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Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles


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Background and Introduction

In March 2020 Snufkin presented us with 'Snufkin's Server Side vehicleS' which is now A19 Stable. The concept was simple, incorporate customised vehicles into 7D2D by utilising existing in game assets to create some unique and delightful additions to the current set of vehicles. These vehicles are admittedly temperamental and buggy at times, which Snufkin warned us about. For example, it is sometimes necessary to put the vehicle back on the toolbelt and set it down again if the customised effect has been removed for the vehicle owner or third parties. More importantly though, they are dedicated server stable and server hosts have shared very positive feedback on that.


Snufkin encouraged other modders to take a look at the xmls and see how underused functions could be applied to create these customised features. This initial community pack has taken heed of that encouragement. Snufkin is currently taking a modding sabbatical but has been very open to allow the community to support and expand on the Snufkin line of server side mods and this adds to the Snufkin's Server Side Weapons which Slawa and oakraven have been restoring and Snufkin's Server Side Custom Zombies which has been a community restoration and already has multiple variants which expand on the original.


Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles


Download - https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2021June12


(Airborne vehicles using Blimp settings need to be filled with gas to get the sounds working)


The Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles is a growing collection of customised vehicles which consists of Snufkin's originals, with some A19 updates, alongside additional vehicles supported by the community. It would be nice to see this grow and live up to its name. We hope other community modders will consider adding to the collection.


For now, here is what Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles offers.


1. Armored Car - 4 seater road vehicle (Snufkin)
2. Army Truck - 6 seater road vehicle (Snufkin with stability and context edits by oakraven)
3. Raft - 4 seater water vehicle (Snufkin)
4. Sled - 1 seater road vehicle (Snufkin with additional comfort by oakraven)
5. Jet Pack - 1 seater flying vehicle (Snufkin)
6. Hell Beast - 2 seater road motorcycle (Snufkin)
7. Parachute - 1 seater gliding descent vehicle (Snufkin)
8. ATV - 2 seater road motorcycle (Snufkin with functionality fix by oakraven)
9. Hell Hound 4x4 - 6 seater road vehicle (oakraven)
10. Hell Fire - 2 seater road motorcycle (oakraven)
11. Hell Spikey 4x4 - 6 seater road vehicle (oakraven)
12. Hell Dog - 2 seater road motorcycle (oakraven)
13. Shark Blimp - 2 seater flying shark (oakraven)
14. Whirligig - 3 seater flying VTOL 'chopper' (arramus with kind permission from @bdubyah to use the settings for the MD-500 helicopter from Bdub's Vehicles)

15. Magic Bus - 6 seater road vehicle (oakraven)

16. Battle Bus - 6 seater road vehicle (oakraven)

17. Hell Car - 4 seater road vehicle (oakraven)

18. Bath Blimp - 1 seater flying bath (arramus)

19. Battle Bus Drone - 6 seater flying vehicle (oakraven with assistance from arramus)

20. PeNa 1979 Express - 4 seater flying vehicle (oakraven) - Thanks to PeNa1979 for play testing the Snufkin range of mods.

21. Psyren Ride - 4 seater road vehicle (oakraven)
22. Green Max - 4 seater road vehicle (oakraven)
23. Red Max - 4 seater road vehicle (oakraven)

24. Hell Piggy - 2 seater road vehicle (oakraven)

25. Catfish Blimp - 1 seater flying cart (oakraven and arramus)


Dre kindly puts the vehicles to test with his regular gaming party and focusses on ensuring the seating is oriented towards a full party for questing and looting adventures alongside general stability and function checks. Be warned, as with the original warning by Snufkin, these vehicles have their 'moments' and will not always perform as hoped. However, this pack does offer choice, and you can select a vehicle for your own style of gameplay if you want to venture away from the standard offerings.


Here are just a few sample images to give a visual overview.


The whole collection:



Anticlockwise from the ATV (which can perform turns while in the air but needs care while breaking unless you really want to do a quick 180 flip), Hell Fire, Hell Dog, and Hell Beast (which get some decent speed and can hop over a vehicle before performing a drifting stop, and Whirligig (offering the VTOL and speed burst of a chopper).



From back to front, the raft is in the river (and gently follows the panning direction of the water if it isn't brought onto shore), with the parachute (requiring a high building and a gentle breeze), Hell Spikey 4x4 (which can carry a full party complement on a quest) and the Armored Car (offering added protection). Finally is the Shark Blimp (that can turbo ascend and descend like a rocket).



With recent community support from server hosts such as @Dre and @BubbaJoe it has been possible to put all of the Snufkin mods through their paces to ensure they are server stable for A19 regardless of their eclectic idiosyncrasies. Recent observations from @h0tr0d and @Sunbursts have allowed us to explore patches and alternatives to bring better quality releases. If you would like to get involved in this particular expansion to Snufkin's mod then read on.


Future Additions

Please consider a few pointers if you have your own offerings to add to the community pack to ensure a smooth transition and ease of compilation before posting to this thread:


1. Has the vehicle been successfully tested in the background within the existing pack?

2. Does the vehicle have all the relevant assets such as a recipe, compatible formatting, and functionality?

3. Are you sure your vehicle is release ready to your full satisfaction and not an impulsive decision?

4. Can you accept that other modders may implement this pack into other mods or overhauls, albeit with permission requests and appropriate credits?


As with the spirit of Snufkin's original concept and suggestions to the community, there is no stopping other modders from expanding on the originals in their own direction just as we are doing here. Let's see where this goes.



If you've never installed a mod before it is necessary to create a mod folder in the main directory or in an area suggested by your server host if they have modified the installation. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature). If you drag the mod folder directly out of the zipped file it can be placed directly into the Mods folder and the game will look in there as you launch your World. If you allow your unzip function to extract the folder, it may make another unnecessary folder and place the mod inside it. This will not be recognised by the game/server if you place it in the Mods folder like this. Please take it out of the extra folder level. The top layer will be a single folder and in the second layer you will see a ModInfo.xml file with or without additional folders depending on the mod. This will become elementary once you've launched a few mods.


Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES

Do players also need to install this Mod? = NO


The magic of this mod is that is only needs to be installed in the server/person who has launched the main environment that others join. It is a technical work of art. Enjoy. 👍











Edited by arramus
Updates to localisation, tagging, and containers. (see edit history)
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The pictures don't do them justice.. they look great in game very "mad max". The physics of some of the motorcycles (large jump) are fun. The shark is freaking hilarious. The flames on some of them are really neat at night. Very cool mod with all the ease of use of being server side.


Thanks much @oakraven & @arramus for letting me test the beta. 


FYI to anyone using: it seems to work with lots and lots of other mods and overhauls (just test to see, if it's a large overhaul you might need to edit the mods loot xlm or progression xml's to get it to work 100%, I've got it working with darknessfalls without too many edits needed).

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mister Snuffkin I THANK YOU VERY MUUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the others that helped with this too !!!!


Now you have to update yours GREAT server-side weapons and i will have THE BEST SERVER EVER !!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))


PS : all vehiculos now are working without any errors on public linux server...

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4 hours ago, PeNa1979 said:

mister Snuffkin I THANK YOU VERY MUUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the others that helped with this too !!!!


Now you have to update yours GREAT server-side weapons and i will have THE BEST SERVER EVER !!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))


PS : all vehiculos now are working without any errors on public linux server...

Thanks for sharing the feedback about stability on Linux servers because it’s an ideal environment for mods that might need a little extra resource. We have been careful to remember Linux needs ModInfo capitalization and may appreciate strings without breaks.


Snufkin has certainly been good to us. 

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The 'Magic Bus' is just going through some server stress testing to make sure it doesn't break anything before it's released.

It is comparable to the Army Truck in terms of collision properties but only requires 4 wheels instead of 11 for constructing.



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Just an update with the addition of the Magic Bus. This is a 6 seater road vehicle that takes the school bus and gives it a more dynamic existence.


It carries the same type of collision as the Army Truck but can be placed as easily as any other vehicle.




The process for release is typically a 3 step process to make sure things are running smoothly and cause no conflicts or major warnings. An SP run through is followed by a Dedicated Local Server run through with a last Public Dedicated Server test.



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@oakraven adds to the Magic Bus with the Battle Bus.


The Battle Bus is a 6 seater combat vehicle sporting internal/external lighting, decent decorations, and its special weapon; zombies get set alight upon impact. The ideal vehicle security system.




This vehicle has the same background collision feature as the Army Truck and Magic Bus but is server stable.


It was tested in the following sequence; SP > Dedicated Local > Dedicated Standalone Public and caused no immediate issues.





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@oakraven bring us the Hell Car as the first 'standard' car vehicle to Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles.




This vehicle has zero collision issues and is server stable. It was tested in the following sequence; SP > Dedicated Local > Dedicated Standalone Public and caused no immediate issues.


What an offering it is, quirks and all. Bring your dog food!!!


Apologies to the Admin at 7DAYSTODIEMODS for this recent flurry of activity and your need to update but these are too much fun hold back.







Edited by arramus (see edit history)
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Just a small update to the mod to allow the Shark Blimp to become a 2 seater.


Thank you to @Dre for testing the seating and finding the best balance as shown in the image. The rear passenger will sit just in front of the Blimp fins with hands on the surface skin. Sure, the feet are poking through a little, but such is the nature of balancing to fit the tools we have.


Download - https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Community-Pack-Server-Side-Vehicles-A19-Stable-2020Nov09





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Here is an update to the Snufkin Community Pack Server Side Vehicles.


Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Community-Pack-Server-Side-Vehicles-A19-Stable-2020Nov15


This update brings 2 features; a cosmetic change to the Shark Blimp and a new vehicle, which is a Work in Progress, called the Bath Blimp.


1. Shark Blimp

The Shark Blimp was added to the community pack for fun and it was not expected to become so popular. Visits to busy servers have seen it used as a primary vehicle for both air and 'ground' transport very frequently due to its high speed and maneuverability. oakraven always intended for the Shark Blimp to be given a cosmetic update in time to remove any residual underlying properties from the original blimp. That has been achieved and here it is in its fully glory.


The blimp fins, undercarriage, and body are no longer visible which allows the shark model to be viewed in its own right.





2. Bath Blimp

This addition attaches the bath to the blimp and allows it to roam free using the same physics and settings as the Shark Blimp. In addition, a flashlight has been attached to the 'front' as a night light. It is a Work in Progress and gets its maiden voyage for testing. In time, we will consider the possibility of adding a mist or other item to hide the players feet and backpack.






It does not float which at least allows it to be used for its original purpose.



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Waaaaaaaaaaau i hoped for another great weird vehicle sir :D BIG THX !!!


Have one question : could you P L E A S E make a modded classic Blimp ? Like 3times bigger as the original, so it looks more like real airship (i mean it by make it bigger...) and colored ? Blue or red would be good i think... and if it could be 2 or 3 or even 4-seater ??? THAT WOULD BE GR8 !!! :D



TFP should you all hire, because their developers are lazy as ***** :D:D:D

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@PeNa1979 Actually, one of the team has been thinking about the Blimp for some time ever since the shark was first tested and a full scale model is very possible. There may be some limits such as color because that feature is not implemented yet but the devs are looking at vehicle color customization for A20. Even though the devs decided to change direction for this vehicle, at least they left it for us to enjoy for community projects. 

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14 hours ago, arramus said:


Actually, i dont want a20... not now, with so good modded a19 on my server !!!


PS : do have anyone some info about a20 yet ? I found something on YT, but nothing useable, only some blah-blah with ugly Joel :) :) :)


In this night, i finally found first ticket in loot :) and i get that the loot boc i can not craft from it in workbench :) but in that loot machines buy :)

@arramusi forgot...


If you wanna to play or try it on my server, it is called : No1 SK server so super modifikaciami !!!


It is nothing special, only 4slot server, but really cheap and it will run another 150 days !!!

And the map is precisly generated thru NitroGen !!! I have been go thru whole map, and it is really VERY NICE ONE !!! :)


Info about my server you can find on facebook in group : 7DTD Poprdeli

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@PeNa1979 Sure thing. I am interested to visit your server and see how things are running in there. I searched but couldn't find the name. Maybe because of my region. Would you be able to share the server I.P. address instead?


I run my server from home and still use the CSSM for the teleport system. CSSM is better than cheap because it's FREE for 1 server and not so hard to set up. They have an EU location as well. Time to sleeeeep; my timezone.

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Here is an update for the Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicle.


Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Community-Pack-Server-Side-Vehicles-A19-Stable-2020Nov19


This download introduces 2 new vehicles as follows:


1. Battle Bus Drone (oakraven)

This vehicle is a solar/generator powered airborne equivalent of the land based Battle Bus. It is propelled by a twin drone setup on the front and rear.



Internal lighting using reserved battery power.



And plenty of illumination to light up the road ahead and below unless you toggle lighting to go into stealth mode.



You won't miss too much with the Battle Bus Drone; the first in the drone surveillance vehicles.



arramus took over the latter stages to finish off the final polish to allow oakraven to complete vehicle number 2; a request for @PeNa1979.


2. PeNa 1979 Express

@PeNa1979 wanted a full size Blimp in Blue or Red. At present it is not possible to add color to the vehicles made for server side only application and the next best thing was to ensure such a vehicle received a nice balance of decoration to offer some character.


Can't be blue about that. A full sized Blimp with solar powered propulsion and a fine assortment of cosmetics.



This vehicle can accommodate 4 passengers within the travelling compartment for a 'safe' and comfortable commute.



The signage really makes all the difference once it begins to get dark.



The construction recipe is not overly demanding and reflects the context of the features.



And if you're wondering about what it takes to knock it out of the sky, it took over 50 high performance Blue Widow and Red Widow arrows to make it go pop.





That concludes the introduction of this update. It's a fun one for sure.

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MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN :):):)  THIS IS INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I mean...i dont get any words how to say how much i love this (and i dont even tried it now :) ) ...


When i asked about that bus and blimp, i didnt hoped somebody will make it, and not even so quick...


You should come to my server to test it properly :):):)  ( and i have to finally test the last weapons pack...)

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So, offline are both this new great giga mega vehicles working perfect ! Ill give the soon on server...


But one question : can you change the blimp to look like on this photo ?


REASON : if you land with blimp, or sharkblimp or bathblimp or with this one, it almost everytime tilts back and going a little unstable...(you remember our flight with shark ?) so if you can add that second big trash green in the back of it, that should make it land in perfect horizontal balance ! :) (offcourse if you land on a flatland...)


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5 minutes ago, arramus said:

@PeNa1979 We shall try. Unfortunately, by default things we add have no collision unless we change the parent model as well. This can cause strange things online. We shall try though. 

Aha...so, if i understand it right, everything you add to the blimp, has no collision ? Then the adding od the second trashthing is useless...OK, i got that :) so we have to land carefully :)

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