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  1. Yeah, agree on a lot of that. Would be pretty cool if they did it like quest poi's. *Get done with a quest? it gets rebuilt/restocked.* In the Trader case: if they get wiped out? 'x' days pass. Trader outpost gets rebuilt and a new trader respawns. Could even be a T5 quest, on guarding the trader from a zombie hoard. Win? get quest line to rebuild the outpost. get sweet reward once complete. Fail? Well. Now you all need to wait for a few days till they restore a new outpost in that location and then a trader respawns. Yeah, again. Need to put that on a timer. Days pass by, then restore it. So its, not so easily done. Night time comes? and a player(s) is near a trader outpost? Trader announces they have left the building and horde is on its way (trader despawn) Player(s) get a massive wandering horde event at that location. You survive? good on the player(s)! they wasted a whole bunch of ammo defending an empty outpost. Outpost gets smashed? well, got to wait a few days for it to restore. oh? Player(s) are still near the location the next night? guess they are getting hordes every night till they leave the area.. Yeah, I would like it, if they all had their own restock timer, and it didn't sync all the others.
  2. Heh, I'm just furthering the discussion, as it has been discussed over the years. But since those discussions have been wiped, might as well get it out of the way and better you type the book, then me 😛
  3. Yeah, I think most want that Roland. Here's deal though. People know what you know how? Not everybody knows what isn't fully working, or is just a placeholder still. or even just a test mechanic.
  4. 🙄 Who ever said you "Have" to use mods. Can you link that post? edit: obviously with your reaction, you can't. edit2: At least be legit, when you are trying to start crap.
  5. Remove mod. Start total fresh game (all vanilla no mods) and see if it happens again (whether you think the mod is the issue or not). If not? contact mod author to let them know, and see if they can replicate the issue. If so? Turn down zombie counts a bit more. If it still persists? then fill out a bug report. Paste your log.
  6. By that logic, might as well just remove Heat, Cold, getting Wet, meaning anything as well. Just go all in on Tower Defense and FPS and drop anything on the "survival" aspect, other than don't let the infected people and bandits kill you.
  7. Another option (if you don't have the extra room for basically 2 copies of the game) Make your mod using xpath, which requires you to put it in a mod folder. Make two character profiles. The one you use for your Vanilla game, with that character. The other for the Modded game., with the other character. When you play your vanilla game: pull the mod folder out. When you play the Modded: put the mod folder in. edit: basically like what Boidster said, but without needing the mod loader program.
  8. Food for thought <snicker> Ever think that maybe you don't need to be so heavy handed with stamina drains for everything? Maybe try just giving them a lower speed penalty, or weaken melee damage? It's kind of same end result, but has a different feel game play wise. You get sick? you are a little slower for the day, or you just can't hit as hard, or you can't focus and line up the cross hairs while firing as well. Not saying to change anything for a19 but, ya know. It doesn't need to mostly be stamina, or health hits for the majority of debuffs while having a sickness.
  9. Gazz gave you a solution to your dilemma about knowing if the blood moon is in effect or not.
  10. 1. Yep, when put into practice, not all ideas are gold. However, not everyone is just "imagining" an idea and just expressing their opinions. Some actually put their ideas into practice, then say something. It even happens at times with "real" devs that their ideas are not all gold. 2. Eye of the beholder. To them who made it? They like what they did. Not everyone needs to like it. For some it fills a niche, others it dose not. Is it cool that it hits the mark for many? yeah. However not all modders release stuff just to please everyone. They made something they like so they shared it, because it may be something others would like. Also, not all of them are looking to maintain TFP theme or ascetics. 3. Uninstalling a mod is not dangerous. It dangerous when people who installed them, forget to wipe everything, and start clean. Hey its a fun pimp motto every major build. They even tell you to "start clean" before running a new build, or even just give a valid bug report. Now why would that be? Even to this day, TFP say something like "It shouldn't mess up your game but start fresh just to be sure". Why? because even they are not 100% certain their build won't mess something up. Why would mods be any different? Sorry you messed up and needed to do a clean install but it happens. 4. Glad your experience isn't dissuading you from possibly try out other mods in the future. Something I think you should keep in mind. Not all modders have the same experience level. The strength and weaknesses can vary drastically between them. Might be why even TFP hire designated people, to fill designated roles. Some mods are nothing more then modders doing proof of concept mods, or just seeing what they can do in the meantime, waiting till the game finally goes gold. 🕊️
  11. Well, all your in game water bodies have no real vegetation in them atm. So, I am not surprised they are stagnant and murky. 😛(joking)
  12. The way I read your comment was to only allow 1 tier down. like if you are at tier 5 to only allow access to tier 4 quests. Probably read it wrong <shrug>. So just was adding on to include all of them.
  13. Why not have it so, you can just pick whichever tier quest you are qualified for? If you are only qualified for tier 1 quests? obv you can only get tier 1 quest to choose from. If you are qualified for tier 2 quests? You can get the tier 2 quest, plus able to choose any repeatable tier 1 quests. You are qualified for tier 5 quests? You can choose tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4, repeatable quest, along with the tier 5 quest. Choose the quests you feel up to doing. Don't feel like doing the same set of tier 5 quests? choose a lower tier quest.
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