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  1. You are missing nothing and I can confirm that the railgun is producible with the suggested parts. I am using the Xpansion pack version which is also listed in this mods section and it is reproducible. This was performed on a dedicated server albeit with CM so I could access the parts.
  2. Up until Game Stage 254 you will have the potential to see: Archon 10% chance to spawn but within the 100% chance to spawn for default characters. The following have 30% chance to spawn. Undertaker Cowhead Parasite Geist Bomber Scarecrow Banshee And the Juggernaut has a 1 in 500 chance to spawn but weighted against all the higher probabilities as well. It is normal to see them but it sounds like you got hit harder than the probabilities allow for. I sometimes see this with the Demolisher. When in a party of 3, there will be 3
  3. arramus

    Egg Hunt

    This is a simple mod that provides two functions: - Gives a 10% chance of receiving 1 or 2 eggs from cutting down a tree and 'shaking' any bird's nests from the branches. - Gives a 50% chance of harvesting 1 to 4 eggs from a Chicken using a proper butchering tool or 1 or 2 eggs when using any other tool. These will add a couple more ways to acquire eggs in context. Download here: https://github.com/arramus/Egg-Hunt (For server hosts who have difficulty using the Github version, here is an alternative. Egg_Hunt.zip This mod w
  4. It was literally raining zombies at one point. The assortment of traps and other suppressing support made all the difference. Fun!
  5. This is something that we are unable to resolve at the moment as it's linked to default game code, optimisation, and game tick. One workaround is to put the vehicle back in your backpack to refresh and try to place it again.
  6. The green static fog sounds like the Banshee attack. It is also accompanied by screams. It is possible to remove her from the entitygroups.xml by deleteing her entries from the bottom section which relates to Blood Moon spawning; feralHordeStage groups. Her entry look similar to this <entity name="zombieBanshee" prob="0.3"/> and there will be about 330 or so to remove. There are many duplicate entries though and searching for the complete property line as above allows batch removal in an programme like Notepad++.
  7. Personally, I haven't used any programs. Any learning came from analysing the cumulative offerings from the assortment of modders who have shared their techniques and creativity. In all cases I have used base code from the default or modded XML files to achieve things I wanted to do so far. I began last October and am slowly piecing things together. My initial step was to restore a mod from A18 to A19 and this forced me to trawl through the code looking for conflicts based on server error output. It was an intensive introduction but worth it. I am also very fortunate to be supporting oakraven
  8. There are 2 primary zombie types in the Snufkin mod, as examples:- Archon which is zombie wight with some attachments, reskins, buffs, and the ability to fly. Undertaker which has been given its own Archetype of customised clothing, body shape, etc in addition to attachments and buffs. The first thing I did after going through some of the XML tutorials was explore the Snufkin mod Config folder and see what takes care of what. I began with attempting to extract a zombie so it became a standalone mod. I did this for the Scorcher. It was very much trial and error. I
  9. The Siren has the potential to spawn at each and every game stage and is not dependent on progress. She is specific to only one spawn group (for the default entitygroups.xml): ZombiesNight - <entity name="zombieSiren" prob="0.01" /> This amounts to a 1 in 100 chance of appearing in the Zombies Night group but that's also in relation to others in that group and their own probabilities. She is not added to the Blood Moon Horde in the default version of the mod.
  10. I believe so. We removed some loot containers which were causing conflict with that mod and there shouldn't be any further issues.
  11. Apocalypse V1.3 is the current version and should be fine. The Snufkin Custom Zombies mod is the A18 version and contains many features which are not compatible with A19. It also contains the Health Modifier and this appears to be the culprit. I recommend that you replace both of these Snufkin mods with: SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS_A19_2020Dec17.zip and Snufkin_CommunityPack_ServerSideVehicles_A19_2020Dec19.zip
  12. Interesting, that error warning appears to be something related to a non vehicle mod issue such as a health buff where you get attacked and it drains health over time. This used to be a feature in A18 but not A19. It also appears you are using the regular version of the Snufkin Vehicles whereas this thread relates to the Snufkin Community Pack Expansion Version. First of all, delete the version you are using and attempt to use this one: Snufkin_CommunityPack_ServerSideVehicles_A19_2020Dec19.zip If it doesn't resolve the issue the warnings, list all the mods you are
  13. Can you confirm that you are running the standard Snufkin Zombies version and not the PLUS version? Even with the low probability of the default Snufkin Zombies, this is what is probably happening: 1. A group of 4 is raising your average game stage and increasing spawn probabilities as that feature is built into the Blood Moon horde list. 2. Setting 16 zombies per person is very high. Snufkin planned the probabilities for about 8 per person to reflect default values. 3. At the beginning of a BM, I expect there is a nice balance of Snufkin to default zombies. Maybe 1
  14. Here is a Guard update for the Mod which allows players to place guards as non moveable Turrets. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Pet-Animals-and-Guards-A19-2021Jan01 There are 8 new guards as follows, in no particular order: Sim, Lizzy, Dre, Fox, Bandit, Bandit Foxy, Leader, and Bow Man As each guard remains static, they can be placed strategically when collected. They cannot be purchased from a Trader but can be found in Air Drop Supply Crates. Placement is exactly the same as for any other entity through the quest and reward process.
  15. I attempted to match your actions but made the change directly through the game interface when selecting my SP continue. I began as Wendigo and switched back to my regular profile successfully.
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