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  1. Big Charlie Let's consider what would be possible. - Completely bullet proof. It could certainly take the trait of the Demolisher or Soldiers which causes HP ammo to be relatively useless. Other hit boxes are coded to the models and that would probably be a limiting factor to offering further bullet proofing. - A Moose type entity (similar to what stallionsden added to his animal fix mod) with the chicken model attached to the head area is as close as it would get to give those bovine looking long limbs and a birdy head. I believe the chicken model may look like the dead bird in its passive state. This YouTube suggests Big Charlie is a mutated deer with gigantism.
  2. Here is a small update to add a new character to the Snufkin Zombies PLUS pack. https://github.com/arramus/SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS-A19-2021Oct21 The 'Navezgane Slasher' joins the group as an archetype character that is made in a similar way to a player character. He carries 3 machetes on his right iron glove. 1 of the machetes is fixed in place as a regular model attachment, while the other 2 machetes are attached using a particle effect process (modelled on Snufkin's attachment process for the Bone Shank). This gives an animated effect when the Slasher moves his arm. His Buff is identical to the Parasite since their attack style is blood-letting. Sleep well...
  3. Truly that. Snufkin started something very special with this collection. I'm not sure which version you have installed, but all the greats from this collection, and some additional community made versions are in a PLUS version.
  4. Here is a small update for the Snufkin Custom Zombies PLUS Mod. https://github.com/arramus/SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS_A19_2021Oct07 It adds a new character called 'Oni' (Mythological Beast) and comes in Red and Blue to reflect popular types. It wields a Tier 3 Steel Club and shares the same melee and block damage as the Demolisher. The Oni is primarily there to bash down your door.
  5. Here is a small update to the Snufkin Custom Zombies PLUS mod. https://github.com/arramus/arramus-SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS-A19-2021Oct02 A new entity 'Pogo' joins the collection. He will be easy to spot from a distance as his Mining Hat light is active. He has no extra special buffs that can be inflicted on a player, is pretty ordinary when it comes to speed, but give him a chance and he will leap like an Olympic champion. There appears to remain a demand for new entity types and 'Pogo' is one more for the collective. He will spawn in all Biomes with a slight increase in the Snow Biome.
  6. The Mosquito and Hunter can be frustrating and very annoying but once you get over that low level threshold they offer a very nutritious early game addition.
  7. The radiated scorpions are quite something. I usually run away from them, unless I'm being chased by another threatening entity at which point I run towards it and let them fight it out.
  8. Oh yes, they are out there waiting.
  9. For SP, I believe you will need to 'Show Game Launcher' when starting 7D2D > Select the Tools tab > Select the Open Settings tab. This will prompt you to enter the Registry settings. There is a setting called DayLightLength and in my example DayLightLength_h2513470523. The Data is currently 0x00000012 (18). When clicking on that setting name to bring up the Edit DWORD using Decimal as Base, it shows my current setting as 18. This reflects my current daylight setting in game for SP. All other settings in this registry area also reflect my current SP settings with damage BM/Player set as 100, BM enemy count set to 8, etc. Changing the registry files is naturally done at your own risk ^^.
  10. I expect this post will be moved to the modding Discussion and Requests area soon enough. Mmmm, limited daylight. Well, if you go to the serverconfig.xml file in your main 7 Days to Die folder you can configure the <property name="DayLightLength" value="18" /> value to reflect the hours of daylight you would like each day. Changing it to 2 will give you that 2 hours of daylight. In addition, you can also add a mod such as Night Fog which will allow fog to roll in at night. https://7daystodiemods.com/night-fog/ Good luck with this environment and any solar panels players set up. ^^
  11. A small update to the Snufkin Custom Zombies PLUS collective. https://github.com/arramus/SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS-A19-2021Sept20 Here is Snow Bear. While Snow Bear has a higher probability to roam the snow biome, there will be sightings elsewhere. Snow Bear has also been know to venture into the desert at night. It's attack damage is a little less than a regular bear but it's HP is higher and this will give the player a fighting chance. It will also cause a little disorientation with a slight screen freeze effect when struck. This will wear off when the attacks cease. The Snow Bear carries a cat fish and wears some 'cool' shades (a visor type feature). In addition, each Snufkin character has localization so that servers running the Health Bar type mod that shows the entities health and name will see something like 'Snow Bear' as opposed to the name in the xml 'zombieSnowBear'. The readme received a small update for server admin that only use the Horde Night version of the entitygroups.xml. It explains that you will see a server console error about the spawning.xml file not loading. This is because there are no longer any groups for regular non horde night game play in the entitygroups.xml anymore. This will not cause any issues to the server. In fact, you can remove the spawning.xml file as it is not needed.
  12. Consider switching to the Snufkin Custom Zombies Plus. It has all of the well loved Snufkin Zombies in addition to 17 more community made versions. https://github.com/arramus/SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS-A19-2021Sept20 The default spawn probability is quite a lot higher than the regular Snufkin Zombies version and you will see a lot more spawning action. If you feel there are too many spawning, then there is a 'lite' version you can switch to. The 'lite' version is still higher than the regular Snufkin Zombies spawn rates and you will see a lot more than 2 within 120+ playtime for sure. The thread for the PLUS version can be found here:
  13. I visited the Nuka Factory with the mix of Raiders, Zombies, and Radiated Ghouls for good measure. Very testy at times but well worth tackling as a quest brings so many returns on top of a healthy net gain in ammo from stashes and Raider loot. Not really a place to tackle until your armor is up to it and you've found a few useful books.
  14. Just on the testing repo version. And aptly named as you venture further in. It never used to be this challenging to obtain a laser pistol though. The new radiation field particle effect is superb. Missed a couple on the way in. Yep, the test updates give a more polished feel on top of the abundance of extras.
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