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  1. No problemo sir I LIKE YOUR MODS !!! Double doors are bombastic and rotating bridge is must-have mod ! And offcourse elevator... Ah...the elevator...i would be happy for version that is going little higher...so 3-4 floor
  2. Well...Something is...Because im running server on LINUX and you for sure on Windows PC And Linux is VERY case sensitive...
  3. Sir, please DONT USE this ´ sign in names of your mods...it causes public servers to crash...
  4. pleeeeeeeeeze sir make it done :d
  5. Sir, do you ever finish and release the beautiful PRYO for a18 ? THANK YOU !!!
  6. First i will question : why are comments on 7daysmods CLOSED now ?!?!?! Second - this mod is dont good :( SORRY, but still dont see half of the slotmachine because im using Kheldons 96-backpack... And third - the winning with this machines is really bad, i had 25000, and after minute - im on 7500...lol...little useless... I LIKE YOUR MODS - but this slot machines are really only for fun...thanks anyway !
  7. On my server is the new version !!! + another 30 mods im using... INFO and DOWNLOAD links : https://www.facebook.com/groups/2797...?ref=bookmarks PS : i tested the newest version on my public server,a and everything looks ok now ! Only sound suppressor on PP-19 Bizon is a little...ehm...strange it is not on a barrel but near it but that is only cosmetic thing... One question - that Auger Turret, it is for defence meaned ? Because on difficulty 3 it doesnt damage the zombies, they walk aroud...
  8. that will be brutal man :)
  9. So i tested all weapons again. Looks almost everything is OK now... Only - that Crimson Hunter - YOU CAN USE ONLY PROPER AMMO !!! If you reload it with AP (black-tip) ammo, you get RED errors in log, and the weapon get invisible and can not shoot ! Then you need reload back to normal ammo, then is weapon again ok... RAILGUN works perfect now - IT IS THE HAMMER MAN !!! LOOKS BRUTAL WITH 8X SCOPE + with mods = 630 DA MA GE LOL :)
  10. That video on 7daystodiemods.com is older version right ? Because there are missing Dungeon GLASS blocks...
  11. ONE IMPORTANT ERROR I FOUND - YOU CAN NOT USE MODS IN THIS WEAPONS !!! THAT CAUSES SERVER DONT RESPONSE ANYMORE !!! After first shot from Railgun, it showed me -980 munition in weapon and i have to reaload + no sound of walking + the zombies dont die and go away without legs and heads...after 10-20 seconds server stops to response = so i MUST RESTART server - the all weapons are without mods and all is ok again...SO DO NOT USE ANY MODS in THIS WEAPONS
  12. Hello, can you tell me what is that AIRSHIP in your game ??? When you opened spawn menu i have seen it there and i really want that
  13. I tested all weapons on my PUBLIC SERVER - everything is OK, no errors after 20 minutes testing !!! THANKS MAN, ALL ARE VERY GOOD LOOKING AND I REALLY LIKE THIS MODLET !!!
  14. PeNa1979

    Arsenal Mod

    3 days no response ??? NICE !!! Ok I give it up with this mod...
  15. Love the personal elevator !!! Have it in every my base installed Only bad it is not going higher...so 3-5 floor would be great for me :)
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