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  1. This is in afaik, and will allow for distant chunks to show changes, like player bases, or building and terrain blown up. It still needs tested and verified, and might get disabled if its too slow or buggy, but hopefully launches in A20 as I think it will be a nice touch and seeing your base in the distance will be awesome.
  2. I'd like to have that, not sure when we can get it in though. I think the plan is to get rid of the burnt forest as it's own biome, and make the wasteland have burnt forest areas, but I could be wrong and it might stay. The wasteland hasn't had any love yet that we plan to do. I'm not sure what is planned yet, but I'm sure we will continue them soon or when we feel like there is enough new content to warrant a showing. We've recently completed concept art of upcoming bandits, which will come in weak, medium and strong versions for variety and game staging, and they look reall
  3. It won't happen. Decent melee and ranged bandits needs done yet and that itself is more than a handful. We don't want to go further, mining is shippable. Pretty much no to every "any chance for" question. We're adding bandits and some quests and polishing old content and going gold. Lots of great ideas to push to 7 Days 2 once we ship 7 Days. Bandits with guns will be hard and we have some special infected designed if we get time could be a nice later game challenge. No 7 days has 5000 more features than Left 4 Dead, so we need to polish what we have instead of adding e
  4. I'd like to once we get bandits in, so that somewhere along the way they try to intercept the package.
  5. Console sold great with ugly UMA presets and zero customization. If we have a similar amount of heads it should be just fine. The CPU savings deleting all those bones/morphs/bloat data wouldn't hurt either. Anyhow this is months out as we've pushed new characters to A21 so even I don't have an answer as to what we're actually doing. I haven't heard anything but the rwg new rivers look promising. I wouldn't expect much from water only that it won't be buggy af anymore and will be optimized. There won't be awesome waterfalls or anything too fancy. No because it's fine how it is and t
  6. Could just find/harvest scrap brass and ditch the trophies, knobs, etc.
  7. I'd love a full character customization setup like Bethesda has but we're a small team and have to pick our battles or never ship. The head system is expandable and we might get a little face customization in, we'll see yet. After a few hours though everyone has a full helmet on and you never see your face anyway so I don't see the argument. Cool, maybe I missed it, but a smiley face to indicate humor with text is a must have usually I agree, and I myself have spent hours making new characters for certain role plays in other games, but 7 Days was never that game for me. The custom
  8. I looked into that a while back and there isn't an easy way to speed it up, other than to change the weights and rebalance everything.
  9. How does crappy sliders that don't really change much compete with a decent amount of properly modeled/textured heads to choose from? We might let you change hair/eye/skin color none of that is even started on yet, but the main thing is proper pbr faces that are professional looking and performant. Uma is ugly and slow, and wastes a giant texture on each player in the game, his armor etc is all baked to a single unique sheet. The new system can share textures and stream them.
  10. There is no plans for that, as it could really impact the frame rate, so something like that is best suited as a mod IMO.
  11. Nope, but legendary armors might pave the way for legendary guns, how I designed that could work, meaning the legendary bonus is double of what the blue bonus is, or could be a random range from 11-20%. I have a more advanced design I did a while back but it's so good/big I think it should just be saved for 7 Days 2. Once there are enough mods though you might want to save that mod slot for something better than carry capacity, making the perk still viable.
  12. Yeah I think an entry level one is a good idea just to teach ppl they can get some relief on day one if they work for it, but if you want the good stuff you need perks/books/crafting gates.
  13. Yes, one pocket mod to rule them all. There is no concept of clothing any more or armor, just outfits with various stats and mod slots.
  14. New character stuff is being pushed to Alpha 21, there is too much stuff to change out. TBD on your question.
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