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  1. It might not even go into A20 so I'm not really going to talk about it yet. Its concepts and paper design at the moment and requires code to work. I'm just saying what I'm working on and it could be A21.
  2. Whenever we nail down a date for the stream event.
  3. I'm designing character outfits and their perks. I have a beard and big muscles so nobody dares to argue with me! But seriously we don't generally disagree and if we do, we tend to land on something no one hates but most people like or love. It's typically a bigger conversation than just Rick and I though. All bugs need to go to the bug forum. Thanks.
  4. We generally do not back port major features because it can be time consuming and it waters down the next alpha.
  5. No plans yet, the first is to get a reliable performant water solution.
  6. Not without some serious framework changes or addition of tinting.
  7. It is a bug I noticed and tried fixing, but it's an engine bug. I reported it to Prime so once he gets that fixed Traders Rekt will be selling seeds.
  8. Once the new framework is done (if we do it) then all shapes will be unified in menus and all will upgrade, except for certain blocks we might not want in steel like iron bars, etc.
  9. Both. Legendary might come in all qualities so people experience them and have some meaningful choices to make... Do I ditch this brown iron legedary for a green non legendary? The top ranges will always be non craftable.
  10. As long as I can get Fallout 5, Elderscrolls 6 on PC and mods I'll be happy.
  11. Yeah I saw that. Pros: Maybe Bethesda won't have to hand hold all the small studios Zenimax bought that make crappy games and delay fallout 5 and ES6, Starfield. Cons: Might see xbox exclusives and PC guys get screwed. Might see new games bundled with their bs subscriptions. Might see the end of mods (not likely as bethesda worked with xbox to get mods on there.)
  12. So everyone who's responsible for their own bugs should sit idle and wait for the 1-2 devs that can fix performance? TBH performance is top priority. We're going to be working directly with Unity staff to optimize the game.
  13. There are talks of more T5's at some point. They will be developed in the multi player editor by a bunch of guys all at once to hopefully just get one done in a week with a team of guys.
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