldn't be much of a threat if it is humping everything though
  3. I am not an expert like some of the others in this forum when it comes to 7D2D; but my past experience with updating the OS has always been errors / issues with other software if I don't reboot / restart the system so the updates are fully installed. Ever since I noticed this in the past, I always do a complete shutdown and restart, watching the systems messages I get to verify that everything is updated and no additional restarts required. I haven't had a OS induced error / issue since then (not counting bad updates pushed by the OS OEM 🥴 ).
  4. nah that is easy I just assume the person I am playing is their identical clone....What I am talking about is trying to jump and realize you haven’t leveled up parkour yet, why you don’t have those food receipes unlocked......or my personal favorite, realizing too late that you haven’t found that urban combat book about mines on your current playthrough. 😵
  5. This is what I am doing with my playthroughs, always changing it up. Strength build vs agility builds. Base Day 1 vs POIs. Horde base either my base or a separate base altogether. Use items that I find in loot vs crafting only items. The options I can put on myself keeps me having to change my approach. There are so many other things I have yet to do - fortitude build, perception build, different base strategies etc that starting up a new game doesn’t feel old or stale.... Now if only I could figure out how to reset my mind when I start a new game after getting use to my leve
  6. Are they still trying to get the kinks out of the drone in hopes of an A21 release?
  7. I have gone to 60 minute days (before I was doing 90-120) and I know what you mean. I do one mission and by the time I complete it, I feel like I am rushed to get back to the trader before nightfall. Since I have increased the difficulty, I am thinking of going back to longer days, just so I don’t feel rushed.
  8. Does that make them meat shields for you then?
  9. That's definitely thinking outside of the box..... However, since the trader wanted you to clear the building, the trader had another use for it after you were done with the quest 😉
  10. It depends on how I am playing the playthrough. My previous game was Strength / Intelligent where I could not use anything other than those items I crafted (if it wasn't craftable, I was able to use it) so this is what I went by: Early Game - Sledgehammer, Sex Rex, Miner 69er, Master Chef (Rank 1) ,Living off the Land (Rank 1), Salvage operations (Rank 1) Mid to end of Game (I played until I died during blood horde so I only made it to Day 49 before I made a mistake) - Intelligence tree (Adv Engineering to Rank 3), Adventurer to Rank 3, Continue increase in Strength tree
  11. Maybe they should install a child’s safety lock instead.......😙
  12. A zombie bear with all its hp and power but thr size of a bunny.....no thank you. Can you imagine running through high grass and getting mauled to death before you even knew what was happening.......😂
  13. Typically, I start strong in 1-2 categories (for example, my current playthrough I am going Strength / Intelligence and getting the base stats up to 5/7 each and then into the perks I want; previous build I went Agility first) then branch out to other categories as needed. I still am using machine guns and pistols even though the only range weapon in Strength is the shotgun. I haven't found that not specializing in pistols / machine guns is hindering me in any way (I am currently at Day 47 on Survivalist).
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