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  1. Just remove the vehicles you don't wont from the recipes xml then they wont show
  2. @xxx73 They will not work in traders ( you must of use CM to get them) in the Traders POI you will get nulref if try to put them there. That's why we use the quest to get them, if you try to put the guard down in trader it wont work
  3. The last one I have is the starvation one, and it's Oakraven not Scavenger 😜 https://mega.nz/file/qlBGDKzb#EzT2h0akGYj4W7onF4v9Nt8J6N1zAI49s0FjHHGPiTA
  4. Just pick it up then put it down and that will fix it
  5. Here you go https://mega.nz/file/X4BCyDoL#9PIL5BjaJ0ckfGUBFHBzuus6Wqv-2fhN5pAaNCkKmy8
  6. I do have the next version too HFLV5
  7. @Kato I https://mega.nz/file/ihYAwRSZ#Ccp4kxNWOK21HWVJ1Y5hs_C5AK4stTuM5jLkWL--YGQ
  8. Test this out and let me know if its works ok, just put it in your mods folder txNicehat.zip In game its a helmet mod
  9. Can be done If you like I can make one when I have time
  10. I done it so you need to have the seed in your hand to upgrade @Slawa Just like feeding them and not hitting them with a axe
  11. The Drones will fly around but attack them and they will attack you
  12. I think the word petTEST is a clue not to use it some times when working on new ideas some old code gets left in Had a look and don't see it is connected to any quest line just remove it or comment it out
  13. @PeNa1979 Is this what you like it to look like
  14. Thank you for your hard work on the prefabs greatly appreciated 👍
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