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  1. Hello! Its seems best way to get iron with exp by misctrapSpikesWoodDmg0 Is is possible to fix this? It not good btw. thanks.
  2. Yes, its happening every Blood Moon event 1. BloodMoonEnemyCount is 14 at this moment 2. 5-6 players in group 3. No 4. SDD 5. 14gb 6. I dont know, I rent the server
  3. it seems the zombieGeist is very bad guy.. server crash is very often. (A19-Stable-2020Oct28)
  4. some players have such this error (A19-Stable-2020Oct22)
  5. Sunbursts

    Riles Deco Blocks

    Hello! Thanks for the Decor! But it cannot start on my rented server. Can you help, please? 🙂 output_log__2020-10-24__22-03-21.txt
  6. Hello. I found the bug with "lcbprefabrule". This is making fake claims on online map And nothing help to remove them.. I hope for the hotfix it. Thanks.
  7. Hello! Nope, does not helped. It is still has no english or russian on rented server, but on client side is fine. Strange things. Anyway, thanks you for the helping hand.
  8. Hello! I did localisation your mod onto russian language. But I dont understood why localization is client side?... localization.txt
  9. Yes, give me a file, please. Thanks)
  10. is it possible to translate for the native language? on my rented server its seems doesnt work (v1.02).
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