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  1. So I have had an issue for a long time with this game and that issue is my fps tanks when I turn. I had tried all of the things I: Hardware, re-installs, monitors, settings, and none of it ever worked. I would just get frustrated after a bit and move on to a game until a big update and come back for a little to play with friends. This time I was having the issue as usual with a new, much beefier rig, and someone in VOIP asked if my mouse was USB. A lightbulb went off so I went to Google and typed this: "7 days to die hitches when i turn". The first search result that came up (and still does) is this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/4/2570942216295130799/ I went and read it but didn't see anything which might help me so I browsed around and found some people talking about the game Apex Legends and someone mentioned polling rates on your computer mouse and how some games don't like anything over X. I dropped my polling rate to 125 mHz and ta-da! my fps when turning issues went away. I was feeling good so I shared what I had found on the thread which had come up first, thinking that if anyone else typed something similar to what I typed they may hit that same page...and if I mentioned polling rates it may help them. I woke the next morning to the warning from a community moderator; the topic locked, my post deleted. All I had typed was what you saw: "Lower your polling rate for your mouse. Try setting it to 125Hz". I told the moderator how I found it since they couldn't fathom how I managed to find the page...not rocket surgery. So I contacted Steam Support thinking a moderator didn't need to warn me. They could have just locked the thread; my reply was helpful information and not a troll bumping an old thread and nothing posted was something distasteful...issuing me a community warning was unnecessary and uncalled for. They told me the moderator worked for the developers of the game, that it wasn't a Steam Moderator. So...what gives?
  2. Try lowering your mouse polling rate to 125 Hz; change it through your mouse software. Fixed all my hitching issues. I noticed that whenever I moved my mouse it hitched; saw fps drop from 1500 to 2 if I moved it back and forth fast at the main menu. Quick check here: https://zowie.benq.com/en/support/mouse-rate-checker.html
  3. I take time off from A16 and come back and the terrain blends together like a retarded monkey was flinging ♥♥♥♥ at walls. Maps are what, half the size, no zombie hordes, players limit is lowered, and yet the performance is worse than it used to be. And what is with a helicopter going into your backpack...if I have a feather in an extra slot it can encumber me... but add a helicopter oh no! I am guessing you added encumbrance slots to add some measure of realism but let us put helicopters inside our pockets which makes no sense. If you want to suspend disbelief go back to no encumbrance and not allowing people to put fricking sharks with laser beams in pockets. Maybe add slots based on pocket mods versus have a pocket eliminate an encumbrance slot. But for ♥♥♥♥s sake...no hordes, maps half the size, and terrain blending together like a blind man on acid did it...axioms? AXIOMS? It appears as if things were made to force people to use vanilla settings, why? Cuz the ♥♥♥♥ ain't "blending".
  4. bring back wandering and heat hordes which are not the bloodmoon hordes... puhleez
  5. Ditto. 20k hours as of last year and I instantly get a headache with A17. Hard to focus; things seem blurry for me. I've messed with settings but if FoV is issue then meh. Vote h0tr0d 2020
  6. Well the PvP base is definitely a minority but the amount who play it is much higher than that. No matter the play-style you have to contend with zombies but the reason for PvP is not because we seek a run-n-gun Halo/CoD/Quake/CS whatever style; it is because after a point the zombies and environment pose no challenge. This is not a fault I find with the game; every game I have played the AI/Comp opponent...if you will... becomes predictable as there is/are always pattern(s). When I PvP it is because I seek a challenge against a thinking opponent; someone who can adapt and challenge me in ways the AI cannot...that's it! In Multiplayer I see interaction with more than one player; this is why you see co-op as an option in many games alongside multiplayer. The best thing any game can do is to set the world out and let the experience be as organic as possible. A multiplayer world is set and players can co-op or not, PvP or not. Looking at the PvP aspect does not hurt the game; rather, it adds to everyone's experience. They don't HAVE to PvP...the server rules and bot managers can dictate. But the possibility can only enhance their experience and for those who wish to PvP primarily they will still have to contend with zombies...don't worry about that. But there is nothing wrong with trying to make this a more feasible aspect of gameplay because it is merely an aspect; it does not change the game fundamentally. Stage 1 - spawn in do the tasks find the trader survive versus the environment Stage 2 contend with environment as well as zombies now Stage 3 all of the above and begin preparations for zombie attacks with your base as you acquire resources. It's always the same. And people can log out for horde night....you can't "force" anyone to do anything despite your vision. Just create the environment and let the experience be organic. And as far as destroying people in any game I noticed you listed FPS games. I attended the PGL where Thresh was the guest for the Quake 2 winner to compete in Pong with as I was there for the RTS Total annihilation. If you want to bring up Red alert or Total annihilation I'll most likely do the destroying as I was the #1 ranked player in the world for a yr and a half in TA. Top Ten Red alert and our team held the #1 ranking briefly..heh. You think of PvP in terms on Quake or Counterstrike...FPS games. And while the game is most certainly FPS it plays more like a RTS. YOu acquire resources over a time period and then endure an assault or you engage in one. We don't have loadouts and the maps are huge. We seek resource deposits to acquire resources to build bases and then upgrade our defenses and eventually prepare for the offensive if we choose. This is what is done in RTS games...and styles differ. In 7DTD I PvP because I want a thinking opponent. I start like anyone else; I acquire resources and build myself up to survive the environment and set a place to store my resources. This storage needs defending; however, I do not seek to defend myself from zombies...turning off forges, tunneling at bedrock, and movement are how I defend. If you pardon the pun my playstyle renders the zombies "non-entities" unless I wish to raise my rifle skill and get kills/exp/loot. The more kills leads to higher gamestages and better loot. But the acquisition is all in preparation for engaging my opponent and if you think bout turn-based strategy...that is this game too. We can all play at the same time as a RTS... but as we have different real-life schedules it becomes turn-based. People will raid your base or set the stage when you are offline; I know players wait until I log before venturing into certain cities/areas. Mines are not for Zombies... there are more efficient ways to kill them. PVP in this game is rarely a run and gun encounter. Usually it is turn-based as your PvP becomes you versus their base or it is a sniper battle. Quit pigeonholing PvP into a Counter Strike corner as it is not that. But I'm up for a challenge on my server or the RTS world. http://igl.net/total/ Hallf of fame Here is a RL Video of horde night coming to my house.
  7. Land claim modifier so online works independently from the offline modifier. Only thing really preventing people from PvP in the years I have is they don't like being raided while offline. Takes too much time to set up bases and gather vast resources.
  8. I always thought a SP intro like in CoD or Halo, or some rpg/mmo do; you could "come to" in Navezgane hospital and have clues hit you like alan wake, maybe you see the mushroom cloud, meh.
  9. h0tr0d

    A16 Valmod Pack

    This is a long thread. - - - Updated - - - Science? - - - Updated - - - Disassemble completely and reassemble.
  10. h0tr0d

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    Alrighty, i 'll try solme reinstalls!. And it works. woot. Is there a way to see what blocks are in each layer besides clicking on them individually?
  11. h0tr0d

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    Just to be clear, this doesn't appear to pull from the actual blocks.xml...am I correct in this?
  12. As of now it doesn't look like givexp works on dedicated servers. givexp entityid x skillname and they all report they see no change in the exp bar or skill. Vote h0tr0d 2016 -- change you can believe in
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