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  1. Np glad to help! You can do it that way, for sure. Use one buff that then splits off. Idk the cvar name for fort bites, so you'd have to check that buff to find out what that is exactly, unless you did already. Another way you can do it is on the actual item itself in items.xml.. you can make a onselfprimaryactionend trigger that gives each buff. Me personally, i like to do as much as possible in one xml file. So i load down with buffs. Ill make the weapon / item give a single buff (usually i call it like.. buffThisWeaponStart) then from there i trigger other buffs via buffstart, buffupdate, or bufffinish/remove.. That's just how i do it. As for melee attack speed, that's doable too. A bit different though. It's a passive effect, meaning it will last as long as the buff lasts, or if you use cvars (a bit more advanced..) Look in items.xml for the exact like, but i think its attacksperminute. It's a passive. Also to note, anything in items.xml that is inside the <effect_group> tags are usable through buffs. Magazine size, stamina loss, all that stuff.
  2. Bout to head to bed, so if you don't manage to get it working, i wrote this buff.. it should work, though i havent tested it. if anything it can be a starting spot for ya.. this is the buff that you'd reference in the walkson property. <buff name="buffThisIsYourNewBuff" hidden="true"> <stack_type value="replace"/> <duration value=".5"/> <!-- you don't need a long duration for a buff that's just used as a trigger --> <effect_group name="Set CVar"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$buffDrugRecogDuration" operation="set" value="300"/> <!-- set the value here to be w/e you want the duration of the recog buff to be. --> </effect_group> <effect_group name="Add Recog Buff"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffFinish" action="AddBuff" buff="buffDrugRecog" target="self"/> <!-- this will add the recog buff, after this buff has finished (in .5 seconds) --> </effect_group> </buff> Leave a post if you need help on it.. ill check tomorrow. GL!
  3. Yeah its possible. What i would do is create a new buff.. call it say buffRecogDurationTrigger or w/e you want. have that as the buff that's given through the walkson property of the block... then in buffs.xml, inside this new buff you would do onSelfBuffStart, set the cvar (what i linked earlier) to w/e you want the duration as, then another onSelfBuffStart that would AddBuff the recog buff..
  4. I would suggest learning buffs.. It will open up a whole new world to modding. Most of all my mods have to do with buffs. If you attempt it and need help let me know.. But def try it yourself first. Buffs.xml is quite intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, everything is fairly straight forward in there.
  5. BuffsWhenWalkedOn triggers a buff from buffs.xml when that specific block is walked on. You'd have to add a new buff in that xml.
  6. Looks like recog uses a cvar called: $buffDrugRecogDuration It's subtracted from by the @$MetabolismDuration amount, and once the $buffDrugRecogDuration is LTE 0, it removes the recog buff. That check happens every 1 sec (buffs without a defined update_rate will default to 1 sec). So you'll need a buffer buff that applies the recog buff as well as sets a duration for that cvar.
  7. Glad you liked the quests. Looks like you figured out the side quests.. I'm currently working on a massive overhaul mod that contains many many quests, much like this one. So... when its released (long ways off still) you'll have plenty to do.
  8. Alot of buffs use a cvar counter to determine the duration. I think recog one does,but not fully sure. Look at it in buffs.xml to see. If thats the case, you would need a primer buff as the one the player gets when stepping om block. This buff would then add the recog buff and set a cvar amount.
  9. I just loaded it up and it's allowing me to interact with her. It might be a conflict with another mod or something. You can type while in DM to give yourself the quest, if you're on single player or admin on a server. I'm not sure why it wouldnt allow you to interact, since its just a lootable block.
  10. You get the quest from the npc next to the door.
  11. Awesome! Thank you, as always, Chiko! I've updated the files to include this localization now.
  12. I wonder what people said when they first played a mario game.. "What? I simply have to jump on a mushroom's head to kill it?!?! ABSURD!!!"
  13. For future, when you are targetting a property by name, you use ...passive_effect[@name='WaterChangeOT']... not parenthesis. the [contains] code works cuz it's all wrapped up in brackets, not just parenthesis.
  14. Not sure what's so hard about dragging a folder into another folder... That's all that is required for people to have the mods you have on the server... If you're wanting new players on the server, put a list of the mods required on the server's description or something. Steam workshop will be nice when it gets here, but it's dead simple to add a mod as it is now. If it's the DLL modded ones, there is a mod launcher that will set it all up for you.
  15. I did this little number to set all lootcontainers to use my custom stuff (for a mod i'm workin on). <set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[contains(@loot_quality_template, qual)]"> so far i haven't found a container that doesn't have my custom items inside... but i haven't tested each one.
  16. Crappy = exactly the same in this case... You either dont have a box collider or dont have a T_Mesh_B tag, or have the tags in the incorrect slot in the tag manager... Once those 3 requirements are met, it will be lootable / interactable with however you have your xml.
  17. Not at home right now so i cant check, but open your output log. At the top it will tell you the version of unity. I think its 2019.2.4 or something along those lines.
  18. Yup exactly. None of the quests are absolutely required to be completed, so you don't need to lose sleep over it. I had to make it atleast a little tough lol.. I did add the particle effect that will hopefully catch your attention, which is pretty visible at night. Hopefully you wont cheat when i finish this mod up.. its a long way off, but its very quest heavy and RPG feeling. I have a bit done, but i'm reworking just about every aspect of vanilla.. so it will take me a while.
  19. It's in the farm somewhere. It is quite hard to spot, but it helps if you do the quest at night.
  20. I just released a little modlet for a 2x2 iron bar door. Same friend requested that, so i made one. There is only one size in this mod. I've also updated the gates mod to have a 2x2 size as requested by @Croggon
  21. Lmao.. it does take some practice. I got fairly good at it when i was testing... at the start i was using wood instead of cobble and the ramps stood no chance..
  22. Its not a huge deal ifn you cant do those two quests, though both give 2 reputation. No other quest that i can think of uses a break block or upgrade, so that will all work.
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