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  1. The radiated scorpions are quite something. I usually run away from them, unless I'm being chased by another threatening entity at which point I run towards it and let them fight it out.
  2. Oh yes, they are out there waiting.
  3. For SP, I believe you will need to 'Show Game Launcher' when starting 7D2D > Select the Tools tab > Select the Open Settings tab. This will prompt you to enter the Registry settings. There is a setting called DayLightLength and in my example DayLightLength_h2513470523. The Data is currently 0x00000012 (18). When clicking on that setting name to bring up the Edit DWORD using Decimal as Base, it shows my current setting as 18. This reflects my current daylight setting in game for SP. All other settings in this registry area also reflect my current SP settings with damage BM/Player set as 100, BM enemy count set to 8, etc. Changing the registry files is naturally done at your own risk ^^.
  4. I expect this post will be moved to the modding Discussion and Requests area soon enough. Mmmm, limited daylight. Well, if you go to the serverconfig.xml file in your main 7 Days to Die folder you can configure the <property name="DayLightLength" value="18" /> value to reflect the hours of daylight you would like each day. Changing it to 2 will give you that 2 hours of daylight. In addition, you can also add a mod such as Night Fog which will allow fog to roll in at night. https://7daystodiemods.com/night-fog/ Good luck with this environment and any solar panels players set up. ^^
  5. A small update to the Snufkin Custom Zombies PLUS collective. https://github.com/arramus/SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS-A19-2021Sept20 Here is Snow Bear. While Snow Bear has a higher probability to roam the snow biome, there will be sightings elsewhere. Snow Bear has also been know to venture into the desert at night. It's attack damage is a little less than a regular bear but it's HP is higher and this will give the player a fighting chance. It will also cause a little disorientation with a slight screen freeze effect when struck. This will wear off when the attacks cease. The Snow Bear carries a cat fish and wears some 'cool' shades (a visor type feature). In addition, each Snufkin character has localization so that servers running the Health Bar type mod that shows the entities health and name will see something like 'Snow Bear' as opposed to the name in the xml 'zombieSnowBear'. The readme received a small update for server admin that only use the Horde Night version of the entitygroups.xml. It explains that you will see a server console error about the spawning.xml file not loading. This is because there are no longer any groups for regular non horde night game play in the entitygroups.xml anymore. This will not cause any issues to the server. In fact, you can remove the spawning.xml file as it is not needed.
  6. Consider switching to the Snufkin Custom Zombies Plus. It has all of the well loved Snufkin Zombies in addition to 17 more community made versions. https://github.com/arramus/SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS-A19-2021Sept20 The default spawn probability is quite a lot higher than the regular Snufkin Zombies version and you will see a lot more spawning action. If you feel there are too many spawning, then there is a 'lite' version you can switch to. The 'lite' version is still higher than the regular Snufkin Zombies spawn rates and you will see a lot more than 2 within 120+ playtime for sure. The thread for the PLUS version can be found here:
  7. I visited the Nuka Factory with the mix of Raiders, Zombies, and Radiated Ghouls for good measure. Very testy at times but well worth tackling as a quest brings so many returns on top of a healthy net gain in ammo from stashes and Raider loot. Not really a place to tackle until your armor is up to it and you've found a few useful books.
  8. Just on the testing repo version. And aptly named as you venture further in. It never used to be this challenging to obtain a laser pistol though. The new radiation field particle effect is superb. Missed a couple on the way in. Yep, the test updates give a more polished feel on top of the abundance of extras.
  9. The Old M1911 has taken to the mod very nicely and I don't know how long it tool to tweak the modifier settings for the reflex mod but it looks and responds superbly. Low level for sure, but it holds its ground to the Tier 2 Maria and I shall be using it for head popping in the first Blood Moon on this server.
  10. Rename entitygroups_only_horde_night_version.xml to entitygroups.xml and overwrite the original (after you make a back up). This should allow your server to only have the Snufkin Zombies for Blood Moon and not in regular gameplay. There is no custom entitygroup for ZombiesPineForest, ZombiesPineForestNight, ZombiesDesertNight, or ZombiesWastelandNightHard any more because they were removed for the entitygroups_only_horde_night_version.xml. This error should not be a problem for the server. If you don't want to receive the 'Loading and parsing 'spawning.xml' failed' error, you can delete the spawning.xml file because you don't need it any more. The spawning.xml file is for regular Snufkin Zombie gameplay and not for Blood Moon Horde Night game play. If you don't want the error message and don't want to delete the spawning.xml file, then you will need change all of the Snufkin Zombies probabilities to 'prob="0"/>' so they don't spawn in regular game play.
  11. Let me check if I understand. Did you change your entitygroups.xml to the 'only_horde_night_version'? The spawning.xml file is not loading and this contains instructions for adding spawn instructions for the Forest, Desert, and Wasteland biomes. Are you running any other mods which also change spawning.xml?
  12. Getting specific medical loot from a nurse in those early days when honey and antibiotics can be very hard to come by is a decent minor tweak that is still very relevant. It appears this will be even more relevant for A20 as TFP suggested the infection probability will be increasing.
  13. One of the late night watchmen doing the rounds in The Wasteland Mod. There is a smile in there somewhere.
  14. Since White River - Tools of Citizenship that @ShoudenKalferas has kept very up to date and continues to build on, has been incorporating Snufkin Zombies into the quests, it was considered proper to let this continue without adding anything to this mod beyond Snufkin's original Juggernaut quest. For example, the use of the Juggernaut and Wendigo to receive some awesome rewards through sophisticated multilayered quests is far and beyond. They can be very challenging and nicely follow player gamestage/level. I hope this quest mod continues to add further zombies into the story line as every server that I play on that runs both the Snufkin Zombies and the White River quests has been a very positive experience.
  15. Questing with the Wasteland Test update version has been interesting with an expansion on standard type zombies. There are a lot of first responder type zombies; enforcement, military, and medical, and some regulars as well. Vanilla zombies are great but repetition is frequent and gives the appearance of a cloning experiment disaster. The addition of a range of regular type zombies helps to break up the repetition and keep it much more dynamic. It'll be time to name them all next for localisation since a lot of servers like to use the HUD name/health bar for entities these days. I found a UFO and naturally the next step was all about collecting the loot but there was a kind of attack I haven't experienced before as I was heading up the outer shell. Without giving anything away for now, you can just make out a tasing cattleprod type weapon on the lower right of the image. I didn't last long after this because there was more than one. Those UFOs are not easy pickings any more.
  16. The Wasteland Mod Test Version has received some very interesting updates that further enhance the nature of each biome and allow players to choose how much of a challenge they really want to face. If you head into the Wasteland you are going to meet a giant mutant scorpion, and this image is one of the low level ones that practically sucks the life out of you. And if it's not giant mutant scorpions, it'll possibly be the armadillo looking mutant dogs. The Wasteland biome just got a whole heap more deadly.
  17. Can you confirm all of these things:- - This version is running in the Vanilla 7D2D and not an overhaul. - Any zipped folders were appropriately unzipped. - You have created a 'Mods' folder in the main player game directory. - You have placed Bdubs Vehicles inside the 'Mods' folder. - Bdubs Vehicles folder is the top layer folder and the next layer of content is a 'Config, Prefabs, Resources, UIAtlases' folder and 'ModInfo and NitroGenPOIinfo' file. - You have installed Bdubs Vehicles in both the server and player game folders if you are attempting to join a server and receiving this error. (The server cannot push this content to each player and needs to be manually installed).
  18. I have an answer for this based on using the hop feature, since I've seen it used in another vehicle mod to great effect. It also works beautifully on the Dirt Bike which is my vehicle of choice when I am using the Wasteland Mod. It can get some very nice air time and lift even at full speed. In fact, you'll be able to jump over obstacles such a vehicles at will. In the vehicles.xml with the Dirt Bike as a test, change: <property name="hopForce" value="1, 1"/> to <property name="hopForce" value="8, .1"/> It may give you the effect you are looking for even without a ramp, and with a ramp it should be all the more interesting.
  19. Quite possibly that. Even at 10 minutes, for players who aren't aware that it's better to have only 1 auger than 3, it is still a wonderful amount of time for those that have spent their skill points on crafting time/received the lower time by default. If the lower crafting time is by default and players do not have to do anything to benefit from it, it may be worth experimenting with the Auto Bot crafting time to see if increasing it will allow things not to go into possible negative values and potentially increase the crafting time. For example, if the recipes.xml was changed from craft_time="3600" to "4200", it may increase 1 level 6 from 3 minutes to a higher time depending on the craft mod settings. My thinking is trying to find a value where a single level 6 auger would require 10 minutes, and then reduce to 6 minutes with 2 and then 3 minutes with 3 accordingly. Trying to bring them back into synch with the craft mod. It'll be trial and error for sure and may just be best to let players know using one decent auger for 3 or so minutes is best as that is pretty awesome as it is.
  20. The poop can sometimes gloop but sometimes loop. If they are too close to another guard or other asset they may not always spawn and this will be permanent and they will never pop from what we have experienced. They are all coded to pop and spawn but the game physics has its own way of doing things. However, if they are placed on a slightly uneven surface and burrow underground a little, they can also spawn repeatedly and you can end up with a lot more than you expected. We win some and lose some in that regard. The best thing is to make sure they have a clear one block space around them and are on as flat a surface as possible. The mod developer is aware of these issues but with A20 coming closer is holding off any changes to see how the AI code is amended.
  21. Thanks for reporting the time issue on your server. I attempted to duplicate it and added the images. 1 level 6 auger takes 49:40. 2 drops to 39:20 And the third brings it to 29:00. 3 minutes and 10 minutes sound like there is possibly another mod that overrides these default production speeds, which are consistent with the original modders' versions, through either a skill or some other workstation production speed setting. If that's the case, it may cause timings to decrease below zero and loop back into time increases. I'm not totally sure how that works out but have seen some odd action with minus timings in the past.
  22. It would be interesting to see how they responded to that kind of shutdown death. In the early days of the mod some players found the explosion debris to cause block issues as they could penetrate a wall and cause players to get trapped. That's a big reason debris was removed from the Juggernaut rockets. It was left with the bomber as it was much rarer since the self detonate feature is very buggy and doesn't occur so often.
  23. The example of a custom trader I have seen in action was made with all the attributes of the current trader spawn block beyond being given its own custom "SpawnClass" and naturally, the connected custom trader with its own model. Making your own spawn block appears to be the way to go based on current practice and feedback.
  24. A bit on the late side but still valid and may carry on to further builds. I did a bit of tinkering to make a 'multi-trader' and here are a few things that I can infer or what appears to be the case. Don't consider any of this totally accurate though as I can not be fully sure. Upon placing a trader or open sign, the IndexBlockOffsets code is added automatically to the bottom of the xml. However, I'm not sure if the code is residual for previous builds but it still added or if it still carries any weighting in current builds. For example, I placed 2 open signs and 5 traders in a multi-trader but only 1 open sign and 1 trader was added to the IndexBlockOffsets as follows: <property class="IndexedBlockOffsets"> <property class="TraderOnOff"> <property name="0" value="26, 4, 18" /> </property> <property class="Trader"> <property name="0" value="28, 1, 20" /> </property> </property> Regardless of what was added, both open signs worked just fine with trader timings and all 5 traders were functional. To get all 5 traders into the Prefab I opened each default trader and used the Z block to highlight the trader block and copy/paste function to bring over as they are saved in the clipboard. Just needed to rotate them to ensure they faced in the direction of players. Apart from that, I pretty much kept to the default values beyond keeping <property name="TraderAreaTeleportCenter" value="0, 0, 0" /> all 0. This offsets the TraderAreaTeleportSize for what reason I do not know. The default Traders are typically from 0 - 3 blocks. The only other thing for Prefabbers to consider is that it's necessary to add a POI Tannoy Speaker to activate announcements and also use only the Iron 3 x 2 gate and iron doors as they are scripted to automatically close and lock at closing time. Using other door types or the roller garage did not automatically close and lock. The Tannoy and iron gate/doors must be scripted as with the open signs. Other settings can be copied directly from a default trader such as <property name="QuestTags" value="trader" /> and <property name="TraderArea" value="True" />. If anyone makes any Prefabs for new Traders/POIs, be sure to visit the https://discord.gg/KVNu7kMTnu (CompoPack) to submit as the community is always hungry for them.
  25. Give me temporary Admin rights on your server during a Horde Night, Bandit Raid event, or Mutant Mash and I'll gladly spawn a horde over a preset time period that need to be defended against. ^^
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