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  1. Yes this will work on an offline Navezgane map just fine, in fact that's where I do a lot of my testing before porting things over to the multiplayer server. The first thing I would check is to make sure the mod is installed correctly (i.e. that you can manually spawn the new zombies via the Debug Menu). If everything seems to be in order there and the console isn't slinging any errors at you, the next step would be to adjust the spawn rates to suit your fancy. Some people have found the "vanilla" spawn rates to be too low at lower gamestages, so you might just not be seeing them due to that,
  2. Sure thing. Below is what we've been using, it's a bit rudimentary but it still makes the Parasite quite a threat. I changed the health and stamina variables to XX for the purposes of balance testing as some players would probably find ours to be too unfair, so please make note of that prior to testing. This creates a flat subtraction from the player's max health and stamina, so it doesn't incrementally grow in the manner I think the Parasite originally functioned, but the players have been happy with this. We found 10 seconds to be a bit lenient, but I've restored the 10 second buff duration/
  3. With the Parasite I hadn't changed over that portion of the buffs xml so I hadn't seen the changes. We've modified the Parasite to be the "most annoying thing on the server" to quote a player. She now lowers not only your max health but max stamina as well. One of our players decided to start a new character and was left with a whopping 5 max stamina after an encounter with a Parasite. Seems crazy to me as you can see how this means a lot of the time you can't get away from her effectively, but that's what they wanted. 😅 While our settings are a bit extreme, I think it's in the best spirit of
  4. Our experience has been the same. We've been running this for almost 10 days now and unless the players have experienced issues they haven't reported, it's been very stable on our end. I haven't tinkered with it at all so I can't add much from an admin perspective, but it seems quite stable.
  5. Just to add to the testing group, I made this change and tested the quest 10 times as a level 300 player, maxed out quest reward skill, and gamestage set to 1500 (just to cover all the bases). I'm now getting no errors. We hadn't seen this error before on our end, but as I've noted before we have a currently unkilled Juggernaut due to crazy buffs so that's no surprise. However doing some private admin testing this fix seems to have corrected the issue on our end.
  6. I agree. With the work everyone has put in plus help from Snufkin as well this mod has really gotten to a great place for A19. I've had no actual issues for a while now, it's mostly just tweaking things to get them were you want them to be. Thankfully as long as you make backups of your xml files + saves beforehand it can be a lot of fun to tinker with them and not have to worry about messing up your game or save file. 👍 In our case we've opted for really low spawn rates on all the Snufkin zombos, but have buffed them to be a real absolute menance. No wrong way to play with this on
  7. I concur with arramus, I love the Scarecrow's death animation. We've even had a few instances where it went spiraling up into the sky until it despawned. It's a lot of fun.
  8. lasse11121, I definitely agree with arramus about tweaking the settings and doing a bit of experimenting to get the results you want. It can be a lot of fun to change things and see how it impacts the in-game experience, plus with the helpful tips arramus listed above you should be able to modify the zombies into the boss-like experience you're specifically looking for. On our server we've changed the Juggernaut into a real force of destruction who is basically a server-wide raid boss. He can blast through 3+ layers of steel blocks in less than 30 seconds if you're unlucky. He's also capable o
  9. Slawa's most recent update can be found here. The second part about TomGun's Terrors was just hypothetical based on TomGun42 mentioning that they had made some extra zombies for/from the mod. To my knowledge TomGun42 has not yet released their version.
  10. Is this under the original <extends="zombieWightFeral"> or the changed <extends="Zombie_Template"> you were testing? Just want to make sure I'm not tinkering with the wrong things. 😄
  11. I believe they meant just swing it at the animal, not that you would have to hit it. I'm sure you've seen movies, shows, etc. where people use torches to ward off something by waving it around. I think that is what they are suggesting but I might be mistaken. This has absolutely not been my experience. I have no idea if you are correct and the mountain lions are coded this way, just sharing that's it is definitely not working as intended on my end if so. They normally aggro me instantly on foot and start bouncing around like someone just injected catnip straight into their brain. Somet
  12. Just as a question for arramus and everyone else. Is anyone else having issues with the Archon not using its melee attack very effectively? What's happening is the Archon is aggroing a player and descending toward them like normal, but it just sort of twitches around their player model and really ineffectively tries to melee them. Most of the time it never even manages to hit them with melee, it just kills them via its projectile attack (used at close range) instead. I tried increasing the range of the melee attack for the Archon as I had tested this with good results on the Siren and the Geis
  13. After reading your initial post about the Juggernaut projectiles I did some playing around with those as well. I definitely agree with your findings on the vehicle debris, not only were those throwing the most warnings in the console, players were reporting the biggest hits to performance on their end too. After some solo testing I opted for Value 6 on the projectiles and that's probably what we'll stick with. It's nice that such a small tweak adds so much customization! We're also running Slawa's "Baby Juggernaut" which we've assigned different values for, mostly because on our server we've t
  14. @arramus So awesome you've taken the initiative with fixing all this stuff. Glad to see everyone working together to build on an already great mod! I just wanted to comment real quick on the noise looping issues, in case it came across that way I wasn't trying to imply it wasn't happening for people as obviously your ears are much more knowledgeable than I am. 😄 I was just sharing that I couldn't get it to happen on my end. I'm away from the computer with 7D2D at the moment, but here shortly I'll check the xmls I have to compare them with what you've shared above to see if I notice anything di
  15. Are you all consistently getting the Scorcher and Geist sound loop issue? I just tinkered around with them for a bit and was unable to reproduce it.
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