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  1. It's really great! It's not Witcher 3 great or anything but well worth the money. I'm on my second play through.
  2. I changed to Assasin's Creed Odyssey until 17.3 comes out. TFP seem to be balancing a lot of things atm and I'll just wait till the storm clears a bit.
  3. When is Kinyajuu going to make a post in the forums and let us know what's going on with RWG? I don't care if he says it's going to take months to get things working the way he wants, I just want to know what's happening. Right now RWG just sucks. No offense to Kinyajuu, who I'm sure is working hard on it, it's just that it's not fun they way it is now. Anyway.... some feedback would be nice.
  4. Ahh right.... it's totally my fault. Why didn't I see that in the first place.
  5. Gyro is crap! It's so difficult to fly. Also, where's the tutorial for it? There's really no instructions. You have to guess. That's not good. I don't bother with the thing at all. It's clunky and awkward at best.... a deathtrap at worst.
  6. Yeah this. It doesn't look much different anyway with these changes.
  7. Yeah the minibike needs to just be removed. It doesn't have a place in A17. Okay yes it's got storage but not enough to make it worthwhile really.
  8. Oh this sounds like it's got potential for some serious fun!! Time to mess around!
  9. Metal spikes with barbed wire on top of them are very effective. The trick is to set up your defenses in a way that zeds have to go through a guided path. Just placing traps in a circle doesn't work as well as it used to. I don't use electric traps till mid-late game because spikes+barbed wire work just fine. I know they don't last as long as A16's spikes but so what. They are also a lot cheaper and you can place a few extra rows if that's what you want.
  10. Yeah you can get enough steel if you're looking for it, provided RWG gives you enough Wasteland to search. Those pole tops give Forged Iron and Forged Steel and take very little to wrench. Problem is..... RWG sucks atm. Though... it's gotten so much better and I foresee it being great by the time TFP are done tweaking it.
  11. Why are there deserts next to Snow Biomes? Shouldn't there be a mini-biome buffer in between or something?
  12. Yup I'm with you on this. Can's would be great for about 2 years. That's it. After that you'd get all sorts of problems.
  13. This still "seems" like it's not working quite right. Did they take it off the "Known Bugs" list yet? I haven't checked lately.
  14. Yeah this may be a good sign. I rather like having an aspect of luck in a game. Sometimes skill only gets you so far. You either get really lucky or you have to adapt and struggle and claw for everything you earn. Both are equally fun, just for different reasons. Yeah... perhaps this is a good thing in a way. - - - Updated - - - Oh don't let the flaming stuff get to you. I think most people here are pretty good, if a little cheeky.
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