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  1. I appreciate it, but some of the quests wont work if the POI is considered a trader area. The dust bunnies quest and Abbys locket quest require you to break a certain block or blocks, which you won't be able to do if it's a trader area.
  2. I have fixed the original horses mod. For some reason using an entitytagcompare check on a useother item now doesn't work. Replacing it with target_tags made it work. So for all a19.2 peeps, redownload the mod if you are still playing the original horses mod. Telrics Horses - Original
  3. well the ranch does use a lot of sounds. all the check points and all that. they probably generate some heat. and if you have the music box on i'm not sure if it will give heat or not since its acutally connected to the block through unity. so each time you walk near an NPC and they greet you, it triggers a sound, which probably generates heat.
  4. I'm not sure yet. Just got home but gotta go back out in a min to the store... I didnt change anything but the localization in the latest update so idk how it could have stopped working unless it was vanilla changes.. Ill have to test and see.
  5. Just found out the original horses mod isn't working.. Apples aren't giving the horses the buff to use a saddle on. I'll have to check it out later when i get home.
  6. Lol all good. Use a knife (even a bone one) and youll get the goodies. Also, I just fixed the localization for the unlocks buff. Alsox2, @7daysLichti has translated the Original horse mod into German. Download again if you want German translation!
  7. nah those are just localization fixes. you just wont get a description when you get the unlock buff. itll all work fine though
  8. Awesome, as always! Ill add the local later today. As for the screamers, all the light objects should be the POI versions.. Where were the screamers heading to when they were spawned? There are a lot of sounds that happen, so that might attract some. Running over the check points and all. Ill fix those two buffs today also..
  9. Hmm.. weird cuz i just looked on the file from dropbox and it has this: <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceSpiderQueenHead" tag="butcherHarvest" count="1"/> so it should be a 100% chance..
  10. Lol stay away from the sisters heads.... lol.. Have you been skinning them with butcher?
  11. I've never done a powered door before.. I might see if what i have now will work with just making it take electricity.. I actually had to use xyth's tutorial to do that gate lol. Never done an interactable door before. As for the hitboxes, yeah i think it has to do with multiblocks maybe? The xml hitbox is a 5x1x3 so you're able to interact within that area.. but in unity, i have 2 hitboxes that rotate with the doors that go outside of that area.. I have no idea how to get the xml to register it outside of the 5x1x3 area.. If anyone knows, i'd be down to change w/e to make it work... As for
  12. I'm just going off something that was posted in guppys discord a long while back where it showed all the code bits that werent hooked up yet. had lots of new objectives that aren't quite implemented yet.. hopefully all those are still coming.
  13. Quests are definitly fun. Lots of creativity.. Though ill admit i got pretty burnt out when i got around to doing the quest to get the horse in this one.. So it's not quite as good as it could be. Plus having to keep in mind multiple players doing the quests and all.. All items have to replenish themselves and all.. One day we'll have buff triggers for completing quests.. That'll open a ton of opportunities up. Not just a requirement of having a certain buff, but an actual objective of getting a certain buff. Can't wait for that...
  14. They spawn randomly yes, but you aren't able to tame them like the original version. They are mostly decoration / meat sources now. Might do something like i did with the spiders where you have a chance of getting a unique horse or something from skinning them or something... But for right now, just deco / meats.
  15. Just put out the horse mod 2.0.. This one adds a new POI for players to find and gain reputation with the NPCs there by completing quests. Unlock new quests and even some minigames by getting to certain reputation points! Play a game of Simon Says with the little child and complete a horse obstacle course to upgrade a horse of your choice to a tier 2 horse with more inventory space and more speed. Don't forget to break the music box block to get some relaxing ranch music while you're near the POI.
  16. Awesome.. some of the pokemon can be hard to hit.. They all use a scaled down or up vanilla entity as the hitbox, so there could be some gaps where you can't hit them well. I tried my best to get them lined up well, but its soooo fiddly sometimes.. One day I'll lean the creaturepacks way of doing things, but idk... I dont wanna learn anything right now 😛 Which pokemon was giving you trouble? I might can look into that one later today when I'm home.
  17. I did some testing before releasing and spawned esch pokemon by using thr balls. They all worked fine and i was able to return esch of them. Make sure you marked them on a team using thr pokedex on yourself, then right clicking your spawned pokemon.
  18. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    Nah it was my fault.. No idea how i managed to link the thread twice lol.. It has now been updated. Here is a quick link for it. And it should work in a19.1.. not much changed in .2... Telrics Pokemod A19
  19. Fixed the pokemod link... For some reason i linked the old pokemon thread instead of the download.
  20. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    Yeah ill fix it when i get home in a bit... no clue how i linked to this post on that. Lol
  21. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    Click on the yellow "telrics pokemon". Would get you a link but not at home right now. If you click any of my mod names, that is the link. Scratch that... just tried clicking on phone and it went to this post. Ill fix when i get home..
  22. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    The new download is on the forum post i linked. On my main post for a19 stuff.
  23. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    @Balthial @CrypticGirl Just wanted to send an @ to you guys to say I updated the pokemod to a19.2 since you seemed interested in playing. You can find the download here: Telrics Modlets
  24. Speaking of pokemod... I just uploaded the updated version for a19.2 b3, for those who want to play that in a19.
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