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  1. We will probably start streaming after we hit content lock and are getting closer to launch. It's going to be a minute yet. Imagine taking random gen out of programming (mostly) and doing art driven content rather than everything code, we need to fill a world with the new content so it's taking some time, but the results are fantastic. Plus we nuked 1000's of blocks and replaced them with the new shape menu. A ton of work though. You summed up the reason we aren't doing any weird zombies that don't make a lot of sense. Less than .01% chance to see someone in a football uniform or cheerleading outfit seems like a pretty shallow argument. Now that the story board trailer is in the works I can say there were many weeks of pandemic lockdown and rioting, no sporting events or schools would be open so nobody would be wearing those outfits when things got out of control. Yeah I myself had many fond memories. It was my idea and I hacked the first prototype together with UMA and making them always run was a great oh @%$# moment for us and lots of players at the stadium POI. But given the budget and time it takes to make something that appears once in the game and with a strong desire to actually go gold we have to make some cuts and costume zombies were high on the chopping block list. Sorry but bandits need to get done
  2. Yes, it is really cool, I'm looking forward to building a big castle so I can revel in it's majestic glory from afar They ran out of toilet paper so people were buying old magazines and newspapers on ebay to wipe with. No but semi destroyed taller buildings that are tall enough to block views and segue into Skyscrapers rather than a lone skyscraper next to 1 story buildings. Newspaper changed to hurry harry's burger sack, problem solved. I was trying to tell a narrative when I made the newspapers in 2013 on the streets and newspapers weren't 1000% dead back then like now.
  3. Which one, there are 3 other games in various stages of development No. We already see that schools close in a pandemic so nobody would be suited up in foot ball gear, nor cheering in the weeks of rioting and pandemic shut down of 2034 before total apocalypse happen. I saw some promising city tiles where the player couldn't see anything but buildings, it had vibes of the first walking dead downtown Atlanta feel, but it was a prototype. I can't promise it will be done but the intent is to put some skyscrapers in it.
  4. I played a game a while back and really enjoyed it. Loot isn't done yet, but the full line up of primitive weapons was implemented so I got to start off with a pipe shotgun and proceed to double barrel and then a pump before I quit playing and it was great being able to specialize right away. I focused mainly on PVE and turned off hordes for the first time ever in a game, mainly because I wanted to try out the new build menu. The new build menu features every block shape in the game, so I was able to go crazy with creation and I had a lot of fun even though hordes were turned off. I did quests for money and the economy is harder than before so I was walking until day 21 or 28, I can't remember when I could finally spring for a motorcycle. Even though it was an early build I had a great time with it. RWG is amazing now, especially cities they are well put together with stop signs, cross walks, sewers, and a lot more. Nobody cares about that except people who have 5000 hours. Football player and cheerleader are gone for good, they don't fit in average scenarios since one out of 100,000 people have those outfits on. This helps make room for bandits (18 of them planned). Yes.
  5. I think with any rifle you want to get a scope asap but I think they are ok, I just found one so I'll try it out in my game. There is a pipe rifle, lever action and the sniper rifle you all have for an alpha or two. No it's not GPS, but their hearing and sight are much better so you have to be more careful. If you don't have enough stamina or decent guns and you have jog or run on you are dead. Like I was clubbing away at them but ran out of stamina with too many on me and I got rekt a few times early game.
  6. We'll have to contact them and force them to change the name since they probably don't have a copyright ") But seriously no, who cares. Purely coincidental. It's inspired from an old winchester lever action.
  7. Those models have been redone and replaced.
  8. Very similar but it's not smell, its noise and sight.
  9. I tried out feral sense with zombies on run during the day and it was intense! There are actually a lot more zombies in the world than people think, they were coming at me from all over the place. I had to repair my club several times there were so many of them, and you really have to pace your battles. I was playing dead is dead and night time came and I was in a house and suddenly a fat tourist and biker and arlene stormed my bathroom door so I bailed, ran around a nice pool fighting them and just killed the arlene and a wolf came into the fight and finished me off even though I hit him twice in the head I just didn't have the stamina to keep up. Even on jog it kind of reminded me more of the walking dead where you run away and somehow these slow ass zombies are still coming. It's a great feature I think people will like. Zombies just don't see or hear very far so it takes advantage of that and leverages probably nearly every zombie that is out there to come at you. Reminded me of the earlier alphas where there were more zombies because it was just non stop fighting or running.
  10. Working on another game, but I come back to 7 days as needed. Testing out feral sense in between things. I helped a little on getting the drone wrapped up and ready to test recently. Funny man.
  11. For one the editor runs about as good as a build. For us that means more productivity. Faatal can go into further detail.
  12. Time management is always a thing because the horde is coming, calories are burning, bullets are spent, etc. Drying concrete never added challenge because even wet concrete was pretty formidable. Did it cause you to prioritize getting your concrete up and going first? Sure, but with the new building system you can build steel with any shape and the team doesn't like blocks that downgrade to other blocks. 10k hit points, ok I'm slaving away to break this block, boom no now there is another 8k hit point block that just spawned... that is unintuitive and frustrating. How many more are there? It will be better to get rid of downgrade blocks. If we can do visuals great, but when the hit points hit 0 the block needs to go poof. At the end of the day we're trading a little bit of old immersion for something that makes sense and isn't so watered down. No more multi stage blocks to break through and no more wimpy upgrades. Big meaty upgrades. I believe we're going to port a lot of optimizations to A19 the last I heard. Pay the price of upgrading from frames to wood to stone to concrete if you aren't confident in what you are building. You can always build it in frames then remove the frame and place the concrete block where it was.
  13. It is a torch not a workstation making resources. Nonsense there is never enough space to carry stuff and we're adding more and more items so if you don't have a problem now you probably will at some point. Don't use the drone if you don't like it. We didn't want to make it so OP everyone wants a drone so we disabled the weapon mods it has, for the first version at least.
  14. There has been a lot of optimization happening, plus Unity is working with us. I doubt the default will increase though, 8 per player is plenty hard for new players. Turn it up if you want, but defaults need to be noob friendly and performance friendly. Nice Valheim skin bro. 😆 I love that game, but had to make the joke.
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