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  1. I just loaded it up with no errors at all. Is this on a server or a solo game? Do you use other mods? I'm not sure about the loot entry and vehicle errors as the thumper mod doesnt change those files.
  2. buffStatusCheck01 buffStatusCheck02 Look for those buffs in buffs.xml. They are always on the player, so adding an effect group to that buff would always be active. The GTE stuff is greater than or equals. A few other options for that can be found in buffs.xml. I'm not sure this method would work for a repair function though. I haven't really tried locking a repair behind something. Not even sure how to go about that really.
  3. So what I would do here is lock the recipe by default. As in add a learnable tag to the recipe. Then I would make an effect group inside one of the status check buffs. This effect group would do something like this: <effect_group> <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" value="1" tags="yourrecipehere"> <requirement name="PlayerItemCount" item_name="youritemhere" operation="GTE" value="1"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" value="0" tags="yourrecipehere"> <requirement name="PlayerItemCount" item_name="youritemhere" operation="LTE" value="0"/> </passive_effect> </effect_group> This would make it so if you have that item in your inventory, it unlocks the recipe. If you don't have the item, the recipe will be locked / relocked. Note I havent tested this exact code, but I've done something like this before, so it should work.
  4. So what my code does is replace the line here: <AudioClip ClipName="Sounds/Misc/quest_master_complete"/> to use my custom sound (#@modfolder:Resources/TelricsQuestWorld.unity3d?SoundEffectHeroicQuestComplete). You could use that to replace the sounds of the gunfire. You can check in items.xml on the weapon you want to change. So for the pistol, in items.xml it says <property name="Sound_start" value="Pistol_Fire"/> which means it uses the pistol_fire sound from sound.xml and plays that when you fire. Now, under that sound it has 4 different audio clips. You can replace all four of those like i did earlier with whatever sound you have. Hopefully that makes sense.
  5. I use this to set the vanilla's audio clips for a few sounds I want to change. <set xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name='quest_master_complete']/AudioClip/@ClipName">#@modfolder:Resources/TelricsQuestWorld.unity3d?SoundEffectHeroicQuestComplete</set> You'd have to change out each audio clip, if it has multiple, but that's the way I'd do it. Also note, i do believe reload sounds are actually part of the animation now, not just a sound effect. I may be wrong, but pretty sure i'm right on that.
  6. Right so if youre playing a custom map that's already been generated you won't be able to get these pois unless you manually add them to the world. Which is a whole can of worms sometimes. If you generate a new rwg you'll get the pois. But custom maps are already generated I think. ( I haven't messed with this map in particular so can't say with 100% confidence...) Your best bet would be to create a new world for these mods to work. Hope this helps!
  7. I can't say for other's mods, but if one of mine says restart, you have to make a whole new RWG world. Any mod that adds a POI like the ones you listed will require a new world to be created. Not just a new game, but a whole new seed used for the RWG. POIs are put into place at world creation only, which is why it needs a full map restart.
  8. I havent personally tried it. I would think the fishing mod would work as it just adds in a new item and a couple buffs and a block. Nothing done with core systems that DF might change. As for the horses, it does add a POI which will require a restart in itself. It also uses vehicles, which I'm not sure if DF touches those or not. So basically, the fishing mod *should* work fine as is. I'm not entirely sure about the horses one though.
  9. I used to have a naga... Back in my wow days. Then it broke, just like you say here. I switched to a corsair scimitar and havent looked back. Way easier to hold, for me.. I got rather large hands. And I can hit all buttons, where as the naga i had some issues hitting some of the top buttons. Plus it has multiple programmable settings to change what the entire mouse does. But yea... That's what i changed to and it's nice. Think they are about the same price as a naga though. Kinda expensive.
  10. Using <append xpath="..."> will add that stuff to whatever your path is. Using <set xpath="..."> will completely wipe out what you're path is and replace it with what you have. So instead of adding your schems to the lootgroup, it will replace that lootgroup with nothing but your schems, allowing easier testing.
  11. I changed the update rate of the pregnancy check from 1 second to 3 seconds. I didnt mess with the individual rates or anything. At first I had a cooldown on the pregnancy stuff, but it felt a bit useless, since these NPCs are reset when the player leaves the chunk, or logs off. Say I put it on a 10 minute or a 30 minute cooldown. All player would need to do to bypass that timer would be to log out and back in or just walk to the trader and back. There's no way, that I know of, to keep an NPC from resetting it's buffs when leaving the area. That's also why I didnt get to add diseases and other stuff like that in. My first bits of the mod had infections that needed antibiotics to cure for the animals. the infection could spread throughout other nearby animals.. but again, once you left the chunk, they were wiped of that buff. The only reason they dont lose their health or food buffs is those buffs use the health and stamina of that animal, not a cvar or other buff... So, long way of saying, that's why i just did away with cooldown periods and all.
  12. That's why i was saying to use the set xpath for testing. Load up a new game and remove the prob2 template. With using a /set xpath, if you loot a block that gives a schematic, it will always be yours, so you can atleast see that it is infact spawning in loot. Once you know that works for sure, you can change it back to a /append.
  13. For testing, instead of appending to the vanilla group, you can use a set xpath. Then go in and everything you loot that would give a schem should give one of yours, unless something is wrong. of course, since you have it set to use the T2, you won't see any as the prob will be set to 0, unless you are above level 48.. You'll probably just get empty loot if you use a set xpath, until you level up to 48+. I should say, i believe that 48+ is loot gamestage, not just player level... I could be wrong though. But fairly sure its the loot gamestage.
  14. I don't get feedback as often as I'd like, so I can only go off the stuff I get, which in this case has been you lol. I took care of most of this stuff in your list. Reduced the volume of the gender reveal sound. Fixed bears (they the wrong tag so they couldn't eat carnivore food). I reduced the mating speed a bit, but it will always be random. As each animal has it's own mating rate, it's all variable based on the animal, but in the code, it randomly rolls a number between 0 and 200, if there is a male near a female. This happens every second. If that number happens to be below the animal's mating rate (for instance, the bear has 8 rate), it will trigger being pregnant and allow you to get a baby. What i've done is just increase the timer on that buff from 1 second to 3 seconds, meaning it should happen, in theory, 1/3 less... but of course once an animal is pregnant, it will always be pregnant until you harvest the baby, or leave the area and reset the npc.. sterile gloves are now one time use. I had them not consume because i just didn't think it would add any form of gameplay to have to craft one each time you want a baby. and I changed the wild animals to be considered animal npcs. The reason they were all marked as regular npcs was to make it so they dont despawn when you leave the chunk / area for a while. I know for a fact zombies do this, and i'm pretty sure animals do as well. But npcs never have disappeared once spawned. Also i lowered the chance of animals spawning a bit. Lemme know if there's any other changes that would make this mod better. Here's a link for a quick redownload. TelricsHusbandryA19
  15. Just got home and downloaded the mod. I can place them just fine. Maybe try to delete the mod and re download. If not, send the log files so i can see if there's anything weird going on.
  16. I'll check it out when I get home. Out of town right now but will get to it tomorrow. Lemme know if you figure out what's up before I get to it!
  17. 1: you're missing the first root node (entity_classes) 2: you're using a setattribute style syntax for the end. It should be: <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[starts-with(@name,'EntityLootContainer')]/property[@name='TimeStayAfterDeath']/@value">1800</set> changed items are in orange.
  18. There's a sound called silentfiller or something along those lines. You can use it to replace some other sounds to make no sound... Quite useful. I might take an attempt at changing the material values and see what happens, but it's not the end of the world if i can't null this sound. I think i made a little workaround for it anyway. Working on making a buff based attack system for enemies in this RPG mod, where they don't actually attack with their hands like a normal zombie would, but rather its all randomroll buff based. I just lowered their range to like .4 or something and it seems that makes them unable to hit, but they also get very close to the player... A value of .4 was a nice middle ground, so i think itll be fine. Thanks for the helps!
  19. Yeah i tried setting all of those that i listed to a different sound (the vanilla silent one) but no effect at all. Might be a hardcoded sound or something. Who knows... lol
  20. Yeah it's the sound when you have full metal armor on, and i believe it happens in god mode as well. Can't remember off the top of my head. Just checked, it does not play on god mode. Equipping a full set of steel armor makes the sound I'm trying to find.
  21. Hey all, I'm trying to mute the sound played when you're attacked with high physical damage resist. It's also the sound played when zombies attack doors. I've tried: hitarmyhelmet hitarmormetal organichitmetal no luck so far. Figured I would ask incase anyone else has figured out which sound effect it is. Lemme know if you know! Thanks!
  22. Got a request for a standalone version of my new health bars that I'm adding to the fantasy mod I'm working on, so I did it. A bit different than the original health bars modlet, in that it activates based on distance from the enemies, not on hits. Check it out under the new mods category!
  23. Nothing can do less than 1 damage. To blocks, or entities. You could add a collide property to all of the terrain blocks that has everything except bullet, which should make it so guns wont damage it. Not that I know of..
  24. A19 now has 10 slot toolbars in base game. Chances are that UI mod hasn't been updated to be compatible with A19 seeing as it was updated last in September of 2020.
  25. You only have 14 entries between the commas in your localization. Vanilla has 20. If you're doing a modlet, you dont need all of those commas and what not. At the start of the localization file just put Key,english... Then you'll just need DHTA_Blade_Trap,Improved Blade Trap... no need for the 20 additional entries.
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