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  1. 1) Careful. If you start ignoring what players want and just do whatever, it will hurt business. 2) When that ability was taken away, Madmole said it was for realism. That he wants the game as real as possible.. Yet, it is realistic that someone could fit through that space. So which is? Do you want realism or not?
  2. Sure, that 2 ton backpack you are carrying does not fit. Do you know how big a meter is? 3.2 feet.. I am a larger guy and I could easily fit through a 1 meter square space with a big backpack on.
  3. Thank for making this. Anything to make faster and better maps is a must for my servers. You are the best.
  4. I am not on the forums too often so I haven't heard of King Gen. Thank you for letting me know about it! I'll look it up now and grab it. I run a two servers and even on a high end CPU it still takes forever for the game to make a map. lol So something like King Gen is a must, but I guess you know that. lol
  5. I just read in another thread that nitrogen isn't going to be developed anymore, is that true?
  6. -= The Great White North =- | PVE | One Ravenhearst and one Darkness Falls server The servers have been around for over 5 years now. I have been around since early alpha and have over 14,000 hours of play time. Plus, plenty of experience with admining a server. Fully dedicated server, not using VM's. (Ryzen 7 1800X, 32GB RAM, FAST Storage) Canadian Hosted, good pings for all of North America (and even good for the UK it turns out ) Since nothing else is running on this computer, the 7 Days servers have full use of the CPU. Automated server reboots to maintain stability. Discord server Botman Server Manager which has, to name a few: Custom waypoint teleports for every user several locations players can teleport to. Some just fun, some useful A custom /lobby location that is 100% safe from zombies /lobby location has workbenchs, forges, etc. /lobby also has traders, a place for player vending machines, and MORE! A lottery system everyone can play to win in game currency to be used in the shop Gimmie command is both fun and scary! Will you get good loot, or a nasty zombie! Extra cheat protection above and beyond EAC Base protection that will bounce players not on your friends list away from your base Extra rewards for donators. More waypoints, a second /setbase command, and more gimmies! And more! And more! We run maps usually of 8K, but sometimes larger. Server owner and admins are active and online daily. We have two servers to run, so if we aren't in one, you can always catch us on Discord! We are experienced, have great server hardware, fun, and all around just like to have a good time! Join us on Discord @ https://discord.gg/CseFaRD The Great White North - Ravenhearst Server IP: Port: 27000 The Great White North - Darkness Falls - super hard settings Server IP: Port: 26900 We look forward to seeing you there!
  7. Updated windows just a few hours before download. AV says it didn't block anything. lol I literally did nothing differently right now compared to when I post that message and now it works. Effing Windows. lol
  8. OK, here's my luck. Neither the .exe or the .msi install files work on my computer.. the .exe gives me an error and doesn't install. The .msi starts and then just disappears.
  9. Didn't even notice the Github desktop download. lol I'll try that. Thank you.
  10. Well, apparently I am too stupid to figure out Github and Gitlab.. So..
  11. Ok, thank you. I'll do that as soon as I get and let you know
  12. Well, I want to have a bunch of mods from the community and a couple from myself. So I guess I should have a mods folder on github with all the mods in?
  13. Nope, but it would be easy enough to do it. Once I do that, is it hard to get my server added? Because there are a bunch of mods I'd like to use on my server, but helping everyone download and install everything one person at a time is a pain.
  14. What are you all talking about?? I have been using the Compo Pack on my servers for a long time. And in both A18 and A19 they all get pushed from the server to the client... Not one person has ever complained about anything with the Compo Pack. I have even played through several of the Compo Pack POI's with other players. None of us had the files installed locally and it all worked perfectly..
  15. Awesome! Thank you for the quick response as well.
  16. This might be a stupid question, but can this be added to a server that already has been running for a while?
  17. I knew it had to be easy. lol Thank you for that. I miss having those blocks to quickly fill in small areas without having to use the server manager.
  18. Hey, how would I change the stone version of liquid water so that stays as stone and doesn't turn into water?
  19. "Fixed the chunk reloader. TFP removed the buffer param from the NetPackageChunk and that was breaking any command that used it (import, protect, etc)" Would also make it so that I can't delete a trader that I spawned in?
  20. Magoli, I have been messing with this for about 12 hours now in 17.2. I have made some great progress. Prefabs file over 100K, lots of prefabs. Had to flatten out the world a bunch and make it 8K. They said on the forums that 16K isn't currently working, but it will be fixed. They didn't lie. You try a 16K world, you get nothing.. lol I have got it working well in 17.2 though. Only issue I am having is that a good amount of the prefabs won't load and I get NRE's. PM me if you want to join my test server and check it out.
  21. Awesome! Keep up the good work! I never run a server without this pack installed. Can't wait to see the new one for A17.
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