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  1. Yeah i think i crossed that line with the pokemod.... 😛
  2. Lol thanks. Not my style of mod.. Not enough weird stuff in it 😛 But if a friend asks, you must deliver!
  3. Just put up a new modlet for some iron gates. It's located in the new Block Modlets category. Just a quick mod that was made for a friend that I'm putting up here as well.
  4. I'll definitly look into cvars. that might help the server side issue. I'll revisit and completely rework the buffs to see what i can come up with... If there's an interest of course.
  5. I'm able to edit that post above yours still.
  6. Same here. I can't edit my main modding post, sadly. But I'm able to edit this newly posted post...
  7. I would very much like to do all that and more. The issue with it not working on a server (yet?) as well as vincent reverting to no buffs if you leave the chunk make it less appealing for me to do till i figure that part out. Would be nice to give an npc something to do while you go off and do your own thing, instead of needing to stay at the base.
  8. Yeah always up for suggestions. Vincent was kinda just a test to see how people would like it. The only problem is it dont work on servers... but i might find a way sometime. Right now it uses straight buffs but i might can do something with a single buff and cvars that change it. Ill have to look into it after my horse mod is complete.
  9. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    There should be a few pokemon that spawn in the desert. Each biome has a different set of spawns.. Might want to check it's installed correctly by opening up the spawn menu in DM and just see if some pokemon are in there.
  10. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    Uhh possibly. i never tested without zombies on. I think several of them use a zombie entity and some use animals.. There should be spawns that you've seen by now, if you've explored that much. They were pretty common.
  11. Awesome, ill do that and see how it affects my performance.
  12. How do i do that exactly? Like i said, i have steam installed on that SSD, so all the config files and such are downloaded onto the SSD, but the actual world files (which i'd assume would be the key items to increase performance) are all on my main HDD where my OS is. %appdata% stuff... That could give me the little bump i am looking for in itself.
  13. I do have an SSD but everything isnt on it.. I just put steam on it, so the appdata and my actual OS are on an HDD still. Been meaning to get around to wiping everything and putting OS on the SSD, but just havent.
  14. One thing you could do is go into the vanilla xml files and change around the actual item's properties.. For example, i think it has a CanDrop property that makes it so it can't be thrown out of inventory.. Might could remove that or something. I wont be home to test, but just an idea you could try if you're still tryin to keep your saves.
  15. Thoughts on this lil fella? 2070 I see it only had DX 12.. Does 7dtd run better or worse with that compared to 11?
  16. Hmm i might look into a 2070 for the 2 extra GB.. roughly same price as 2060.. don't quite have enough for the 3080 just laying around lol..
  17. I figure most of this computer is quite out dated considering i built it several years ago. 5 or 6 or so. As for the overclocking, i never learned how to do all that. I just built the computer and was fine with it as is..
  18. So I have some cash laying around and debating to upgrade some parts on my PC. I basically play 7dtd for about 90% of the time and other games the rest, so I'd like some input on what I should upgrade to get 7dtd running as well as I can. Not too worried about other games. Here are my specs atm... Intel i7-4790k @ 4.00 (not overclocked) 32g ram Asus z97-E mobo GTX 970 x2 (sli together) Windows 10 This computer is by no means bad, but I feel I could upgrade something to get even more out of 7dtd. So gimme some ideas on what I should focus on upgrading and some recommendation
  19. If you activate cheat mode and hit U, there will be a trashcan icon at the top of the inventory that can clear out anything in your bags... You could put away all your good stuff in a chest, then use that button to clear out the bad item. Haven't tested with an item that throws errors, but might be worth it to not destroy a characters progresss if you don't want that.
  20. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    That's all the steps, but this mod is for alpha 18. It's not going to work in alpha 19 if you're trying there. ATM I dont have plans to update it.. Wasn't a very popular mod. lol
  21. Typing helper in your recipes list will show all of these well.. helper blocks that you can select new blocks from.
  22. You can change the maxrepeaterate to a much higher number (it's in seconds). So value=10 would be 10 seconds between when its possible for the sound to play again. Version 2.0 is getting nearer to being complete.. ill be sure to increase the rate in the next version.
  23. Well the max voices is how many instances of that specific sound can be playing at any one time, and repeat rate is how much time has to pass before the next instance of the sound can be played. Don't think those would do anything. Also, this doesnt just happen when going under water, if you are not at 100% health, it randomly cuts off. I only did the water showcase cuz its easy to replicate. Being below 100% health will randomly make it stop playing. No specific amount of time to pass or anything, just completely random.
  24. The sounds I've got going will play just fine when the buff triggers them, but will randomly stop playing in some conditions. If the player isnt at 100% health, or the player goes underwater, and some other scenarios. At first I thought it was just the audiosource. I use the weaponfire source, but changed over to the notification source. The issue still continued. I've also tried turning off the dynamic music, but that didn't fix it either. This gives no errors or anything, even in output log. Here is a single node from my sounds.xml. It is triggered through a PlaySound action in b
  25. I dont know yet. I havent been able to dig into that part. Got too many projects going on already.
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