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  1. Man, there is a ton of free file servers :))))))))))))) www.leteckaposta.cz - files to 160mb www.ulozto.sk - files almost unlimited https://uschovna.zoznam.sk - files to 2gb for free...register with any mail...
  2. I tried Opera , Chrome and Firefox...how many i should try ?????? Like, i come to that site, but if i click that download nothing happens... Maybe you should use another storage method ? Instead ?
  3. THX @oakraven for the new vehiculos i like those...
  4. @BubbaJoe Yes, i can spawn those zombies, that i have tested... I try those higher stages, lets see if it works...
  5. One question : is this mod only for server ??? Because, i run a fresh start Navezgane offline and i go thru half of the map and doesnt met one single zombie from this pack !
  6. @magejosh thanks man ! so glad i dont put that on my server too ...uff...that was close
  7. Here are some pics from my playing on some servers on alpha 18 and 19...
  8. Hear hear, all dear zombie-walking-foods :))) i bring you new nice server with PVP only, best suitable for building-lovers ! Server have only 4 slots, but will run next 150 days !!! On server are many mods for better experience, Blood Moon every 10 days... Andrough Deco Variants - you can craft much more home decorations AutoShotgun Gone Wild - bigger magazine and high shooting speed Besere Spikes - Wood and Iron spikes have more HP and give more damage Claymore Hayblocks No Damage - you can jump on them from any height Dayhawks Jen
  9. This game will be N E V E R finished lol After almost 7 years not even beta test...i will not be on this planet so long i can be here for the FINISHED VERSION
  10. @oakravenYES, this is probably even better as i thoug with that 3-trash version maybe even easier landing with this set up !
  11. So, the TFP are even more lazy as i though but there is a bigger hope that they licence it again because they probably never do a version specially for consoles but now with new consoles, that would be i think actually very easy, because PS5 is nothing else as a custom PC...and the TFP for sure want more money from this great game, so i see a big chance it will be next year available for new consoles...or ?
  12. If you can use your own brain, you can do this to get an Airdrop from very deep water : A - if you have high level, or somebody can borrow you gyrocopter, you can just dive in with that quickly ! B - you can actually dig under water and go out just near drop... C - did you know that you can craft in this game ? so craft Wood Frames...and then you can do two things actually : c1 - you can just dive into water, take the drop, then if you have about 50% air, you can quick built small (2x2) cabin with wood structures (hold R on wood frames and choose one...) and then hi
  13. If the TFP were not so crazy lazy they can again port this game to PS5...that console finally got enough power for this game ! But i dont really think they will make that About 20 years ago i have played also on console with gamepad, but once i got to PC with mouse+keyboard, i never think about to get a gamepad into hands again ! I only bought it for 2-player PC games like F1 or Serious Sam 2/3... Now my only alternate is a steering wheel for some games...but i dont play so much simulators, so i dont need it actually
  14. 4 KM map for 100 players ??? That is like live in China lol I have played some servers with Navezgane map (that is 6KM - 6x6km...) and that map si TOO SMALL for 5-6 players i think...i alone have in 10 days looted almost half of the map lol !!! Respawn of loot was every 30 days...that was sooo bad...
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