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  1. Been using with your map for awhile. Works great. NICE Map. (I made the flying vehicles much more expensive to craft esp. the shark to limit use to later game. But even then I had a drone bus crafted by day 50)
  2. Been running these on a server for 60 game days now. Work great. Zero issues. Guards seem to work best to guard a "crafting" base vs. horde base, although after you have enough of them maybe horde also. The junk turrets will target them so place any junk turrets in front of the guards.
  3. @morggin Awesome map. Thank you. Using it with loads(60 game days so far ) of mods including Snufin's community pack vehicles (the expanded version only I made the flying vehicles MUCH more expensive to craft). Love the map (another good one I run is "Boating_Modlet" by "Ragsy2145 & Guppycur" (edited so I can have 3 people in the larger boat).
  4. Awesome thanks, will watch. No I get it. I've used thousands of mods on different games over the years some of them SUPER high level work (esp. some of the skyrim ones) and have spent a fair amount "showing my thanks" to good ones over the years. 20 just seems like a big "ask". I did send this author 5 bucks though.
  5. Yes use notepad ++ should work, save an unedited one as a back up (put a copy on desk top or something). You can try something more then zero if you want to keep the buff but see what lessening it does (have not tried this). There might be one other Zed that causes screen effects in there.
  6. Open the mods "buffs.xml" and edit her screen effects intensity to 0 <buff name="buffBanshee" hidden="true"> <stack_type value="replace"/> <duration value="3"/> <effect_group> <passive_effect name="RunSpeed" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.8,.2" duration="0,4"> <requirement name="EntityTagCompare" tags="player"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="WalkSpeed" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.8,.2" duration="0,4"&
  7. Oh got it. I gave them a follow. won't be signing up for 20 a month to support a mod though
  8. @gpcstargate Looks like it was just updated to vs. 5.4 link below War3zuk Mods All in One | 7 Days to Die Mods
  9. yes set prob = to lower (0.1 is higher then .05 and even lower still is .01 etc., think percentages). If you are running the snufkin PLUS community back the default is moderately high, can use notepad ++ to find/replace the probabilities to lower on he entity xml that controls it.
  10. You can edit the mods entity xml to lower mod spawn probably for each type.
  11. Been running this 20 hrs or so. Very fun. What's the ETA on the other skill lines (I see Fire & Sorcery are working and the others holy/lightning etc. say pending development)
  12. @Devrix Awesome mod. Thank you for this, very much. So far works well with the war3zuk aoi overall mod (nice complement to the added firepower from sorcery is the added difficulty of war3zuk) and all the snufkin server mods (the updated ones by Oakraven & Arraums) Nice work!
  13. @War3zuk Bad ass mod. Thank you! Works great with a19.3, Sorcery mod and all the @arramus / Snufkin server mods (using on a client based server with 10 plus hrs on new game so far). Adds a lot to the game, over 500 hrs of play on 7dtD
  14. @arramus and @oakraven put a TON of work hrs into this. Have it on my new game (client side server) with a few other server side mods, sorcery mod and war3zuk alpha 19 AIO without issues. Super cool.
  15. Anytime you download any mod (be it 7days or Skyrim or whatever) always check the file structure. In this case @arramus helped already but really taking a few seconds to check would have saved you/him time.
  16. Try this: open up the Debug menu for POI's, type DF in search. There should be 2 types (lab and bunker), can teleport to it to find it (cheating but at least you'd find it).
  17. I'm playing with this list now without issue and have been for 67 game days (my only xml edits currently are play related not conflict related apart from the loot item edits need to run with DF mod):
  18. I've never tested on a paid (just my home one), so can't help. I had my snufkin rail gun out last night and have several vehicles though without issues. I did have an interaction with the lootlist item numbers 950-951-952 (vehicles mod) and Darkness falls (edited to 76-77-78 and deleted the loot.xml add on). Tried them all via CM just to test before I used the mod but have only crafted the shark/blimp in my game.
  19. seems doubtful/odd, I'm running both on a server with out any red errors (on my side or client)
  20. @arramus @doughphunghus Nice! I love the killer rabbit mod (he is fast, small, hard to hit and deadly), having it server side only will awesome.
  21. I haven't tested with DF and the sorcery mod. The more mods you add the more likely conflicts will pop up and you'll need to know how to look at the log and edit xml's to make them work. I have it set to 100 zeds and 50 animals.
  22. All the updated Snufkin mods work without issue, (the vehicle one you have to edit the loot xml's/item for Snufkin as there is a conflict with item 950-951, if i remember right). The creature pack for JUST Zeds also seems to work (You get some yellow errors but is fine). The newest Snufkin that Arramus just released with a .8 spawn rate on the new zeds adds some challenge (Laser Sharks). The baby animals xml mod posted in this forum works also (just go in and edit the HP to 2000-5000 for each baby and you'll find a mini zed bear with 5000 hp adds some challenge lol). i'm on day 65 and i'm lev
  23. @magejosh I won't be any help related to this exact issue but I've had NRE happen so many times with mods and stuff in CM. Generally now days if I see an item I don't recognize in CM I wont touch it. Just had it happen the other day (grabbed something in CM related to a different mod, I should have known as item didn't have an icon...., got NRE). For fixing it I generally try this though: Let a Zed or player kill me (if reset doesn't fix it), then take item put into a box and destroy the box (if can't drop without NRE). If I have to I'll reset the Character (not the whole save) and then Admin
  24. Big one with the big guys in basement. No joke about the zombies from area. They tunneled down and beat on the lab. Just the type of "story" like big mission this game is missing, was fun.
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