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Little disappointed in the random map generator


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Been generating random maps for over an hour now in hopes of finding a decent world.


Every... single... one... is basically the same world. A strip of snow bio across the top of the map. A strip of desert across the bottom. The rest is just forest with patches of burnt area and the occasional small lake tossed in. If you get real lucky there is a patch of wasteland in a city or two.


No large bodies of water. No mountain ranges. Nothing but the aformentioned general layout of the world what so ever.


Defeats the purpose of something designed to make 'random' and different looking worlds, no?

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checked the seed I liked from A16, and aww phooey. No more food plots. (at least didn't show up) RWG really changed the layout. Check the rest of the seeds I liked. (although, some interesting things, love the new roads though)


Tamriel seed, I get one main road running diagonally, corner to corner, cities/poi along the road, but absolutely nothing showing off that road. just empty ground. (in the previewer)


Will have to load the game up with it to see if bug, or just the way this seed generates.

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