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  1. Just testing out the Behemoth and also a nice light sabre that was in the A19 collection.
  2. Yes, very valid with the potential to upset server stability. I shall add a warning in the preamble.
  3. This is a third effort and builds on the last modlet of adding the Demolisher to the Wasteland. As always, if there are any glaring issues, I would appreciate support from experienced community modders to help correct them. Building this modlet was an eye opener because it shows the resources and volume of coding required to bring in a feature that is not/no longer integrated into the game. Initially I attempted it from the vanilla xml files but it seems the Behemoth no longer exists beyond some leftover code. However, astute modders found a way which I could benefit from. First things first - Full 100% credit to @xyth and @sphereii and community contributors of 'A19/A18 CreaturePacks - A community entity project'. I simply made this standalone Behemoth zombie modlet for players who just want a limited expansion to the existing game. On top of that, it also acts as a tiny snippet of what the CreaturePacks bundle has to offer. This is just a single item from one of the five creature packs. You can find the CreaturePacks bundle thread here: This modlet allows players to experience the Behemoth zombie in the Wasteland in the daytime and nighttime. As always. the wasteland is relatively peaceful in the daytime but can become quite rough at night. The Behemoth takes a Wasteland visit up a notch or three. The Behemoth is added to the top of the lists for the requisite day and night spawn group for this biome at standard settings. As this modlet has external resources it needs to be added to BOTH the server and client Mods folder. Please don't run this standalone modlet and the CreaturePacks zombie pack at the same time as there will be duplication since they both contain the Behemoth. One or the other for server stability. The beauty of the CreaturePacks zombie pack, or any of the CreaturePacks is that the xml code can be edited to 'switch off' creatures being brought into the game World. You can download Wasteland Behemoth here: https://github.com/arramus/Wasteland-Behemoth Have fun with it....while you can.
  4. Much appreciated. I have added credits in all the xmls which I've simply 'vampired' and will ensure the same for the forum posting.
  5. @xyth Would it be permissible to distribute the Behemoth into a standalone modlet? I read the introductory post on Terms of Use and as the requisite unity.3d file is tagged to you, I wanted to check on its term of use. My aim was simply to restrict the Behemoth to the Wastelands so it wouldn't impact on other biomes and would just add to the suspense and horror for that area.
  6. I'm just watching how things go with your B8 testing and smiled at the FPS gains. I'm well up for seeing them in action once you are comfortable to release that build.
  7. Sounds very promising and I'll keep watching for the B8 build and the performance boost it gives.
  8. A second effort while working through the tutorials on xpath/xml coding. Feedback and advice from the modding community is greatly appreciated. This modlet allows Demolishers to spawn in the Wasteland during the daytime and at nighttime. The Demolisher has simply been added to the requisite zombie group for that location and will spawn within standard probability parameters. However, in real play testing, being placed at the top of the group list seems to give the Demolisher a higher probability of spawning first or very early into the spawn cycle. I am relatively new to 7D2D and missed out on Snufkin's Zombies as they appear to need a bit of tweaking for the latest build. However, I did play on a server where the Demolisher was roaming quite freely in the Wasteland and Forest (possibly just walked out of the Wasteland) and I wanted to play it again. That mod was probably made by @War3zuk as I did see it on a mod site but it had been pulled for incompatibility issues with an update. I couldn't find any others around the community similar to this and am attempting to emulate it because it was a lot of fun. As such, credit for the inspiration must certainly be directed at War3zuk unless I missed other builds; apologies if that's the case. I did however build this the hard way through trial and error and going through the xml files. I am glad I did as there was a reference to a wasteland group of zombies appearing with the Screamer and an earlier build I tested would have seen a Demolisher visiting someone's front door when it is least expected. Giving the Demolishers a unique group solved that issue. As with the standard settings, spawns of any zombie in the Wasteland during the daytime is infrequent while nighttime can become a real challenge if you stick around long enough. Allowing Demolishers to spawn at any time just adds to the challenge. The modlet can be downloaded here: https://github.com/arramus/Demolisher-Spawner Daytime - Nice and sedate. Nighttime Nighttime Extreme <configs> <set xpath="/spawning"> <biome name="wasteland"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="0.3" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesWastelandDayDemolition" /> <spawn maxcount="3" respawndelay="0" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesWastelandNightDemolition" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="0.3" time="Any" entitygroup="EnemyAnimalsWasteland" spawnDeadChance="0" /> </biome> </set> </configs> <configs> <append xpath="/entitygroups"> <!-- Based on "ZombiesAll" as per current wasteland day setting - Gives more variety with recent additions --> <entitygroup name="ZombiesWastelandDayDemolition"> <entity name="zombieDemolition"/> <entity name="zombieBoe"/> <entity name="zombieJoe"/> <entity name="zombieSteve"/> <entity name="zombieMoe"/> <entity name="zombieYo"/> <entity name="zombieBusinessMan"/> <entity name="zombieArlene"/> <entity name="zombieDarlene"/> <entity name="zombieMarlene"/> <entity name="zombieSkateboarder"/> <entity name="zombieCheerleader" prob="0.3"/> <entity name="zombieOldTimer" prob="0.3"/> <entity name="zombieBiker" prob="0.3"/> <entity name="zombieFarmer" prob="0.3"/> <entity name="zombieStripper" prob="0.3"/> <entity name="zombieUtilityWorker" prob="0.3"/> <entity name="zombieJanitor" prob="0.2"/> <entity name="zombieNurse" prob="0.3"/> <entity name="zombieSteveCrawler"/> <entity name="zombieFatHawaiian" prob="0.3"/> </entitygroup> <!-- Based on "ZombiesWastelandNight" as per current wasteland night setting --> <entitygroup name="ZombiesWastelandNightDemolition"> <entity name="zombieDemolition"/> <entity name="zombieSpiderFeral"/> <entity name="zombieBoeFeral"/> <entity name="zombieJoeFeral"/> <entity name="zombieSteveFeral"/> <entity name="zombieMoeFeral"/> <entity name="zombieYoFeral"/> <entity name="zombieBusinessManFeral"/> <entity name="zombieArleneFeral"/> <entity name="zombieDarleneFeral"/> <entity name="zombieMarleneFeral"/> <entity name="zombieNurseFeral"/> <entity name="animalZombieDog"/> <entity name="zombieSteveCrawlerFeral"/> <entity name="zombieFatCopFeral"/> <entity name="zombieBurnt"/> <entity name="animalZombieBear"/> <entity name="zombieWightFeral"/> <entity name="animalZombieVulture" prob="0.6"/> <entity name="animalZombieVultureRadiated" prob="0.4"/> <entity name="zombieMaleHazmat" prob="0.2"/> <entity name="zombieFatHawaiian"/> </entitygroup> </append> </configs>
  9. arramus

    Car Respawning

    @Anabella The accidents just relate to indiscriminate use of weapons and explosives or players who see the wheel as a lootable object and do their hardest to take all they can get. From time to time a wheel is lost through a vehicle explosion but it’s a rarity.This just settles things down. I know what you mean about road clearing though. A stock map like Navezgane can be absolutely littered and clog up the roads with a couple of cars or more, loot boxes, ice boxes, and other bits at major junctions which just have to go. I have got too used to playing on custom maps with wider roads that appear to severely limit the amount of road spill.
  10. Just a very selfish first work in progress effort as I read through/watch the xml/xpath/modding tutorials. I would appreciate feedback from the modding community to point out errors or add more appropriate code where it's glaringly obvious. (thank you) Quest Reward Ammo Increase This is a simple mod that doubles the amount of ammo, and marginally the frequency it is rewarded at when all other non ammo rewards are taken into account, for completing quests. It benefits players, not unlike myself, who spend more of their game time on quests and the rewards they bring without relying too much on resource acquisition and excessive looting for different forms of ammunition. It marginally increases the frequency by replacing high explosive ammunition at higher tier quests with a greater amount of stock ammo (50% above modded lower tier) for 9mm, .44mm 'Magnum', 7.62, and Shotgun shells. - On the lower extreme, players taking on low level quest tiers with minimal player skill see limited gains with just a nice periodic boost in ammo. - On the higher extreme, players taking on level 3 tier quests and above with more skill points used in the requisite category can get very lucky and be able to select 2 types of the same ammo if needed. I want the mod to maintain some balance in that you have to work for your rewards in the early stages but be more liberally rewarded as you do the graft. This can allow a player to be able to get right into a Blood Moon right off the back of a long quest session. I feel the balance is there for my needs and it may be of benefit to the questers in the community. Quest Reward Ammo Increase can be downloaded at GitHub here. https://github.com/arramus/Quest-Rewards Here is the loot.xml code: <configs> <set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='groupQuestAmmo']"> <item name="ammo9mmBulletBall" count="400" loot_prob_template="QuestT1Prob"/> <item name="ammo9mmBulletHP" count="200" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammo9mmBulletAP" count="200" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammo9mmBulletBall" count="600" loot_prob_template="QuestT3Prob"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletBall" count="300" loot_prob_template="QuestT1Prob"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletHP" count="200" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletAP" count="200" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletBall" count="450" loot_prob_template="QuestT3Prob"/> <item name="ammoShotgunShell" count="240" loot_prob_template="QuestT1Prob"/> <item name="ammoShotgunSlug" count="150" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammoShotgunSlug" count="150" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammoShotgunShell" count="360" loot_prob_template="QuestT3Prob"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletBall" count="240" loot_prob_template="QuestT1Prob"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletHP" count="180" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletAP" count="180" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletBall" count="360" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammoArrowFlaming" count="100" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammoCrossbowBoltFlaming" count="100" loot_prob_template="QuestT2Prob"/> <item name="ammoArrowExploding" count="120" loot_prob_template="QuestT3Prob"/> <item name="ammoCrossbowBoltExploding" count="120" loot_prob_template="QuestT3Prob"/> <item name="thrownAmmoPipeBomb" count="40" loot_prob_template="QuestT1Prob"/> <item name="thrownAmmoMolotovCocktail" count="40" loot_prob_template="QuestT1Prob"/> </set> </configs> Won't say no to that. Don't mind if I do! That is extremely lucky.
  11. arramus

    Car Respawning

    Lovely, thank you. An indispensable Mod when running Bdub's Vehicles and the resources it requires for players who want to build the whole collection. I took the liberty of adding <property name="MaxDamage" value="10000"/> shared from elsewhere to reduce periodic 'accidents' with the placement wheel.
  12. I wonder what resolution/settings the GUI is set up for so I can match. I get a little menu issue on the main Server Setup page.
  13. I'm still using the 7dtdServerUpdateUtility and appreciate the continued attention to development. Thank you.
  14. Can you confirm you are attempting this with the in game RWG and not through the dedicated server? The dedicated server RWG build has caused server hosts issues which has similarities to the issue you present.
  15. @hkintheukThe RWG sticks very closely to the 'random' in its name in that the only parameters we can select is the map size from the default 4k and 8k. It appears that a developer testing build offered some extra versatility with a slider to give weighting to a particular biome. Without a GUI to select more custom variables, things will remain randow. The Data/Config/rwgmixer.xml file tells us some of the things we can expect and there's always the chance you can perform some trial and error edits to see what kind of map it will create. Things it appears to tell us are: - <###_rules> This variable appears under many guises and looks like a generic rule set for each and every RWG build. - There will always be a maximum of 5 traders in 4k and 10 in 8k. - The same traders will always be a minimum of 800 apart in 4k and 1000 away in 8k. - The RWG will select from 346 unique prefab buildings, etc. - The RWG will not add a unique instance of each prefab. Some will be repeated multiple time and others will not appear at all. - Each biome has been added in a set pattern with extra weighting on the Pine placed in the middle. I believe this supports low level player spawns. There are a lot of other rules applied. In summary we have a limited Random World Generator with some fixed rules sets. The day we have an in game client 'Custom World Generator' will be a fine day and I hope it will be from the developers or modding community. For now, scanning the rwgmixer.xml may tell you a little more about what to expect.
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