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  1. I don't mean make a mod to go crazy with like 50 but maybe 5-10 per slot and, when picked up, they go back into that slot until they fill up and then go to the next available slot. But, when in hand, and being throw, the countdown from 10 to 0 and finally empty out. I've just seen it done on other games and it sorta makes sense to do it here. It takes up less belt slots and you don't have to switch to another slot to throw another spear.
  2. Good point. I do have a mod that has a small sum of them but what mod allows you to pick up those crates and carry them around with you? I think one mod got overlapped by the other. I just don't know which one it was. I went throught the DRs mods but they don't seem to contain a listing for the Shamway, Working Stiffs, Shotgun Messiah, ect crates. Heck, if i knew the ID of them i could just import them into the mods myself but i never can find a listing with their coding IDs
  3. At one point i had a mod that allowed me to pickup crates like Working Stiff, Shotgun Messiah, Shamway, ect.....now it seems to have gone dormant or just "gone". Also, i've got Soldier Zombies that only get knocked down, by bullets, but only take physical damage via melee weapons. Can someone identify the crate pickup mod and tell me what mod would make soldiers bulletproof? I came back to A18.2 expecting some different stuff....well, i got it. Lol.
  4. Kilroy5150

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Right? And this is their OLD interface....I mean how do you go from awesome to boring? In so many words, somebody didn't listen to the fans. But i talked with someone, i can't say who, that told me that the "older" staff never really listened to players all that well.
  5. Kilroy5150

    NPCs DMT Mod

    I have been running a game, with NPCs involved but the most of what i see are the NPCs who a trying to kill you. And yes, it seems the NPCs (in the video) are quite a bit more personable and you can interact with. I was talking with Fox and mentioned that Xyth & Sphereii had a real handle on the NPCs and, in my opinion, had superior code. Fox doesn't tend to elaborate, too much, on things i've noticed lol. Sphereii, if you're reading, i got ahold of N2N1 and he said he didn't do HUDs (alone) but wanted to do more of a total experience and it seems as if everyone is waiting for A18 to drop their "mega bomb" updates to all their old mods. However, i did find "the" HUD that seemed to be what i was looking for. https://i.ibb.co/Yjy3Mf6/2015-06-05-00015-600x338.jpg I would like to ask: Is it against forum rules to make a request to "pay" someone to remake something like the above HUD in an open post under requests? I don't remember any mention of it but you guys have been around so long, i figure if anyone knows it's you. Honestly i would pay someone, then make it public, for everyone to use because, if i was going to buy it i would buy the rights to distribution outright. And, i'm asking here to avoid asking in a larger public area due to the unnecessary amount of backlash i could end up getting from people who would neither be involved nor care but had to react for the sake of reacting.
  6. Believe it or not, i would pay money for a HUD like that:smile-new:
  7. No, i'm thinking radar. Image link below pretty much shows it as a mini graphical map w radar on it. https://twinfinite.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_251143821_preview.jpg
  8. Any chance this mod will see another A17.x update? There are a lot of glitches, especially vehicles disappearing and i was just wondering if there were going to be some newer than 3 months old? This was a good idea, going forward, but seems to have stalled a little.
  9. Ah well, it seemed as if you were after me when N2N1 said he didn't understand really what i was asking for. After 30+ years of seeing posters commenting on things, it's harder to tell who's talking about who. I think i would have understood better if you had said, "Devs really can't make up their minds" lol. In the 80s, it was common to have someone throw in comments (that had nothing to do with anything being side) just to look witty. And, in all honesty, those typical types haven't gotten any better over the years. You have my apologies. But, honestly, (and i'm being genuine) i had really never heard of you until you responded....All jokes aside, i've never seen you post anywhere i've read on here. Lol, i suppose we just never crossed paths.
  10. As i said, Xyth & Sphereii sent me in your direction when i mentioned i wanted the old-style GUI so i'm here asking. I wasn't aware it wasn't just a HUD until you said so. You kinda answered my post as if i were asking the same thing several different times even though you quoted from two different messages, which is no problem. I was just given the impression you had the HUD i was looking for, that's all. - - - Updated - - - Mis-informed individuals often make jokes when they really don't know exactly what they're commenting on , it's a common thing (in forums) when people attempt to look witty because of a false perception. No worries , no offense taken.
  11. Those GUIs just seem so much superior than these xml ones that just kinda get by. Now, the one above, it's compass wasn't all that impressive but i've seen others. The GUI with the radar was just amazing. One thing i've noticed about this game (and thank god for modders) is that the main coders will just throw something away they don't want anymore even if we love it. This GUI, certain game elements, they just can them because they don't think they should be in the game anymore. I'll see a mod that says "This used to be in the game so i'm bringing it back" and i think crap, they are right. This GUI should be an optional piece of code, that could be added with SDX, if a player wants. I know it would probably clash with the major overhauls but i can live without most of them seeing as how %50 of what they have comes from other modders stuff anyway. This GUI would make an excellent mod. And i've seen a few other modders code in similar GUIs so it's obvious it can be done. This guy, who made mods for Minecraft, did a genius thing: He just made a GUI interface with EVERYTHING you could think of then made every piece with the option to use/not use every element and move it and place it around the screen to where you wanted it. That HUD GUI became my favorite because it made me feel like i was doing the actual customization.
  12. Xyth & Sphereii told me you had an awesome HUD and to ask you if you had one updated to 17.4, i just wasn't sure if you were going to be on and looking anytime soon. That old, graphical hud just looked so clean and so cool (with the glass cylinder-like effects) and it had RADAR on it....that was awesome. I dunno why they would get rid of it. Did it cause some major lag or something? Can you drop me a link to yours?
  13. Kilroy5150

    NPCs DMT Mod

    You and Xyth seems to be chill with most things i've noticed but there are a few authors that tend to get very strange and territorial over some things. Still, thanks for the advice.
  14. Kilroy5150

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Ouch, did that once with another author and he freaked out on me for sending a private email and that caught me by surprise, the guy claimed it was "against the rules" to send private emails.....why are they there then? lol Kinda gun-shy since that moment so i'll just try the other options you mentioned.
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