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  1. I was wondering why my head was on fire today! I enjoy modding. If someone finds the mods fun, I consider it payment enough. I'm always up for suggestions and feedback. Even if I don't always implement the feedback into the mod. So if you have any more suggestions, send them my way and I'll look into some. Have fun fishing!
  2. Just updated and added a craftable fishing location. It's invisible, so you can place it on your docks. Hope ya like it.
  3. Lol no need to donate, just enjoy the mods!👍
  4. I just put out a revised copy. Can be found here: New Fishing. Be careful though. If you had the old mod installed, you may get errors. You'll need to remove the fishing spot blocks that you placed (need to dig under them so they fall). The new files remove that feature. In the new mod, you can fish in any body of water, as long as you're standing in it. Doesn't have to be deep. Just a toe tickle. I removed the pop ups and changed some sounds. I tested with the tooltip pop up, but it was extremely all over the place as to when it'd pop up. Since you can only have 1 tooltip on screen at once, it would get backlogged and appear after you'd already caught the fish. So i didnt add that. I did add a splashing sound when you have a bite. Also i editted the icon a little bit so you can tell it's a fishing pole a bit faster. Lemme know if it works for ya
  5. Alright well.. lemme ask this. Do you play only SP? SP and MP are completely different when it comes to buffs.. I've been trying my best to make mods that work with MP along with SP, but with SP I'd have way more freedom. Example, in MP, a buff on an enemy entity doesn't always fire off correctly, when using the AOE targets. It will fire off correctly for the host, but not for clients. But in SP, it will fire correctly every time. If most of the people play SP that use my mods, I'll just start focusing on SP stuff. Might put up a poll on the main page later today and see. If SP is the goto for my mods, I'll just scrap this fishing mod and redo it into something a bit different. I have an idea of how it'd work already. But ill see about it later today after some skating And you're right.. It is on the player if they cheese the way games / mods are meant to be played. 100% agree.
  6. Sounds good. Ill work on the icon a bit as well. Ty for the feedback! As for the spot, it's a block that's placed and you step on it to get a buff. So if something is sorta covering it, it might not work right. Terrain can kinda overlap hitboxes or raise your character just enough so you won't step on it correctly all the time.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! Fishing in any water is possible with this mod, but (as with meanclouds mod) there just aren't enough variables to check in buffs.. For example, I've tested buffs like meanclouds where it checks wetness levels. But the problem is, when it rains, that allows fishing any any location, no water needed. There isn't a check for specifically in water. I've always wanted to stay away from placing a block item and let it upgrade to get your fish. I wanted it all done with the fishing rod, so I went with buffs. Sadly, this makes it so I need to specify when fishing is available... This would be very possible if water was still it's own biome. Just run a biome check on the player when holding the rod. but unfortunately, water is now dynamically created at world gen. When I was doing my pirate mod, I had a custom world with water actually set to the correct biome and it worked flawlessly in any body of water. But that was with painting custom biomes.. 😕 As for the on screen prompts, that could be changed to display where notification text shows up. I might dabble in that a bit at some point to see how it'd work. You can only display one notification at a time, so if you get hot or something while fishing, it might not display "you caught a fish, reel it in" till its too late. But ill see. I think item mods can give players buffs, but those buffs can't be used to change what item is generated with right click (it uses the same idea as drinking a glass of water gives back an empty glass), so it has to be tied to specific items when done this way. I tried every possible combination of buff to get this working, trust me. lol. Requiring a different rod for different fish is very annoying, but I'd rather use buffs in place of the player putting a block down and it growing into loot. And no scathing interpreted... lol. Ill look into the buff pop up thing though for sure. That'd atleast remove the arcadey pop ups.
  8. Just got around to adding some recipes for the can of tuna and can of salmon for the fishing mod. Each require a can and a fish to craft. Also removed the german translation stuff for now.
  9. Zombies have a limited time in this world... Either 12 or 24 hours after being spawned (in game hours). They will just fall over dead when this time is up.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah it's mostly just a test to determine how it'd be welcomed in my rpg mod. That's why there's more arcadey type things on it with the icons and what not. Ill definitly add a couple recipes sometime today (just got home..). As for the distance, that can be adjusted easily in unity so ill look into that. In the mod i'm working on, you actually progress your fishing, unlocking new fishing poles that can catch different fish and all. They all have different bite chances, but for this one I just put it at 8% per second... That could be lowered or upped depending on how OP it all feels.
  11. Hey all, I just put out a fishing modlet (can be found under the events modlets section). It's a bit of a test modlet to see what people think of this style of fishing. Working on this RPG mod and this is the type of fishing in that mod... Though much much less involved. Test it out and let me know how you like it. There's only 1 recipe for the fish atm.. I hate doing recipes... Be sure to read how the mod works. The white cube is intended... Enjoy!
  12. Glad you got it. And yes, append is, by definition, adding something. If you wanted to change something that already exists, you'd use a <set> xpath.
  13. You need another perk node. This is looking for a perks node named perkmasterchef that's a child of the progression node.. the perkmasterchef is a perk that's a child of the perks node.... /progression/perks/perk[@name='perkMasterChef']/effect_group As a tip, I always use alt0 in notepad++ to collapse all nodes, then write them in the xpath as i uncollapse them.
  14. You can put a modifier in the entityclass.. <property name="SoundFootstepModifier" value="Enemies/Feral_Zombie/zombieferalfootstep"/> Idk if vanilla has a silent sound or not.
  15. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    Lol thank you. it was fun to make.. Right now i'm real deep in making an rpg mod, so I wont be messing with older mods for a bit.
  16. Its in blocks.xml. if a block doesnt have the property, it defaults to a stacknumber of 500. The powered turrets have the property and are set to a sn of 10.
  17. In essence, an explosion is just aoe damage with a particle effect.. Both of which are doable via buffs (or triggered effects). In code, it would be considered a hacky way to do things, but in gameplay it would look as if you caused an explosion when you attack... What I would do is create a particle (or use one in game, though i dont think you can use the normal explosion particles as they are an index), then add a triggered effect to the weapon in question. This would use the onselfattackedother trigger to apply a buff to target=selfAOE. This buff would deal the damage. Then, i'd also make another buff that would trigger the particle to be displayed on the target hit. Same concept.. onselfattackedother, add buff target=other, this buff would just display a particle. Again, very hacky, but it would work...
  18. I think all that can be found in the xml and in the prefab editor.. The facenorth is 0. The y offset is -7. The size is 81,47,78. As for the .pille file, I'd assume that's from pilles prefab editor, which is another thing ive never used lol... Maybe just loading the prefab into that editor and saving it would generate a .pille.... But i'm not sure. Also note that the xmls are set to have this: <property name="Zoning" value="ResidentialOld, Commercial" /> <property name="AllowedBiomes" value="burnt_forest,snow,plains,pine_forest,forest,desert" /> Not sure if that's needed for nitro or not.
  19. Hey thanks for playing! For that, I have no idea. I've never messed with compo pack and nitrogen together. That might be a better question to ask in nitrogen's thread.. How to add prefabs to the gen list.. Sorry I dont have a direct answer
  20. Just put in a little fix that someone brought up. The horses in horse2.0 mod werent able to be healed with apples. Fixed that now, so redownload the files if you're wanting that to work again. It wont require a restart or anything if you redownload.
  21. <property name="AllowAllRotations" value="true"/> <!-- enables the 45 degree rotations --> Supposedly that's what makes it work at 45 angles. I didn't test though so idk if there's more to it than that.
  22. Awesome! Thanks Chiko. I added it to the files in dropbox.
  23. Hey all! While working on this RPG project, I created a little assassin. The model is from mixamo. You can find the link and a video (though idk how well itll show the stealth part) in the "Entity Modlets" section.
  24. Just tried it on my end and i dont get those messages. Try verifying files. Do you have a mod that for some reason changes the names of biomes?
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