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  1. This fan says differently. Keep it up TFP, really have enjoyed the ride that is 7D2D. Most played game ever according to my Steam hours. From my perspective, you are doing something right 😉
  2. What are you going to do when it is finished? Play twice and move on? Sounds like the issue is you, not how long since the last major update of a game in development.
  3. I love how Roland is right now giving everyone flowers @MechanicalLens I saw what you did there. If there ever was a need, now is the time for the poop icon onto your flowers 😁
  4. You do realize that every time you start a quest, a magical, invisible gnome comes to the location and cleans up the landscaping around the POI. You already have a visible marker in place to tell you where you should stay if you don't want to fail the quest. Inside the nice cleaned up area that the gnome took care of before you went inside, you are good. Step outside that area and be prepared to fail your quest.
  5. Court room with supporting rooms (clerks, etc) Licensing offices (inspectors, etc) City utility offices, etc Public meeting spaces Voting clerk Offices, etc Mayor's office with supporting staff Not sure if you already thought of these
  6. @Roland Roland might be best to answer your question as he has talked about this is the past. I flagged him so hopefully he sees this topic (if he hasn't already seen it).
  7. He didn’t say they had weight, he said that if they did have weight, the system couldn’t handle it sice it would treat each bullet (and bottle cap) as one unit and would affect performance
  8. Yeah I just recently started making ammo in the chemistry table (to refill my SMG turrets), but I haven't significantly gone through the brass shells in my storage to make a dent (I have 10s of thousands of shells). Buying from the traders and loot seems to keep my stock for the most part. I do not scrap out any brass in the field (to not lose that 25%) but that was a habit I got from earlier Alpha's which I question if it is even necessary anymore.
  9. Honesty, I been liking the path they have gone since Alpha 15. Are there things I wished they done differently? Sure, but it is their game and their company, so they are making the game they want to. If I don’t enjoy it, I don’t play it. Pretty simple really, no need to complain about the changes. Also, show some respect to the devs. They are working hard to get this game to gold based on the roadmap provided to them. Not saying bugs don’t happen, but they are working hard to fix things and improve things, even if it is not the path you desire.
  10. Glad I limited my budget to the previous generation graphics cards and didn't even try to get the 3000 series. My new system has a 2080 TI card in it and doing very good right now (everything set to max on my games). Co-worker of mine was able to get the 3080 card through Best Buy...though he got it through a Special deal which required him to first purchase an UPS.
  11. When you posted this, I had a guilty laugh 😆. Not that I do spreadsheet leveling-up, just that in several long play games, I have used Excel spreadsheets to track things, like when I use the Sim Settlements mod and use a spreadsheet to track my Empire. 🤔
  12. I mean, it is kind of silly to complain about the system for going over the limit when you can have every slot filled with 6000 small rocks up to the point you become encumbered. There are a lot of different elements to the game that this might be the best solution for it.
  13. Did(I subscribed to his channel). He also maxed out at the very beginning by leveling himself up through the console commands. That is an artificial advancement which is different than playing so long you earned enough XP to max out everything.
  14. Haven't played either of those games (yet). Is it similar to Fallout or The Infected where items have weight and you have a weight limit? The Infected goes a bit further and has a size restriction also tied to your backpack.
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