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  1. Not a support guru. Only thing I see is that it can't find your config file. I know sometimes in the past when the game crashed on me, I needed to reboot my computer. Might be worth a shot for a last ditch effort. Other than that.. write up a bug report, and see if the real wizards can figure it out. Edit: Just going on past experiences, that worked for me when a similar crash happened in the past.
  2. Right click on the game. Choose select properties. Click the Local Files Tab. Choose "Browse local files" find then dbl click on the 7dLauncher.exe Then click the [Tools] tab. Then click on the [clean data tab] click all boxes (also click on the ALL maps button). Then click on the Clean button. *Also* "If" you have a "mods folder" remove it.* Edit: It might also be a good idea to go ahead and clean up any past save's (make a back up copy of them jic you need to revert back to the a18 build). If that still doesn't work? reboot your computer and do it all over. If it still doesn't work? then fill out a bug report.
  3. Been watching the streams. At first it was pretty cool, then noticed the streamers using it more and more as a 'cue', to tell them to get prepared. Kinda removes some of the "O-sh*t!" factor. Still like the combat music, but (just imo ofc) it needs a bit more tweaking for when it starts/ends. Like maybe have 2 conditions for it to play? Condition 1) Number of active zeds around the player and: Condition 2 or Condition 3 Condition 2) Player 'damages' a zombie. Condition 3) Player is 'damaged' by a zombie. So: Condition 1 and Condition 2 are met? then play combat clip. or Condition 1 and condition 3 are met? Ten play combat clip. 5 second delay check? Are both conditions still meet? continue playing the clip. Again. Just my opinion. Will play either way, if it gets changed or not.
  4. So you then didn't watch the parts of the stream when they said that the particles, where just placeholders? and that the Drone wasn't ready? and that it was just basically giving us a first look? and that it probably wasn't even going in the first release of a19, but maybe a couple/few builds later? Edit: I mean I probably won't even use the Drone. but come on..
  5. I hope they make a bigger coffee mug. The first run one, is a neat little conversation piece. I would like a slightly bigger one though, for drinking out of
  6. No one is stopping you, from giving them more money. You can easily send them a check every major alpha build, or whatever you think, is good enough. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Maybe start buying their merchandise, and that can fulfill your "need", to give more every so often?
  7. Hopefully, someone in the group tonight has some info, and can answer some of the questions about it.
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/659744429?t=1h20m19s Edit: From stream last night. About Robert not being present. Unless something changed.
  9. Why not just change the nameplate on the crates then? idk, something like "Expedition Supplies", or "White River Exploratory Supplies", painted over top of the "Working Stiff" stencil? At least then it tells the player "hey, you might not get the best loot in this crate, but it might be better than what you have". Like it was from a past looting expedition that failed. Put a little note in it, something like: Supplies for expedition "blah blah". Then as the players GS goes up, the new buildings you enter, have some of the original "Working Stiff" crates inside.
  10. My observation watching the last 3 streams so far: Its more about generating hype, and showcasing some of the behind the scenes team members, and what they have done so far (good things in themselves). The questions themselves, 'seem' nothing more than filler at best. Unless, they plan to dedicate a stream, or just post answers to some of them down the road later. The live stream questions? ummm, yeah. Obviously, not working out all that well, so far.
  11. I think if they are going to take the time with making separate stream question threads for every stream: They should at least make the effort in answering at least some of them first, after they do their main talking points ofc. Pick a few they want, or can, answer. Then, if they feel like answering more questions, open it up to stream chat. If the streams are more about "Hype Train", then don't bother in making a question thread. Just focus on the hype talk, and move on. Basically, don't even have a question thread, if you are not even going to attempt answering at least a couple/few of them. Yeah, sounds a little ranty.. is what it is. There were actually a few questions in the thread, that I was interested in (not necessarily mine).
  12. Probably be a good idea to have Gamida's post, pinned in its own thread, with the link. Since it is the latest news, concerning the future of console, and where it stands. Plus it would just be easier to link back to it, if new threads start to pop up.
  13. if you have a Geforce/Nvidia Gcard then: https://store.steampowered.com/app/268850/EVGA_Precision_X1/ For free on steam.
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