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  1. Thanks so much to all who are putting forth what I am sure is a ton of work in keeping this going. I love the Nitrogen world generator and the awesome CompoPack prefabs as well! THANK YOU!
  2. BadKarma

    Riles Deco Blocks

    Awesome mod!!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work.
  3. It doesn't need to look at the installed mods as they normally don't affect the map or POI's. If you think they are move the mods folder somewhere else until your done. Characters on a new map will be starting from Day 1, Level 1.
  4. Did you copy the prefabs.xml from the newly generated worlds folder to the ......\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs folder?
  5. Looking at the code it should work. Gonna try it again on the new build and see what it does. Working fine now! Thanks!
  6. My dedicated servers run on a dedicated PC. The path to my servers is C:\Steamcmd\SERVERNAME There is a dedicated MODS folder in the root of \SERVERNAME. I have a lot of mods running, and I write my own as well. Not sure why it didn't work as I didn't dig into the code.
  7. None of my dedicated servers have that path either on my server or run on the local machine as a dedicated server unless I create a folder named and located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die Dedicated Server". No need to run the path that deep for it. Not trying to beat you up here, but running it on the real dedicated server and adding it to a client as well isn't working. I want it to work, so please don't take this as bashing you.
  8. If you're getting those errors the server doesn't see the files in the Prefab folder on the server.
  9. Gotta say I love your vehicles. I've used quite a few of them. PS- The Marauder set to a max speed of 30 is insane. It rubberbands now and then, but it's too fun to drive. And it will snap a small tree in one hit.
  10. Love the new Zombies, but the newer version is having some issues for me. I'm running a dedicated server with 18.4 (b4). With the original version I was getting the new Zombies all the time. Living in a snow biome I got lots of Wendigo's. Saw plenty of the others as well. I got a good mix of them coming around for the Blood Moon. When you updated it I only get them on the Blood Moon now. I don't see any in the wild any longer. I grabbed the latest version today and updated the server, but after about 3 game days I haven't seen a single one. Could the entitygroups_noblood
  11. Another vote for Nitrogen! That has made my server setups so much greater. I actually run the Nitrogen map on my PC then copy to the server. An 8k map typically takes me less than 3 minutes to generate.
  12. When it does this hit the F1 key and see if there are errors in the console. I've seen similar behavior and noted that if I aim just at the very topmost edge of the block it will work. Going out of the game and back in resets it. I've also noticed with that, safes, forges, and doors disappearing in my peripheral view. All that is there is the shadow until I turn toward it. Not at my PC now, but the error is spamming the console with yellow text to the effect of "default render pipeline failed, using default shader". I'm playing on my dedicated server from my PC. All on 18.4 b4 exp.
  13. So, I've got a modlet idea for those that generate biomes with tools such as NitroGen and don't want deserts. The general concern I've seen, and had, is that OilShale only spawns in the desert biome. No oilshale = no fuel, except what you can loot. The idea is to create a Wood Gasifier. (example) https://www.instructables.com/id/Pow...a-Wood-Gasifi/ The 'workstation' could leverage the current burning barrel, and the input materials used to make the fuel would be Coal and Wood. The output would be gascans. This would eliminate the need for deserts completely. I have created a few mod
  14. CompoPack 43 and Nitrogen for Alpha 18 v0.474 worked fine for a server build i did this weekend. I brain-farted and didn't copy the prefabs to the new build and crashed it the 1st time it ran. After removing my head from my arse and copying the prefabs to the server it worked 100%.
  15. These are friggin terrifying! EXCELLENT work and thanks!!! Just dropped them in a new server build, and when it's day 3 and the Wendigo corners you....... I did die. And to be an XML only modlet is outstanding.
  16. Or install a couple mods. I run one that removes RNG crafting, and another that fixes the tiers back to 1,2 3, 4, 5, 6 respectively.
  17. So... are we going to need to wipe servers and reload for this update?
  18. Thanks for all the hard work all have put into this POI pack. I added it to my server, and used with a Nitrogen Map, and it's like a whole new world now. The new POI's are fantastic, and you can see that they are the work of many actual gamers that view the game in their unique way.
  19. Anyone else getting this error on A18.3 b3 Experimental? Red line in console stopping the load... FileNotFoundException: No height data found for world 'TRUMP2020' I copied the entire folder over to the server. I've done about 10 server with Nitrogen, so I've used it successfully. ETA: I used NitroGen_WorldGenerator_v0474 UPDATED: Tried another map gen name with the same map and it worked OK. Sorry for a false flag.
  20. I downloaded the tools and setup a map on my Dedicated Server this weekend. I just wanted to say WOW!!!!! This is an awesome tool, and it only took 2 minutes to generate an 8k map. Following the Dev notes on the server install to just modify the map name and seed in the servercfg file worked like a charm. The world it generated is beyond awesome! Thanks for this!
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