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  1. Not a dig by any means, but you all 'might' be wrong about that as well Things have come a long ways on the modding front.
  2. uhh, have you all checked out a mod called "Winter project" by Sphereii? You all might want to, if you think you can't spawn prefabs underground.
  3. Best advice? Don't ask for advice. Just turn the difficulty down to its lowest. Get comfortable with it, then turn it up if it get too easy. You only have 1 first time. enjoy it. Too many tips and tricks, tend to shorten the joy. No matter what you choose to do: Welcome to the game either way.
  4. With the way they are currently doing it? I would say yeah? it can be done. but it would be a pita if they (TFP) want to maintain the: 5-6 levels of quality, for every item that uses a quality rating. I'm just letting "whomever" reads this, that the current way it is done leaves me feeling, a bit less enthused, during the transition phases. I know what I would "try"(er adjusted) but 🤷‍♂️ I'm just one fish, in an ocean of opinions (edit: (Only based on a19. No idea what 'may' or "may not" be in A20)) Again just my opinions.
  5. Nope. Its about consistency and expectations. No different then expecting a fireball level 2 spell, to be more effective then a fireball lvl1 spell in a magic based game. Or a laser blaster to be more effective then a 9mm pistol, in a scifi game. Unless that is a realism "argument" as well 😕
  6. My question is: Why are stone tools/weapons even on par, if not better in a lot of cases, then their iron counterparts? Even in just a pure game sense, its a bit off putting, and breaks the flow in this games quality system. If a stone tool/weapon, beats an iron tool/weapon on any level, it removes any sense of excitement of finally finding, being able to craft, getting the funds up enough to buy, or receiving one from questing. "Cool! I got an Iron shovel! Finall..Oh.. I finally get to iron, but my stone tools are still better..Okay..". Thats the level of of excitement, this iteration of the quality system, has brought me atm. There is a reason other similar types of games, make stone tools, weak sauce, compared to iron their versions. And that is a consistent flow and expectations. Stone to get by until you get to iron, then steel, etc.,. imo. A stone tool with a quality of anything, shouldn't be on par with its weakest iron counterpart. Unless they want to introduce some form of magic to the game? At least then, it would be a little more consistent as to the why their quality system is the way it is, but not much. Whoa! You have a stone ax of smashing q5! It was made by that mysterious master stone craftsmen, that imbued it with magical properties to make it stronger then a q1 basic Iron ax! I don't really care much about the realism or game argument. I'm more about the consistency and expectations of the current quality system.
  7. Actually, you can, quite easily. More than enough alternate sources of wood available, to play this game rather comfortably with, or without, trees. Not a boast of gaming prowess by any means. Anyone can do it, at any skill level. Wood is really all over, laying around. I guess most don;t even consider all the sources is all.
  8. *Fingers crossed* Good luck!
  9. Not a support guru. Only thing I see is that it can't find your config file. I know sometimes in the past when the game crashed on me, I needed to reboot my computer. Might be worth a shot for a last ditch effort. Other than that.. write up a bug report, and see if the real wizards can figure it out. Edit: Just going on past experiences, that worked for me when a similar crash happened in the past.
  10. Right click on the game. Choose select properties. Click the Local Files Tab. Choose "Browse local files" find then dbl click on the 7dLauncher.exe Then click the [Tools] tab. Then click on the [clean data tab] click all boxes (also click on the ALL maps button). Then click on the Clean button. *Also* "If" you have a "mods folder" remove it.* Edit: It might also be a good idea to go ahead and clean up any past save's (make a back up copy of them jic you need to revert back to the a18 build). If that still doesn't work? reboot your computer and do it all over. If it still doesn't work? then fill out a bug report.
  11. Been watching the streams. At first it was pretty cool, then noticed the streamers using it more and more as a 'cue', to tell them to get prepared. Kinda removes some of the "O-sh*t!" factor. Still like the combat music, but (just imo ofc) it needs a bit more tweaking for when it starts/ends. Like maybe have 2 conditions for it to play? Condition 1) Number of active zeds around the player and: Condition 2 or Condition 3 Condition 2) Player 'damages' a zombie. Condition 3) Player is 'damaged' by a zombie. So: Condition 1 and Condition 2 are met? then play combat clip. or Condition 1 and condition 3 are met? Ten play combat clip. 5 second delay check? Are both conditions still meet? continue playing the clip. Again. Just my opinion. Will play either way, if it gets changed or not.
  12. So you then didn't watch the parts of the stream when they said that the particles, where just placeholders? and that the Drone wasn't ready? and that it was just basically giving us a first look? and that it probably wasn't even going in the first release of a19, but maybe a couple/few builds later? Edit: I mean I probably won't even use the Drone. but come on..
  13. I hope they make a bigger coffee mug. The first run one, is a neat little conversation piece. I would like a slightly bigger one though, for drinking out of
  14. No one is stopping you, from giving them more money. You can easily send them a check every major alpha build, or whatever you think, is good enough. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Maybe start buying their merchandise, and that can fulfill your "need", to give more every so often?
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