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A19 pre-experimental testing

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Thread is locked now, second wave incoming soon.

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Hey guys!
We just sent out  the second wave of tester invites.
We did lock the thread because as of right now we are not looking to do another round of invites.

For A20 pre-testing we will be selecting people based on how well they report bugs during A19 experimental and stable, instead of creating a thread like this one.

So if you did not get picked, really show us your bug reporting skills as soon as experimental releases.

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Hours played: 2352

Started on Alpha: Dont remember, but I started play this game in 2017.

Discord name: Goldsilver#5666

Native language: Portuguese/BR, but I can write in english pretty well, just not is good with speech. I can even appoint some erros about translation between english - portuguese/br.


I really want help improve this game very much! I love it very much!!!


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Steam name: Kitursa

Hours played:  2,658

Started on Alpha:  A10/ 11 (?) not sure Steam shows purchased 14 Mar, 2015 .. am sure it was sinle figure Alpha but.. *shrug* I remember tungsten, smell, bees, tree climbers and rivers/channels dividing biomes that we had to cross

Discord name:  Kitursa#7502

Native language:  English

OS:  Windows 10


Edit: Added OS.

(Oh and I may not be active in this forum.. (there's enough other posts to wade through) .. but I am sort of active elsewhere.) :)

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Steam name: FullAutoAttack https://steamcommunity.com/id/fullautoattackq

Hours played: 4,786 hrs on record

Started on Alpha: Kickstarter -1st build available to kickstarters

Discord name: Maledon

Native language: English

(I work in QA and also test the 7DTD mod Darkness Falls)
Systems: PC and Mac


One of my favorite parts of 7DTD is starting over.

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Steam name: agrastiOs

Hours played: 315

Started on Alpha: Alpha 12

Discord name: agrastiOs#4438

Native language: Lithuanian (However I am as fluent in English)


I work on the Official 7 Days to Die Wiki. Created a discussion thread for 7 Days in another forum, introduced 8 people to the game.

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Steam name: JaxTeller718

Hours played: 4,258

Started on Alpha: A10

Discord name: JaxTeller718#1602

Native language: English


Would be an honor with so much downtime recently. And years of testing RH in both a Sp and team environment with how much this game has given to me it would be very nice of me to be able to finally give something back to you guys even if it is just time.

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Steam name: HaidrGna

Hours recorded: 4704 + Hours spend modding

Started on Alpha: Alpha 9

Discord: #4726

Native Language: Dutch (But quite fluent in English).


I am the Author of Gnamod for 7 days to die, so I am familiar with the inner workings of the game and the struggle to balance it. I am also a professional web developer, test automation engineer and specialized in software quality.

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