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  1. We have some new engineers coming on board in January hopefully optimizations will be robust enough for you guys to enjoy larger servers again. In the meantime, have you tried disabling the new dynamic meshes? I imagine 50 castles being erected at the same time and viewable from miles away could cause a hit in performance. Can you guys describe how you play the game with 50 players? Is it pvp... or coop? Is it a large building community? What is the typical use case for servers this large? How many total players and how many are online when you start seeing FPS drops?
  2. I just crouch so they don't hear me mining and I'm fine. Every once in a while you get some jerks visiting, but once you get deep enough down it's fine. I usually ignore them anyway and clear the lot of them when I come up at sunrise.
  3. You cannot allocate memory in XML so there is a limit to the stack size that is hard coded. We are not responsible for save game corruption once you start modding lol.
  4. That's not a bug, you are modding beyond the hard coded limit.
  5. Yes A21 will feature a trader stage, where players will see buckets of inventory based on their stage. This will help control progression which is key to long term fun. The LBD guys take any scrap of information and twist it into LBD lol. LBD is not coming back, but rather a crafting skill per item not associated with the perks like now. Thanks! I always had long hair then got a mullet, hated it and went with a crew cut/fade for 23 years. Then the barbers closed and I started getting some locks back and remembered who I am lol. No turning back now.
  6. Nothing is finalized, but we're talking about a crafting skill for every item in the game. Associated books and schematics might add to it when read, and probably the introduction of "technical journals" or something you find and read to add to the skill. Higher intellect might give you +2 or something instead of +1. Something we can control in loot so players don't get too powerful too soon, (No spam crafting) and skill system to where its easier to craft a blue stone axe than a blue steel axe. We're not. It's more like learn by looting lol. No because you can put a land claim down, place your work benches use them, then pick them back up again. Still easy to be a nomad. With vehicles and drones to carry loot around I don't see a problem taking workbenches with you everywhere and setting up quick/temp anywhere.
  7. That is a very good point. Still though I had no issue crafting what I needed, so I must stand that this needs more time to evaluate the need for a change. I bought a tier 4 JUST for the parts. You gotta do what you gotta do if it's important for you.
  8. We might have to completely rebalance weapon parts for 21 because of the new crafting system I'm working on. The system will make crafting more granular so you craft many ranges of weapons (crafting a blue pipe shotgun at skill level 25 or so, lets you craft a brown double barrel at that skill level.). Even an increase of 1 will allow you to potentially craft a little bit better weapon, so I can see players frequently re-crafting weapons in a long game to get the micro improvements as their skill goes up.
  9. Wires don't have any collision so using them as trip wires would not be possible. But wiring landmines together, you want them to all explode at the same time then if one goes off they all go off?
  10. They still stop if you are like me, a viking commando who kills 8k mobs by midnight But it's on him if he can't get inside his base before the zeds get there, they come running from afar. He should log out in his base.
  11. I love fun and lots of zombies just like anyone else, but also have the responsibility of keeping it sane and running decent
  12. Whaaattt??? I totally disagree, but let me preface that everyone plays different, and has different skill levels and choices that influence how a particular build can play out. I prefer to build my own base. The time wasted plugging holes and wasting mats on a temp base, is simply that time wasted. Upgrading blocks requires gathering materials, which in itself sets you back in terms of what technology and books you can acquire looting. There is no way it can keep up with killing XP either. Why are you forced to sink points into workstations? You don't need workstations right away. But from the sound of it you like staying home and upgrading blocks so maybe getting out there and bashing heads in isn't appealing to you. I find workstation schematics in loot and vehicle schematics are found or purchased. I never put a single point into INT and had all I wanted on my last play through. Clubs are WAY better than knives. The range and damage are superior. At least early game. Eventually my knives got ok but I remember the club always feeling superior. But you need to get sex rex and the right mods to really make it shine. Sure with agility I had unlimited knife power attacks late game with sex rex as well, but with a club you don't need unlimited power attacks. Personally I feel fists are better than knives. But I don't like running around as my enemies bleed out, I like to pulverize them to bloody pulps with my fists or clubs. It all depends on what you FEEL like you need. After all it is just a FEELING and not a factual statement. Workstations are a convenience but not really a necessity early game. Eventually you might feel the pressure of not having one, but I tend to raid about 5 tier 3's a day and get loads of loot and find a schematic for one fairly quickly. I did get hosed by the random gods on my chem station though and paid double for glue and GP until level 50 or so. But still I didn't NEED one, it was just a convenience to have one. You log in at the exact place you logged out at.
  13. Yeah I had a screamer show up and it rapidly turned into what felt like a full on horde night! This was a great read!
  14. Any time you take the player out of the game they feel less attached. Replanting seeds is a good mechanic and makes players feel more invested in their crops.
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