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  1. I think with any rifle you want to get a scope asap but I think they are ok, I just found one so I'll try it out in my game. There is a pipe rifle, lever action and the sniper rifle you all have for an alpha or two. No it's not GPS, but their hearing and sight are much better so you have to be more careful. If you don't have enough stamina or decent guns and you have jog or run on you are dead. Like I was clubbing away at them but ran out of stamina with too many on me and I got rekt a few times early game.
  2. We'll have to contact them and force them to change the name since they probably don't have a copyright ") But seriously no, who cares. Purely coincidental. It's inspired from an old winchester lever action.
  3. Those models have been redone and replaced.
  4. Very similar but it's not smell, its noise and sight.
  5. I tried out feral sense with zombies on run during the day and it was intense! There are actually a lot more zombies in the world than people think, they were coming at me from all over the place. I had to repair my club several times there were so many of them, and you really have to pace your battles. I was playing dead is dead and night time came and I was in a house and suddenly a fat tourist and biker and arlene stormed my bathroom door so I bailed, ran around a nice pool fighting them and just killed the arlene and a wolf came into the fight and finished me off even though I hit him twic
  6. Working on another game, but I come back to 7 days as needed. Testing out feral sense in between things. I helped a little on getting the drone wrapped up and ready to test recently. Funny man.
  7. For one the editor runs about as good as a build. For us that means more productivity. Faatal can go into further detail.
  8. Time management is always a thing because the horde is coming, calories are burning, bullets are spent, etc. Drying concrete never added challenge because even wet concrete was pretty formidable. Did it cause you to prioritize getting your concrete up and going first? Sure, but with the new building system you can build steel with any shape and the team doesn't like blocks that downgrade to other blocks. 10k hit points, ok I'm slaving away to break this block, boom no now there is another 8k hit point block that just spawned... that is unintuitive and frustrating. How many more are there? It w
  9. It is a torch not a workstation making resources. Nonsense there is never enough space to carry stuff and we're adding more and more items so if you don't have a problem now you probably will at some point. Don't use the drone if you don't like it. We didn't want to make it so OP everyone wants a drone so we disabled the weapon mods it has, for the first version at least.
  10. There has been a lot of optimization happening, plus Unity is working with us. I doubt the default will increase though, 8 per player is plenty hard for new players. Turn it up if you want, but defaults need to be noob friendly and performance friendly. Nice Valheim skin bro. 😆 I love that game, but had to make the joke.
  11. There are no plans, I shouldn't have said anything. No you can clunk it up with 10,000 blocks if you want. One model that has parts hidden is the plan, rather than changing models which is why there are bugs with cars popping up and down. The drone is just a pack mule and has no weaponry for this very reason. He can heal you if you sacrifice a mod slot for the healing mod. He can boost your stamina recovery speed with the teddy bear mod, has armor and a headlight to light your way when mining, etc. Cargo mods are stackable so I imagine most people filling her up with cargo mo
  12. No because sales continue to improve and review ratings are higher than ever. The process of going gold requires us to look at every system and decide if it's the best we can do or what we really wanted then change it to something shippable. If you don't like change don't play EA games. We haven't removed any materials, we removed the endless tapping of upgrading to reach a decent block. Wet concrete is just a dumb simulation thing and never added any value to the game and eats CPU to calculate when it dries so it really wasn't worth the sim factor for the CPU it ate. Wood to reinforced wood?
  13. Yes, but I think we're buffing the basic concrete to be as strong as the old r concrete. Probably cobblestone so it has good amount of health and looks better IMO. I'm not saying no. I think we have a dev tool that does it. Yes we're rebalancing the hit points a bit. Free endless burning? No.
  14. Frames are there yet, as well as particle board (same thing) for experimental building with every shape available. That upgrades to wood, wood upgrades to stone, stone upgrades to concrete then steel. All blocks go poof. You can build with any material but you only get XP for upgrading so if you want max XP start with particle board(frames) and then upgrade it all the way to steel. We haven't really talked about this, perhaps placing the block can grant XP for late game builders building with steel.
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