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  1. Man, there is a ton of free file servers :))))))))))))) www.leteckaposta.cz - files to 160mb www.ulozto.sk - files almost unlimited https://uschovna.zoznam.sk - files to 2gb for free...register with any mail...
  2. I tried Opera , Chrome and Firefox...how many i should try ?????? Like, i come to that site, but if i click that download nothing happens... Maybe you should use another storage method ? Instead ?
  3. THX @oakraven for the new vehiculos i like those...
  4. @BubbaJoe Yes, i can spawn those zombies, that i have tested... I try those higher stages, lets see if it works...
  5. One question : is this mod only for server ??? Because, i run a fresh start Navezgane offline and i go thru half of the map and doesnt met one single zombie from this pack !
  6. @magejosh thanks man ! so glad i dont put that on my server too ...uff...that was close
  7. @oakravenYES, this is probably even better as i thoug with that 3-trash version maybe even easier landing with this set up !
  8. Have one more "idea" about updating the PenaAirship : what about adding a third BigTrash between the two ? It doesnt need to have the collision part ! Only for the look of the whole airhip, like the bottom part is one big person carrier...
  10. Aha...so, if i understand it right, everything you add to the blimp, has no collision ? Then the adding od the second trashthing is useless...OK, i got that so we have to land carefully
  11. @arramus So, offline are both this new great giga mega vehicles working perfect ! Ill give the soon on server... But one question : can you change the blimp to look like on this photo ? REASON : if you land with blimp, or sharkblimp or bathblimp or with this one, it almost everytime tilts back and going a little unstable...(you remember our flight with shark ?) so if you can add that second big trash green in the back of it, that should make it land in perfect horizontal balance ! (offcourse if you land on a flatland...)
  12. @arramus MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN THIS IS INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean...i dont get any words how to say how much i love this (and i dont even tried it now ) ... When i asked about that bus and blimp, i didnt hoped somebody will make it, and not even so quick... You should come to my server to test it properly ( and i have to finally test the last weapons pack...)
  13. Sorry, but i have to tell it : TFP are getting too lazy !!! This game is the best game EVER made for any platform !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But TFP is slowly killing it...... Im playing this game offcourse from alpha 1, that was totally unplayable, then alpha 1.1 that was first public fix... And from alpha 1.1 to cca alpha 15 it was everytime really goooooood upadte...but then is it get not half so good... Every update brings a couple new textures for the same zombies only ! NO NEW VEHICLE for couple years !!! Almost no new weapons...For M4 we have waitd from a15 i think where she was already...but hidden... And where is "THE ELEVATOR TEST" block gone ??????????????? WHY ?????????? Why it is not already in the game for us ?!?!?!??! WE WANTED IT SO MUCH !!!!!!! Sorry TFP, but ONE GOOD MODDER IS WORTH MORE AS HALF OF YOUR DEVELOPER TEAM !!!!!!!!!!! So many good mods were in a17 and a18 and you almost done to destroy it...thanks god for people like Snufkin Arrakin and much more that are modding and made for this game SO MUCH new stuff we all so love !!! I hope one day will 7DTD team rise again and wake up finally !!!!!! THIS GAME IS THE ONLY GAME IM PLAYING LAST 3 YEARS........Why ? BCS is the BEST IN THIS UNIVERSE !!!!!!!!! So stop killing i please and go develop and make new stuff THX to TFP and MODDERS...
  14. @arramus i think i should try that new bow too finally
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