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  1. it really annoys me so much the earth driller sound = this new counter sound bing bing bing (why why why is this sound??? for what???) the chainsaw = before was realistic, now its like i cut plastik when i cut wood i dont use this things anymore...i use now my axe and a showel..(i cant play a game on mute) BUT the 2 ESSENTIAL working tools...change the sound of it....that is something that makes me crazy
  2. buy a card with MINIUM 8gb ram....the card could be better how much ram onboard??? 16gb is minimum
  3. im interested how u play >i collect ALL at the start > then i sell ALL, to buy me a weapon (empty water bottles, steel, all what i can find) in the first 5 days iv ca 5-6000coins > then i try to get a bike/motorbike(to explore) (again collect all and sell) THEN i start collect for me... >the first 3 zombienights i go on a house on first floor that has outside block 1250 or 2500 damage, and cut inside all ways to get up...(i put a ladder in 2 blocks high at the house to get in) ....and then after weeks i got enough ammo & material collected for my first own zombiebase (FIRST RULE: never make the zombienight in ur own base, build an extra base for it)
  4. 1 when uv placed the block wrong 5 times, uv learned it XD 3 yeah 4 lol...first speak to amd and nvidia that we need graficcards with 20gb ram iv had 120 flames around my house (fps desaster) ...my grafixcards heated my room really good 5 yeah...but wich colour or block u want? have u a picture ? 9 for more food recipes we need other > plants > CORN, apples, pears and so on..that woud be nice
  5. i made a video from it (for laughing)...we hope nxt days the new version gets better (and REMEMBER last week was all perfect with the old version) here my specs running the video...>visuality max screensize 3840*1080 (video is 4k) u see good the start (before 8 sek, now 28sek) and then the drops
  6. omg omg omg...(iv used the google translator, but it was worst) ur words perhaps mean it will be run better???? every day i start steam to get an update *sarcastic mode on* BUT BUT BUT.....2 gb grafixcard??? which grafix settings u have? ultra+ - ultra - high- medium- normal - minecraft - potato? *sarcastic mode off* i hope on ultra+it gets better, because it loads a ton of data - im destroying my head since days, to CHECK / UNDERSTAND why they changed such a thing, that runned perfect and now makes me crazy when i start the game..^^ but im good hope for it..."pc masterrace fanatic :D"
  7. oh sorry writing error..i mean STEAM DOESNT ALLOW downgrade from a19 169.. only to a18.4
  8. somebody known when the new update comes? iv lowered all grafix (nothing changes with the lags) ...i cant play it at the moment...its unplayable started steam every day to see when update is there iv tried to rollback..but steam doesnt allow me to do this..only a18.4 or a19 163 i hope they do it fast..i miss to play the game
  9. what? i dont play ONE map for years...i take my ALZHEIMER Pills... when i play the same map its boring like hell, i know exactly after this street on the right side is that building and so on... some people are not generation tiktok like finding nemo / dori..."oh look a new house" @lonestarcanuck the variantes of traders is not important, they sayed every trader is specialiced..but iv seen nothing from it...all traders are like the same
  10. i cant play the game anymore, iv got kill 4 times because hard fps lag ...i drive around with my BIKE !! fps drops to 1,59 !!! why my motorbike 8,80fps...before i got +/-30/40 and theres nothing special in the map in this moment..see pic i hope they change this specs.amd 8370fx 16ram radeon xt 5700 oc rog full overclocked (in 157 was all fine, now its horrible) u can test it yourself, driver around houses with a bike/motorbike then u see when its loads the map/fps drops (see pic i tested it)...or u FAST rush a house, before every door fps lags the game before takes 30sek to load, when im IN GAME START(when i appear) its takes 3 sek to "afterload" NOW 25sek to load, IN GAME 15-20 !!!!! sek to load and every move it take fps lags
  11. the fps drops WHEN the HDD loads... (an loads amount of data feeled every 10sek) i must buy a SSD now for my game partition WHY UV CHANGED THIS??? its sooooooo unnecessary.... im little pissed now...why the game producers change things that woud be okay???? .....im frustated
  12. u havent heard the chainsaw yet? ...be prepared...
  13. my neighbours like the blunderbus XD i like the boom ...when i enter a building, one shoot...and YEAH BABY IM HERE:....
  14. what the helll... why u changed the sound from the chainsaw?? it was perfect... now it sounds like i cut plastic barbie dolls with a spoon that sound has nothing to do with wood or something......
  15. u must download this driver version for ur rtx 2080 > 417.75 google > 0x887A0005 rtx 2080
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