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  1. YEAHHHHH i like it....pls make a poi where are 50 from this in it HAHAHA...we need a killer rabbit 2 the motorcycle the big one, is now 25% slower?
  2. are the KILLER CHICKENS new? hostile chicken... attacks you...its funny.
  3. idea: books = only in book shelver or libraries paper für shotgut = mailboxes
  4. CANT CONFIRM this the books are eays to find in mailboxes 7/10 boxes have books in it...i have collected 95 books for cars construction in 4 days (10 buyed from trader), all other mixed from mailboxes and cars and book stores we have day 22 on server...thats way 2 easy....in a21 i had 95books at day 80
  5. we have day 22 on server i have the car, 5 books remaining to gyrocopter i searched the books in car s/ mail boxes i can buy the thing for making the good steel the only one thing i didnt have is the chemiestry station (1 trader we have has a working chemistr station) now its a little boring....(that things in a21 i have at day 100) now i dont know what to do the zombies dont destroy so much blocks in horde night = i have only 3 blocks to repair (before the half base was destroyed a21)
  6. yes u are right first bloodmoon with 3 players = 497 zombies second bloodmoon with 5 players = 751 zombies (yes standard setting 8 zombies per players or doesnt this existist anymore?) its kind of boring for new players that doesnt have so much ammo (the bloodmoon night from 22 to 4 is very long for new players) the destroy power from zombies is 2 low, 2 blocks from the horde base only broken...i a21 the half base was destroyed lol we have all gamestage ~50
  7. i was kicked from server in the middle of hordenight for the update no changes in game mechanics (zombies block destroy is 80% lower)...the horder night is so boring lol..i hope they balance it in the nxt update
  8. ok i killed all mods... now iv localizated the problem EVERY time the map frames woud loud, (when i drive outside city , and i come back = all new) can i solve this perhaps manually?
  9. thx a lot.. to 1 its a gportal server rental...how i solve this? to 2/3 ok 4. iv downloaded the prefabs as a v1.0 version...iv not found this houses in the list from the download..thats mysterious..but ok...when FINAL version comes i delete all
  10. hey

    can u help me with my problem with EVERY day respawn all pios/terrain? or every time someone joines the server its gets all new ..my server is on gportal...(normal i have Chunk reset OFF..now i tried 14days...) but nothing..every day is all new, what i made wrong? (the error occours since 2 days realtime) thx a lot

  11. mysterious problem on server > EVERY TIME someone joines the server all POIs are FULL.... its since today..gportal the server rental has tryied to put my steam id in the configs, to make me admin for cm+dm) first try was not successfull, they tried a second time, AFTER THIS the errors occurred..... can someone explain? yesterday we played all normal..today it started (yes iv restarted server lot of times, all POIs are like noone touched) thx a lot
  12. ok..now iv played 20hours and i must say its good (i have mods on server, weather, car alarms, lootbags more) its a good version... the alien zombies and the green zombies are soooo hart..but its nice (i play on 2/5) make brightness to 30% in menu...>not 50%... then its very cool (and instally my weather mod in MODS) after this u are happy
  13. can u post it? do u like my mod? it changes every 2 hours the weather
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