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  1. It might not even go into A20 so I'm not really going to talk about it yet. Its concepts and paper design at the moment and requires code to work. I'm just saying what I'm working on and it could be A21.
  2. Whenever we nail down a date for the stream event.
  3. Really soon unless things change.
  4. I'm designing character outfits and their perks. I have a beard and big muscles so nobody dares to argue with me! But seriously we don't generally disagree and if we do, we tend to land on something no one hates but most people like or love. It's typically a bigger conversation than just Rick and I though. All bugs need to go to the bug forum. Thanks.
  5. We generally do not back port major features because it can be time consuming and it waters down the next alpha.
  6. No plans yet, the first is to get a reliable performant water solution.
  7. Not without some serious framework changes or addition of tinting.
  8. It is a bug I noticed and tried fixing, but it's an engine bug. I reported it to Prime so once he gets that fixed Traders Rekt will be selling seeds.
  9. Once the new framework is done (if we do it) then all shapes will be unified in menus and all will upgrade, except for certain blocks we might not want in steel like iron bars, etc.
  10. Both. Legendary might come in all qualities so people experience them and have some meaningful choices to make... Do I ditch this brown iron legedary for a green non legendary? The top ranges will always be non craftable.
  11. As long as I can get Fallout 5, Elderscrolls 6 on PC and mods I'll be happy.
  12. Yeah I saw that. Pros: Maybe Bethesda won't have to hand hold all the small studios Zenimax bought that make crappy games and delay fallout 5 and ES6, Starfield. Cons: Might see xbox exclusives and PC guys get screwed. Might see new games bundled with their bs subscriptions. Might see the end of mods (not likely as bethesda worked with xbox to get mods on there.)
  13. So everyone who's responsible for their own bugs should sit idle and wait for the 1-2 devs that can fix performance? TBH performance is top priority. We're going to be working directly with Unity staff to optimize the game.
  14. There are talks of more T5's at some point. They will be developed in the multi player editor by a bunch of guys all at once to hopefully just get one done in a week with a team of guys.
  15. I totally agree with this. Min maxing is natural, yet the most unnatural thing to do to your game and is assured to kill the fun after the first time or two. The fun is building a memorable character who HAS character. It is mostly pre RPG people who bought it for survival, zombies etc. The people now coming on board buying it for the RPG factors seem to love what is possible with the perk system and the role playing you can do. I'd call it a light RPG, but just like with building you can build a box to live in or a castle. You can choose not to role play, or do some very creative things with it, that = fun game play. Styx's whole thing is role playing whether he knows it or not. He still min maxes, but he self imposes some things that make the game fun for him. The same can be done with role playing. Limiting what guns you use, deciding what food you are allergic to and can't eat, maybe you get too hot in heavy armor or it's itchy. Maybe you are claustrophobic, or need to have 4 concrete walls to sleep. Maybe you are a total nomad. Whatever you choose, it helps make each play through unique and fun. I can fire up Skyrim, after 9 years and 1000's of hours and as long as I role play some new stuff I haven't done 20 times before, it can turn into a lot of fun. Once I start min maxing it though it goes to crap quick then I want to quit or start new character.
  16. You are assuming we care that there is controversy. Some controversy is fine, it gives you guys something to do in between alphas. We're constantly sprinting forward, caring about what a few guys on a forum say is like thinking about an ant you might have crushed half a mile back on your jog... no you don't think about that, you are looking forward, breathing hard, sweating and focused on the finish line. Sorry but some ants may or may not have got smashed in your jog, but the main thing is you completed your jog and reached the finish line.
  17. What? I love hearing farts, as long as they are close to someone else's face and not mine. It's smelling farts that nobody wants.
  18. Well it sounds like one, but what he said is true now that I think about it. The game play is good, gathering what you need in the opposite biome but the drink choice is not intuitive. It would be better if it was some hot spicy thing that kept you warm.
  19. No idea, someone probably got it wrong or forgot a - in the math.
  20. Wow, this is a huge improvement in creativity, texture use, layout, geometry than your last one. GREAT work! I love castles that have various heights of towers and asymmetrical designs. Nice job!
  21. I don't know for sure, but my vote is no, all new zeds and content need pushed to A20 for maximum impact of A20, and A19 should only get MF's at this point. Rick wants to keep quiet about new stuff and we'll do dev streams when stuff is ready to show through the whole cycle of A20 rather than overload you guys all at the end.
  22. Padded armor for backstabbing glory. I don't think it is the CPU requirements, it is just finding time to tackle it. You might only need to cast in 6 directions periodically to define your space then dampen sounds that collide with those. Or do some kind of pre generation of room volumes and diminish audio and stealth if it collides with each volume.
  23. We'll see how opinions change after bandits are in. Getting the drop on a few guys to lower their numbers using stealth is always a good plan.
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