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  1. wtf u do with the game?? update 19.1 -server / home game crashes after 5min -all keyboard setting resetted -DISTANCE VIEW -50% ...now after 50blocks away the grafix loads??? hello??????? in before a190 it was like 500 blocks away grafix WTF ??????????? have u nothing better do , then to destroy the game?? we dont talk about the silnet turrent, the 2 loud weapons, the distance view cutting at a190 from 30%, and the horrible earth driller / chainsaw sounds WHAT U DO????? have all the programmer bad days??? -sorry im little
  2. and how i fix this? iv deleted all previous maps iv validated my files iv created a second new world SAME here my settings
  3. iv created a world with the new combopack and nitrogen copyied all files in 7days directory BUT ...NO TRADERs on the preview map, theres are traders marked but in game, the place is free, where the traders shoud be...has someone an idea? thx a lot
  4. the changes are WORSE...one zombienight hard, the next like "ohh that was nothing" the next.."was ok" and so on in a18 its was "omg, i hope i survive this" (every zombienight) that feeling isnt at a19 ok step 1 i test ur mod in nxt zombienight step 2 i try to do what u say here in this last post i make a video from step 1 perhaps it gets funny thanxs a lot for ur helping IDEAAAAA that came in my mind...it is possible that the zombies come from ALL SIDES??? not only from west, nord and so on
  5. nitrogen/combo pack... NO TRADERS in generated map (on preview pic is trader marked, but the space is empty when i go there have i made an error? i copyied all files in the 7days directory.. thx
  6. @leader """""Not really. The number 99,999 only ensures that the last wave ends at 4 a.m. and not earlier."""" ahhhhh...coool....that was that what iv thinked...at 4 its end...perhaps i get betweeen 3 and 4 800 more zombies ??? HEHEHEHHE @boidster """""This is also how it works already, for the most part. Every higher-GS horde night has a series of waves, with each wave getting harder. Now each wave still will be a randomly-determined mix of zombies, so you might not get "a lot of demolishers", but the chance for demolishers will be higher as the waves get more diffi
  7. wow..this looks interesting... perhaps / or i have an idea >can u make a mod "the faster u shoot the zombies, the faster the new zombies spawn"... and perhaps, when u shoot 500zombies fast, the next zombies will be harder and harder start night >normal, then green, then police, then terminators and at the end lot of remix and LOT OF DEMOLISHER is this possible? for 99,999 zombies idont have enough ammo lol..i want only every night +100 zombies (or perhaps a mod that makes every night MORE zombies?, when u reached the maximum of 1350/1400)
  8. thats the sin of the game..build a base that can hold 1350-1400 zombies (build it every zombienight more better)..yes it holds...now i want MORE zombies... ok thx ..i will take a look at gamestage.xml ps:its an very easy base (without tricks..no flying base or the door trick)...everyone can build it without specials extras (when u want i can post a foto/video)
  9. i play now at day ca.140 max zombies per player 64, warrior, 120min days...with 4 people last zombienight max 1400 zombies in my game before day 350...same settings = max 1400 zombies... are not more zombies possible? at ca 3.00 all zombies dead i want more zombies (NO..i dont use blade/traps or electronics...only turret standard & red 7mm ammo (no super shoot turret) can i edit something that i get more zombies?
  10. DONT talk about "u must go in the settings" hello? i play all ON MAXIMUM... so... (yes b180 has changed AUTOMATICAL with update >to the "middle") but the when u klick at HIGH, it s NOT the HIGH VALUE before in b178 update from b178 to b180 cutted 35-40% of the distance view..i feel i v a ps4 now.... see the pix ..2 before, 2 after pic1 b178..u see in the distance street right side its a house pic2 b178 u see the island? i see the house pic4 (pyramid pic) behind the red house ....it looks so crappy..no grass, no see what is behind there pic4+1 are th
  11. A180 View distance NOW only -MIDDLE- not more high possible? wtf...why is there a point were i can choose from 1 to 100% and upside there is normal middle high..now it MIDDLE and i CANT make it to high anymore...
  12. yes..wheels in the sky...but ONLY OUTSIDE:..never inside with flipped car/bike
  13. for explaining..i have my base in a mountain..in the middle are my rooms with my bed...and then there a long tunnel to outside for the car...100blocks or more...IN THE TUNNEL now spawn zombies...BEFORE it was ONLY outside in front of my electric doors and the cars/bike flip is on my normal house outside (in the near of my mountain) from 10 times, 2 times they flip, when im driving home sometimes when he loaded the map i can see that the car is flipping^^ pic1: where i park pic2:tunnel zombies are in it pic3: before 180 zombies spawned outside the garage, now inside
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