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  1. I haven't tested with DF and the sorcery mod. The more mods you add the more likely conflicts will pop up and you'll need to know how to look at the log and edit xml's to make them work. I have it set to 100 zeds and 50 animals.
  2. All the updated Snufkin mods work without issue, (the vehicle one you have to edit the loot xml's/item for Snufkin as there is a conflict with item 950-951, if i remember right). The creature pack for JUST Zeds also seems to work (You get some yellow errors but is fine). The newest Snufkin that Arramus just released with a .8 spawn rate on the new zeds adds some challenge (Laser Sharks). The baby animals xml mod posted in this forum works also (just go in and edit the HP to 2000-5000 for each baby and you'll find a mini zed bear with 5000 hp adds some challenge lol). i'm on day 65 and i'm level 86 or so with all these (plus more) mods working just fine (just gotta test on a clean save IMO). Run a test on a new game. Try removing ALL other mods apart from DF and the newest Snufkin Community pack release (the newest one from this week has a much higher spawn rate). If it works then it's probably another mod. I was getter zero zeds when I had the old "demolishers" everyone mod on my DF server, removed that mod, rebooted and was fine. So you probably have a mod issue.
  3. @magejosh I won't be any help related to this exact issue but I've had NRE happen so many times with mods and stuff in CM. Generally now days if I see an item I don't recognize in CM I wont touch it. Just had it happen the other day (grabbed something in CM related to a different mod, I should have known as item didn't have an icon...., got NRE). For fixing it I generally try this though: Let a Zed or player kill me (if reset doesn't fix it), then take item put into a box and destroy the box (if can't drop without NRE). If I have to I'll reset the Character (not the whole save) and then Admin myself in the XP/Stuff to get back to were it was at before.
  4. Big one with the big guys in basement. No joke about the zombies from area. They tunneled down and beat on the lab. Just the type of "story" like big mission this game is missing, was fun.
  5. Just did the lab. That was fun..... 😛
  6. Yep that's the correct file structure
  7. Yes. Although the version here might have been updated more recently (not sure): Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles - Mods - 7 Days to Die
  8. Craft the watch and equip on arm for time Turn off EAC
  9. Look at the post Wed 4pm further up in thread.
  10. for HP: find the xml entityclasses (open with note pade or notepad ++) and change the value for Maxheath (change the value= line, thats the HP. Leave the "") <passive_effect name="HealthMax" operation="base_set" value="2500"/> for more spawns open entity groups XLM: <entity name="zombiePsycho" prob="0.05" /> Change the prob="0.05" (or whatever it is). Higher number = more of them. A 0.00 = none. A 0.3 = 30% chance You can also edit the "spawning" xml to make more then one appear at at time on normal days/nights etc. Edit "max count" number
  11. Ok @wlrguy Booted up with Darkness falls and the newest weapons mod/loot box mod. No red errors on boot up. Did not try making any of these weapons recipes but if was me I'd just loot for them and ignore crafting if it caused an issue "in game" rather then troubleshoot it.
  12. I don't have the newest version with the new recipes installed yet so not sure. The older one without it from a week ago I've not had any errors apart from some yellow progression related ones (not game killing though so I ignored them). I'll try the new one when I get a chance. If I don't get any errors then it's probably an issue with another mod on your end and I'll let you know. If I do get them I'll try to figure out also.
  13. Dre

    [MODLET] Baby Animals

    Fun mod. Added to my server, although I did edit and make the HP 2000 on the "baby" bears/wolfs/lions, watch out for this little F'ers they will wreak your day
  14. Oakraven said to try changing: <property class="Action1"> of the club too <property class="Action1"> of the medicalFirstAidKit item If you can get it working can share here.
  15. I kinda like the idea of not being able to craft anything good for them and having to scavenge / loot for tickets to get the loot box (need 10 greens to get a yellow and yellows and up seem to be rare). Makes it challenging.
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