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  1. The Drones will fly around but attack them and they will attack you
  2. I think the word petTEST is a clue not to use it some times when working on new ideas some old code gets left in Had a look and don't see it is connected to any quest line just remove it or comment it out
  3. @PeNa1979 Is this what you like it to look like
  4. Thank you for your hard work on the prefabs greatly appreciated 👍
  5. My fix was for A19 not A19.1 @Slawa is for A19.1 and still working on fixing it (I will help if needed)
  6. the Vampire Gauntlets can be fixed just change in item xml under Vampire Gauntlets change #Other/Items?Weapons/Melee/Knives/machetePrefab.prefab to #Other/Items?Weapons/Melee/Knives/hunting_knifePrefab.prefab There are 12 places that need changing with it Hope that helps
  7. I added the shark to a blimp that you can ride also can be added to any entity with the buff command so you can have it flying walking (gliding) ect
  8. Just updated Snufkinweapons and lootaddon both are in the download changed , You can now make the LootboxMachine at the workbench Weapons can be found in chests but are very rare you can find green red Yellow Purple tickets that you use in the LootboxMachine to buy guns seems to work on servers and SP tested the best i could SnufkinWeaponsandAddon.zip
  9. oops lootbox add on still needs fixing sry
  10. Or use the mod on your server go into dm then press f6 and spawn in the new zombies one at a time till you get the error
  11. I have tested it on my server after changing and adding new zombies plus some from the modder Robeloto , changed the spawns for the way i like it (hard in wasteland/burnt areas) seems to work ok. they will not show up on bloodmoon till player is high lvl but you can change that in the xmls or let me know and i will change it for you CustomZombiesV2+.zip
  12. Will have a look later today and see if it needs fixing
  13. Had a go at fixing it Seems to work snufkinweaponsfix.zip
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