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  1. The Siren appears to have very low move speeds in general compared to other entities. <property name="MoveSpeed" value="0.08"/> <!-- just shambling around --> <property name="MoveSpeedAggro" value="0.1, 0.2"/> <!-- chasing a target min/max (like day or night)--> Even if nightmare speed adds a multiplier to these values, it will still be low considering other entities are set with a greater than 1.0 speed by default for the higher move speed settings. This may be something to do with it.
  2. Adding progression appears to be something Snufkin considered in the early days, but the best workaround was to link the creation to vehicles that already require progression: e.g. If you want to create a Hell Fire Motorcycle you will need a regular motorcycle. Without unlocking the regular motorcycle or saving enough funds to purchase one, it will not be possible to make this custom vehicle. This offered a workaround that forced the player to reach Skill Level 3 for vehicle crafting. The same applied for vehicles that require a 4x4 with Skill Level 4. In ad
  3. Hello. Yes, others have had issues of a similar nature when attempting to run Darkness Falls or War of the Walkers type mods. There is often a conflict where a mod may have identical IDs with, in your case, Darkness Falls. It can cause one of them to be nulled and cause NRE errors when the game calls on them. Some users have found that lootcontainerid numbers in the loot.xml are conflicting as they are identical and have had to manually change them as the conflict can pass to another asset, in your case redammo which can just be a victim of the conflict and not the cause.
  4. Hello R2D2. Unfortunately, it has been trial and error for everyone. Snufkin and oakraven have a background in coding which has been very helpful for the xml but even they have needed to give up on things, change things, and reduce the complexity of things to make them work. As for textures, replacing body parts, and use of projectiles, that has also been trial and error because we do not have access to a database of used assets (models/textures, etc) beyond what is shared in the xml. Some modders have used third party tools to decompile the game assets but there are no tutorials o
  5. The Grumpy Nerd put together some game footage of a recent Blood Moon featuring the Snufkin Zombies PLUS as they attempt to breach the base while working through the intricate pathways. It all makes for an interesting experience.
  6. This is going to require both the server and clients to install the Slot Machine mod because of the custom items which the clients cannot download directly from the server.
  7. A small but important update for the Shark Blimp. Download here: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2021Feb25 The Shark Blimp was added as a novelty vehicle but has become one of the most popular. Default is low cost to produce at an early stage of the game and allows players to traverse the World with quite a lot of ease. One issue that has been reported on numerous occasions is that it can periodically starting rocking and spinning on servers which have high player counts, network challenges, or high ping. The Shark Bli
  8. Good to see it's all working again. Hard to say what the issue was but as long as they appear that's the main thing. The creator of the Hell Flyer appears to be really busy with another project at the moment and probably won't respond here as they are in a constant group discussion and project share elsewhere. It is certainly something that community members could do by themselves though by comparing the harvest and 'remain' code to see if it's possible to make the Hell Flyer stay around until being harvested as with the animals.
  9. Completely delete the recipes.xml code relating to the specific vehicle you would like to remove from your World. Or comment out the code using the <!-- --> additions as were proposed for commenting out the Banshee.
  10. @anonuser1989 Here is a way to remove completely, or disable the Banshee. Another way is for players to wear a speaker hat mod that can be found in the Snufkin Xpansion Weapons mod which disables the Banshee screams and Mantis narcotic effects.
  11. And just as with the zombies you preferred to leave out, total removal or disabling by commenting out !-- --
  12. arramus

    Snufkin's Jukebox

    Oh yes, I can really appreciate Quality of Life mods while waiting on the forge to complete its smelt. A drink for this one. Forward to that one. And back to work. A really nice mod, thank you. Here's a mistake I made that others should be aware of. After you bring your MP3s to the SONGS folder and perform CONVERT they will be converted to MP4 and moved to the Resources folder with a naming structure of song_1, song_2, etc. If you didn't add 16 in the first instance to bring it up to the maximum but add more songs la
  13. Within the mod Config folder is a file called Traders.xml You can make changes to/set up the trader in that file. The mod maker has very clearly described each entry and what it does.
  14. One character that seems to cause the most server instability based on previous feedback is the Geist. Those electric bolts seem to cause great demand on the server. If the Banshee doesn't resolve the issue, I would certainly move onto the Geist character next.
  15. There is a way. Go to the entitygroups.xml Choice 1. Total Removal Change all entries that look similar to this <entity name="zombieBanshee" prob="0.1"/> to this <!--entity name="zombieBanshee" prob="0.1"/--> Using the !-- -- code comments it out and the game will ignore it, Choice 2. Partial and Restricted Removal Change all entries that look similar to this <entity name="zombieBanshee" prob="0.1"/> to this <entity name="zombieBanshee" prob="0.01"/> This will the B
  16. Snufkin Zombies can successfully be brought into an existing World and that shouldn't be a factor. If there are other mods in the mix, maybe worth removing all mods except for the Snufkin Zombies to see if there are any conflicts and building them back in one by one. Beyond that, I have exhausted suggestions since BM is functional which infers the entitygroups.xml is loading.
  17. The Snufkin Zombies haven't been added to the wandering hordes but have been added to regular individual roaming spawn groups. I have been unable to replicate this issue beyond the scenarios and workarounds mentioned above. My regular gaming group just launched a new World today on the experimental 19.4(b3) build and there are Snufkin Zombies roaming the areas.
  18. They are practically identical in most respects beyond a few probability settings and rebalancing. I couldn't see any details about your World size, maximum entity settings, day, open regions, etc, and can't really comment beyond generic observations and feedback. One way to help confirm if it's mod related or World related is to install an additional custom zombie mod such as Robeloto's. However, Robeloto's custom zombies also spawn inside POIs where Snufkin's do not and a better analysis may be better made in clearer non POI areas.
  19. Stallionsden has an invisible animal mod fix which shouldn't be connected to Zombie Entitities but increased my roaming Zombie count as well. As far as I've read the Worlds work like this. I may have missed a few points but this seems to be the basics. 1. You set a maximum zombie count for the World and at first they will be in a high density in those initial unlocked regions. A day 1 World often sees a lot of individual roaming zombies at regular intervals. 2. As regions unlock, they disperse further and wider. If nobody visits those unlocked regions for a while, the zombi
  20. Love em or loathe em, 7DaysToDiemods.com, based on the past 6 months of periodic visits at least, update very quickly. A daily basis if not multiple occasions in a single day. 5 and 7 really are huge amounts and should have been noticeable. I've played in a server which set night at 4 and it was a constant stream which was far too much for me.
  21. It all depends on how Undead Legacy amended the default files, especially as Subquake really put in a huge amount of work to verhauling multiple features. However, reading through the features of the mod, there is a lot of good reason for it to run and it is well worth a try. This is because the Snufkin Zombies are separate entities and should not conflict with Undead Legacy ID slots. If you are looking for something more challenging then I recommend the PLUS version of the Snufkin Zombies. It contains all of everyone's Snufkin favorites plus some new additions. And if there are any you prefer
  22. I see. - If your World regions are all open and the days are over 300, and entity count max setting is low, encounters will also be low. - If you are using a custom World of 8K or more, this is also a limiting factor, again due to max count settings and density. - If the invisible animal bug has started in your World and animals are also a rarity, it also seems to impact zombie counts too. Adding a mod to fix that, also increases Snufkin/roaming default zombies. - If regular zombies are still a regular features, changing the Snufkin zombie probability will bring them
  23. Resolved. When running both the Snufkin Zombies Mod AND the Camera Add On (which is unfortunately only half functional, with the good half being non functional) the Camera Add On files take precedence if there is any duplication since it is loaded last due to the alphabetical loading nature of the Mods. As such, it would be necessary to amend the entityclasses.xml in the Camera Add On which is practically identical to the Snufkin Zombies Mod with a couple of minor updates for compatibility. It was recommended not to run the Camera Add On due to its limitations unless it
  24. Let's continue this troubleshooting via the forum private message system as it may require seeing a few screenshots of your Mods folder, setup, and things like that.
  25. It is just the base_set. You don't happen to have a copy of the Snufkin PLUS version installed as well?
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