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  1. If the old version of a mod and a new version of a mod make updates that do not change any items, then there are not usually any deleting problems because all of the items should have the same ID as before. If a mod adds a new item or removes an old item, there can sometimes be a problem with player inventory. For example, it may change the item to something different because the item ID numbers have changed. Sometimes these cannot be deleted from player inventory. However, these items can often be placed in a storage box and then the storage box can be destroyed. It is much safer to delete the old version and add the new version if the items are identical and it has code updates. Removing a mod while the items are still in the player's inventory is not good. Replacing an old mod to a new mod is usually no problem at all.
  2. There are typically hit boxes relating to different collision areas on the zombies and I expect that would need to be built into model attachments which would then require additional coding. I expect this mod would then require custom content to accommodate that. The alternative which is similar to in game blocks being up graded and down may also be an option but again typically within the realms of custom content. If another modder wants to delve there, they are welcome.
  3. Everyone else is waiting for A20 to arrive before committing too much to anything. In fact, there is a list of AI related wishes depending on how the vanilla game progresses relating to behavior, pathing, and dynamic features.
  4. I am still using version 1.4 because the Horde Night settings are more compatible with the way enZombies are brought into a Horde Night. Servers do not seem to be comfortable when trying to run more than one change to Horde Night settings based on Game Stage amendments. There was a similar issue with running the Elite Zombies mod with the Snufkins and they needed to be fully combined. If you still have version 1.4 it seems to run with other zombie mods with their own Horde Night settings as enZombies are added in a way that seems to be acceptable for combining. As for "The referenced script on this Behavior (Game Object'torchPrefab') is missing!", this Prefab appears to be buggy on dedicated servers. Sometimes the torch appears and sometimes they appear as pink textures. Some servers crash on Horde Night while others can tolerate it. If you go to the buffs.xml and comment out the BurntGoblinDeco individually for both the Right and Left hand, it may bring more stability: <!--triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="#Other/Items?Tools/torchprefab.prefab" local_offset="-0.1,0.1,-0.05" local_rotation="0,0,0" parent_transform="RightHand" /--> <!--triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="#Other/Items?Tools/torchprefab.prefab" local_offset="-0.1,-0.1,-0.03" local_rotation="180,0,0" parent_transform="LeftHand" /-->
  5. Like that in the day time, and just the glowing green eyes at night if there are no other light sources around. This is a vanilla texture already in the game. The chest burster is a catfish and is also already in the game. They seem to have made their own little team.
  6. Here is a small update to the Xpansion weapons to reflect Server Admin feedback relating to the increased mod slots. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-2021July13 This updates allows two features: 1. The Vampire Gauntlets and Balrog IX accept the Burning Shaft Mod attachment. The end result looks like the weapons are burning the flames via a flame spray rather than being soaked in a volatile substance. The Burning Shaft performs its regular function against zombies and provides a slight damage increase. 2. The second update is a mod called the 'Weapon Durability Mod'. This modification is purely for only weapons and lowers degradation by 50% in comparison to the 25% degradation in 'tools' for the Brace Mod. The end result shows the modded version of the Oakraven with identical stats receiving the 50% reduction in damage. This Weapon Durability Mod can only be found in loot just as with the 'hat' mods. While it is not compatible with general default tools. The Brainsaw and Turret Auger will readily accept it.
  7. I do not believe it is possible to make the strong zombies only appear in the Wasteland and Burnt Forest during Blood Moon Horde Nights. I believe the zombies are hardcoded to target the player and do not care about location. It is possible to make a safe house for the players who do not like to see the strong zombies during Blood Moon Horde Nights. They can wait in the safe house and watch or attack safely using 'tprotect' command around your safe area.
  8. I can't help you on this one as it was an oakraven build. However, cowSkullPrefab, animalVultureStandard, and pumpkinJackoLanternPrefab may well have been pulled directly from the blocks and entity xmls from within the game and tweaked where the path needed further edits using precedence or trial and error. I'm not sure how many of the game files remain obfuscated as I have not explored unpacking in any great detail.
  9. It may well be worth posting this in the mods Discussions and Requests area to ensure modders who have this level of capability can consider it. An interesting boss level battle formula for sure.
  10. Hello @melvil6300 and welcome to the 7 Days Forum. We all appreciate your 9999X PVE server and the interesting mods you provide for the community. I tested the things you did above and was able to use the same code. Your code is good and I see no problems. <recipe name="resourceClayLump" count="1000" craft_area="AutomatedMining" craft_time="3600" tags="automatedmining" craft_tool="meleeToolPickT3Auger"> <ingredient name="ammoGasCan" count="1000"/> <ingredient name="casinoCoin" count="1000"/> </recipe> Sometimes the game needs us to: - Add the Auger > leave the machine > Go back to the machine and it will then activate. Sometimes the very first time has trouble. It is the same for all of these miner mods. If you continue to have problems, let's test in Discord and on your server.
  11. Lovely, thank you. I shall also set her to 50 (as we put her back on at 55 even with the recent update) to ensure players see the value of upgrading weapon and penetration skill from earlier levels since she can appear from the outset.
  12. For now, and to keep her more challenging than the regular soldiers but not invincible, she has a PhysicalDamageResist of 55. I tested this setting with a player who uses 100% HP ammo regardless and they can live with it most comfortably. Yes, it would be decent to hear from other players. It is possible this HP ammo only player is a rarity in their choice and it will not be a thing elsewhere.
  13. enSoldiers at 50 are taking decent damage. One full magazine can easily eliminate a single entity and put 2 in critical states. enScreamer1 is just a law unto herself with a full magazine of the same setup as above. I could duplicate this in 2 online dedicated servers and in SP.
  14. And here is the next update. https://github.com/arramus/SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS-A19-2021July04 This version introduces the Tipsy Pink Squatch. This gives a running mate to the Tipsy Squatch and they'll be seen together from time to time. In addition, there is a new folder called 'Server Admin Spawning Options'. This contains additional entitygroup options for Server Admin who want to replace the default version. They offer the following options: - entitygroups_lite_no_horde_night_version (rename to entitygroups and place in Config to reduce spawning) This is a lighter version with less spawning in regular game and zero spawning during horde night. - entitygroups_lite_version (rename to entitygroups and place in Config to reduce spawning) This is a lighter version with less spawning in regular game and default spawning during horde night. - entitygroups_no_horde_night_version (rename to entitygroups and place in Config) This is the default with no spawning during horde night. - entitygroups_only_horde_night_version (rename to entitygroups and place in Config) This version will only spawn during horde night. For any other variety, Server Admin can always ask in this thread.
  15. Adding both a 'horde night only' version and a 'no horde night' version is not too much to ask and will be included in the next update.
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