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  1. Yes, I've heard similar but left it as it was to retain its original settings. However, it is a glorious weapon and well worth a revisit. I've been using a lever action rifle version using Magnum ammo in The Wasteland Mod which has been a most worthy weapon and shares many common features with the Savery. There's no reason this Xpansion Mod version can't be tweaked. I'm not sure how Snufkin calibrated the damage for this weapon because it is practically identical to other weapons and default values are abundant and very similar. The magnum does a lot more damage with very little di
  2. Yes, nice work around. Other server tweaks have seen them added to low tier, mid tier, and boss tier loot bags as per preference, and possibly increasing weapon find probability in the reinforced trunks. Snufkin set them up when those reinforced trunks were a little rarer back in A18 but A19 new POIs made sure they are much more of a common feature and that shows with these custom weapons.
  3. Can I confirm it's the SMX UI and possibly others by Sirillion? If so, it may well be worth asking Sirillion directly if they wouldn't mind taking a look at the lootbox mod itself and possibly customising it to fit into SMX rather than the other way around. It may well be less coding to implement things that way. Snufkin has been very open to other modders supporting his work and actively encouraged modders to utilise his assets which has been done for expanded version of his mods.
  4. It should not spawn at all with 0. I tend to use a comment out command so that it is totally disregarded and removes any load from the server with similar action for the horde settings. <!--entity name="SharkWFLB" prob="0.2"/-->
  5. Still working just great, and really seeing the benefit in bdubyah's 'The Wasteland' where tackling custom questable POIs with some heavy custom characters gives this extra skill expanded context.
  6. Unedited with fast playback where appropriate showed many things which can often get missed in edited form and gave the whole story. Liked it.
  7. Fortunately, both questions are connected to the same file in the mod; entitygroups.xml Go to Config > entitygroups.xml 1. Turning off Horde Night Custom Zombies. Go to Line 292 add !-- after the first < so it looks like this <!--append add -- at the end of line 613 before the final > so it looks like this append--> This will comment out all of the Horde Night instructions and the game will ignore them. 2. If you are running the Snufkin Custom Zombies Plus the custom zombies are all already set to appear in the Snow
  8. I went straight to the cloning aspect just to see how it functions and it is a wonderful concept and takes the game in a whole new direction. I began by checking on the step by step process and seeing the prerequisites for each stage. Then adding a few clone chambers here and there. I got a rather heavy bloom and is this just only me or something that is part of the Alpha for the moment? I really went for it with placement just to see the probability of receiving a guard or some rotten flesh and to see the one time and pe
  9. Thank you. What was replaced as a working particle with its own stop, may well have been updated just as its predecessor. A revisit may be required with a different buff type of replacement. One for discussion and testing.
  10. Oh yes, because it still exists in current custom builds such as: - The Wasteland Mod by bdubyah - Creature Packs administered by xyth who also ported the Behemoth over.
  11. As in I was shivering in fear through the nights.... lol I could play a 3 hour session and had great connection throughout and the mod felt very stable with the updates. Thanks for putting it up. I'm good to team up with anyone who joins for questing and looting and such as I'm not so good at going solo.
  12. Thanks for doing some ground work on this Evil Geoff. The p_electric_shock was originally a different particle but even though it had the remove command it continued to loop. The workaround was to change it to the p_electric_shock particle which worked. The same workaround applied to the flame particle for the scorcher which would also continually loop in the same spot and only stop after the client left and returned. It could well be that the electric fence impact was updated recently and this also needs amending. You are very welcome to add that as an append line in the mod buffs file to see
  13. Well, mostly gentle depending... Is that my achievements for player kills going up a few, I believe it is.
  14. Day 14 Horde Night with the update to 2.0 felt seamless and it was a great opportunity to try the Triple Shotty and Cleaver with a close range set up initiated by Darkstar. It was a very pleasant night with a bit of clawing here and there. Day 15 just began for anyone who would like a gentle few days to test out The Wasteland and join in our battle for survival Currently
  15. Thank you. A HUGE amount of time and effort has gone into this and it's truly appreciated.
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