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  1. I'd prefer it was darker, but all the streamers, youtube etc cranked the gamma all the time so people could see what is going on, or people could see in general, even though they were not intended to. What it does is give the game the perception to someone flipping channels is that this game is ugly/washed out. So we make it so they can see, and hopefully don't change the gamma in a way that is super destructive. This could change (its changed every alpha so far to some degree lol).
  2. Broken would be "they don't spawn at all". Poorly balanced would be a better term. It was working as intended in a way I didn't agree with, I brought it up and we changed it thankfully. Yes we just need to smash the door overhaul. Nobody wants to make 37 meshes for a new door using the current over designed implementation. We try to think things through as much as we can, but sometimes things do slip through the cracks, or needs another update to finally be complete. Like the whole primitive stage was done in a bit of a last minute balance tweak which is why you don't see any day 90 horde videos by me this alpha, I had to start over a few times to get the primitive loot stage and crits feeling decent so I never got very far. However it was a very important change and even though our implementation is incomplete, part the way there is way better than nothing. Maybe A20 will have new primitive pipe rifles, machineguns etc so each build can start specializing in day one instead of only agility and str as it is now.
  3. I was thinking the face mask so you can't stack it with str cigar.
  4. No it doesn't fit the theme of the game at all. Nothing but dirt and sawdust from construction... but no nothing to see yet, I don't even have back walls yet in some sections. Eric pointed me in the right direction of some trim and roof pieces that made it look so much better. It took some playing with things but I managed to find the right woods to go together because some woods run sideways and some run up and down and we don't have any uv tools yet so getting it to look right has been challenging. I'm taking mental notes for some improvements we can do to the tools and player building work flow though. Can we avoid broad stroke false statements? Please clarify.
  5. Progress on my medieval style house:
  6. Somehow that slipped under the radar...
  7. Yes it is, if you are away from any windows it is absolutely pitch black, at least on my monitor. I mined my torch off the wall by accident and couldn't see anything until the sun came up, then the ambience brightened up a bit.
  8. Sounds like you are rushing things like crazy. Day 16 and you have top tier guns? You don't need any schematics to enjoy the game. Most people barely have iron gear by day 16. Are you playing longer days or something? Complaining about progression 16 hours in is the last thing I'd expect to hear with this build, I constantly get new stuff. I don't even have that many schematics unlocked but I don't care, they come when they come. I buy the ones that will complete the sets I really want like the club books because I'm a club guy this game, otherwise I get 1-2 book cases a day just going through normal POIs. I don't care about book stores. Just my opinion but you might enjoy the game more if you slowed down and smelled the chrysanthemum's. It isn't a race to the best of everything and end game for me at all. I do a bit of everything, building, mining, looting, I even waste time cleaning up my corner of the apocalypse like fixing roads, chopping up trash near my area, etc.
  9. What is so terrible about Navezgane?
  10. Placing the campfire could activate it, or any action really. That is very similar to the janitor actually, and the janitor will be the base for the construction worker variant.
  11. Usability improvements, easing the learning curve are high priorities for us. That is why we added the loading screen tips to help teach people the game. We can probably get one in a patch about stamina since some people are having some trouble with it. It is pretty easy early game with stone tools and the adjustment to remove food poisoning and make the food buffs was done pretty recently, so we didn't have that tool tip.
  12. Yeah we will definitely let people know, probably with load screen tips and possibly in game journal tips, maybe even a stage 2 tutorial after you get a cooking pot, or forge.
  13. I knew we would. Its all relevant... so lets see fists, or blunderbuss? Alright, I think I'll go with this blunderbuss. I even cheapened the GP to 2 so you can make plenty of ammo.
  14. We changed the formula so that won't happen now.
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