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  1. I dont believe its possible to deal less than 1 damage to anything, block or entity. Its the same reason if you change a zombies damage on its hand item to 0, it still does 1 damage.
  2. Just updated my old Spy Party modlet to be A19 compatible. Check it out under the Event Modlets section!
  3. Just added japanese localization for the flamethrower, thanks to the lovely @chikorina !
  4. Hey all! I just put out a new modlet.. a flamethrower modlet. You can find it under the weapons modlets section. It hasn't really been balanced, so let me know if the cost of crafting or finding it is too high. Enjoy!
  5. You can remove them via the nav_objects xml file. land_claim and sleeping_bag would be the entries to look at.
  6. As i dont use nitrogren for random maps, i dont know what's required for that, but someone else has done the work before. Here was his post: You'd have to manually do that to get it working with a nitrogen map i think. I'm working on a full on story based rpg mod right now. Been working on it for a few months. Might release a demo version of it to get some feedback once i get the first area done up to a point.
  7. Yeah it could be the block it lands on. The way it works is the thumper is an entity when it lands and has a capacity. It's unable to die while it's this way until the timer is over. Once it's over, the buff will trigger an insta death on it, making it turn into a block. I have seen it happen where the block just won't stick. Sometimes the game spawns the block above another block.. like an air block is in between the two. and it just crashes to the ground. I haven't really found a work around for this part.
  8. Hey all, I just updated the mods to work with a19.4 b3 (latest experimental). I didn't need to do any changes to them (they hadnt been updated since a19.2) so you shouldn't need to re download. I did fix the screamer problem for maybells farm (the horses 2.0 mod). It was using the player placed torches instead of the POI ones, so it was constantly generating a ton of heat. You'll have to download the mod again, and make a new world (or find a way to wipe the existing POI).
  9. Did you manage to download it? The link is working fine for me. Dropbox might have been down for maintenance or something like that.
  10. No worries. Remove the mods and start over if you've changed around the files at all. Adding something from DF to my mod may cause issues with duplicating icons or some other stuff.. Best to just wipe it all and start over with fresh downloads. Lemme know if you get it fixed.
  11. Hey! My fishing mod touches none of the UI elements, so that would be all in the darkness falls mod. Most of the time when you have question marks instead of icons, its cuz the icons aren't installed on the client side. Darkness falls as well as my mod have to be installed on the server as well as on the clients trying to play. Be sure you installed both mods on the server as well as your own personal 7dtd files. And anyone who is trying to connect.
  12. Glad you like them! What do you mean by covering them? Youtube vids?
  13. I really wanted to make a custom POI that would spawn parts of the thumpers, instead of having them crash (easier to limit how many spawn) but i just got side tracked with other projects. I might revisit it sometime though. Something like the shotgun messiah's size with custom zombies related to thumpers... Maybe one day. lol
  14. Trees have a big block radius property that makes it so others cant be placed nearby. <property name="BigDecorationRadius" value="3"/>
  15. You just seem so cheerful, that I had to assist you.......... <remove xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowThrow']/rect"/> That will remove the icon you're wanting, without messing with items. It will remove thrown stuff as well. (TNT, Rocks, the poop straight from your bum, if you mod that in...) Have fun! Btw this is in windows.xml... So Configs > XUi > windows.xml.
  16. I was wondering why my head was on fire today! I enjoy modding. If someone finds the mods fun, I consider it payment enough. I'm always up for suggestions and feedback. Even if I don't always implement the feedback into the mod. So if you have any more suggestions, send them my way and I'll look into some. Have fun fishing!
  17. Just updated and added a craftable fishing location. It's invisible, so you can place it on your docks. Hope ya like it.
  18. Lol no need to donate, just enjoy the mods!👍
  19. I just put out a revised copy. Can be found here: New Fishing. Be careful though. If you had the old mod installed, you may get errors. You'll need to remove the fishing spot blocks that you placed (need to dig under them so they fall). The new files remove that feature. In the new mod, you can fish in any body of water, as long as you're standing in it. Doesn't have to be deep. Just a toe tickle. I removed the pop ups and changed some sounds. I tested with the tooltip pop up, but it was extremely all over the place as to when it'd pop up. Since you can only have 1 tooltip on screen at once, i
  20. Alright well.. lemme ask this. Do you play only SP? SP and MP are completely different when it comes to buffs.. I've been trying my best to make mods that work with MP along with SP, but with SP I'd have way more freedom. Example, in MP, a buff on an enemy entity doesn't always fire off correctly, when using the AOE targets. It will fire off correctly for the host, but not for clients. But in SP, it will fire correctly every time. If most of the people play SP that use my mods, I'll just start focusing on SP stuff. Might put up a poll on the main page later today and see. If SP is the goto
  21. Sounds good. Ill work on the icon a bit as well. Ty for the feedback! As for the spot, it's a block that's placed and you step on it to get a buff. So if something is sorta covering it, it might not work right. Terrain can kinda overlap hitboxes or raise your character just enough so you won't step on it correctly all the time.
  22. Thanks for the feedback! Fishing in any water is possible with this mod, but (as with meanclouds mod) there just aren't enough variables to check in buffs.. For example, I've tested buffs like meanclouds where it checks wetness levels. But the problem is, when it rains, that allows fishing any any location, no water needed. There isn't a check for specifically in water. I've always wanted to stay away from placing a block item and let it upgrade to get your fish. I wanted it all done with the fishing rod, so I went with buffs. Sadly, this makes it so I need to specify when fishing is available
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