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  1. Can we not obtain solar piece from existing solar panels when we wrench/socket them? Is it me, did i miss something? Please lemme know if i did. I wrenched 10 solar banks and nothing came of it that was solar.
  2. This is a great mod but there's one thing about it i simply just don't understand. Why does it prevent you from scrapping things like cans? Is it some sort of "balance" that he had in mind when creating it?
  3. A20 is surprising me in all kinds of ways especially some of the new mod ideas but i was wondering, is there a mod about lights such as street lights? Can we pick them up? Once picked up, can we plant them and then wire them up for use? I do love this game but it's tear down/build up approach takes so much time to get anything (of substance) built and the ability to pickup items is a great help to building any kind of place of your own (i do it just to see what i can build) and it's fun to build. I have made a point of, when i review this game, pointing out that the modding community is what makes this game great.
  4. Hey, i don't know if anyone's asked or knows but is the elevator getting an A20 tour? A lot of good mods, from the past, seem to fade into non-existence and i hope this won't be one.
  5. I love the class system but, for my own personal game, i added my own class to the system, The Rogue. Considering how long it takes to get the supplies to get a gyrocopter, The Rogue is a post-apocalyptic "Han Solo" with his own ride. No, it's not the Millenium Falcon, but it's got it where it counts. Because he's ex-military he dresses part military but has how own sense of dress, not being hard core military. I also put him together with a small scope and a silencer since he's a an infiltrator as well and needs to keep silent but not unbelievable silent. I really suggest if you make your own Rogue, make him part of a group. I added in the Gyrocopter 3-seat, Magbow, and Gynacher's Bright Goggles mods so "The Rogue" could have some specialist weapons and equipment and his ride can be shared. It's good to have one guy, in the air, keeping an eye on things and scouting ahead, especially if the game is set to higher levels. I love this game but it takes FAR too long, with all that's out there, to get all those benches put together and i enjoy grinding but i don't want it to be my character's primary way of life. Personally, and this is just me talking about my take, i disabled the 7 day attack and just added mods for more "roaming" groups of zombies, it makes the game interesting. Again, this is just me.
  6. I was wonder if it's time for the gyrocopter to get an upgrade? I mean, i can deal with the weirdo flying controls but now we fly in fog. Would it help to have a 1st person view with some sort of ground-radar screen to get some idea of what we're flying into. And, i cannot speak for anyone else in this, my gyrocopter has no mod slots. One would agree it would benefit with things like the fuel efficiency mod and a module to speed it up a bit. Possibly a downward light module would improve when we're flying over a hot-zone and need to know what we are dropping our friends into. I have seen the mods for more seats and i do thank the author for that. He's going in the right direction with that thinking. Am i wrong in assuming that, in order to alter the flight controls, it would take code outside of the normal game code? I have no idea so i use the word assume with great humility. It just feels like more could be done with the gyro, like Quests where you have to drop players into a hot-zone of infestation to fight their way through and pick up a package. That would be a great Quest to play co op. And let's all be honest, a gyrocopter with a module that allows you to drop napalm.....oh so fun. I don't mean make the gyro overly offensive but just enough to make a quest, like i mentioned above, interesting. I also wondered if some "time" related quests, like in Far Cry 5, might make the game more interesting. I thought about the ability to hover and zip-line but that might be too complicated. What do you guys think?
  7. LOL. Hey, it never hurts to ask, right? That gyrocopter is getting really old I'm actually starting to wonder if we need ground radar flying in that fog. LOL.
  8. I might have missed the post, but can anyone tell me when the A20 version of the vehicle package is coming out?
  9. Oh yeah, dude, it would be great to have the option.
  10. Hey Ragsy, any chance that the first-person vehicle view is going to make it into A20?
  11. I know it would require either a bunch of guys throwing in or just one guy doing a lot of moding but what about an app (windows or even Android/IOS) that allowed you to (checkbox) select mods you wanted installed on your game and you could select what version of 7 Days to Die you're running beforehand. It could be an "offline" app with a ton of small mods in it or one that downloads. Now something i've always wanted to see is one that's smart enough so, when you check one mod and run down the line to another, it would say "This will conflict" or "This is redundant because you have it selected in another mod". But the BEST part about this mod is....it builds it's own file to download when done rather than having a ton of small, scattered mods. Also, it would be intelligent enough to notate (in the mod it makes) what is where and why it's there. I know that's a lot but that kind of mod manager would be insanely cool and could, potentially, drop the number of "pointless" posts for people, who claim to have a problem, when they're just not really paying attention and i know moders get tired of that. lol How hard would something like that be to code in? I know it would be a real B to keep up to date but man it would be insanely cool because a TON of mods are nothing more than 1, 2, or 3 lines of code (added in a text file) and it just seems like there's got to be a more efficient way to create an AIO/DIY mod out of pre-existing ones. I was thinking the general structure of the program would be fairly simple up to a 0 or 1 situation and the rest is to implement the code in the right place, which would be a bit more difficult, structure wise. And modders could just, over time, add their code and selection in via some part of the software to upload to some central database. I dunno, this is just me thinking out loud because i ran across something quite similar on some older games a few years back. It wouldn't be a launcher, it would be way more intuitive. Thoughts?
  12. Yes, you are very right. There's a lot out there and i'm sure it's a job to even keep track of stuff. I'm guessing that's why it's done a lot less than other mods Wait, did i miss something? A link or did you attach a file? Maybe my browser isn't picking it up?
  13. Honestly? As many non-working devices that can be made working. It just feels better knowing that they all could be grouped into one mod. I've been with 7D2D for a long time and, when people ask me about it, I have to tell people that the modders are what makes the game worth playing (to me). You guys seem to be about 2-5 years ahead on what would make the QOL feeling, in this game, better. Do you do any pickup mods? If so, could you combine the pickup with the ability to scrap anything you make available to pick up? That's been my real issue with 7d2d is there's so much out there, that could be picked up and scrapped, that can't be touched by default. When you guys get an idea to make content more accessible, I love ya for it
  14. Good deal. Is there any chance all the "working" (stove, sink, water cooler, ect) mods will be put into a singular mod package?
  15. I'm having a small issue installing through Vortex. I noticed there is a "blank" folder (within the archive), with no name, that could be causing this?
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