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  1. That sounds like wedges and wedge tips. You get one block of elevation change spread out over two blocks. That slope still results in a collision at high speeds for a motorcycle and a 4x4. A three block change in elevation might not, but I don't see any blocks for that. One thing I have found is that in the POI editor you can use the arrow keys to change the height of ground blocks and with this you can get a slope that vehicles do not collide with. However, there's no in-game way to do that as far as I know.
  2. Right. I mean, if I put it in a box and close the lid, the cat might not even really be there.
  3. So far, my observation has been If I invest in a skill that can build a weapon, and I do not invest in Lucky Looter and wear the Loot Goggles (whatever they're called), then I can end up in a situation where I can make an item better than what has dropped as loot. Otherwise, investing in Lucky Looter and/or wearing Loot Googles tends to lead to better equipment than I can build. That said, I generally don't focus my skill points in one tree. If you focus on one tree then I'm sure the experience will be different.
  4. You could invoke the Level/Prefab Editor and look through all the POIs installed. Once the tool loads, hit ESC, select the "Prefab Browser" tab in the upper right corner, and there you can scroll through the list of POIs, look at their thumbnails, and load them up to take a look. That said, I looked through the list twice and didn't see it. (Sigh) I'm sure its there somewhere. I'd need to look harder.
  5. (1) Muffler - Make the 4x4 quieter. (2) Sleeping bag mod ... You (the owner) would respawn at the vehicle. (3) I'd like to take off the spikes/ram plates OFF the default vehicles and make them mods. In this way, the default motorcycle and jeep would do better off-road and you could choose to sacrifice mobility for doing increased damage when running over a Z. (4) I'd like to be able to choose between storage space and passengers. So, on a motorcycle, the player can either add storage mod or add a passenger mod. On the 4x4, you could either add 2 storage -or-
  6. I've used prefab "trailer_02" twice now and think it works great as a minimalist base. There's just enough space inside for a kitchen, single-player storage, one of each crafting station, a bedroll, and a ladder to the roof for a generator and solar panels. Centrally place a land claim block and you're left with room for a large garden and parking. I think "trailer_park_01" might make for a neat team experience. Obviously, these aren't horde bases.
  7. I don't mind the sounds but there's room for improvement. Timing and variety are important. They're annoying when they are too frequent and too repetitive. There are interesting possibilities with the sounds themselves. I recall a game, I think Balder's Gate, when the soundtrack included the sound of a trap being sprung. Every 40 minutes, or so, hearing the trap noise could make you stop and look around. So I think if they had more sounds, spread them out a bit more, and sometimes invoked some game sounds (like gunfire in the distance, distant vehicle noises, etc.) that
  8. I'm not sure I entirely understand the suggestion, but I do agree that building your own weapon is often pointless as we've probably found an excellent one in loot. I'm aware there are variations between weapon attributes when they are generated. I think it would be nice if you could use the various "parts" drops, and your skills, to do things like increase damage, magazine size, range... any/all of the weapon/tool attributes... in addition to mods.
  9. I like to make, or improve, roads around the map. When it comes to changing elevation the variations on the "Wedge" blocks seem to be the most gentle slope. But what I'm finding is that the grade of the slope is still not gentle enough to keep 4x4's and motorcycles from colliding with the blocks, doing damage, and sometimes launching the vehicle into the air. I'm wondering, is there a more appropriate block? Is there a series of blocks with a more gentle slope?
  10. It would be nice if generated maps would/could place bridges over rivers instead of raising the terrain to make a land bridge. It would also be cool if we could make bridge POIs for the generator to select for placement. Off hand, the complications I see all have to do with making sure the POI is an appropriate size and the generator being able to detect where to align the POI with the roads it is generating. There are probably other issues too.
  11. I do like variety and perhaps if that suggestion were combined with other map generation factors, it might be handy. For instance, I'd like enough variety in POIs such that all four of those combinations don't appear on the same map for the same POI. I think it would also be nice if the computer could take care of those variations itself. For instance, the computer could possible remove blocks it considered to be furniture if it decided it wanted version 1 instead of version 2. Coming up with an algorithm for the other variations is much harder.
  12. I, for one, welcome our new Zombie overlords.
  13. I'm seeing the same issues -- disappearing inventories that reappear later and duplicated vehicles -- on 19.4 (b3) via the experimental branch. I'm playing on the Not-A-Gamer Gaming long term server. Sometimes I can just wander a ways away and come back and get a different inventory, such as the current one or one that was current a day ago. Sometimes I come back to an empty inventory, or maybe a super-quick glimpse of items in the inventory and then it looks empty. I had one misadventure when I died and when I arrived at my bedroll (at my base) the vehicle I had driven
  14. It would be nice if the Wooden Table were an option in the shapes for a Wooden Frame. Or, am I blind and that the Wooden Table can be crafted in some other way?
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